Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 5 - Divide and Conquer - full transcript

When an SG member tries to assassinate the Tok'Ra leader, it is believed that some of the SGC have been converted into za'tarc - programmed assassins. The Tok'Ra Anise comes to the SGC with Lantash, to try and test the SG members. But the za'tarc detector suggests that O'Neill and Carter are actually za'tarcs. Is this correct and is there another za'tarc at the SGC?

Tuesday doesn't work for the president.

The High Councillor of the Tok'ra
is coming to Earth... sign a treaty that outlines
our new alliance against the Goa'uld.

What could be more important than that?

Keeping that treaty a secret from
the general population of our planet.

It's a tricky proposition where we're from.

The president means no disrespect,
but he has to appear before Congress...

..and there's no way to make up
an excuse to get out of that.

- Wednesday. How's Wednesday?
- (newcomer) Wednesday will be fine.

Colonel O'Neill, Dr Jackson,
Major Graham, Captain Blasdale,...

..may I present
Supreme High Councillor Per'sus.

Please, forgive me for being late.

It's an honour to meet you.

Look out!


St... Stop... Stop me.

Fortunately, High Councillor Per'sus
is going to recover.

What happened?

- I'd like to know that.
- The high councillor came in,...

..Martouf introduced us
and Graham went nuts.

- And he pulled a weapon?
- It seemed to be of Goa'uld origin.

Look, Martouf...

I do not believe you were complicit
with Major Graham's actions.

We weren't, but how can you
be sure we weren't?

I cannot.

I can. Major Graham was a Zatarc.

- A what?
- The victim of Goa'uld mind control.

A what?

A mission is programmed into
the victim's subconscious,...

..then covered with a false memory.

- You knew this threat was out there?
- Freya gave her theory... the High Council,
but it is only conjecture.

The technology's existence
is unconfirmed.

See, this is just the kind of
irresponsible, uncooperative bull...

I agree, Colonel. Unfortunately
the High Council did not,...

..despite the fact that I documented
three incidents in the last two months.

Otherwise healthy Tok'ra operatives...

..suffered extreme behavioural episodes,
each ending in suicide.

- No red flags went up for anyone?
- This weapon has not been used before.

So the person doesn't know
what happens?

No, they're unaware their minds
have been tampered with.

The instructions seem to be triggered
by a visual or auditory signal.

Obviously the high councillor
was the target.

When Major Graham was introduced
to Per'sus, the programming took over.

He would have been
unable to control his actions.

- But this is theoretical?
- It is difficult to prove without evidence.

The violent, self-destructive behaviour... an integral part of the programming,
meant to ensure that result.

How does one get turned into a Zatarc?

The programming only seems to require
moments of access with the victim.

Had we known any of this, we might have
been able to take a few more precautions.

We could not have taken
any more than we did.

We could have more of these
time bombs waiting to go off.

If the Goa'uld knew Major Graham would
be here to meet the high councillor...

They know about the summit.

Their goal was undoubtedly
to sabotage our alliance.

And the president could also be a target.

The high councillor wishes to
continue with the treaty summit.

- Oh, I don't think so.
- In 2,000 years,...

..the Tok'ra have never
bowed to Goa'uld terrorism.

- We will not start now.
- Either way,...

..anyone encountering the Goa'uld in the
last two months may have fallen victim.

The problem is, Zatarc programming
is almost impossible to detect.

- Not true.
- Your method is unproven.

- It worked once before.
- Even that is in question.

- It is all we have right now.
- Excuse me!

Do we or do we not
have a Xanax detector?


Martouf, Anise, on behalf of the SGC,
I want to offer my sincerest apologies...

..and condolences for
the lives of the lost Tok'ra.

High Councillor Per'sus also sends
regrets for the men of the SGC.

We consider Major Graham also a victim.

All SG teams are being recalled for
screening and placed on a 24-hour watch.

I'll begin with the remaining
members of Major Graham's team.

There was obviously opportunity to
program him on a recent mission.

This way. Major Carter?

They're at it again.

