Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 14 - 48 Hours - full transcript

When Teal'c is trapped in the Stargate buffer, the team must juggle the technical challenges along with personal, interdepartmental and diplomatic rivalries to rescue him in time.


Let's go.

Where's Teal'c?

I don't know, sir.

He was right behind me.

- Colonel, are you OK?
- We have to go back, sir.

- What was your situation?
- Pursued by gliders and an al-kesh.

Teal'c was with me.
He could still be alive.

Dial P3X-1 16.
We'll try and raise him on his radio.

- Chevron one encoded.
- Sir, we should have a MALP standing by.

- Do it.
- Yes, sir.

Chevron two encoded.

Sir, we're getting an unknown error.

- Sir, should I override?
- Major?

The system is detecting something wrong
with the Stargate itself,

not our dialling computer.

- Chevron four encoded.
- Like what?

I don't know. It's something
our computer isn't recognising.

Sir, what happened
before you came through?

- The ship was comin' right at us.
- Could it have impacted the Stargate?

And if it did?

I hate to say this, but if the wormhole was
shut down while Teal'c was en route, it...

Chevron six encoded.
Still showing "unknown error", sir.

Sir, we'd better abort.

- Abort the dialling procedure.
- Dialling sequence aborted, sir.

The Tok'ra intel was right. The Goa'ulds
were scouting P3X-1 16 for a new base.

Looks that way. The Tok'ra didn't
tell us that the Goa'uld was Tanith.

We spotted him on the ground near his
al-kesh with a small contingent of Jaffa.

- He came after you himself?
- Yeah. As you know,

he and Teal'c have
this kind of thing between them, so...

Sir, I think I know what the problem is.
We have to act quickly.

What is it?

The Stargate turns matter into energy

and then transmits it
through a subspace wormhole.

That's Gate Travel 101 .

The receiving gate
translates the energy signature

- and reconverts it into its original form.
- Major.

The Stargate has massive amounts
of memory. It's like a computer buffer.

It temporarily stores the energy patterns
before it reconverts them into matter.

This ensures it has all the information
before it reassembles the object

or, in our case, a person.

The error we're receiving from the gate

indicates there is still an energy pattern
stored in the memory buffer.

- Teal'c.
- If the al-kesh crashed into the DHD,

it would cut off power to the outgoing
gate. The wormhole would be severed.

If it happened before our gate reconverted
Teal'c's energy signature into matter...

- Teal'c is in our Stargate.
- His energy signature, yes.

- Let's get him out.
- Right now, I'm not sure how.

- That's not the worst problem.
- There's worse.

The Stargate has safety protocols,

designed to prevent energy signatures
mixing together.

It does this by erasing the memory buffer
each time a new wormhole is established.

It's like an overall system reset.

Sir, if we dial out of our gate
or somebody off world tries dialling in...

- We have eight teams on missions.
- Teal'c's energy signature will be erased.


- How do we stop an incoming wormhole?
- Right now,

the iris sits in front of the plane
where the event horizon is formed.

Now if we can rig it
so we can offset it just slightly,

we would stop a wormhole
from establishing.

It would be like burying our gate.

Siler says his team
can have it done in an hour.

How do we get our people home?

When Russia had its DHD connected,
it became the dominant gate on Earth.

Exactly. All incoming wormholes
automatically went there.

- I'll call the Pentagon.
- I'll see when the next SG team is due.

We have eight teams off world
we have to get home.

It's a temporary situation we hope
to have resolved as quickly as possible.

Thank you, sir. I'll get our best man
for the job on a plane right away.

The next team due to check in is SG-5.
They have a scheduled report at 1600.

Less than an hour from now.
Will the iris be in place?

They're working as fast as they can.

The best man I was talking about is you.

We need a liaison in Russia
to help coordinate our interests.

Pack a bag. You leave in half an hour.


Sir, are you OK?

Oh, a couple of stitches, concussion,
nausea, dizziness. The usual.

