Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 7 - Watergate - full transcript

The SGC learn that the Russians have a Stargate of their own and they need the Americans' help with their problems with it that are affecting them both.

The MALP readings indicate
a very low UV level.

All other indications
suggest a positive environment.

Sounds good.

It'll take two weeks
to fully transplant the Enkarans.

- If the planet proves to be suitable.
- It better be. They're running out of time.

Chevron seven won't engage.

I don't understand it.
The diagnostic shows no problems.

Sir, this is gonna take a while.

There was an energy spike
in our power log...

.. eight minutes before
we tried dialling out.

Haven't we seen that before, when
another gate is being used on Earth?

Like when Maybourne's NID guys
had the other gate?

There is no longer
a second Stargate on Earth.

Ours was destroyed with Thor's ship.

If there was another gate
and its use caused the energy spike,...

.. there might be a seismic tremor, like
when the gate was found in Antarctica.

I've got something.

There was a minor seismic event...

.. that matches the time
in our power log exactly.

Is that Siberia?

Yes, sir. And there's only
one explanation I can think of.

The Russians have a Stargate?

The Russians recovered the Stargate
from the bottom of the ocean.

I thought we swept that entire area.

It was hundreds of square miles, Colonel.

The Russian navy was on alert because
they picked up Thor's ship on satellite.

- They must've beat us to it.
- And they're admitting it?

We didn't give them much choice, Major.

The Pentagon said we had
the evidence that could prove it.

- Obviously they figured out how it works.
- It took us years.

Apparently the Russians
know quite a bit about the SGC.

- How?
- They didn't say.

How they got it open isn't the issue now.
The problem is it won't close.

That doesn't make any sense.
Shouldn't it shut down on its own?

Even the Goa'uld have not sustained
a wormhole for over 38 minutes.

- What about another black- hole planet?
- We'd detect the gravitational anomaly.

The Russians are divided on this.

The Russian president didn't support
setting up a Stargate programme initially.

Until we called, they were planning on
bombing the facility and covering it up.

- And now?
- One of the Russian scientists involved...

.. convinced them to send in a team
to assess the situation...

.. and determine if it can
be resolved in another way.

- Who's the scientist?
- Dr Svetlana Markov.

Wow. I know her work. She's brilliant.

She knows about you, too, Major.

To that end, she's convinced Moscow...

.. to let SG-1 be the team...

.. that goes to Siberia.

- You're kidding.
- They're smart enough...

.. to realise this has global implications...

.. and that you are
the foremost experts on the Stargate.

We'd be walking into an unknown
situation to save their rosy butts.

We can't use our gate
till we get theirs shut down.

Not to mention the danger
of an open wormhole...

.. between Earth and... who knows where?

You'll meet with Dr Markov in Russia...

.. and proceed to the base from there.

Dr Markov, I presume.

- Sorry I'm late.
- Doctor, it's an honour.

- I've read your work.
- And I yours, Major Carter.

I had hoped we would meet
under different circumstances.

Jack O'Neill.


And... Dr Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c.

- How do you know about the SGC?
- I have read extensive files on all of you.

The question was... how?

I learned to read English at the age of six.
It is not difficult.

Russian humour.

I will tell you what I can on the way.

I was first contacted shortly after
Russian satellites picked up...

.. what we believed was an alien
spaceship entering the atmosphere.

- Alien spaceship, huh?
- About two months ago.

It disintegrated during entry
and crashed in the Pacific.

The Stargate was recovered after
an extensive sweep of the ocean floor.

During that search, one of our
Foxtrot submarines went missing.

You may be familiar with the incident.

Not a clue.

I was assigned to the programme
as chief science officer,...

.. second in command to Colonel Sokalov.

We've been in operation for 37 days,...

.. albeit against the wishes of certain
very powerful people in the government.

What did theywanna do?

They threatened to expose
the existence of your programme.

To what end?

To get the US to share
the technology you have attained.

- So what stopped them?
- We activated our gate.

I convinced the military that we could
benefit from our own programme...

.. more than we could trust you.


How did you activate it?

We have a dialling device.


You found the one from Giza.

It was confiscated from the Germans
after the Second World War.

Now I understand how you can return
your people to your gate instead of ours.

That makes one of us.

