Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 4 - Crossroads - full transcript

An old love of Teal'c, Chulak temple priestess Shan'auc, arrives at the SGC saying she can communicate with her symbiont. Teal'c does not believe her, until he tries and sees that it is true. They travel to the Tok'Ra, as Shan'Auc's symbiont needs to blend with a host, but isn't it really still a Goa'uld?

(PA) Offworld activation.
Repeat, we have an offworld activation.

We're receiving Bra'tac's IDC, sir.


Open the iris.
Have Teal'c come to the gate room.

- I mean you no harm.
- Bra'tac.

You've... done something with your hair.

- Identify yourself.
- I am Shan'auc of the Red Hills.

Master Bra'tac opened the Chaapa-ai,
but was unable to accompany me.

Why's that?

There is much unrest.
He took great risk in sending me here.


- Friend of yours?
- Indeed.

Tal matte, Teal'c.

Tal matte.

(clears throat)

Teal'c, how about
a little introduction of some sort?

There is no need.

Bra'tac has told me much of the Tauri.

You are O'Neill... Teal'c's apprentice.

Yeah... Apprentice?

Also a warrior of great skill and cunning.


Hammond of Texas.
A great and strong leader among humans.

- What can we do for you?
- Take me to the Tok'ra immediately.

I have information
that could destroy the Goa'uld.

I have found a way
to communicate with my symbiote.

Is that possible?

It is not.

That is what
we were trained to believe, Teal'c.

The Goa'uld have no wish
for the Jaffa to influence their young.

- That makes sense.
- How was this communion achieved?

Within a deep state of kelno'reem.

We know that the symbiote is completely
isolated from the Jaffa who carries it.

- How can there be communication?
- The symbiote acts like an internal organ.

They exchange hormones and electrical
impulses, but on an unconscious level.

- It's a function of their immune system.
- It has taken years,...

..but I have raised that primal
communication to the conscious level.

Oh. OK, assuming that you, um...

- What do you talk about?
- I convinced it that the Goa'uld are evil.

That its own desires
for power and domination are wrong.

It is willing to join the Tok'ra
and reveal all Goa'uld secrets to them.

Um, I know I'm just
the apprentice at this table, but...

Why then not instruct this symbiote
to deliver these secrets directly?

- Exactly.
- We do not communicate in words.

It is more feelings, images, memories.

It'll only be capable of communicating
its knowledge once it takes a host.

And since it believes that the Goa'uld
are evil, it will only take a willing host.

It is most urgent.

Your symbiote is ready
to take a host even now.

It has already passed its time.

You have my word
that it will harm no one.

- I have convinced it to wait.
- Once a Goa'uld larva leaves the body,...

..the Jaffa's immune system
stops functioning.

- You're putting yourself at great risk.
- I believe that risk is worth taking.

If you will take me
to the Tok'ra immediately.

We can't do that. I'm sorry.

You do not believe I speak the truth.

- No, it's not that we don't believe you...
- We do not.

- What you say cannot be proven.
- I think what Teal'c's trying to say is...

I have said precisely
what I intended, O'Neill.

OK, I guess what I'm trying to say is...
we'd like to believe you, we really...

You have my word.

But that is not enough. Then the secrets
of the Goa'uld will die with me!

Shan'auc, please understand...

I do understand, General Hammond.

Bra'tac was wrong
about the wisdom of the Tauri.



- (Hammond) Airmen!
- Do not!

(Shan'auc) Taluk, mak kal'ma.

Shal tai... Shal tai... Shal tai.

Dr Fraiser, you may now approach.

(Fraiser) We need to get her
to the infirmary.

She wasn't exaggerating.
The symbiote is fully adult.

- Yeah. Saw that.
- Her immune system is breaking down?

Yes. I'm not sure how much longer
the symbiote will remain...

..before it has no choice
but to seek out a new host.

That is its primal, instinctual behaviour.

- I may have to recommend quarantine.
- Well, if you think so.