Why is Teal'c still in the gate?

Well, sir, it's very complicated.

Can I help?

We had to create a proper interface
between the gate and our computer.

We gave instructions based on electrical
impulses to make the gate respond.

These were found by trial and error
over a great deal of time.

We now need to find impulses to instruct
the gate to override a primary function.

Can I get you some coffee?

Sir, the truth is, the gate may not even
be capable of doing what we need it to do.

Which is what?

Resume a reintegration process
that was cut off.

Carter, my head.

Sir, I'm sorry,
but the more I go through this,

the more I'm becoming concerned that we
may not even be able to get Teal'c back.


(speak Russian)

- Major Davis.
- Colonel.

- Dr Jackson.
- Colonel.

- Pleasant trip?
- As possible, under the circumstances.

Yes, yes, an unfortunate problem.
Please, sit down.

The details made available to me
were somewhat vague, only that a...

technical glitch had somehow trapped
one of your team inside the Stargate.

That's pretty much
all we know at the moment.

Then we are not the only ones
incapable of handling

every situation the Stargate
may present, after all.

- What is the status of offworld teams?
- All have been contacted successfully.

- SG-5 and SG-8 have arrived safely.
- We do appreciate what you're doing.

Despite appearances, our participation
in this effort is not one of good faith.

The Russian military
is not here to do your bidding.

I wasn't suggesting you were.

Your government thinks it can dictate
protocol regarding Stargate technology.

Our governments do have a deal.

One which has been ignored
by both sides, wouldn't you agree?

It is impossible to run concurrent
Stargate programmes... Colonel.

By the sounds of it,
it may be impossible not to, Major.



Go home.

I'm all right, sir.

Just got five minutes of quality sleep.

Everything that can be done
is being done.

You know, this wouldn't be happening
if he had followed orders.

It's that damn Jaffa revenge thing.

Get some rest, Colonel. That's an order.

Colonel Simmons.

Hello, General. I was just introducing
Major Carter and Dr McKay.

The doctor has been studying
the Stargate programme out of Area 51 .

Without access to a working gate.

I had a computer model,
built when the second gate was there.

I'm sure it's a thrill to be here
to see the real thing.

Not really.

Pentagon feels that Dr McKay is
the world's foremost expert on the gate.

- Next to Major Carter.
- With all due respect, Major,

- your time is spent in the field.
- She spent two years working on the gate

prior to her five years of service
at the SGC.

She's the one who made
this programme viable.

Actually, the interface
she designed is full of flaws.

I admit it's not perfect, but it's...

It has caused situations which
could have ended in catastrophe.

We don't want that to happen.
That's why the doctor is here to help.

Good. He can report to Major Carter.

They might be able to work together
to solve this problem, to get Teal'c back -

in the time allotted.

Excuse me? ln the time allotted?

- 48 hours.
- Sir.

Come with me, Colonel.

I don't care who you are or who you work
for. You will not dictate procedure to me.

General, don't shoot the messenger.
I'm just bringing you your orders.

Teal'c is an invaluable asset. Without
him, you might not be sitting there,

supposedly representing your country.

We're all aware of his contributions,
as well as his questionable allegiances.

This operation,
we've lost good Americans.

You're not telling me you hold Teal'c's life
above one of our own people?

Teal'c is one of our own,
and his life is not lost yet.

Maybe not, but my sources tell me
that all the offworld teams are home safe.

Now the Pentagon is not willing to deal
with the Russians over the long term.

And in the past you yourself
have made a strong case

for keeping the SGC alive and running
at all costs. And we agree with you.

So these people must come up with
a solution in the next two days,

or you will be ordered to resume
sending teams through the gate.

All of your teams are safe.
That is what we agreed to help you with.

Now we need to send one
of our teams on a fact-finding mission.

Our offworld allies
may know how to save Teal'c.

- Your offworld allies?
- Allies of Earth.

