Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 5 - Red Sky - full transcript

When SG-1 inadvertently dooms a planet upon arrival, the team must overcome Asgardian diplomacy and indigenous religious prejudice to put things right.


What was that?


I don't know, sir. The margin of error
in calculating planetary shift

used to cause the rough ride,
but we fixed it.


We did have to override some of the
dialling protocols in order to get a lock.

I'll check the dialling computer
when we get home.

- It's bright.
- Yes, sir.

This planet's much closer
to its sun than Earth.


This is interesting.

I couldn't see these writings
through the MALP.

What's it say?

The symbols are like those on Cimmeria.

There could be a connection
here to the Asgard.

- What's it say?
- I don't know.

You think it's a protected planet?

Well, Teal'c wasn't zapped away.

There is no Thor's hammer here.

Well, they wouldn't need one if it was
named in the Goa'uld- Asgard Treaty.

Hey! You!

Come on out.

We're not here to hurt you.
We're explorers from a place called Earth.

You might know it as Midgardr.
I'm Daniel Jackson. This is, uh...

I am Elrad, flamen of
the 39th Order of K'Tau.

My congregation and I were
on our way here for morning prayer

when we saw a great wave
burst forth from the Annulus.

Annulus. I like that.

He is an enemy of the gods.

Not any more. Thor loves this guy.

- You know of Thor?
- Oh, yeah. He's a buddy.

Come forth. It is a time for rejoicing.

Freyr has sent us visitors from Midgardr.

Freyr is the god of sun and rain, right?

Yes, our protector. Ally of Thor.

Friends of the gods are welcome here.

- What have you got here?
- Please, come. Our village is this way.

It's as if Norse culture
evolved into modern times

while continuing to worship
the ancient gods.

This is Brother Malchus.
He is chief acolyte within our order.

You must leave. At once.

- We just got here.
- These are not just any strangers.

They came through the Annulus.

- This one bears the mark of evil.
- He is a friend of Thor.

The people will not stand for this.

You mean you will antagonise them
until they agree with you.

Friendly guy.

You must forgive Malchus.
He has a suspicious nature,

and we have never before
been visited by elves.


You travel by way of the gods.
You say you know them well.

In Norse mythology, Freyr was the ruler of
the elves. They bring good or bad tidings.

We certainly hope
you have come to wish us well.

Carter, what just happened?

The eye of Odin grows dim.

- Some sort of shift in the light frequency.
- Good. I thought I was havin' a stroke.

You did this!

- What?
- Be calm.

- Is it true?
- No.

- Is it?
- I don't know, sir.

It is no coincidence that this happens
moments after they arrive.

The elves are the harbingers of our doom!

Leave us or be driven out.

The darkening of the eye of Odin
is the will of the gods.

You cannot blame the messengers.

We must go to the hall of wisdom
and pray for forgiveness.

That sounds like the place where
the Cimmerians communicated with Thor.

Carter, what the heck's goin' on?

Somehow the light spectrum of the sun
has shifted toward infrared.

If it continues,
all the green plants will die.

With the plants goes the oxygen supply...

The MALP should give us more detailed
data. Its sensors are more sophisticated.

Good. You and Teal'c
head back to the... Annulus.

See what you can find out. Daniel.

See if these folks
have got an Asgard phone.

We beseech thee, O Freyr,
to have mercy upon us.

Make peace with our great father Odin,
and, in doing so,

remove the terrible curse
from our gentle land.

In the name of our Lord Freyr, be it so.


Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt.

- Haven't you done enough damage, elf?
- Some respect, Malchus.

They are sent by the gods.

We should hear their words.

We were just wondering
if you ever speak directly to Freyr.

He hears us always.

Right. You mentioned a hall of wisdom.
This is it, isn't it?

No. This is a temple.


Malchus and I were about to go to the hall

to seek Freyr's wisdom
on behalf of our people.

- Could we go with you?
- We could put in a good word.

By all means, come.

Bow your heads
and prepare to meet our Lord.

Lord Freyr, Lord of the Aesir,
God of K'Tau,

grant us an audience
that we may share your wisdom.

I'd better get it back.

I am Freyr. For what reason
have you come before me?

OK. Lord Freyr, forgive us for disturbing
you, but we seek your wisdom.

The arrival of these outsiders has
caused the eye of Odin to grow dim.