Our gate superseded yours as long as
the dialling device was connected.

We only kept it connected when we were
using it to prevent any crossover.

It required precise timing, but it worked.

- Till now.
- As for the current situation,...

.. I really don't know what has happened.

There has been no contact with the base
since yesterday at 1200 hours.

Sir, we have a visual
of the target runway.

It appears to be iced over. There's
no response from the control tower.

We're going to have to jump.

Out of the plane?

I'm going with or without you, Colonel.

I suppose you expect my male bravado
to kick in right about now.

- I've read your file.
- No mention of bravado, eh?

There are 47 people down there
who may need our help.

Look. You don't have to tell me
what's at stake here.

We have seven teams off world who can't
get home till we fix what you screwed up.


Gear'em up.

For a jump.

- I do not understand, O'Neill.
- It's called a parachute.

It slows your descent
after you jump out of the plane.

This device seems to be
poorly designed for such a function.

It opens after you jump.

Don't worry. I've done it
hundreds of times.

I assume you brought hazmat.


We thought somebody
should be prepared.

- Is he always like this?
- Actually, this is quite charming.

Gear's away, sir!

It's easy! Just jump, and pull this.

This does not seem wise, O'Neill.

I said it was easy, not wise.

If we get separated,
we'll rendezvous at the base.

This does not seem wise.

Teal'c? Daniel? Come in.

There's no response on the radios.

Their signals may be blocked
if they are already inside.

- Up there.
- Teal'c, Daniel, do you read?

- I am here.
- Where?

- In the facility.
- Yeah, I'm here, too.

- Where?
- I don't know exactly. Where are you?

We just got inside. Hang tight.

I'm picking up
trace amounts of chlorine.

- Yeah?
- Nothing dangerous at these levels, sir.

What is this place?

It obviously wasn't built
for your Stargate programme.

It was
an experimental power station.

- Experimental?
- All I'm allowed to say is...

-.. it was decommissioned two years ago.
- Oh, please!

- Are there lights?
- Power seems to be diverted...

.. from all nonessential base functions.

This way to the main control centre.

- Daniel, is that you?
- I don't know.

I'm heading down a long corridor.

Which one?

This one.

This way.

Actually, you might wanna see this first.

These three were shot.
I am unaware of how these others died.

These doors
lead to the Stargate.

They're all dead.

I need this station.

It's safe.

The air is indeed clean.

- Are you OK?
- I knew these men and women, Major.

Some of them quite well.

What happened here?

Colonel Sokalov enacted
the Extreme Measures Protocol.

- What's that?
- The Stargate room is sealed...

.. and Substance 35
is released throughout the base.

Nerve gas?

- Nerve gas?
- It's OK, Colonel.

It's a nonpersistent gas.
It evaporates after three hours.

According to the computer,
the protocol was enacted yesterday.

- For what reason?
- The computer log doesn't say.

People were shootin' each other before
they got gassed. I wanna know why.

We'll see what we can find out.

This is a list of all personnel
assigned to the base.

They should all be wearing ID tags.

So, what about the gate?

It's an outgoing wormhole, but...

.. that doesn't make sense.

The EM Protocol
cuts off the dialling device.

If the protocol was enacted yesterday,...

.. where has the outgoing wormhole
been drawing its power from since then?

We've seen one draw power
from a source at the destination.

Of course. The black- hole incident.

Is there anything you don't know?

What were they doing?

It's gone.

If I ask what, and you say it's classified,
I'm gonna shoot you.

The seventh address
we successfully dialled...

.. led to a Stargate
entirely submerged underwater.

We sent a reconnaissance drone
and found the dialling device.

So it was decided that the manned
mini- submarine would go next.

A sample of the water was retrieved. It
seemed to have unbelievable properties.

Like what?

It was spontaneously
emitting energy in the form of heat.

If this liquid turned out to be
an abundant, clean energy source...

That doesn't seem possible.

I was called away to Moscow before I
could perform any significant analysis.

So now you're saying
the water sample is gone?


There was a sealed container
being kept in this containment vessel.

And the Stargate is
dialled into the water planet now?

Apparently, but that doesn't make sense.

They were supposed to go on to the next
two planets on our planned sequence...

.. and not revisit the water planet
until I got back.

Let's confirm it. Do you have
another reconnaissance drone?

