Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 8 - The First Ones - full transcript

Whilst on an archaeological dig at the original Goa'uld home world, Jackson is captured by a young Unas. He tries to communicate with it and slowly builds a rapport. Meanwhile, SG1 comes to the planet to find Jackson and they soon realise that some of the SG members there may have been taken over by Goa'uld. Will they be able to discover which ones in time to rescue Daniel.

Look at this. It's beautiful.



I think so. Look at the dorsal structure.

SG-1 1, archaeological survey.
P3X- 888, dig- site four.

- Five.
- Five.

Subject: queen. Primordial Goa'uld - see
enlarged pectorals and dorsal structure.

- This Goa'uld ancestor appears to be...
- Cleopatra.

I found her. I get to name her.

No! Cleo.

Cleo, as she has been so colourfully
named by Robert Rothman,...

..appears to have been a predator,
confirming my theory...

..that the Goa'uld evolved for millions
of years before ever taking on hosts.

Get a sedimentary time line
before we jump to conclusions.

Testing for naqahdah level.

Wow! Nothing. Not even trace amounts.

We didn't find any in Brutus or Julius.

It must become part of their Goa'uld
make- up later in their evolution.

- How so?
- I have no idea.

Let's crate this one.


- Have some.
- No.

Go ahead. Hawkins can make a water run.

I love ordering those
military types around.


Um...mark this one "Cleo" and...

Don't ask.


Unscheduled offworld activation.

- It's SG-1 1, sir.
- Open the iris.

- Daniel's with them, isn't he?
- They're not due back for two more days.

Dr Rothman, what is it? What happened?

Where's the rest of your team?

Loder's dead.

Some sort of indigenous life form.

It killed Loder.
The rest of my team went after it.

- Daniel?
- No, no, no. It took Daniel.

- That's why the others went after it.
- How long ago?

I don't...maybe three hours.

Daniel was still alive.
The thing was draggin' him!

- You saw it?
- For a second.

- Request permission to lead rescue.
- If I had to guess, I'd say it was an Unas.

A what?

It was like that thing that you described
in your mission report from Cimmeria.

Basically, it's a Goa'uld
with teeth and claws, sir.

- Not necessarily.
- What do you mean?

Daniel believed that planet 888 was
where all Goa'uld symbiotes originated.

Some Unas there may never
have been taken as hosts.

We're still talking about a big,
stinky monster. Makes no difference.

Indeed it does.
These Unas will be more primitive...

..than Unas we have
previously encountered.

What would a primitive Unas
want with Daniel?

Recommend units one and two, P- 90s.

I also recommend
we take off right now, sir.

- You have a go.
- Thank you.


Listen up! We're pressed for time,... this is gonna have to serve
as your mission briefing.

Daniel Jackson has been dragged off
by a creature called an Unas.

This is search and rescue.
Any questions?


Yes, I have one. When were you
gonna tell me when we were leavin'?

I wasn't.


Move out.

Stargate is secure, sir.

- Make sure it stays that way, Sergeant.
- Yes, sir.

Sierra Golf one- one- niner.
This is Sierra Golf one- niner. Come in.

Sierra Golf leader, do you read?

Sir, the UAV is switched to automatic
and is flying a search pattern. Nothing yet.

Daniel Jackson would have
radioed us by now if he were able.

- What about SG-1 1?
- They could all be out of range.

The Unas can traverse
great distances in a short time.

Well, we know they're not here.

Teal'c, take point.

- Pierce, you got our six.
- Yes, sir.

Rothman, you're with me.

OK, I know it seems completely unlikely
you understand a word I'm saying, but...

..I've gone about as far as I can go
at this particular pace, so,...

..with your permission,
I'm gonna fall down now.

Rest. This is a thing you should
become familiar with.

Rest. It means,


It's close. Try again.



This is, uh...nothing that
you need to be worried about.

This is a radio.

It's, uh... my friends can find me
and...shoot you.


This is Daniel Jackson.
If anyone can hear me...


OK, I get it. No more radio. Radio bad.

Do you speak any kind of language at all?

I mean, you must be intelligent.
You made that necklace...


That was refreshing. Thank you.
I'm good for another ten miles.

- Sir!
- Yeah?

Fairly strong RDF signal. It's gone now.
Not long enough to triangulate.

- So what does that mean?
- Daniel may have tried to use his radio.

- Could be SG-1 1.
- UAV picked up something.

