Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 1 - Redemption: Part 1 - full transcript

O'Neill is still searching for Daniel Jackson's replacement, but is having little success. The Russian liaison officer thinks one of his countrymen should be given the opportunity but neither O'Neill or General agree with that. Jonas Quinn suggests to Carter that he would be a good replacement and she agrees but O'Neill again says no. Jonas does tag along however to Area 51 where they view the newest addition to their arsenal, an X302 fighter that should be able to travel through hyperspace. Meanwhile, Master Bra'tac arrives at Stargate Command to tell Teal'c that his wife is seriously ill. They set off but when they try to return to SGC they are unable top dial in and with good reason: SGC is under attack by Anubis.

Dial the gate! Dial it now!

I swear, sir, I thought
they wanted to smoke a peace pipe.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- When is SG-1 due back?
- Hour and 22 minutes from now, sir.

- Tell Major Carter I have a message.
- Yes, sir.

Incoming wormhole.

Receiving SG-1's identification code.

It's a code red, sir.
Looks like they're under fire.

Defence unit and medical team
to the gate room.

Opening the iris.


I've been shot.

Some sort of... tranquilliser.

Steady pulse.
He's just unconscious, sir.

Classify P2X- 374 as unfriendly, sir.
Fairly primitive from the looks of it.

I presume Captain Hagman
will need to be reassigned?

- I'd say so, sir.
- We'll debrief in one hour. Dismissed.


I got a call this morning
from area 51. It's done.


Major. How's Colonel O'Neill?

Partially torn ligament in his knee.
He'll be OK.

- Captain Hagman?
- He'll make a full recovery.

What does that make? Eight now?

Nine, if you count the two hours
Captain Matthison lasted.

Right. So there's no need
for Ancient Babylonian?

Not exactly.
Do you think you can spare a few hours?

- Sure. For what?
- You've been here three months.

General Hammond thought
you might finally like to leave the base.

Yes. That would be great.
Where we going?

- Nevada.
- Clear skies, 73 degrees.

There are at least
500 other channels, you know.

But this one, this one is fantastic.

You have all of your weather
from all over your planet right here.

Even long- range forecasts.
It's like... predicting the future.

- Well, there is some science involved.
- I know. What's in Nevada?

- Do you like surprises?
- Sure. I love'em.

Hey, Major?

How do I know what colour to wear?

We call each other
every morning.

I thought you'd like to see the prototype
as soon as it was completed.

Wow. You're way ahead of schedule.

- Very impressive.
- Thank you.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I'm sorry?

Dr Larry Murphy, Colonel Jack O'Neill.

This is Teal'c. This is Jonas Quinn, the
man who introduced us to the naquadria.

Pleasure to meet you.

In case there was some doubt
about what I was just saying: no.

I'm sorry. To what exactly?

O'Neill believes you are going
to request that we test- fly this aircraft.

Of course. Sir, I wasn't around for it,

but we're all familiar with your experience
with the X- 302's predecessor.

Are you, now? Really?

Well, sir, I can tell you that
this is a very different ship.

Sir, the X- 301 was a modified glider.
Now, while many of the 302's systems

were retroengineered from
Goa'uld technology, it is human built.

So was the Titanic.

This could be the most important
breakthrough for Earth

since the discovery of the Stargate.

- Why's that?
- It has four sets of engines:

air- breathing jets, modified aerospikes
for high altitude, and a rocket booster.

You said four, right?

The fourth engine is
a hyperspace- window generator.

Even Goa'uld gliders
can't enter hyperspace.

They're too small to carry
the Goa'uld version of the generator.

- Ours are much more compact.
- Because of the naquadria.

Jonas, this was possible because of you.

It's still a few weeks away from a practical
test, but all indications look good.

If this performs the way it should,

the X- 302 will be the first human- built
spacecraft capable of interstellar travel.

The deal made by our...

I am aware of every aspect
of the arrangement, Colonel.

Jack, come in.

Colonel, you know Colonel Chekov,
the Russian envoy to the SGC.

We've met.

Colonel Chekov feels that
as a symbol of our joint efforts,

a Russian officer
should be assigned to join SG-1.

Over my rotting corpse, sir.


I'm sorry. Did I say that out loud?

I said I would discuss it with you
and that you would give it careful thought.

And that I will, General.
But I'm still pretty sure I'll say "Bite me. "

Colonel, would you excuse us?