As long as our gate is connected,
Dr Jackson,

we, the Russian people,
are vulnerable to attack.

We are here to ensure that the orders
agreed by our leaders are carried out.

We're not here to negotiate, Colonel.

On the contrary, Major,
that is exactly why you are here.

The deal so unwisely
made by my government

requires us to cease
our operations of the Stargate,

not make it available to you
whenever you deem it necessary.

If you wish to use our technology,

you must present something
of significant value in return.

Hi, Jack.

You rat bastard!

Hey, take it easy.

- I'm so gonna kick your ass!
- There's people watching.

- I don't care!
- It wasn't me. I didn't shoot you.

- I trusted you!
- Would I come back here if I'd done it?

- You might!
- I swear, Jack.

- Then who did it?
- I don't know.

- What do you know?
- Just what I read in the NID file.

That you got shot
and the Goa'uld escaped.

You came all the way back to Colorado
Springs to tell me you didn't do it?

I didn't think you'd believe me
any other way. And I wanted to warn you.

- About what?
- I heard about Teal'c.

- What about it?
- I hope you get him back.

- And the warning part?
- Watch out for Frank Simmons.

Simmons again. What is it with you guys?

We go back.
I don't exactly know what he's up to,

but I can guarantee you it isn't
gonna be good for Teal'c or the SGC.

- Great.
- I'll be in town for a couple of days.

I'd like to see how things turn out. I'm at
the Accent lnn, in the name of Cassidy.

David or Shaun?


You know, Simmons says you're the one
who sullied the good name of the NID.

Do you believe that?


Trust me, Jack. I know him well.

I'm the one who recruited him.



- Doctor.
- I guess that we got off on the wrong foot.

What probability factor
did you use figuring that out?

For the record,
I don't work for Colonel Simmons.

- What difference does that make?
- I sensed a little tension there.

I'm on the air force payroll.
I report to the chief of staff.

That changes everything.

I just wanted to give you
my honest analysis, Major.

It is a waste of time to assume
that you're right about everything.

Leaving more time
to devote to your fan club.

The gate shouldn't be used
without a dialling device.

Your computer system ignores
220 of the 400 feedback signals

the gate can emit
during a dialling sequence.

It is a fluke that you picked up
the buffer warning.

I'm surprised that you bothered aborting
the dialling sequence, despite the error.

What is that supposed to mean?

I read the reports, Major. You've bypassed
dialling protocols on several occasions.

My job is to present the risks,
not to decide whether to take them.

Now if you have something positive
to add, do it. Otherwise, get out of my lab.

- Well...
- (phone rings)


Hey, Sam, we got the Russians
to let us send one team out.

- SG-5 contacted the Tok'ra. They're back.
- What did they say?

They said the glitch occurred
because we don't have a DHD.

They said a local DHD
would compensate for the loss of power

and allow the gate to finish the process.

If the DHD could have prevented the
problem, maybe the DHD can also fix it.

Is there a chance you can get
the Russians to give us theirDHD?

This is impossible at the moment.

- Not without giving back Alaska.
- That bad, huh?

Yeah. The Tok'ra said
that connecting a DHD now

might not get Teal'c out of the memory.

It could impose the reset protocol,
like dialling in.

- Yeah.
- How did the Tok'ra suggest we fix it?

They don't know. They said they'd work
on it, but not how long that might take.

- Sorry I don't have betternews.
- Yeah. Me, too.

Thanks, Daniel. Bye.

Thank you. I will.

- Can I come in?
- Do I have a choice?

Clock's ticking.
You have less than 32 hours.

You didn't close the door
just to tell me that, did you?

The way I see it,
despite their combined brain powers,

Major Carter and Dr McKay won't
solve this problem in the time allotted.

I'm working on extending that.

Why are you really here, Colonel?

I can provide you with the information
that you're gonna need to save Teal'c.

- How?
- That's not important.

- It damn well is.
- What's important is that it's not for free.