We left the first one there. All we have
to do is reactivate the receiver.

- Daniel, Teal'c.
- What's up?

Head back to the control room. DrMarkov
thinks you might wanna see this.

We have accounted for
28 of the 47 numbers on the list.

Six were civilians, not soldiers. They
were all shot for no apparent reason.

They were the scientists
working in the lab.

So the guys experimenting on that water
gave the soldiers reason to shoot'em.

So it seems.

What water?

It was a sample from the planet
where the Stargate is submerged.

I thought you might
be interested, Dr Jackson.

We found some unusual ruins...

.. from an obviously extinct
civilisation on the ocean's floor.

Decoding signal from
the reconnaissance drone.

Can you get closer?

The drone is malfunctioning.
I can only pan and tilt.

Why would they go through the Stargate
knowing they'd drown on the other side?

Can you shut off
the drone's transmitter from here?


The wormhole only allows
matter to travel one way.

But we can send radio signals
back and forth.

You think the drone's transmitter
is what's keeping the gate open?

That gate won't close if the drone is
aiming a signal into the event horizon.

And the energy
being emitted by the water...

.. has allowed the gate
to stay open this long.

Exactly. It's a combination of factors,
but all we have to do is shut off the drone.

It's not responding to my command.
I can't shut it down.

- How long before its batteries die?
- The drone is nuclear- powered.

- A nuclear- powered drone?
- We built several of them.

We thought we might leave them on
other planets for long- term observation.

How long- term?

Ten years.

It will be simple to deactivate the drone
from the other side.

Once the signal stops,
the wormhole should close.

I'd like a closer look at those ruins.

- How many people does that thing hold?
- Three.

Oh, dang.

I've never been in a submarine before.

Spacious, roomy. Very nice.

So exactly how much air
do we have in this thing?

Over a day's worth.
We won't need more than an hour.

- Colonel, can you hearus?
- Yeah, I read you.

Pressurising and...
proceeding through the gate.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- Wow.
- It is quite beautiful.

- What?
- The rapid pressurisation...

.. might cause your ears to block.

As you might notice,
there is no plant or animal life.

Doesn't appear to be
any plant or animal life.

Colonel, do you read?


We're counting fiive bodies on this side.

Which means there could still be
several personnel unaccounted for.

- All right, we'll have another look around.
- We're capturing the drone.

Once it is inside the containment tank,
we can deactivate it.

And, ifMajor Carteris right,...

.. the gate will shut off.

Ending transmission. Overand out.

So let's have that look around.

I'm glad you were right, Major.

It doesn't explain why your soldiers shot
the scientists experimenting on the water.

Or why those men were either
forced through the gate...

.. or felt compelled to go through
on their own, knowing they would die.

The ruins suggest the planet
wasn't always submerged.

- Maybe there are some clues down there.
- Let's have a look.

- Is something wrong?
- The controls are getting heavy.

I haven't touched the power,
yet we're slowing down.

- Strong current?
- It's possible.

I'm pushing it to full power.

- What's that smell?
- We've completely stopped.

- Uh, fire.
- Extinguisher.

It's out. We're OK.

Can you fix it?



If it was a strong current,
it should be pushing us backwards.

- But it's not.
- No. We're completely stationary.

It's like we're stuck in the mud.

Without the mud.

What's that smell?

Holy frozen bad guys.

- How's it going?
- I think I can fix it.

Five minutes ago you said you definitely
could fix it. Now you just think you can?

What do you want to hear?

I don't understand why this happened.

No, given the obvious solid craftsmanship
that went into this thing

If you're implying that everything
Russian- made is of poor quality,...

.. actually, the sub is Swiss.

So they occasionally catch fire
but they keep perfect time.

Sorry. I think I've been
hangin' around Jack O'Neill too much.

There was nothing impeding us.

This shouldn't have happened.

Something else shouldn't be happening:
the outside pressure is increasing.


- The gauge must be malfunctioning.
- But it's Swiss.

Our depth is constant, and pressure
should be relative to depth.

And if it keeps increasing?

The sub will implode.

We know how the Russians
acquired their information.


Whoa! Whoa.

Do not humans usually die
when they are frozen?


They usually don't breathe
when they're dead either.