So sorry.

I'm sorry, General. You know
I mean no disrespect toward you.

I know. I should have reprimanded you
in front of the colonel,

but I agree with
your sentiments in this case.

Who decided every team
has to have four people?

No one says they do.

But Daniel Jackson provided SG-1 with
invaluable knowledge, linguistic skills,

and, in my opinion,
a very beneficial viewpoint.

One I think is important
enough to replace.

- But not with a Russian.
- I agree.

But my patience is starting
to wear thin on this matter.

I think I've given you a great deal
of latitude lately, given the situation.

- Sir...
- Jack.

You're off the mission list anyway
until that knee fully heals.

Use the time to try
and get some perspective.

Find someone qualified
you can work with.

I'll have all available personnel files
forwarded to you. Dismissed.

Yes, sir.

- Major.
- Yeah?

I realised I never actually thanked you
for letting me see the X- 302.

Well, General Hammond
ordered me to invite you.

I'm glad the naquadria's gonna be useful.

- Yeah, looks that way.
- Can I see the plans for it?


Hammond says I should give you what
you want regarding the naquadria, so...

He's a man of his word.

I doubt it'll mean much to you
without an understanding of our science.

Maybe you can recommend
some related reading.

Yeah, sure. I'll type up a list.

Great. Thanks.

You know, Major... I'm as physically fit
as anybody on this base,

and I've committed to memory
almost all of Dr Jackson's work.


According to the tests, I am able to learn
much quicker than the average human.

All very interesting, but...

I wanna join you, explore other planets,

discover new worlds, new cultures,
help rid the galaxy of the Goa'uld.

I get the picture.

I can't stay here the rest of my life.
I can't go back to my planet.

They don't realise the threat.
I can help them by helping you.

I can also help finish
what Dr Jackson started.

Jonas... I understand
why you wanna join SG-1.

And I'm sorry, but...
I just don't see it happening.

He trusts you.

I believe it is you he must learn to trust.

How can he learn to trust me
if he won't even speak to me?

He holds me responsible
for what happened to... Dr Jackson.

I believe you are correct.

How can I even begin to make up for it
if he won't give me the chance?

- This really a sport on this planet?
- Are you injured?

It'll take more than that.

Tell you what, if I knock you down,
you gotta talk to Colonel O'Neill for me.


I'm OK. I wasn't ready.

I'm ready now.

Little snack?

The universities of this great nation
are getting lax in their admissions.

To whom are you referring?

I can be as diplomatic
and open- minded as anyone.

Hammond is insisting SG-1
needs a sociopolitical nerd

to offset our overwhelming coolness.

Have you considered Jonas Quinn?

Now, I know you've been practising,
but I still can't tell.

Is that a joke?

He wishes to fight against the Goa'uld.

He's an ali...

.. en.

He's an alien.

I don't think we need
someone else on the team.

You, Carter and I can
handle things just fine.

- You learned to trust me, O'Neill.
- That's different.

I do not believe it is.

Like me, Jonas Quinn
may be an alien to this world,

but he is committed to the Tauri's cause.

That doesn't mean I want him
watching my back in battle, OK?

Unscheduled incoming traveller.

Bra'tac, what's up?

Tek matte, Master Bra'tac.

I am sorry I did not come sooner, Teal'c.
Drey'auc is gravely ill.

No need to ask. Go.

- I didn't know he had a wife.
- Yeah. And a son, Rya'c.

They were banished from their home
on Chulak when Teal'c defected.

At one point, Apophis brainwashed Rya'c
and tried to use him against us.

- Bra'tac's been looking out for them.
- Why didn't Teal'c bring them here?

Drey'auc wanted
to stay with her own people,

and Teal'c was away on missions
most of the time anyway.

He tries to get home as often he can,
but it's not easy for him.

- You'd never know.
- Teal'c's not exactly an open book.

Still, I'm usually better at reading people.


Why was I not informed about the X- 302?

For example, it might not be that obvious
to everyone, but he is actually very upset.

How did you find out about the X- 302?

That is not the issue.
Article 3A clearly states...

The X- 302 has nothing
to do with the Stargate.

The naquadria being used to power
the hyperspace- window generator was...

- Unauthorised incoming wormhole.
- What now?

I'll take anything over this.

We're not receiving an IDC, sir.
In fact, there's nothing, sir.

What's up?

Apparently, nothing.