I can't explain why it died out.

All right, let's pick it up.


Rest. This is...

This is good. This

This some sort of meditation or...?

This is Dr Daniel Jackson.

In case anybody finds this,...

..I met a wonderful new friend...

..and he's taking me on a long
journey to see his planet.

I'm just making notes.

At the moment my main concern
is that my new friend is... aboriginal Unas
in its un- Goa'ulded state,...

..and that I'm the evening meal.

It, uh...

Rather, he appears to have an
underdeveloped chin and facial horns,...

..which indicate he could be
a subspecies, possibly a juvenile.


- Shut up?
- Grr!

I understood that.

We're communicating.









Cha- ka.


Is that what you call yourself? Chaka?

Daniel. I'm Daniel.

Chaka's something else?

Chaka is the moons?

This is some sort of moon chant?

The moons coming into alignment?


Moon chant. What was I thinking?

- Shesh!
- Shesh?

- "Shesh." What is that?
- Chaka ke ka?


- Chaka ke ka.
- UAV.


UAV. This is my friends looking for me.


Chaka ke ka.

You're frightened?

It's OK. It won't hurt you.

It won't hurt you.

Sierra Golf one- one- niner.
This is Sierra Golf one- niner.

Come in.

We're somewhere on your six,
joining the search.

Do you read?

- Where the hell's Hawkins?
- UAV will have run out of fuel by now.

Maybe an Unas got him.



Need water.


Ke ka.

Ke ka.

Ke ka!

Ke ka.


Dead."Ke ka" means dead?


Ka! Ka!

OK,"ka" means no.

Right. I won't do that again.

Loder was killed over there.

He appears to have been killed
by a being of great strength.

What was Loder doing?

Packing up fossilised Goa'uld
for transport back to Earth.

You weren't doing anything that
would've provoked an attack?

I don't know.

- Rothman, I'm so glad you came.
- OK, then. No, I doubt it very much.

We've been here three weeks, doing just
what Loder's been doing for three weeks.

Look at this.
They got off a helluva lot of shots.

Our theory appears to be correct.

The shape of these footprints
is consistent with that of an Unas.

- Can you track it?
- Indeed.

Colonel O'Neill!

I found him just standing there,
staring off into space.


Where's the rest of your men?

We were attacked.
Sanchez is dead for sure.

I don't know what happened
after that. We got split up.

I was hopin' some of them
might've made it back.

- Oh, God.
- Major, we've been trying to contact you.

My men are dead, aren't they?

Look, Hawkins.

We can't spare anybody to take you to
the Stargate. You'll have to stick with us.

- Can you do that?
- Whatever you say, sir.

Let's move out.

Sir...I think we should rest.

All right, go to ground. Boots on, no fire.

I'll take first watch.

Is this your cave? Your cave?

It's nice.



"Nan" Goa'uld? It's a symbiote?

- Nan?
- Grrrr!


"Eat"."Nan" is "eat".

Of course.

No, you know, if I am the main course,
I'd rather you fill up on the appetisers.

So, no.




- Nan!
- Ka.

- Nan.
- Ka.

Nan! Heh- heh- heh!

Right. Yes.

"Toss the Symbiote Head".
That's very, very popular.

Very, very interesting.
Yes, all the kids are doing this.

Uh- oh! Look out!

In the fire. But...

- Nan.
- Ka!

Don't say "ka" till you've tried it.




It's funny.
I met my father- in- law like this.

Yeah. Like that.

- Rothman!
- Mmm?



Did you notice anything weird
about Hawkins?

- Weird?
- Different.

- Different?
- Odd.

- Odd?
- Rothman!

I'm still not awake yet, Colonel.
I'm sorry.

Well, you work with him.

Just tell me if you notice
anything out of the ordinary.

He seems like...Hawkins.
That's the way he is.

- Are you sure?
- No. It's not my thing.

- What isn't?
- People.

With a million- year- old fossil,
I know what it had for breakfast.

But I'm not too good at people.

They're too recent.

I'm in a cave.

There are crude drawings. Pictographs.

The Unas seems to comprehend
Goa'uld symbiote species structure,... well as their ability to blend.

The Unas who were taken over figured
out how to work the Stargate and left...

Why not all of them?

This Unas wears
a strange, bony neckpiece.

At first I thought it was ornamental, but
now I suspect it serves as a safeguard... protect against symbiotes
penetrating the neck.