I completed my autopsy
on Major Graham.

There was an unidentifiable residue,...

..but no indication he was under
any kind of chemical influence.

If they tried to cover up their work,
they did a good job.

What about the information
provided by the Tok'ra?

Pretty limited to speculation.

I examined Graham before he went to
Vorash and he seemed in perfect health.

His blood work was clean,
last psych evaluation normal.

If his brain was altered, the technology
is far beyond my understanding.

- Will this Zatarc detector work?
- It's alien technology. I don't know.

- Then we're in the hands of the Tok'ra.
- The colonel must be happy(!)

I'm not thrilled about it myself, Doctor.

Hello, Lieutenant... Astor.
Please have a seat.

Try to stay calm. Direct your vision here.

I will ask you some questions.

Please answer as completely
and truthfully as possible.

Describe for me
your recent mission to P6Y-325.

Well, it...

It seemed to be a routine meet and greet.

At least, at first.

The Lasarians were
a fairly primitive people.

So it's a lie detector?

It's more. It detects
if a person is being truthful,...

..even if they are not aware they are lying.

- It reads the subconscious?
- Comparing it to the conscious memory.

It was created to verify information...

..retrieved from the torture
of captured Goa'uld.

The thing on her forehead looks
like a Tok'ra memory-recall device.

Yes, a modified version.

It is able to decipher whether
a memory being recalled is true or false.

It finds a Zatarc because the Goa'uld use
false memories to hide the programming?

- That is Anise's theory, yes.
- Can you identify the Zatarc's mission?

Unfortunately, no.
It will only tell us if a person is a Zatarc,...

- ..not what he's programmed to do.
- Hello.

(Astor) Major Graham and I got separated
from the others. I thought we were lost.

It could mean she reiterated something
out of order.

Please repeat the last sequence.

Remember to be specific about every
detail, even your feelings at the time.


I really... don't know
exactly what happened.

There wasn't much time
to stand around hypothesising.

Just after the sun went down,...

..the gliders attacked the village.

We booked for the Stargate, but
the clearing was filled with Jaffa.

SG-15 was already under fiire.

It felt like they were
comin' at us from all sides.

Don't stop! Keep movin'!

Captain Blasdale radioed from behind. He
and Sergeant Lewis were pinned down.

- Get to the gate!
- Sir!


- How did you feel?
- Are you kidding?

I was scared out of my mind.

Are you certain you shot the Jaffa?


She is a Zatarc.
Lieutenant Astor's mind has been altered.

You think so?

What do we do?

There is a procedure we could try.

- Is it safe?
- It is experimental at best.

General, need I remind you what
happened the last time we trusted this...


You are referring to
my symbiote Anise, Colonel.

I would not suggest this if I thought
there was a better alternative.

- And the worst-case scenario?
- It will damage the portion of the brain...

..affected by the Zatarc technology.

Lieutenant Astor could lose
more than just her false memory.

- How much more?
- It won't be clear until afterwards.

I hate the idea of deciding the fate of
an officer, but what choice do we have?

The security of this base
and Earth cannot be compromised.

Also, when her programming is triggered,
she will become self-destructive.

Let's give Lieutenant Astor the choice.

Some choice!

I have to admit, I'm a little scared.

Actually, that's not true. I'm terrified.

I understand. Please try to stay calm.

I swear I shot that Jaffa.

Major Graham returned with
Captain Blasdale and Sergeant Lewis.

You said you were surrounded.
Jaffa were everywhere.

Six other SG team members
died that night,...

..yet you and your team managed to
get through the Stargate unharmed.

I thought we were just that good.

I am going to begin.

It hurts.

Stop! Please!

- Stop!
- Stop the procedure.



- No!
- (gunshot)

Thank you, Doctor.

Both SFs suffered serious injuries,
but they're going to be OK.

The programming must have a fail-safe
that prevents it from being tampered with.

I am sorry you have lost
another member of your team.

I hold myself accountable.

The Goa'uld are ultimately accountable.