- We fear it is Ragnarok.
- That's the end of time.

Thank you.

We beg you to restore Odin's light.

You are wise to seek my counsel,

but only through faith will you
prove worthy of my benevolence.

Do we put them to death? They could be
drawn and quartered before nightfall.

That's a bit harsh, isn't it?

In time, I will sail to the plain of Vigrid,

where my battle
will be fought with Surtur.

- He fights Surtur. It is the end time.
- Patience.

Likewise, you must face your own fears

as you now enter the ultimate conflict.

How you deal with fear
will prove your worthiness.

I wish you well on your voyage.

It's a recording.


I told you.

It is Ragnarok. Lord Freyr
tells us to prepare for our death.

That's a bit of a negative spin
with the old paraphrasing.

I have been interpreting
the word of the gods for many years.

I'm afraid I must agree with Malchus.

Hang on.

Look, I know I'm the outsider here...

You dare question the will of the gods?

No, just your interpretation.

- Sure you wanna get into this?
- I'm not sure how to get out of this.

Look, folks,

does Freyr plant your crops for you?


Does he harvest them?

Does he build your homes for you?

Those are the tasks of our own hands.

Exactly. You've always had
free will before. Why not now?

Maybe this ultimate conflict is just
a test of your... ingenuity and courage.

Why do you tolerate this?

- Jump in.
- I don't think this is a good idea.

In the past, Lord Freyr
has always told us to face our fears

and not interfere with
the ways of the gods.

I agree, Malchus.
We must do the gods' will,

but perhaps these strangers
are a part of their plan.

Nonsense! They are
the harbingers of our doom!

Elves cannot change the will of the gods.

Elrad, listen to me.

We can help your people.
We've been in this situation before.

Trust me. We can work miracles.

I trust in Freyr.

If you are here to do his bidding,
either to doom us or to save us,

then so be it.


Yeah. That's what it'll look like to them.

- That's what what will look like to them?
- Whatever Carter comes up with.

Hey, fellas.

I got a theory, sir.

Is it miraculous?

Actually, it is. I think the wormhole
that we used to travel here

passed directly through this planet's sun.

That might be why we had
a problem dialling here.

We should never have connected?

At least not with the current
planetary alignment.

The light from the sun suddenly shifted
to the red spectrum after we got here.

The only way that could happen
was if an unstable superheavy element,

probably plutonium, was introduced
to the sun's nuclear reaction.

- Sort of a subatomic poisoning.
- OK. How did we do that?

Well, somehow,

the plutonium piggybacked onto
our wormhole from another star system,

then bonded with their sun
as we passed through it.

I hope that doesn't mean it's our fault.

We could not have known, O'Neill.

The fact that the gate wouldn't dial here

leads me to believe that some safety
protocol was built into the gate system,

designed to prevent this sort of thing.

So, design flaw?


Sir, we bypassed some of
the normal dialling protocols.

The fact is, this planet is dying
and it's probably because of us.

But you can fix it, right?

Hey, Teal'c. Maybe you should
hang out here.

These Asgard devices
don't know you like we do.

OK, let's see. They bowed
their heads and said a prayer.

Lord Freyr, Lord of the Aesir...
Or we could just go straight to that.

I am Freyr. For what reason
have you come before me?

We'd like to talk to the real Asgard.
Thor, if he's available.

You are wise to seek my counsel.

But only through faith will you
prove worthy of my benevolence.

Yada- yada. Carter, you wanna
pull the plug on this guy?

It looks like this is the emitter
that's generating the...

We've either made contact
with the Asgard or...

trapped ourselves deep
within a vault of solid rock.

- Much better.
- I am Freyr, protector of the K'Tau world.

Yeah, so listen, sorry to bother you.
Can we talk to Thor?

Commander Thor is in a distant part
of the galaxy and unavailable.

You are the one called O'Neill.

I am the one.

We named a warship after you,
short- lived as it was.

Yes. That one.

Why have you come to this world?

Exploring. That's what we do.

K'Tau falls under our protected planet
treaty with the Goa'uld.

I would hope you have not dispelled
their current belief system.

- The Asgard felt it was essential.
- No, we haven't blown your cover.

However, we... do have
a small little problem

that could use some of
that Asgard magic.

Are you implying that our technology
is some kind of trickery?