Are you speaking on behalf of the NID?
I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Stick to the point.

I'm trying to count how many crimes you
might be committing right now, Colonel.

General, you have two options.

You can either give me what I want -

a small token compared to
what's at stake, at least for you -

or I guess you could call your superiors
and report this conversation.

At which point I would deny everything.

I'm thinking of having
you arrested this instant.

Well, you go ahead. And I guarantee you
you'll never see Teal'c again.

(knocking on door)

I could take care of him for you.

- What?
- Simmons.

I could make sure he's never a problem
again. I'm already wanted for treason.

OK, I'll just pretend you didn't say that.

Bet it was him who shot you.

The son of a bitch stood in Hammond's
office and blackmailed him to his face?

- Yeah.
- You got to admire that.

What'd he ask for?

A Goa'uld hand device.

Might as well admit that
they have the Goa'uld that escaped.

- We're hopin'.
- Why?

- He might tell us what he told Simmons.
- You have to find him first.


This is unacceptable.

We allowed all your teams
to return home safely.

We even allowed you to send out another
team on a new reconnaissance mission.

We expect nothing less
than everything on that list in return.

Your government agreed
to allow us to use your gate, period.

It mentioned nothing of any demands.

Russia will not allow you to operate
your programme without our involvement.

We demand that a Russian team
be permanently stationed at your base,

that all mission files
go through our on-site officer,

and that all technologies developed

as a result of Stargate travel past, present
and future will be shared equally.

Or what?

We know your government has
no interest in running its own programme.

Political winds change, Major.
And don't forget,

with a DHD we can ensure that our base
has the dominant operational gate.

You do realise, sir,

that what you said
could be interpreted as an act of war.

How can the US go to war over something
its people know nothing about?

It wouldn't be unprecedented, Colonel.

What would it take
for you to give us your DHD?

No, seriously. Let's put it on the table.

You think of the DHD as a bargaining
chip, but everything has a price

and no-one said exactly what it would
take to buy you out in full, right now.

- Dr Jackson...
- No, no. He has a good point, Major.

The problem is, Dr Jackson,

that without full disclosure
of technologies procured by the SGC,

it may be impossible
to determine a reasonable price.

Didn't the NID trace you down
the last time you did this?

This time I'm using a linkup
that's bouncing off five satellites.

If they pick something up,
tracing it'll make 'em dizzy.

- What are we looking for?
- The NID have bases for their special ops.

Call 'em safe houses.

Legitimate organisation.

It's the only way
we're gonna find this Goa'uld.

- What do you mean?
- Through legitimate NID operations.

Unofficial business is financed privately
and can be kept off the books,

but any official NID action has to be filed
with the Pentagon, same as the military.

If Simmons used an NID plane
to visit our snakehead,

then the flight plan was registered.

Wouldn't that be stupid?

Teal'c's situation provided
Simmons with an opportunity,

but the Pentagon's deadline
didn't give him much time.

Besides, NID flight plans are classified,

and there aren't many people who know
the location of every NID safe house.

You just happen to be lucky enough
to know one of the few who does.

He diverted to Minot,
on his way to Colorado Springs?

North Dakota ain't exactly on the way.

There's no switch.

The crystals are wiped clean by an
unstable vortex of a forming wormhole.

Do you have any idea how much excess
energy one of those blasts gives off?

As a matter of fact, I do.

We need to establish
an event horizon without the vortex.

- Impossible.
- I've seen it done.

By magical fairy beans?
ls there lemon on the chicken?

It's lemon chicken.

So it is. I am mortally allergic to citrus.

One drop of lemon and I could die.
I'll have whatever that is.

I have to be very careful.

So, what would this...
fictional event horizon be connected to?



This is even worse than it looks,
but it beats a hypoglycaemic reaction.

The event horizon dematerialises you
and sends you into the wormhole.

Maybe we don't need to connect
to a wormhole to form an event horizon.

