Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 11 - Prometheus - full transcript

A television news crew has unearthed information about an Air Force project called "Prometheus". They believe it to be a generator, but know it uses Trinium, an element not found on Earth. ...

Previously on "Stargate SG-1":

The exits are sealed, Major.

Who are you?
What the hell am I doing here?

My name is Adrian Conrad.
You're here because of me.

- What was the $3 million for?
- Russian merchandise I sold to Zetatron.

- What?
- A symbiote.

Conrad is in the late stages of a very rare
disorder known as Burchardt's Syndrome.

It affects the immune system, leaving
the body vulnerable to a host of diseases.

- And there's no known cure.
- Except a symbiote's healing powers.

Where you going?

Shoot me
and you'll kill the host.

You wanna live, you come with me.

Once you start delivering
on your end of our bargain,

I might be able to move you
to better accommodations.

You cannot offer anything of equal value
to the knowledge I possess.

I'm not so sure about that.

Major Carter?

My name's Julia Donovan.
I'm with Inside Access.

- Could we have a few minutes?
- I'm a little busy.

Your name came up in connection
with a story I've been working on.

Several billion dollars
of taxpayers' money

has been funnelled into
a secret project called "Prometheus".

The government appropriated the money
without congressional oversight,

which I think my viewers
might find rather interesting.

I'm sure they would.

I thought you might find this interesting.
It's a metal alloy called "trinium".

It's being used
in connection with Prometheus.

I had my experts analyse it. It's unlike
anything they've ever seen before.

At least on this planet.

Sure you wouldn't care to comment now?

I'm sure.

I didn't know what to say.
She caught me completely off guard.

You did the right thing.
Our official policy is to deny everything.

In this case, I don't think
it's gonna be good enough.

Do you believe
the sample of trinium is genuine?

It's hard to say. The fact that she knew the
name indicates a serious security breach.

The Pentagon's already
initiated an investigation.

We've tapped her phone and email.
We're tracking her movements.

- Where is she now?
- She left Colorado Springs at 0930.

She changed planes in Denver
en route to JFK.

I'm sending Major Davis over
to talk to her.

- When is this report scheduled to air?
- In four days.

Tuesday's no good. I've got an interview
with the Chinese ambassador.

And then on Wednesday
I fly out for the G8 summit.

I'll call you back.

Why are we stopping?

- Good evening.
- What is this?

Major Paul Davis,
United States Air Force.

You can't intimidate me
out of running my story.

The fact that you're here
tells me it's important.

- It's more important than you know.
- Here's the national security speech.

No, no speech. Just a simple fact. You run
that story, you endanger people's lives.

All right. You tell me what
Prometheus is and I'll reconsider.

- I don't think so.
- I'm serious.

I have reports that it's a fusion reactor
they're building out in the desert.

- Where'd you hear that?
- I'm not ready to reveal my source.

By revealing classified information, your
source is violating about 17 federal laws.

- Is that a confirmation?
- It's a warning.

I've made arrangements. If anything
happens to me, the report gets released.

Have a good evening, Ms Donovan.

- She's stubborn, sir.
- Where did the leak come from?

We're working on it,
but so far we've got nothing.

It could be anything from a technician
working on the project to Senator Kinsey.

- How much does she know?
- She thinks Prometheus is a reactor.

- Then maybe we don't have a problem.
- She has a money trail and the trinium.

If she can get that much,
odds are she can get a lot more.

This is General Hammond.
Get me the president.

Al, we need to talk about
this production schedule.

- What the hell is this?
- Take it easy.

You can't kill my story
by going over my head.

Just sit down, please.

The head office has decided that it is
in their best interests not to run the story.

They caved.

It was a personal request from the
president to the chairman of this network.

- I don't believe this.
- We need all the material you have.

- Tapes, notes...
- You can't force me to give you anything.

Actually, we can,
but we were hoping that you'd cooperate,

given that your story is dead.

That's where you're wrong.

All I have to do is call some foreign
broadcasters. They'd be very interested.

- I'd advise against it.
- OK, OK.

Maybe there's a compromise here.

Whatever this thing is,
I figure it's too big to stay secret for ever.

Eventually, you're gonna go public.

You let Julia take a camera crew
to document Prometheus - top to bottom.

