Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 13 - Proving Ground - full transcript

While SG-1 is conducting training exercises for new recruits, Jack gets a call about a "foothold" situation. Wounded by compromised officers, O'Neill must lead the recruits in retaking the SGC.

Sir, if you don't mind,
I've got a couple of questions.

Talk fast.

Well, do you have any idea
how the Goa'uld escaped from the SGC?

- None whatsoever.
- What weapons might we be facing?

Not a clue. Anything else?

Sorry, sir, I'm just...
trying to assess the situation.

Two of my team were chasing a Goa'uld.
They've been missing four hours.

That's the situation.

This building was the last-known location
of Major Carter and Daniel Jackson.

Elliot, have your team secure
the perimeter. Keep your channel open.

Teal'c, you're with me.

Sir! We're not going in with you?

Have your team secure the perimeter.
Do you understand the order?

- Yes, sir!
- Then do it, Lieutenant!

Grogan, Satterfield.
Cover the other side of the building.

- Yes, sir.
- Hailey.

You're with me.


Hold position.

- They're taking fire.
- Grogan, stay where you are.

(O'Neill) Backup! Elliot, get off
the channel. I say again, we need backup.

OK. Move in. Move in!

- Drop your weapon, Major!
- (distorted) Daniel's become a Goa'uld!

- She's the Goa'uld. Listen to her voice.
- Major, drop that weapon!

I'm Tok'ra. Now listen carefully.
Daniel has become a Goa'uld.

- We need to get him back to the SGC.
- She's already shot me once.

- If she shoots me again...
- Drop it, Major! Now!

Grogan. What the hell was that?

She was gonna shoot Dr Jackson.
Two shots from a zat kills.

That's true,
but you're wrong about one thing.

She's the Tok'ra. I'm the Goa'uld.



We're all dead, and there's
an armed Goa'uld on the loose.

I got a problem with that.

Anybody else got a problem with that?

Think it over.
Report to the ready line in 20 minutes.



Aren't you bein' a little hard on 'em?

- Will you turn that thing off?
- (distorted) Sorry.

No. I wasn't bein' too hard on 'em.

- You hesitated, Lieutenant.
- I was assessing the situation, sir.

OK. We all ended up dead. Assess that.

I stopped to argue with Grogan
and lost control.

And that wasn't even your first mistake!

What's your excuse?

I didn't believe
Dr Jackson was the Goa'uld.

- Why not, Satterfield?
- I don't know. That was just my instinct.

She thinks he's cute.

You let your personal feelings
for the host, in this case Dr Jackson,

get in the way of what needed to be done.

Yes, ma'am.

- Hailey?
- I was awaiting Lieutenant Elliot's order.

- To do what?
- Shoot 'em both.

If you don't know who's Goa'uld or Tok'ra,
disable them and sort it out later.

Thank you!

That was your mistake.
It's not always one or the other.

I understand that, sir.

May I ask how you and Teal'c
were taken out?

- It was part of the scenario.
- I don't buy it, sir.

- Excuse me?
- You're special-ops trained.

Teal'c is a former first prime. There's no
way you'd allow yourself to be taken out.

- We were taken by surprise.
- So you couldn't have called for backup.

- There had to be something else.
- And that's why you hesitated?

Yes, sir.

OK. One of your team members distracted
you into getting shot by the enemy,

and you want to poke holes
in the training scenario.

It wasn't a fair test.

There's such a thing as
overthinking a situation, Lieutenant.

When you're dealing
with what we deal with,

you've got to think on your feet,
and think fast.

These... and other clich?s

will be available to you all
for one more day of training with me.

After that... you'll either be
assigned to an SG team... or not.


You realise he's right
about the scenario, sir.

Yeah, we'll have to fix that for next time.

- See you at the garage.
- Yes, sir. Good luck with them.


- Something on your mind, Lieutenant?
- I apologise for the attitude I gave you.

I like people with attitude. I much
prefer them to people who suck up.

That's not what I was doing, sir.

You want my approval?
You're a fine officer.

The Air Force has already decided that
or you wouldn't be here.

But not everyone
is cut out to go off world.

- I am.
- You don't decide that.

What I'm trying to say, sir, is that I feel
like I've trained for this my whole life.

I don't intend to let it slip by.

See that you don't.

Maybe he's not on our side.
Either that or he just doesn't like you.

- Oh, but he loves you.
- I don't think he likes anybody.

You're wrong about that.
He'd do anything for his team.

- How do you know?
- I saw him in action.

- He put his life on the line for us.
- Yeah. Tell us again, Hailey.

May be some detail
you left out the last ten times.

Hey. Nobody gets assigned to an SG team

without the recommendation
of an SG team commander.

It just so happened to be Colonel O'Neill's
turn, and I don't have a problem with that.