Maybe, somehow, someway.

All we do is get
the rematerialisation process to work.


even if you created a viable event horizon
without connecting to a wormhole,

- the gate wouldn't reintegrate Teal'c.
- Why not?

The crystals that retain
the energy pattern before reintegration?

- They're not like magnetic hard drives.
- I know. They're crystals.

You can't just ignore
the laws of thermodynamics.

Entropy dictates crystals
won't retain energy patterns.

I've measured it.
It's what's called "quantitative evidence".

I think the energy is unimportant
past its initial imprint on the crystals.

And this fantasy is based on...?

I think the gate stores its ones and zeros
on a subatomic level within the crystals.

So even though the energy is dissipating,
the most recent pattern still exists.

You think.

We're dealing with quantum physics
that is way beyond us.

More than a third of the energy that the
gate requires to reintegrate Teal'c is gone.

- I don't think so.
- You're guessing wildly, like always.

Maybe you could fool the gate into
reintegrating what's stored in its memory,

- but you won't like what comes out.
- We'll see.

Major, Teal'c is dead,
and this argument is a waste of time.

The Pentagon is gonna order Hammond
to resume operations in, what, 16 hours?

That's how they came up
with the 48-hour deadline.

You told them Teal'c
would already be dead.

That's why it's called a deadline.

- God, you're a jerk.
- I wish I didn't find you so attractive.

I always had a real weakness
for... dumb blondes.

Go suck a lemon.

Very sexy. Very, very sexy.


We have a breach in the perimeter.
Section R9.

(man) It's probably
that damn squirrel again.

You better take backup, Joe.

Joe, report.


- Paul, check on Joe. Take Peter.
- We're on it.

We have a power failure
here at home base.

I'm switching to backup generator.

We have a red alert. Backup generator
is down. System is inoperational.

Repeat, the system is down.

Ron, get to the generator.
Find out what's goin' on.

Paul, Peter, report.

What's goin' on?

OK, Jack, I'm in. Hit it.

You got two guys left,
guarding the Goa'uld.

- (distorted) We meet again.
- Yeah.

Now what?

Now you're going to tell me
what I want to know.

Look, they did
what we asked in good faith.

All they're asking for is what
we already promised to give them.

- Have you lost your mind?
- Should we talk in here?

The room is bugged, but they already
know everything we're saying.

And they might as well know
that we will never

turn over refined
weapons-grade naqahdah.

I'm talking about naqahdah generator
technology, a safe source of power.

Which requires refined naqahdah to work.

You of all people realise
the explosive power of it.

So they can blow us up 200 times over
instead of 100. What's the difference?

The difference is,

it would only take one nuke to
get through an antiballistic shield to do it.

The point is that you already owe them
the generator technology anyway.

The point is, we are not giving them the
technology, they're not giving us the DHD.

Can't we supervise how the naqahdah
is used? They want to monitor the gate.

That's not the point.

Isn't a more economically stable Russia
better for everyone?

We don't know
who they'll sell the technology to.

So all this time we've been using
the gate to save the world,

we've really only been saving the US of A.

Dammit, we don't even know for sure
if the DHD will even save Teal'c.

Naqahdah generator technology
is years from widespread implementation.

In the meantime, we get the DHD

and prevent the Russians from ever
holding their gate over us ever again.

That's exactly why
the Russians'll never go for it.

Let's ask.

- Get me in here.
- Careful, Jack.

Just do it.

All right,

tell me what you told Simmons.

(distorted) What in particular
are you referring to?

- How do we save Teal'c?
- Why should I tell you?

- Because if you don't, I'll kill you.
- I doubt that.

What makes you think
I care if you live or die?

What about the host?

He tried to kill a friend of mine to save his
own ass, so I don't care about him either.

If you kill me, Teal'c dies.

Give me another choice.

Let me go.

Once I am free, I will contact you
with the information.

I think Teal'c would rather I shoot you.