- You sure Thor's not around somewhere?
- Sir, if I may.

Yeah. Knock yourself out.

We may have inadvertently,
totally accidentally,

caused a foreign element
to enter the K'Tau sun.


Well, actually, I was hoping
you could help us on that one.

Is it possible that
we picked up a superheavy element

and carried it into the sun
as we passed through?

There are safety protocols
in place within the Stargate system

to prevent wormhole connections
that would result in such events.

Yeah. See, we have
our own dialling computer

and sometimes we bypass
a few steps in order to get a lock.

- We're still experimenting.
- I see.

- We could really use your help here.
- I'm afraid I cannot assist you.

Why not?

It is not the Asgard's responsibility
to undo every error you make

with technology that is advanced
beyond your knowledge.

Excuse me!

There is a whole planet
full of people that are going to die.

This may be our mistake,
but the K'Tau people depend on you.

You set up their belief system. They think
you're their god and will protect them.

From the Goa'uld, yes.

Forget all that! Come on, we're friends.

We help you, you help us.
That's the way it works.

Carter's idea saved you
from the replicators.

Now we're calling in the marker.

Ultimately, the decision is not mine.

Then may I speak to whomever decides?

It is possible.

Prepare to meet the Asgard High Council.

I'm prepared. Right now. Let's go.

Step into the place where I stand.

- I'm sort of prepared.
- Do you want me...?

I got it.



Colonel Jack O'Neill of Earth, welcome
to the Asgard High Council chamber.

Yeah, listen, thanks for
seeing me on such short notice.

I assume you can see me.


- Did Freyr mention why I'm here?
- Yes, Colonel.

They're aware of the circumstances
surrounding your request.

Oh, hey. There you are.

Didn't see ya. You guys all kinda look...

- Thor's not here, right?
- He is not.


As Freyr explained, we are unable
to assist you in this matter, O'Neill.

Though your actions were unintentional,
it will mean the K'Tau people will perish.

Hey! This is not entirely our fault.

I mean, you could have warned us about
this crazy gate- through- the- sun thing.

You could have given us a list
of all the planets that are off limits.

Both points are true.

However, neither is reason
enough to interfere.

You're interfering right now!

These people think you're their gods!

You're not the Goa'ulds, but you're still
pretending to be something you're not.

You are correct.

However, when we saved
these people from the Goa'uld,

they were not ready to have
their beliefs completely stripped away.

In time, when they are ready,
the K'Tau will learn the truth.

Yeah, see... there's the snag.

They won't. They'll be dead.

I don't get it.
You obviously saved them once.

Why not this time?

- It is not that simple.
- Yes, it is!

- You've got the technology, don't you?
- Yes.

OK. Fine.

We made a mistake, a big mistake.

And we're very sorry. But we also saved
your little grey butts from the replicators,

and now we want your help.

I'm not asking you to change the course
of their cultural development.

Just fix the damn sun!

No one'll know. We won't tell.

Unfortunately, we cannot.

OK. At the risk of sounding like
the petulant inferior race, why not?

- "Little grey butts. "
- Yeah.

It would be in violation
of our treaty with the Goa'uld.


The treaty states that the people
of a planet categorised as "protected"

will be free from Goa'uld domination.

However, subsection 42 states
that the people on those planets

cannot be artificially advanced
through Asgard technological means.

Using our technology to prevent a natural
disaster would be a violation of that order

and would nullify the treaty as a whole.

The Goa'uld would be free to invade
any of the protected planets,

including Earth.


- You sure?
- Yes.

The war with the replicators
wages on here in our galaxy.

We do not have the forces to defend
every planet covered under the treaty.

You would be vulnerable
to Goa'uld attack.

OK. What if I were to say
we're willing to take the risk?

Even if you could make that decision
on behalf of your planet,

you cannot make it for every
other planet that would be affected.

I suppose not.

We are all greatly disturbed
that this disaster cannot be averted.

We wish there was a way.

Well, they're not dead yet. Maybe there is.

If that is the case,
the solution will be up to you.


That went well.

- Sir, I've been thinking.
- I'd be shocked if you ever stopped.



Let's say these are the unstable plutonium
molecules that are poisoning the sun.


What if these are molecules
of a more stable superheavy element?

Say, something with
an atomic weight above 200.