When the time is right,
we get a world exclusive.

- I don't think so.
- We'll sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The video tape will be your property.
You'll be in complete control.

Forget it. They're gonna sit on it!

When the President of the United States
kills your story, that's it. Game over.

You go foreign with this,
they could charge you with treason.

You think
she'd go through with it?

We have no way of knowing.
We can't take the chance.

And where's she getting her information?

If we kill the story without plugging
the leak, this could happen again.

- What are you suggesting?
- Her producer will reveal the source

in exchange for a tour of the facility.

The Pentagon feels
this will contain the situation.

Once we have the source, we destroy
all video tape and any related materials.

- So we're double- crossing her.
- We have no choice.

Without evidence, the only place she'll be
able to run the story is in the tabloids.

This is an insanely bad idea.

The decision's been made. Major,
I want you and Jonas to take care of this.

Yes, sir.


Ms Donovan.


This is Jonas Quinn.
He'll be joining us on the tour.

I guess a couple of billion dollars
doesn't buy what it used to.

You'd be surprised.

Shall we?

- How far down are we going?
- Several hundred feet.

This is Prometheus,
otherwise known as the X- 303.

Hope you brought a lot of tape.

It would take at least 20 Saturn rockets to
get this off the ground, let alone into orbit.

This is the third in a series of designs that
incorporates human and alien technology.

Little green men helped you build this?

Actually, they're grey.
Key systems were reverse- engineered

from a ship that crashed 100 miles
north of Fairbanks, Alaska in 1978.

It was only recently that our technology
could take advantage of what we had.


Better than Roswell.

- It doesn't look very alien to me.
- The controls are all standard design.

Some of the key systems use crystal
technology rather than wires and chips.

The hard part's making them compatible.

All right, let's set up in here.

I'd like to see more.

The ship will be capable of
reaching orbit in under 30 seconds.

What about G- forces?

With the inertial dampeners and artificial
gravity, it'll feel like a ride in an elevator.

- How long until this thing is ready to fly?
- It'll be a while.

A number of the support systems
are still being assembled.

What are you doing?

- What is this?
- The engine room.

- How fast does it go?
- Using sublight engines,

the ship can accelerate to 110, 000 miles
per second - over half the speed of light.

It's not fast enough to achieve interstellar
travel. For that, we need the hyperdrive.

- What is it?
- I'm not sure.

The computer was running hyperdrive
simulations. They've been interrupted.


So there are no other tests
scheduled for today.

Engine room to the bridge.

Sergeant Gibson,
this is Major Carter. Come in.

Maybe the com system isn't finished yet.

All right.

I'll go check it out.
Keep an eye on these two.

I think I got it.

We're in business.

Go get the others.

- Major Carter.
- You're supposed to be on the bridge.

We had trouble with the equipment.
We need another battery from the truck.

- What is it?
- Someone's trying to lock down the ship.

I can't stop'em,
but I think I can slow'em down.

- Where is she?
- This way.

- Jones, come in.
- Go ahead.

I need you to seal a room for me:
Charlie Charlie 4107.


Let's go.

Full diagnostic?

No, no, no.

- What is that?
- The control crystal.

This is Major Carter.
Can anybody hear me?

- What the hell's going on?
- Shut up.

Over there.

- Smith, come in.
- Go ahead.

We got a problem. The computer's
tied up with a diagnostic program.

I need you to shut it down.

Yeah, we got it.

- The controls are frozen.
- If you don't close it,

I can't establish a lockdown.
We'll be overrun by security.

He removed the control crystal.

Al, what are you doing?

It must link the computer
to the alien systems.

There we go.

- What's happening?
- They're activating the hyperdrive.

While we're on the ground?
Is that such a good idea?

No, it's not.

Unless you're deliberately
trying to create an overload.

I don't understand.

The hyperdrive generators
create enormous energy.

If it's not channelled into a hyperspace
window, it can cause serious problems.

It could explode?

With enough force to turn the state
of Nevada into a smoking crater, yes.

That's right. I wouldn't worry about it.

Long as our demands are met,
it won't come to that.

Major Davis!

- What the hell happened?
- At 0900, the X- 303 was locked down.