We cannot analyse the affected area
of the victim's brain post mortem...

- ..due to the self-inflicted damage.
- Would that make a difference?

I believe it would. Yes.

There will be no summit unless
we are sure the president is safe.

We can complete
the Zatarc testing in time.

And if we find more?

Greater things than the summit will be
in jeopardy, Colonel. Proceed. Dismissed.

Well, this is fun(!) Who's next?

SG-1 .


Good, Colonel. Now let's move
to your mission on PX9-757.

Drawin' a blank.

Your mission was to destroy
a new ship being built by Apophis.

- You know about that.
- The device only works...

..if you recount your exact
memory of the events.

We realised they wouldn't come off.

Jump ahead to the part where
you went through the gate.

We were so fast, the Jaffa on
the other side didn't stand a chance.

General Hammond ordered me to follow.
I went through the gate and to the facility.

So you were alone for some time
before you met up with the rest of SG-1?


Um... I went after the naqahdah.

Don't move!

- After that?
- I headed back to meet Jack and Sam.

When I realised Carter
wasn't with me, I stopped.

- Went back for her.
- What happened next?

Your ingenious armband stopped workin'.

You couldn't get
through the shield again?


When I woke up, I saw Colonel O'Neill,
unconscious beyond the force shield.

- I called his name and he woke up.
- Then what?

I realised that there was no way
I was gonna get through.

I told the Colonel to go without me.

- To leave you behind?
- Yes.

The timer on the C4 was counting down.

Without armbands, it was gonna be tight
getting to the Stargate...

- ..before the ship's power core exploded.
- What did Colonel O'Neill do?

Sir, there's no time.

(movement ofarmour)

- Couple of Jaffa came around the corner.
- And then?

- We got lucky.
- That's it?

Yeah. The C4 explosion must have
taken out the shield generator.

Did you see that?

- The force shield disappeared. We ran.
- Sounds easy.

Well, I wouldn't say that.

Are you sure
you're telling me everything?

Oh. I tried to go for the naqahdah.

Carter, forget that! Leave it!

But Colonel O'Neill ordered me to leave it.

That's everything?


You're not serious?


We still don't know about
the targets involved.

In the event that we do proceed, I am
forwarding a new plan for your arrival.

Yes, sir. Both Colonel O'Neill
and Major Carter.

I'll pass that along.
Thank you, Mr President.

Give us a second, huh?

- Sir, this has to be a mistake.
- Tell me about it.

Can you talk to the general
about getting me retested?


- What?
- Us retested.

Apparently I'm one of those...
Zark things too. I'm across the hall.

- That can't be.
- I know.

- Although we were unconscious together.
- Apparently.

Sir, are you worried that
it's at least possible?

A little.

I do not believe Colonel O'Neill
and Major Carter are Zatarcs.

- We can't prove they aren't.
- We must keep them isolated... prevent them from being
exposed to programming triggers.

- We don't know it's the president.
- No.

Then it means confining them indefinitely.

Until we come up with
another course of action.

The good news is that we have found
no more Zatarcs among SGC personnel.

The high councillor and his advisors
have also been tested back on Vorash.

There is no danger to the summit.

I want good news regarding
Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter.

We'll work on it.

What shall I tell the high councillor
regarding the meeting?

It's on.

- (knock at door)
- Yeah?

Oh. You.

You are probably not happy to see me.

Well, if you're not here to tell me it's all
a big mistake, I might be a little glum.

I have come to apologise. It is
sort of our fault you are a Zatarc.

Maybe a little more Anise than me.

I knew that. I just don't know why yet.

The experiment with the armbands
was the reason you went... destroy Apophis's new ship.

Hey, listen.

What if you're wrong...

- ..and Carter and I aren't really...
- Zatarcs?

I do not believe that is possible.


- Is there something else?
- Thank you for saving my life on Vorash.

And you saved me for a second time
during the situation with Lieutenant Astor.

No offence, but I'd have
done it for anyone.


- Whatcha doin'?
- I originally came from a planet...

..where the people were not
afraid to show their affection.