- Nothing?
- So it would seem.

- That's a twist.
- Gate's functioning.

- We're looking at an incoming wormhole.
- But nothing is incoming?

- As far as I can tell.
- The Goa'uld used that tactic before.

To block our escape while
they attacked in ships. Yeah.

Nothing from deep- space watch either.

This doesn't make any sense.

To keep a wormhole open,
you have to send something through -

a radio signal, anything.

We're getting... nothing.

- Figure it out, Major. I'll call the president.
- Yes, sir.

Don't look at me. I got nothin'.

As you see, conditions are harsh.

But they have been safe here.

Teal'c They must be moved
to the new outpost built by the Tauri.

All Jaffa who support
our cause are welcome.

Drey'auc is in
no state to be moved.

Teal'c Why did you wait?

As it is, I have brought
you here against her wishes.

She has always been proud.

She refused to accept the new symbiote.

- Was one procured?
- No.

She did not wish us to sacrifice
the life of another Jaffa to save her own,

even one who still foolishly
worshipped the false gods.

- We would all choose the same.
- In the past...

It is not the past. The dissent we have
bred has brought about many changes.

The Goa'uld no longer trust the Jaffa
priests with their young as they once did.


You dare show your face here?

She's dead because of you.

- Could it be a malfunction?
- It's possible, but highly unlikely.

Chances are, somebody dialled
Earth from an offworld gate.

Wrong number?

Normally, the gate
shuts down after a short time

if nothing's entering the event horizon
from the outgoing location.

So what do we do?

We wait.

To my knowledge, no one's sustained
a wormhole for longer than 38 minutes.

Could whoever's behind this redial
our gate just to keep us from using it?

I've programmed the computer to dial
the Alpha site after the wormhole expires.

We'll be able to recall our teams and
hopefully contact someone who can help.

It's still on.

38 minutes, give or take a few seconds.

How many is a few?

OK, now we have a problem.

She believed in you...
in the fight you have chosen.

As you once did.

How long were we to live like this?
Are we all to die like she did?

Nothing has changed.
The Goa'uld can be defeated.

As long as we must carry symbiotes, we
will depend on the Goa'uld for our lives.

We will find a way to be free.

My mother will never know this freedom
you speak of. She had no choice.

You brought this upon her.
You chose for the both of us.

Now, as any warrior would,
I choose to avenge her death.

Everything I have done
I have done for you.

Then I am ashamed. For you have
done nothing but bring pain and misery

and, above all,
false hope to countless Jaffa.

Then fire your weapon.

There's a rise in power being retained
by the gate's internal capacitors of 0. 1*/*.

While there's an open wormhole,
the value fluctuates anyway.

Not for the last 12 minutes, it hasn't.

Go to gate diagnostic screen four.

Normal. No incoming energy readings.

Increase sensitivity by 50 per cent.

What was that?

Could be interference in the line
between the gate and computer.

There it is again.
Increase sensitivity by 200 per cent.

That's well within
the margin of error for the sensors.

I know. Try it anyway.

It's a small anomaly, but it could be
contributing to the power build- up.

- But...
- Errors are random, Lieutenant.

Whatever this is, it has a distinct pattern.


Fight! Or do you not consider me
a worthy opponent?

You should be glad he does not,
for if he did, he would snap you in half.

You have become skilled, Rya'c,

but a true Jaffa warrior
does not let grief cloud his judgment.

I choose my opponent
as foolishly as he chose his.

Teal'c chose your mother's fate
no more than he chose his own.

- We are all victims of the Goa'uld.
- No, Master Bra'tac. Rya'c is correct.

I have failed both he and his mother.

The boy passes judgment without
having fought a single battle. Hm?

Fighting a war that appears unwinnable
does not make one's cause less noble.

He cares more for dying
than for his own flesh and blood.

So must all Jaffa, if any of us
are ever to taste freedom.

We've detected an energy build- up. It's
being transmitted through the wormhole.

Our sensors aren't calibrated
to measure something this small.

- The iris appears to be holding.
- Yes, sir.

It's likely slowing the energy transfer,
but it's not stopping it completely.

- Doesn't sound so bad.
- Actually, sir, it is.

The gate itself is
one giant superconductor,

capable of absorbing
huge amounts of energy.

If that capacity is exceeded,
the naqahdah the Stargate's made up of

will become charged and could explode.

How long?

A few days, maybe less.
We're calculating it right now.