Some of the aboriginal Unas
must have realised...

..their kind were being taken over,...

..and taken refuge in these caves.

This is a rite of passage.

There are parallels in Earth culture.

For example,
the Masai warriors of Africa...

..kill lions in order to be
recognised as adult warriors.

I think I understand
what it is you're doing.

Wok tah.


Ke ka.

I think I've just been marked for death.

Teal'c! We're moving out.

- Come no closer.
- What was that?

- Lower your weapons.
- What?

One or more of you may have become
host to a Goa'uld during your watch.

That doesn't make any sense.

You yourself may have
been compromised.

Why do you think there are Goa'uld here?

These waters abound with them. Anyone
who has ventured near the edge is at risk.

No, the Goa'uld fossils we found
were millions of years old.

- I've been on this planet for weeks.
- Perhaps you pretend to be human.

I think I would know
if there was a snake in my head.

- Carter?
- I can't explain it, sir.

I don't even sense the ones in the water.

Daniel and I found no traces of
naqahdah in the symbiote fossil.

- Maybe that's why...
- Enough! Relinquish your weapons.

Hold on! How do we know
you're not one of them?

- Symbiotes can't blend with a Jaffa.
- Yeah? Look at my neck. You see a scar?

The Goa'uld may enter through
the mouth, leaving no visible scar.

It may be impossible to tell who
has been taken and who has not.

Sir, Teal'c is right. He's the only one
we can be sure of, including you and me.

Do as he says.

- What about Daniel?
- None of you can be trusted to proceed.

- You think you can bring him back alone?
- I do. And I will.

- Sergeant Coburn.
- Coburn.

One ormore ofour team may have been
compromised by a Goa'uldparasite.

- How many?
- It may be impossible to determine here.

- I intend to restrain them at this location.
- What?

I will leave this frequency open so you
may locate them and return to the SGC.

- Take extreme caution.
- We're on our way. Coburn out.

Bind their hands and feet tight with those.
I will then do the same to you, O'Neill.


It's OK.

It's OK.


I can help you with that...if you let me.

But you have to trust me.

- I'm tellin' you, it's gotta be Hawkins.
- Trust in me, O'Neill.

- What if I'm not O'Neill?
- Then I was not talking to you.

What if an Unas comes by?
What do we do then?

- Teal'c didn't have any other choice.
- Yeah?

I don't suppose you know the story
of Androcles and the lion?


What is "chaka"?

Look, obviously, we don't need
to be enemies here. I mean, uh...

I wanna go home.

Don't get me wrong.
I mean, it has been a hoot.

But, uh...I did just pass up
a chance to kill you, so...


Please...Iet me go.

This is ridiculous. I'm not a Goa'uld.

Then why didn't you say so? Could've
straightened this whole thing out.

So which one of you is it?

All right. Anybody with a snake
in their head, raise their hand.






- That took you long enough.
- You are welcome, O'Neill.

I knew if a Goa'uld was among you, he
would be strong enough to free himself.

You had to wait long enough to make sure
Hawkins wasn't the only one.


You satisfied now?

I am.

I'm glad that's over with.

You gonna live?

Yeah. I think so.

Meet up with Coburn.
Get back to the Stargate.


How long do you figure
he was a Goa'uld?

Could've been the whole time.
We just didn't know.

They deserve a decent burial, sir.

- Yes, they do.
- We'll take care of it, sir.

Go find Dr Jackson.


We're very close behind.

That's red...

There's not much of it.

That's somethin'.

This way.

You're good.

I know this is the beginning of a beautiful
friendship, but will your folks understand?


Ka! Ka ke ka.

Ka nan chaka.

Chaka ska nat.


Don't! Don't shoot!

Cho ee che!

This started out as
a sort of rite of passage.

Maybe the alpha male was expecting
me to be offered as a feast.

Cho chaka. Ka nan!

But I think the younger one's
trying to bring me into his clan.

- Why?
- We've communicated. We're friends.


- Ka!
- Don't!

I think the younger one's telling the clan
that he's found something good for them.

- And they're buying that?
- No, I don't think so.

Ka! Ke ka.

- Daniel.
- What did you just say?

I think I just asked him not to kill me.


He's just become the alpha male.

Dan- eIll.


I have to go now. Thank you.




What'd that mean?

I have no idea.

But I think I've just been invited
to come back one day and find out.

Visiontext Subtitles: Julie Clayton