- When we wanted to lama-shem...
- Excuse me?

- I believe you call it...
- Something else.

Anise, my symbiote, is far more interested
in Dr Jackson, on an intellectual level,...

..but she would have to suffer.

Look, there are so many reasons
why this is wrong and...

..weird and...

- ..wrong. Did I mention wrong?
- Is it because I share a body with Anise?

- For starters.
- Do you not find me attractive?

Oh, you're...


- I could blow any minute.
- If I were the target,...

..your Zatarc programming
would have triggered long ago.

Good point.

Is there someone else
to whom you are loyal?

That's not really the point here, is it?

You have been made
uncomfortable by my offer.

No! No, it's just...

- Well, yeah.
- I had heard the humans of Earth...

..had many inhibitions and stigmas
surrounding intimacy.

Yes... Yes, I've heard that too.

There's also the matter of timing.

I am still quite hopeful we will find
a way to help both you and Major Carter.

Then maybe you should be out
doin' that. What do you think?

Once again, I find myself
feeling the need to apologise.

Oh, no need. We're adults.

I will learn more about your customs, so
I will not make you uncomfortable again.

Yes. Very good idea. Thank you.


The president is unhappy with...

..''for the common interests
of the Tok'ra and the humans of Earth''.

I'm recommending ''in pursuit
of freedom for all individuals''.

The high councillor
does not like to generalise.

Excuse me. I have been reviewing
my notes on prior incidents with Zatarcs.

We are endangering
Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill...

- keeping them confined.
- Why?

In at least one case,
the Zatarc lost control...

..when it became evident they could
no longer achieve their objective.

- So by confining them...
- They won't fulfil their programming...

- ..and will self-destruct.
- Why hasn't that happened?

The triggering event hasn't occurred yet.
However, if that passes...

If the high councillor meets the president.

- What if we postpone?
- That could have the same effect.

If the programmed part of their minds
thinks they can no longer fulfil the goal.

So... what do we do?

- Martouf.
- How are you?

- I was just writing to my dad.
- I have sent word to him.

I am sure he will come as soon as he can.

Thank you.

- I have come to present an option to you.
- Not what Freya tried on Lieutenant Astor.

She thinks it failed because
she stopped before the end.

- Because Astor went crazy.
- Freya thinks the fail-safe...

..can be overcome if the procedure
is given a fair chance to work.

- What's the rush?
- Freya has seen evidence that suggests...

..if a Zatarc is prevented
from achieving their aim...

- ..and if that is to target the president...
- You're saying I would try and kill myself.


Two days, right?

I guess we wait and see.

Or... you could
go through with the procedure.

Which could cause me to
lose my mind, just like Astor.

- Yes.
- Or it could work...

..and I could still end up
with serious brain damage.

Yes, I know.

Not only do I not want to risk losing
what you still carry of Jolinar, but...

..l've grown quite fond
of you as well, Sam.

It's all based on assumptions, right?

We don't know the president is the target.

We don't know if I'll lose my mind
because I'm stuck in here.

And we don't know for sure that you will
suffer any ill effects from the procedure.

Some choice!

Come again?

Bottom line is there's a chance
you could come out completely intact.

- Or not.
- Or not.

- What's Carter say?
- Uh, I don't know.

Martouf is explaining it to her now.

What would you do?

I honestly don't know.

She made a pass at me.

- Sam?
- Anise.

Freya. One of 'em.

- Really?
- The host half.

Uh... That's odd.

You're tellin' me.
Odd timing too, don't you think?


Apparently, the snake likes you.


Yep, I think these are the Jack O'Neill
moments I will probably miss the most.

- What?
- What?

I understand why they wouldn't trust me.

I think it's more that they would rather
risk dying than lose who they are.

They won't harm the president,...

..but how do we stop them
harming themselves during the summit?

We plan to sedate them
and put them in restraints.

Until when?

It's the only way we can be absolutely
sure you won't try and hurt yourself.

- No choice?
- No.

You won't feel anything.
It'll be like falling asleep.