Is there any good news?

Just bad and worse, sir.

We're talking about a blast
2, 000 to 3, 000 megatons.

Enough to take out Colorado.

The resulting environmental effects
could destroy all life on Earth.

There's worse?

We have no idea how to stop it.

Shel mak. Shel assah.

Let him mourn.

- He has grown to hate me.
- He does not.

Nor does he truly believe
our cause is futile.

Drey'auc would not allow it.

Why does he speak as he does?

Self- doubt.

Since the day Apophis brainwashed him,
he has believed his own mind is weak.

It is not true.

You were no different at his age.

After the death of your father
at the hands of Cronus,

fear almost consumed you.

Like Rya'c, it was desire for vengeance
that gave you strength.

- Rya'c misplaces his blame.
- He directs his malice towards you

because he believes you doubt him
as much as he doubts himself.

Why would he believe such a thing?

Because you are his father and
you have not told him otherwise.

Not so long ago...
I was captured in battle,

and Apophis took control of my mind.

He made me believe that
I was once again his loyal first prime.

And I turned on my friends
who trusted me.

Were it not for Bra'tac
and the rite of M'al Sharran,

I would have died...
believing that Apophis was my god.

Whether you believe in me
or what I have chosen to do

does not change the fact that
I have never doubted your heart, Rya'c.

You need never win back my trust,
my son, for you have never lost it.

- Shouldn't we cut power?
- Won't do any good.

Incoming wormholes
draw their energy from the offworld.

Major Carter wants
to monitor the gate through feedback.

We can't use the Russian gate because
there's already an established wormhole.

Energy build- up has reached 18 per cent.

There has to be a way
to drain the capacitors.

- Still sexy as ever, I see.
- What are you doing here?

There's no point in building naqahdah
reactors for Russia if there's no Russia.

The Pentagon thought
you might need some help.

Not from you.

OK. Well, then, I'll get a coffee
and a doughnut and wait for the big bang.

- That's just what I needed.
- Major.


This wouldn't be a problem
if you had a working alien ship.

Hey! I didn't wreck it. The Goa'uld did.

And we barely escaped with our lives.

What good is being a part of this
so- called Protected Planets Treaty

if you can't even reach
the Asgard when attacked?

Excuse me, sirs. I just got off the phone
with Dr Murphy at area 51.

He says he can have the X- 302
ready to go in six hours.

- I thought it was weeks away from a test.
- We've tried everything else we can.

Our only chance is
if we can contact the Asgard.

I'd like to volunteer, sir.

I'll go too, sir.

- You sure you're up for it, Colonel?
- Yes, sir.

I'll have transport prepped
and ready in 20 minutes.

- Shaq'rel.
- Teal'c.

- It has been too long, old friend.
- It is fortunate you are here.

I have brought word to Bra'tac
so he might warn you.

- Of what?
- The Tauri are in danger.

They are under attack from Anubis.

- I assume you were briefed?
- Briefly.

The target is Abydos,
the closest planet with a Stargate.

You know our simulations for opening the
hyperspace window were done in space?

- We have to leave the atmosphere.
- We have to leave the ground first.

- It'll fly, Colonel. I bet my life on it.
- Wanna come with?

Love to, but I'm needed here.

Yes. Yes, you are.

Even if we do manage
to contact the Asgard,

there's a chance
they won't be able to help us.

What's your point, Carter?

I guess I don't have one beyond that, sir.

Thank you.

- You're missing the point.
- Can I have a minute?

I wish I had one.
Carter and O'Neill are taking off.

- That's what this is about.
- What do you mean?

I'm no scientist, but I have studied
all the research done on naquadria,

and Carter allowed me to see
the specifications on the X- 302.

- And?
- It's not gonna work.

Really? That's just what I was saying.
Who are you?

- Jonas Quinn.
- The alien with the wacky naqahdah.

Naquadria. You are?

McKay. Scientist. Earth.

General... the instability of the naquadria

increases exponentially as you attempt
to extract more energy out of it.

This is even worse than I thought.

- If you allow this test to proceed...
- This is not a test.

If the X- 302 fails,
this planet will be destroyed.

- I understand your position.
- It's not just my position.

You stand to suffer the consequences
with everyone else.

If either of you have a more prudent
suggestion on halting this crisis,

I'm willing to hearing it.

Otherwise, I suggest
we all cross our fingers

and hope Major Carter
and Colonel O'Neill can reach help.