- Sure. I can think of a few.
- They don't occur in nature, not on Earth.

But I've read about such elements being
created in supercolliders - in theory.

You realise you're mixing
your apples and your...

Now, if we could introduce these stable
superheavies into the K'Tau sun,

they would bind with the plutonium
molecules, rendering them inert.

The sun could then be restored
to its normal nuclear reaction.

How about that?

Well, this is all very theoretical, sir.

I have great confidence in you, Carter.

Go on back to the SGC and...
confuse Hammond.

Yes, sir.

A rocket?

With a payload of
the superheavy element.

We send it in stages through the Stargate
to K'Tau and assemble it there.

When it's complete,
we launch it into their sun.

Will it get there in time?

We have three months before the
plutonium reaction becomes irreversible.

If we can launch inside three weeks,
we'll just make it.

Any other options?

The other option turned out to be
a one- in- a- million shot, sir.

The rocket gives us
better than 50- 50 odds.

- Rockets don't exactly grow on trees.
- I know that, sir.

However, the air force is currently
preparing a launch from Vandenberg.

Do you realise how much
has been invested in that project?

I'm aware of that, sir. It's hard
to put a price on the K'Tau people.


- Shouldn't you be off inciting a mob?
- Look at the sky.

Ragnarok grows ever closer.
Your machine does nothing.

It's a rocket.

It won't work until we launch it.
We can't launch it until we build it.

Time still remains before the sun
does permanent damage to your world.

All they have done
is bring more outsiders.

You have to be patient.

The problem grows ever worse
as long as you are here.

If you can't see that the gods wish you to
leave, we will be forced to make it clear.

Malchus, this is not the way of the K'Tau.

If the gods did not want them here,
they wouldn't be here.

If their presence is truly part of a test,

then we have failed... miserably.

General, we're ahead of schedule.

This should be the last shipment of parts.

Any word yet on the HU- 2340?

Quite frankly, I never expected it
to be easier to get the rocket.

Sir, without the superheavy element,
it will have been a giant waste of time.

Don't worry, Major.

Dr MacLaren.

Very impressive operation
you've got here.

I hope you consider yourself lucky, Major.

Dr MacLaren finally decided a peek
at the SGC was worth the exchange.

It took me five years
to make that much HU- 2340.

Well, maybe one day you'll be able to visit
the planet that your Maclarium is saving.

Did you say Maclarium?

Sounds like a good name to me. I'll use it
in my official report to the Pentagon.

I don't wanna be in your way.
You've obviously got a job to do here.

- Good luck, Major.
- Thank you, Doctor.

That's the last of it, sir.
We've got everything we need.

- Good.
- Daniel and Teal'c?

They're in the village. Still trying to
convince the folks we're friendly elves.

I think the sooner
we get outta here the better.

Is that smoke?

- What happened?
- Somebody set a fire.

Anybody hurt?

Two members of SG- 6.
The rocket was destroyed.

- Stupid son of a bitch!
- The gods have spoken.

You just killed two of my men
and screwed your whole planet!

Two of our brothers also gave
their lives to serve the gods.

You coward! Why didn't you
do it yourself? Why?

- I would gladly die to serve the gods.
- Maybe you should.

- Jack!
- Sir!

Stop, please! I'm truly sorry
for what has happened,

but Malchus acted without my knowledge.

He will be punished,
but, please, more death serves no one!

More death is exactly
what you people are gonna get.

Jack, stop! We can't leave.

The hell we can't. Carter, dial it up.
Get these people home. That's an order!

- Jack, would you stop?
- They killed two of my men!

Yes, they did. But not all these people
are responsible for that,

and even the ones that were were just
doing what they believed was right.

- I really don't care.
- Well, I do.

Leaving now would be irredeemable.

In whose eyes? The Asgard?
They had their chance.

I pressed the button
that could end this civilisation.

All right! We made the first mistake,
but we were gonna fix it.

Is it obvious only to me
that they don't want help?

I couldn't live with myself
if I just walked away now.

I do not believe the majority of people of
this world support the actions of Malchus.

- What then?
- Relocate them.

- Their ties to this world are strong.
- We have to give them the option.

- Then it's their choice.
- Sir, we still have the Maclarium.

With your permission, I'd like to return to
the SGC and run a few more simulations.

OK. I know this world has been
your home for generations.