- For how long?
- As long as it takes to find a treatment...

..with better odds than
the one we have available.

The president is due to arrive
in less than an hour.

Come to say your goodbyes?

If there's anything you require, O'Neill...

- Another option.
- There is still time to try the procedure.

You said if you could have done
a proper autopsy on Astor... might have been able to solve this.

It would have provided
much more information.

- Do it.
- What?

Hey, I've done the drugged-out,
strapped-to-the-bed thing.

And if what happened
to Lieutenant Astor happens to you?

Maybe it'll help Carter.

Her brain's worth a lot more than mine.

- What? He can't!
- He's on his way down now.

- Why is he doing this?
- He'd rather take the risk...

- ..than be put to sleep indefinitely.
- But...

If it happens, he thinks Anise can use
what she would learn to save you.



- You have to stop him.
- It's his choice.

Sam, please, I have to do this.

(Stargate alarm)

Incoming traveller.

Jack's going through with the procedure
and they're sedating Sam.

(Tannoy) Receiving Tok'ra IDC.

Open the iris.

Welcome to Earth.

- It's an important occasion for us all.
- Indeed it is.



I was impressed by
your revisions to the treaty.

The credit goes to Dr Jackson.

It's an inspiring document.

I only hope both parties can live up to it.

Dr Jackson?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Sir, Air Force One has just landed.

It will take 15 minutes
for the president's motorcade to arrive.

If you'll excuse me, I'll meet him
at the surface and then be back soon.


Sir, there's no time.

We may have to increase the dose.

C4's gonna go.
You have to get outta here.


The machine is wrong.

You... don't understand.

We lied.

We didn't even know we were lying.


If you are ready, we will begin.


Carter? What's up?

Could we have a moment alone, please?


Carter, undo this thing.

- What's goin' on?
- We're not Zatarcs.

How do you know?

The machine thinks that we have
false memories, but we don't.

- We were lying.
- I wasn't lying.

- OK, you left something out.
- No, I didn't.

Sir, when you wouldn't leave me,...

..are you sure there wasn't
something else that you're not admitting?

What are you talkin' about?

Something we can't admit, given our
working relationship or military ranks?


Oh, that.

Sir, we weren't telling the whole truth,...

..and that's why the machine
thinks the memories are false.


Retest him.

Mr President.

- General, nice to see you.
- Good to see you, sir.

Major Carter was trapped
behind the force shield.

That's right.

Sir, there's no time.

(movement ofarmour)

- There were sounds.
- You did everything you could?

- Yes.
- You couldn't save her?

- No.
- But you still could have saved yourself?

I guess.

- Sir...
- I know, I know!

What happened next?

- Sir, just go!
- No!

(footsteps approach)

- What were you feeling?
- Like someone who was about to die.


I didn't leave...

..because I'd have rather died
myself... than lose Carter.

- Why?
- Because I care about her.

A lot more than I'm supposed to.

You are not a Zatarc.

Now retest me.

You are also not a Zatarc.

Thank you.

- Carter...
- Sir,...

..none of this has to leave this room.

- We're OK with that?
- Yes, sir.

If they're not Zatarcs,
they're no threat to the president.

- Oh, I have some questions for him.
- Every SGC personnel has been tested.

Even the high councillor and his guard
were tested on Vorash before they came.

Hey, what about you? You ever
been tested on that thing?

I have not been in any situations...

..where I would be vulnerable
to the Goa'uld Zatarc technology.

What about Martouf?


Excuse me.

Martouf, can I talk to you outside?

Supreme High Councillor Per'sus of the
Tok'ra, may I introduce the president of...

Look out!

Hold your fire!


We're all clear.

Is everyone OK?

- Per'sus?
- Yes.

- Is the president all right?
- He's OK.

But I'm afraid this man isn't the president.

The real president is still waiting
for our signal in Air Force One.

- We had to be absolutely sure.
- I see.

May that be the last time such a deception
is required by either of us.

I promise you, his death will
ultimately prove to be a noble sacrifice.

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