- Cross our fingers?
- An expression of desire for good luck.

- Really?
- It's ridiculous, huh?

- Navigation.
- Check.

Oxygen pressure. Temperature control.

- All check.
- Inertial dampeners.

Cool. And check.

- Engines.
- All check.

- Phasers?
- Sorry, sir. All systems operational.

Too bad we can't drive across
the galaxy. This handles like a Cadillac.

Colonel, Major, this is Hammond.

Jonas Quinn has voiced
some concern about this mission

regarding the instability of the naquadria.

Sir, the simulations we ran
anticipated every conceivable scenario.

It's the inconceivable ones
I'm concerned about.

The X- 302 has hundreds
of safety mechanisms

to compensate for anything
that can go wrong.

Arming ejection system.

That's good, that's good. That's funny.

Mission Command,
all systems go, from Abydos One.

Copy that, Abydos One.
Good luck.

Well... here we go.

- We have liftoff.
- Climbing.

Velocity approaching Mach 2.

10, 000 metres.

- Mach 3.
- Mission Command, over.

- Looks good from here, Abydos One.
- Abydos One, over.

Anubis has a weapon that uses
one Stargate to destroy another.

If my information is correct,
the attack has already begun.

- We cannot warn them.
- That is why I brought a ship.

If the attack has begun,
a warning will do little good.

- We must find a way to stop it.
- I do not know the weapon's location.

Anubis has grown powerful, but still
only defends a small handful of planets.

If one of those Stargates
cannot be contacted...

It is most likely the origin of the attack.

Let us hope it is one of the planets
to which I can remember the sequence.

Preparing for main rocket- engine burn.

Roger that. We'll re- establish
contact after you exit the atmosphere.

Engaging rocket engine.

This is Abydos One.
Do you read?

Loud and clear, Abydos One.

Altitude: 500 kilometres and rising.

Velocity: 40, 000 kilometres per hour.

I'm entering the coordinates
in the hyperspace generator.

- Roger that, Abydos One.
- Godspeed, Colonel, Major, from us all.

Thank you, sir.

- Let's do this.
- Engaging hyperspace window.

Abydos One, do you read?
We're still receiving your radio signal.

- Carter?
- I don't know, sir.

Mission Command,
we missed the window.

Please explain.

The autopilot engaged and we veered
off course. Should we try again?

Negative. Return to base for
further evaluation. Mission failure.

I hate hearing that.

Colonel, Major. Glad to see you're OK.

For the moment, sir.

They're still analysing the flight data
recorder, but it looks like a 605- 3 error.

- Forgive me?
- It's the one after 605- 2, sir.

The X- 302 couldn't get a lock
on its destination, so it auto- aborted.

It's one of the built- in safety features.

- What went wrong?
- The hyperspace window was unstable.

We thought we'd compensated for the
energy fluctuations, but apparently not.

I don't think you can.

Apparently, Carter and I
could have been torn asunder.

The possibility was remote.

More likely is transportation
to an unknown location

with limited fuel, oxygen,
and no way of getting back.

- Can this problem be resolved?
- We don't understand why it exists yet.

You're lucky. There's no telling what
an unstable hyperspace window could do.

The bottom line is, we're on our own.

Hey. How come you're not downstairs
with the rest of the eggheads?

Not that you're... an egghead.

Well, you are, actually.

But in a good way.

I couldn't think down there. They all
kept looking at me for the answer.

Well, you do have a penchant for
pulling brilliant ideas out of your butt.


Out of your head, when we need them.

- Not this time.
- You've still got two days to work on it.

Sir, I don't think I could solve this
if I had a couple of years.

Carter, am I sensing fear in your voice?

- Yes, actually. A lot of fear.
- Well, stop it. You're making me nervous.

What about you, sir? Any ideas?

I mean, sometimes you have a way
of seeing things at... at their simplest.

Thank you.

I'm gonna go eat some cake.

Think I'll join you.

We're experiencing
a widespread loss of power, sir.

I am Anubis.

Looks like a hologram projection.

Humans of the Tauri,
your end of days finally approaches.

There will be no mercy.

Come on. Who talks like that?

Sir, this is Asgard technology.
He must have downloaded it from Thor.

You will bow to my awesome power.

There is nothing that can stop
the destruction I bring upon you.

Prepare to meet your doom.

Oh, please!