So, Svetlana, could you go over
exactly what happened...

.. the last time you were here?

We came through the Stargate,
just as we did this time.

We took the sub straight to
the dialling device and redialled Earth.

The gate opened and we headed through.

That's it?

We collected the water sample just before
heading back through the event horizon.

No trouble?

We had to push the engines a little harder
to get through the gate,...

.. but I suspected it was some kind of
intuitive countermeasure...

.. to keep the water
from flowing through the gate.

It's possible. My research indicates
that the gate actually has the ability...

.. to use density, molecular structure and
the force exerted on the event horizon...

.. to determine if something's
trying to pass through.

I know. That's where I got the idea.


His heart is beating, albeit slowly.

He is getting warmer, O'Neill.


You hear me?

We're not goin' anywhere, are we?

What are you doing?

Pushing the engines harder
will only burn them out again.

Next time I may not be able to fix them.

And if we stay here, we'll run out of air.

If the pressure keeps
increasing at this rate,...

.. the sub will implode
long before we run out of air.

Or that.

I figure we have maybe an hour.

I agree.

The front bubble will be most susceptible.
It will be the first to go.

Could we stop agreeing on how we're
gonna die and do something about it?

All right. That's far enough.


Maybourne, stop!

Move again and I'll shoot!



- The freezer.
- What?

Move if you wanna live.

Shoot me if you want to.
We're dead if we don't move now.


- What are you doing?
- It's too late for him! Jack!

You open that door and we're both dead,
I swear! You can't help him!

Get the hell outta my way.

What the hell's goin' on here?

- You said we're being held here.
- Like something is squeezing the sub.

There's only water out there.

What if it's not water?

Exactly what tests did you run
on the sample you brought back?

As I said, we had begun
preliminary analysis.

It was being kept in a sealed container.

It hadn't even been opened yet
when I went away.

How did you know
it was giving off energy?

The container maintained a temperature
several degrees above room temperature.

You never performed
a chemical analysis?

I insisted the proper controls be set up.

They were supposed to wait
until I got back.

But they didn't.

Colonel Sokalov
was under a lot of pressure...

.. to prove that the money being spent
was going to be worth it.

So we don't know
that's actually water out there.

It's alive.


The water.

When they exposed it to the air
and started chemical analysis,...

.. it turned into vapour.

You were there?

We inhaled it. It didn't give us a choice.

- Who's "us"?
- Scientists in the lab.

I knew what was going on but I...
I couldn't control myself.

They wanted to go back
through the Stargate.

- Who's "they"?
- Life forms. In the water.

Countless numbers of microscopic
organisms. Intelligent life forms.

Are you tryin' to tell me this water thinks?

We were killing them. They forced us to
try and take'em back through the gate.

The soldiers tried to stop us.

If an infected man was killed, the fluid
came out of him and more were infected.

An infected soldier got to the DHD
and got the gate open.

Then the base commander
enacted the EM Protocol to stop it.

The infected men started running
through the gate, trying to escape the gas.

Why didn't you?

I was cut off from the gate room.

I think the liquid organisms inside me
knew the only way to keep alive...

.. was to escape the gas
and freeze themselves.

They forced me in here.

- You were frozen when we found you.
- They kept me alive.

- How do you know all this?
- I don't know how exactly. I just do.

- They must've communicated it to me.
- This is the stuff that's in Teal'c now?

How do we get it out?

- Come on, Maybourne! It came outta you!
- They needed to go back.

You wouldn't let me go. I guess
they thought Teal'c could get'em home.

- What if it's a life form?
- That is pure assumption.

It would certainly explain everything.

After collecting the sample, you felt
resistance trying to go through the gate.

It was the life form
trying to prevent you from leaving.

And now it's perceiving us
as some kind of threat.



Fight it. Fight it!


- It's all we've got.
- The pressure alone...


What are you doing? What's he doing?

- Daniel.
- I think it just wants to understand.




They had no wish to kill me, O'Neill.
They only want to travel home.

That's good.

You all right?

I will be.

OK, I think we should duck.

Ah. That had to hurt.

Didn't you guys
leave here in a submarine?

We, uh...

Last thing I remember,
we were being pulled into the...

Not really sure what happened, sir.

Here's a thought.

We just exchanged hostages.

It's just a thought.