Why not?

It means if we get chosen,
we were chosen by the best.

What happens if we don't?

Then let's all decide, right here right now.
We all make it. Together.

Like the man said, it's not up to us.

You're wrong about that, too.

I'm going for a run. Who's in?

I'm in.

All right.


Colonel. Thought you'd have
gone home for the night.

I... thought about it.

But I wanted to finish up
these training reports.

What do you think of Lieutenant Elliot?

He... thinks too much,
which makes him indecisive.

He's trying to figure out what I want
instead of trusting his instincts.

Or... he's very intelligent, recognises the
whole point of this training programme

is to introduce non-terrestrial factors,
and he respects you more than you know.

You bought his excuse for hesitating,
didn't you?

Well, he was right.
You would never have let it happen.

I think he was giving you
the benefit of the doubt.

I think he was tap-dancing.

Well, you have to admit
he's got leadership potential.

Do l?

Grogan. He'll make a fine addition
to an SG team one day.

He'll make a fine target.

- He's good at gettin' shot.
- OK. Satterfield's bright.

I gave her high marks for her... high
marks. I'd never go into combat with her.

- Then there's Hailey.
- Yeah. Four-foot-nine fightin' machine.

- Colonel.
- All right, fine.

They're the future of the Air Force,
the programme, the planet. God help us.

- Try to remember being in their shoes.
- I wore boots.

- Think back to when you were their age.
- I was never their age.

Good night, sir.


Inside that building
is a valuable piece of alien technology.

Two things stand in your way.
Opposing fire and time.

The Stargate is only open for another 12
minutes and it's a half a mile away. Clear?

Yes, sir!

Conduct yourselves
as though this were the real thing.

The clock starts... now!
Move 'em out, Lieutenant!

Sir! Two by two advance! Go!

Ten o'clock! Second level!

- Yeah, sure, he's on our side!
- Grogan, you're with me!

Hailey, Satterfield! Cover fire! Now!

He broke contact.

- What the hell was that?
- Colonel's got his intar on max.

We've gotta keep moving.
Can you get out on your own?

- Yeah, I think so.
- We've got seven minutes.

We'll need three to get to the gate
at a dead run. Let's go.

I'm picking up some sort of radiation.


All right. What do we got this time?

Could be some sort of
Goa'uld power source.

- Wrap it up. We don't have much time.
- Yes, sir.


- Dammit!
- What?

Booby trap.

- It's counting down in Goa'uld.
- How much time?

- 90 seconds.
- I can try to disarm it.

There's not enough time.

Well, what do you want me to do?

- Where is it?
- We couldn't get the device, sir.

- It was booby-trapped.
- Really?

Five seconds.

- Did you try to disarm the device?
- Negative, sir. We only had 90 seconds.

90 seconds.

- Could you have disabled the device?
- I supported Lieutenant Elliot's decision.

I don't care if you support him or not!
Could you have disarmed the device?

- Possibly.
- I put the lives of my team members first.

Really? Where's Grogan?

- I ordered him to get out.
- Did you see him get out?

- No, sir.
- Grogan was just killed in that explosion.

- He should've been here by now.
- You left one of your team behind.

That is one thing
I will not tolerate, Lieutenant!

(phone rings)

- O'Neill.
- Saved by the cell.

Sorry. The colonel shot me again.
How did we do?

- You were killed in the explosion.
- And I washed out.

- You don't know that.
- Guys, something's going on.

Sierra Golf niner.
Code Foxtrot Alpha six.

- Maybe he's ordering our execution.
- Shut up.

Confirm. Foothold Sierra Golf Charlie.

Understood. Out.

- Training's over.
- What?

Training's over. Go home
until the Air Force contacts you.

- Sir, I think we deserve to know...
- Dammit! What am I gonna have to do...?

Wait here.

- He said "Sierra Golf Charlie".
- Stargate Command.

- He also said the word "foothold".
- Alien incursion.

- Lieutenant.
- Everybody set their intars to maximum.

- Those are our guys!
- Do it, Grogan.

- We have to help him.
- Hold your position.

- You're all dismissed.
- Colonel, you're injured.

Stay together.
Don't trust anybody until I contact you.

- You're injured. You need help.
- This is not an exercise.

No, sir. It's a foothold situation. And it's
outside of the SGC. You need our help.

Forgive my bluntness, Lieutenant,
but I was just about to fail you!

- I'm not sure I want your help!
- I can't speak to that, sir.

But at the moment we're all you've got.

God help me.

What's our first objective
once we make it down?

- Armoury.
- Then what?

Then we look for Major Carter, if she's
alive. She's the one who got the word out.

What happens
if they change the access codes?

Tear gas.

- Clear.
- Lieutenant, take point.

- Carter's lab's on sublevel 19.
- Yes, sir.