At 0920, someone inside the ship told us
that they had destabilised the hyperdrive.

- They're threatening to blow it.
- I don't believe it!

Readings confirm an overload is building.

This is supposedly the most secure
facility on the face of the planet!

- We think it was the camera crew.
- Did anyone do a background check?

Yes. They were clean. Their cameraman
was a decorated marine in Somalia.

Every member of that crew
has been at the network for over a year.

- This plan has obviously been...
- What?

- A transmission from the hijackers.
- Patch it through.

Major Davis. Go ahead.

I assume you have confirmed
the status of the hyperdrive.

So you know we're not bluffing.

What do you want?

You're holding two prisoners
we want released:

Colonel Frank Simmons
and Adrian Conrad.

You have exactly three hours
to deliver them, or we blow up your ship.

This is Major Carter.
Can anyone hear me?

Yes, sir.

Perfectly clear, sir.

We're doing everything we can.
Thank you.

The Joint Chiefs
are calling an emergency meeting.

Sir, I'm picking up on a signal from inside
the ship, but on a different frequency.

Patch it through.

Repeat, this is Major Carter.
Is anyone reading this?

- Carter, it's O'Neill. What's your status?
- I'm locked in a storage room on deck 7.

- What happened in there?
- It was the TV crew. They had a zat.

The hijackers demand
the release of Simmons and Conrad.

We believe this is a rogue NID operation.

Carter, is there any chance
they can get that ship off the ground?

It's not finished, sir.
It could lose structural integrity.

Will it fly?

Yes, sir.

The sublight control relay
is right above you on deck 8.

If you can sever the connection,
that'll ground them for sure.

I found a plasma cutter, but it'll
take time to get through the trinium.

We have less than three hours to deliver
the prisoners before they blow the ship.

Copy that.

- Al, why are you doing this?
- They're paying me.

We're supposed to be friends.

They're paying me a lot.

You know there's only two ways
off of this ship, don't you?

Handcuffs or a body bag.

Who says we want to get off?

Major, if I had been in charge,
none of this would have ever happened.

It seems to me, you brought me here
to figure out a way to retake the ship.

They are threatening to blow up the X- 303
unless their demands are met.

- Yeah? What do they want?
- You.


They're also demanding we bring in
your former associate Adrian Conrad.

I hardly think of him
as an associate. He's a Goa'uld.

- You helped him escape.
- I thought it would be best

if we kept him in our custody.

Sure you did.

The two of you made a deal, didn't you?

We know what the Goa'uld wants.
He wants to escape.

What we don't know
is what he offered you in return.

I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna
be able to help you.

Colonel, you either give me what I need,
and we make arrangements,

or we make a U- turn
and I take you right back to your box.

It seems to me that you're
in a bit of a bind now, aren't you?

Fortunately for you, I am willing to board
the X- 303 in the interest of saving lives.

Of course, I'm gonna need
a change of clothes. Something nice.

The delivery's on its way.
Moving to phase two.

We've got a problem. Somebody
recalibrated the ignition module.

The settings we have are all wrong.

Don't look at me.

We need the new settings.
If we're off by as much as 1*/*,

the engines won't start
and the module will burn out.

We'll be stuck.

Give me those settings now.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm not fooling around here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What the hell are you doing?
This wasn't part of the plan.

I'm improvising.

I was told no one would get hurt.
That was the deal.

So quit waving that gun around.

Now, where were we?

All right.

No mistakes.

Those engines don't start, both of you die.

Adrian Conrad has arrived.

- Did he say anything?
- He was uncharacteristically silent.

- Have we heard from Major Carter?
- No, not yet.

Sir, we're approaching deadline.

Radio the hijackers.
We're sending in the prisoners.

There. It's done.

Sublight engines are online.

Even if you get this ship off the ground,
they're gonna track you wherever you go.

- You're forgetting about the hyperdrive.
- It's far from operational.

- That is something I can't help you with.
- Perhaps not.

But I can.

- Are we set?
- All systems are go.

Then release the docking clamps.


- They're preparing to take off.
- Thank you.

- She's running out of time.
- She may disable the ship once in orbit.

Deck 7 isn't pressurised. The airlock
in that section is still under construction.

By the time they reach orbit,
she'll be dead.