But it looks now like the eye of Odin
will not be restored.

That is for the gods to decide.

Right. But consider this - that the gods
are giving you another choice.

- What is that?
- The chance to move to another world.

You can come through the Annulus
with us. It's very simple.

If Freyr wished us to leave this world,

he would come to take us away
in his chariot.

He does. He wishes you to leave.

He's very busy right now
and he sent us to take you our way.

If you don't go, you will all die.

Your efforts are noble.

But if our destruction
is the will of the gods,

we must face our fate bravely.

Now can we go?

- K'Tau were not convinced?
- No.

Because you didn't say
what needed to be said.

Well, what would you have said?

Wait, what are you gonna say?

Hey, folks! You wanna join me over here?

Come on.

Here, folks. I got a few things I wanna say.

- What are you doing?
- Telling them the truth, Daniel.

Whether God exists is not as important
as whether a belief in God exists.

- What if we were talking about a Goa'uld?
- We're not talking about a Goa'uld.

Have we not made our position clear?

Yes. Yes, you have. I just don't think
we've made ourselves clear.

- Jack, the Asgard...
- Are not gods.

Hi, folks. Listen, you all know Freyr, right?

Big guy, kinda good- looking,
a lot of fancy gold armour.

Well, here's a flash for you.
That's not what he looks like.

What do you mean?

He's an alien who's been
pretending to be your god.

He doesn't have a chariot.
He's got a spaceship.


Big machine, like the one we were
building, only his is way better,

and not blown up.

I'm not kiddin' you, folks.
This little fella is about three feet tall,

got clammy, grey skin, big black eyes

and skinny, tiny little arms and legs,
like toothpicks.

They think you need to believe in a god,

that you're not developed enough
as a culture to think for yourselves.

- Enough!
- Elrad, listen to me.

These aliens have the power to help you.
They chose not to.

I am sorry for what happened
to your people.

I know you think you are trying to help us,

but, please, it is time for you to leave.


Sorry to bother you.
Thanks for your time, folks.

There. Gave them a choice.
They chose. Let's go.

I thought the odds of success for
this scenario were one in a million, Major.

Yes, sir, but I now think that we can
increase that estimate to one per cent.

It's your call, General.

I only understand about one per cent
of what she says half the time.

Run it by me again.

We send the Maclarium
through the wormhole to K'Tau.

Now, based on the distance from Earth
and the rate of travel,

I've tried to calculate the exact time
we should shut down the gate

so the Maclarium stops short
of reaching the planet

and actually ends up in their sun.

I thought when something was in
a wormhole, it existed only as energy,

that you needed another Stargate
to turn it back into solid matter.

Actually, you're absolutely correct, sir.

- I am?
- Yes.

It's the Stargate on the other side

that actually reintegrates the matter
into its pre- organised form.

Without it, the energy in the wormhole
would rematerialise in its base form.

In the case of a person,
that would be bad,

but in the case of an element,
it shouldn't be a problem.

I was right.

OK. You have a go, Major.

Sending the MALP through.

Payload is en route.

Executing controlled shutdown... now.

Well, there's only one way
to know if it worked.

Brothers and sisters,
in these troubled times,

it is important for us
to come together as a family.

We must remember
the great gifts of Freyr,

and we must be grateful
for the lives that he has given us.

In this troubled time,
we must still remember...

He agreed to let us stay, so long as we
stop trying to tell them Freyr is not a god.

I don't think we'll be staying.

Did your method not succeed,
Major Carter?

It doesn't look good. I think we missed.

Are you sure it's not just taking
longer than you thought or...?

We should have noticed
a change by now.

Let's go.

I'm gonna tell them.

- And say goodbye.
- Let us pray.

Sorry, it didn't work.

But it's not too late
to change your mind about leaving.

Great protector, O Freyr,
our Lord and Saviour,

accept our frailties and forgive our sins.

We beg you, grant us your mercy
and return the light that gives us life.


Am I having a stroke?

Blessed be Freyr!

Bow your heads and thank him
for granting our prayers.

I'm pretty sure we didn't do this, sir.
At least, not on our own.

- The Asgard.
- They said they wouldn't help.


By starting the process,
we gave them the opportunity

to step in without the Goa'uld knowing?

A way of saving face. Technical loophole.

Or not.

Well, we'll never really
know for sure, will we?