- We're not authorised to use lethal force.
- I want you to have backup. Just in case.

Major Carter has escaped custody.

You will search sublevels 14 through 20
until she is located.

Daniel Jackson. General Hammond
has been captured by my forces.

And he's the last to be conformed. I've
dispatched units to locate Major Carter.

She will be put to death
as you have ordered.

Gather up any weapons you find
and lock them up somewhere.

We could use 'em.

You've got enough intar rounds
to take out everybody in the mountain

three times over,
plus your backup weapons.

I think I found something.

All right. This is a problem.

- The gate's active, sir.
- Can we shut it down from here?

No chance. The dialling computer's
isolated from the base mainframe.

Then that's our first order of business.

Looks like their leader is Dr Jackson.

I always knew he wanted that office.

- What is that?
- It's not our normal centrepiece.

OK, so he's just possessed by something.
We gotta save him.

Can you get me a closer view on that?

I'll try.

- I can't make out the writing.
- Maybe Dr Jackson took photos.

Check out his office, one level up.
Grogan, make sure she gets there.

- Report when you've got something.
- Yes, sir.

Hailey. You and I'll shut down the gate.

- Let's move out. Aagh!
- Sir.

You're in no shape to do this.

I've been worse.

We can handle this, sir.
You're no good to us if you're dead.

Stay on channel 12.

This gets you anywhere in the base.

Remember... those are
our people out there.

- We'll get 'em back, sir.
- Yeah.


Oh, wrong turn!

We're not here on the tour, Satterfield.


- I didn't have a choice.
- You did the right thing.

- I've never...
- Hailey! Let's get him outta sight.

I've got it.

- Lieutenant, Satterfield.
- What have you got?

Photos of the device
that reveal an obscure dialect

SG-1 found on the planet
Argos, P3X-8596.

Rough translation: "Gift from on high."

I think we're looking at
a Goa'uld Trojan Horse.

- Colonel, are you reading this?
- Yeah, I read you. That's enough chatter.

The Goa'uld Pelops used nanotechnology
to rapidly age the people on Argos.

- Let's get a blood sample from an SF.
- First we shut down the gate.

(phone rings)


Yeah. I got 'em.

- Elliot, get outta there! That's an order.
- Colonel, we're at the gate room.

- Pull back to my position.
- Yes, sir.

Oh, my God,
this blood is teeming with nanobots.

The nanobots must somehow
make people responsive

to the suggestions from the alien device
we saw in the briefing room.

So the nanobots work together
as a receiver.

Well, that's how they worked on Argos.
Right, Colonel?

I was a hundred years old at the time.
The memory's the first to go.

Maybe we can find out how
they communicate with the master.

There are no signals being transmitted.

We need to shut down
the device in the briefing room.

That level's heavily guarded.

We still need to
get control of the Stargate.

If we take out the briefing room,
you'll have a better chance

to get into the gate room
and lock out the dialling computer.

That's the plan, then.

Take corridor C-19.


They're on their way.

Major Carter.

- What are you doing here?
- Just helping out, ma'am.

- Check the major for weapons.
- She was captured. We can't trust her.

I escaped. Where's Colonel O'Neill?

We'll take you to him.

She's clear.

This way, please.


- I was about to interrogate the prisoner.
- No! You weren't.

Step away from the prisoner,
please, Colonel.

Colonel O'Neill's been compromised.
I'll take it from here.

Lieutenant, you've only been gone
for two minutes. There's no way that...

- You saw what he was doing.
- Why'd you pull us out?

- It was an ambush. A trap.
- I don't buy it, sir.

Look... I am your commanding officer.

Return Satterfield's weapon,
please, Major. We've got a job to do.

- How did you know to trust me?
- Hailey figured the Goa'uld markers

in your blood wouldn't allow you to be
influenced by Goa'uld nanotechnology.

Lucky me.

- Yes, ma'am.
- I need to stay here to work on a cure.

- Can you take out the device alone?
- Yes, ma'am.

- You'll also need to...
- Shut down the Stargate. Yes, ma'am.

- We're on it.
- Good luck, Lieutenant.


- Everybody clear on your assignments?
- Yeah.

Just make sure you take out Daniel.

It's done.

"Colonel O'Neill
has been compromised?!"

Well, they didn't take corridor C-19
like you told them to.

Crafty little buggers!

- At least we pulled it off.
- Yeah.


You did order them to set their
training weapons to maximum stun.

Yes, I did. But it was only because
Daniel's had it so easy on this one.

Is everybody upstairs?

General Hammond and the Pentagon staff
are monitoring from the security office.

Sir, if you don't mind,
your wound is getting all over my lab.


Same wager as last time, George?

That's hardly fair.
These young people are against SG-1 .

- I'll give you double or nothing.
- Well, in that case, how can I refuse?