Major Davis, this is Colonel Simmons.
We'd like to leave now.

Would you be so kind
as to retract the roof?

Colonel, wait a couple of minutes. We're
having problems with the hydraulics.

Nice try. You have 30 seconds
or we're gonna detonate the hyperdrive.

Ten, nine, eight...

- seven, six...
- Powering engines.


.. two, one...

Retract the roof.

We're good to go, sir.

Take us outta here.

They're entering low Earth orbit.

Now what?

Does the ship not have a docking bay
able to receive the X- 302?

We don't have any ready to fly.

We've got the death glider from Anubis.

Their radar is incomplete. Fly through the
lower bay. They'll never see you comin'!

So that guy with the weird voice,
he was an alien, wasn't he?

You might as well tell me.
We probably won't survive.

We've been in tighter spots.

Ms Donovan. I just had to come
down here and say hello.

I'm a big fan of your work.


And you, sir, you must be Jonas Quinn,
our new alien friend.

You're an alien too?

- I don't believe this.
- Where are you taking this ship?

Don't worry about that. Just sit tight.
You'll be released when everything's over.

Do you really think it's wise
to be working with a Goa'uld?

He's fixing the hyperdrive.
It's in his best interest.

- We'll deal with him later.
- Yeah?

- What about Major Carter?
- Major Carter!

Major Carter should've
stayed with the group,

but she wanted to play the hero
and she got herself killed.

- What is that?
- Sublight engines are offline.

What does that mean?

We still have full power,
but I've got no control.

The circuit's been cut.
Access tube, deck 8.

It's Carter.
I want you boys to get down there.

And leave me your gun.

We don't have enough altitude. If I don't
get control, our orbit's gonna decay.

Bridge to engine room. Come in.

- What is it?
- Are we gonna get into hyperdrive soon?

I'm working on it.
The design is incredibly crude.

It amazes me that a race as backward
as yours is attempting interstellar travel.

Spare me the supervillain riff.
We're on the clock here.

That's enough.

- Orbit's starting to decay.
- Engine room to bridge.

The hyperdrive is operational.

- Can we open a window from low orbit?
- Yes, sir.

Then do it.
Use the coordinates the Goa'uld gave us.

What is that?

- The hyperdrive.
- That's bad, isn't it?

Sir, we're getting a report

The X- 303 just disappeared
from Earth orbit.

Clear. Can you shut down the hyperdrive?

The computer's been reprogrammed.
I don't have the access codes.

Let's find the others.

Smith, Sanderson, come in.

Come in, dammit!

Wait here.

You're finished here.

This one is injured, but alive.


Where are the hostages?

Supply room, deck 4.

Supply room.

- Carter, keep an eye on the bridge.
- Simmons...

Yeah, I know.

I'm gonna savour this moment.

- Where's the rest of my team?
- Just never you mind about your team.

Sir, I have no idea where we are.

- There should be a planet here.
- What planet?

Back when Colonel Maybourne
was running our off- world op,

we found a tablet
written in the language of the Ancients.

It described a large cache of weapons and
technology hidden in a secret location.

Colonel Simmons wanted it bad.

But we couldn't translate the coordinates.

Therefore, Colonel Simmons
enlisted the aid of the Goa'uld.

After that, it was just a matter of waiting
until we could get transportation.

OK. Let's go home.

It's possible,
when the hyperdrive was brought online,

no one fully accounted for
the instability of the naquadria.

Who does?

What I'm saying is, If I don't know where
we are, I can't plot a course for home.

So what do we do now?

Gibson and Finney are checking
the food supply. It doesn't look good.

Based on our time spent in hyperspace,
we're at least 1200 light years from Earth.

How does that help us?

It doesn't.


It's the Asgard.

Thor, buddy! Nice timing.

It has been some time, O'Neill.

I owe you all a debt of gratitude
for rescuing me from my Goa'uld captors.


Hey, I thought you were
going for the new body.

I did.

It's nice.

So how did you find us?

The Asgard monitor all hyperspace
activity in the vicinity of Earth.

We have been tracking you
since you left orbit.

- Excellent. Can you help us out here?
- In fact, it is we who need your help.

The Asgard home world
has been overrun by the replicators.

We have need of both you and your ship.