Oh, go ahead.

You know, Colonel Simmons
was really much better at this than you.

He at least offered something of value
in return for what I know.

Thank you.

I don't understand.

There's a camera in that cell.

It would have been from two days ago.

Got it.

- It's what you want.
- Not everything.

And we acknowledge that the past
arrangement was ignored by both sides.

What we're saying is that
we're willing to try and make it work now.

Allow our team access to your base and
all information relating to the Stargate.

After a month
we will assess delivery of the DHD.

Wait, that's... that's not good enough.

This is not a negotiation.
We need that DHD now.

Someone's life is at stake, a good friend
of mine. That DHD could help save him.

When your team went missing, SG-1 ,
with that friend, tried to rescue them.

Yes, and in the process,
three more Russian soldiers died.

That's not our fault.

Colonel Zukov was a friend of mine,
and he is now dead, Doctor.

Then you must know how I feel.


Iend us your DHD.

You can come with it, if you like.


Sir, Daniel just called.

The Russians have agreed
to loan us the DHD temporarily.

- Will it make a difference?
- Eventually, it might.

I've been ordered to resume
normal operation by the president.

- Sir...
- SG-2 is prepping for a recon mission

to P4C-796.

- I need more time.
- I've been given an order.

I don't care. You open that gate,
and you are murdering Teal'c.

My only other choice is to resign.

If I resign, I have no control over who will
be running this facility an hour from now.

Is that enough time?


Tell me what else I can do.

I can't, sir.

Dial the gate.

Major, there's a call from Colonel O'Neill.
It's urgent.

Thank you.

Chevron five encoded.

- We have to abort.
- Stand down, Major.

Colonel O'Neill has the information
we need to save Teal'c.

Chevron six encoded.

And he has evidence
that will incriminate Colonel Simmons.

- She's lying.
- Abort the dialling sequence.

- Arrest Colonel Simmons.
- This is preposterous!

Take him away. If he resists, shoot him.

(distorted) You remove the master
control crystal before you attach the DHD.

Otherwise, the imprint will be erased.

That was a joke. He was joking.

- Major?
- Well, theoretically...

Are you insane? He's a Goa'uld.
He wants you to destroy yourself.

If you remove the master control crystal,
nothing regulates the energy distribution.

The whole gate could explode.

- That true?
- Well, technically, it's possible.

The gate's a powerful superconductor.
But we could take steps to ensure...

You are a whack-job. You're no better
if you listen to her. It's a wild guess.

Her judgment is clouded by her personal
feelings. Teal'c is toast. He's history.

Sir, we could make sure
the risk was very small.

You try this, and you blow yourself up
for nothing. No way I'm hangin' around.

Your plane leaves for
Russia in an hour, Doctor.


Your new assignment is to supervise
Russia's naqahdah generator programme.

I am not going to Russia.
You know what the food is like in Russia?

- Besides, I'm a civilian. I don't have to.
- While you're on the air force payroll...

Oh, this...

This really sucks.

Major, do what you have to do.

Yes, sir.

OK, Major.

Sir? Master control crystal's removed.
We're ready to connect the DHD.

The place has been evacuated ofall
nonessential personnel. Proceed, Major.


Hey, you sure you wanna
be in there for this?

Not really, sir.

Wasn't talkin' to you.

Sir, if the gate blows up,
it won't matter where we are on the base.


Not too late to change
your mind about leaving.

I will stay.

Do it.

Well, that never happened
in any of the simulations.

Shake it off, Sparky.

- Teal'c, buddy, you all right?
- Indeed.

Teal'c, as far as you know,
what just happened?

I have my revenge.

Tanith is dead.

That's nice. I'm happy for you.

It's good to see you in one piece, Teal'c.

Yes. We thought we lost you again.

Are you sure you're feeling normal?

Yes. What has transpired here?

Well, believe it or not,
you owe your life to a Goa'uld.


Oh, yes.

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