You never could.

So how's the pilot training programme
so far? The latest graduates working out?

We believe they are faring better
than new team members in the past.

Makes sense. Up to now we've only
trained people to defend this country.

- Now that we're defending the planet...
- That's exactly right.

In fact, in next year's SGC budget I am
proposing an offworld training facility.

It must drive everyone crazy tying up
several floors to run these scenarios.

My people are happy to cooperate.

- Elliot certainly seems confident.
- Top of his class in the Academy.

You should've seen him when I told him
about the training he'd been picked for.

I can imagine.

They should be emerging
from the access shaft on sublevel 27.

Looks like they've split up, George.
Grogan just came out on sublevel 26.

Apparently Lieutenant Elliot is planning
on assaulting the briefing room

from several points of access.

General. Generals.

- What do you think of their strategy?
- It's hard to say.

- I think he knows it's a test.
- How's that?

I pulled him out of the gate room
just as SG-3 was coming back.

What's with those marines? Don't they
know we've got a scenario here?

They were under heavy fire
from a Goa'uld.

Well, if he knows it's an exercise,
he won't show it.

However, he did appear
to enjoy shooting me.

In light of SG-3's emergency,
maybe we should call off the exercise.

I don't think so. They all made it back.

And besides, Elliot's team's almost ready
to launch their attack on Dr Jackson.

I like this scenario way better than
the last one. Have you tried this chair?

- This is, like, really comfortable.
- Indeed I have not.

(phone rings)

- Hello?
- Have fun, Daniel.

You did tell them to take me prisoner
this time and not shoot me, right?



(shots fired)

Dr Jackson?

I'm so sorry.

- Rig the charge. I'll get Grogan out.
- Got it.

Come on. Let's go.

That hurt a little.

- Did we pull it off?
- Almost.

15 seconds.



- Did you...?
- I set it. Something's wrong.

Modelling clay doesn't pack
much of a punch, does it?

We've been watching your every move
since your arrival.

- Welcome to Stargate Command.
- Yes, sir.

You may have noticed I lied a little bit
about the foothold situation.

- But you were shot.
- So it appeared.

- Hailey killed an SF.
- The SFs were using blank cartridges.

Same as your backup weapons.

You staged the whole thing when you
shot that general at the training complex?

- Yep.
- It was important for us to know

how you'd react in a real-life situation
before you encountered one off world.

- You weren't... a little bit suspicious?
- No, sir.

- How did we do?
- The entire exercise was recorded,

and will be properly reviewed
before making a final assessment.

But I'm sure you did very well.

We kicked ass!

You got yourself shot again, Grogan.
Don't be so cocky.

Yeah, thanks for the rescue, by the way.

Where's Lieutenant Hailey?

Hailey, report.


She must still be in the gate room.

Unscheduled offworld activation.


Hailey, evacuate the gate room!

Sir, I can't close the iris.

There's radiation
coming through the Stargate.

Sir, you have to order
an evacuation of this level.

This is Hammond. All personnel
evacuate level 28 immediately.

This is not a drill.
I repeat, this is not a drill.

What about Hailey?

She's already dead.

What kinda radiation are we talkin' about?

Gamma. Probably from the Goa'uld
that SG-3 just barely got away from.

I'd like to know why in God's name
we were unable to close the iris.

In the test scenario, Lieutenant Hailey
was trying to shut down gate control.

She must've taken our controls offline.

- She's very smart, sir.
- Apparently.

- We should head up to the security office.
- We'll monitor the gate room from there.

I never thought she'd get around our
codes, and then we came under attack.

- It's a worst-case scenario.
- What are our options?

The only way is to manually close the iris.
At these radiation levels it'd be suicide.

- Major?
- My access card, sir.

There he is.

Elliot, this is General Hammond.
If you enter that gate room,

you're going to be killed
by radiation poisoning.

Now, I'm ordering you...

- He's gonna get it closed.
- That much radiation...

He's already dead, isn't he?

Hailey's still alive!
We need a medical team down here!

I say again, Hailey needs help in here!

You've gotta be kidding me!

- You can put me down now, hero.
- You were in on it.

How do you think I was able to show you
nanobots if they didn't really exist?

I'm gonna kill you.

You should've seen
what they put me through.

SG teams require the commitment to go
above and beyond the call of duty.

- You've just demonstrated that.
- Yes, sir!

After a few days' rest,
you're to report back to the SGC,

where you will be assigned to SG-17
under Major Mansfield.

- If you think I was tough on you...
- What about the rest of the team?

They will be assigned to SG teams
as positions become available.

But the first assignment is yours.

- Yes, sir.
- Congratulations, son.

Good job.

Hey! You knew it was a test
when you shot me, right?

Well... maybe suspected.

And you really think the test is over now?


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