Absolutely, sir.


I gave you a sedative.
You should be asleep.

Kal'ma has neutralised the sedative.

- Kal'ma?
- It means ''child''.

The demon you carry within you
is no child.

Do I not carry it within me
as I would my own?

Have I not taught it right from wrong
as any mother would?

You have closed your mind, Teal'c.

I expected more.

May we speak privately?

My symbiote has assured me
that this will not happen again.

Oh, well, if the snake says so,
then... who are we?

(Fraiser) I'll be right outside.

The others I can understand.

But you've known me since before I went
to the temple. How can you doubt me?

- This is my life's work.
- A life lived in worship of the Goa'uld.

No. I believe now as you do
that they are false gods.

Words from one who became
a priestess at the temple.

One day, as I meditated in the temple
with the others,...

..l heard the thoughts of my symbiote.

Dreams that were not my own.

I reached out to them with my mind
and I heard it answer.

Not in words,...

..but in grotesque images.

And pain. I realised then
that the being I carried was no god.

A powerful mind, yes.
But not that of a god.

I dedicated my life that day... showing it the way of peace.

It understands now
that the Goa'uld are an abomination.

Can you not see what it is that I offer?

Bra'tac is wise. I do not know why
he would have sent you here unless...

He believes, Teal'c.

How can I make you believe too?

There is a way.

How is she?

Uh, Fraiser says she has
maybe a... couple of days, tops.

- Find anything?
- No.

But Teal'c knows more on the subject
than I ever will.

He sure doesn't believe her.

Yeah, well, there may be
more than meets the eye here.

I'm thinkin' they got history.

- History?
- Oh, yeah.

- She's a temple priestess.
- So?

So they don't do a lot of dating.

Maybe not. But there was
some serious sparkage when she arrived.

OK. The question is...
what if she's telling the truth?

So what? She can't tell the Tok'ra any
more than they already know, can she?

- Actually, sir, she can. The Tok'ra...
- Consider themselves different. I know.

But let's call a snake a snake, shall we?

They are both parasitical and pass on
knowledge through genetic memory, yes.

But the majority of the Tok'ra left the
Goa'uld gene pool over 2,000 years ago.

Yeah, they probably learned
a thing or two in that time.

Which makes Shan'auc's symbiote very
valuable, sir. To us and to the Tok'ra.

If Teal'c doesn't buy it, I don't buy it,
and there's no way to prove it, so...


Master Teal'c.

- I am in need of your assistance.
- I'm here to serve.

Daniel Jackson, Major Carter.

I am in need of your assistance also.

In the deepest levels of kelno'reem,...

..the heart beats
in extremely long intervals.

It is even possible to meditate so deeply
that one may stop the heart altogether.

The practice is forbidden.

Wouldn't your symbiote
try to start it up again?

That is correct. According to Shan'auc,... is only at this time communion
between Jaffa and symbiote is possible.

Like a... near-death experience.

That is correct.

- Is it dangerous?
- Jack, he's stopping his heart.

I mean for us.

I am unsure of what will occur
if and when...

..communion with my symbiote
is achieved.

It may be necessary to restrain me.

Well... Knock yourself out.

I believe I saw a vision of my father.

It's working?

I will begin again.

Medical emergency, Teal'c's quarters.

That will not be necessary, Major Carter.

Belay that last order and stand by.

Get him up.

What happened?

I received a vision from my symbiote.

It was a memory it chose to share.

Its hatred for me is great.

Then it is possible.
Shan'auc is telling the truth.



(distorted) The great queen, Egeria.

She broke from the Goa'uld
over 2,000 years ago.

Her offspring became the Tok'ra.

- Egeria, Roman goddess of fountains.
- Fountains?

Also childbirth.

- How do those two go together?
- It doesn't matter. Um...

She was also adviser to Numa Pompilius,
a legendary ruler.

Correct, Dr Jackson.
Egeria came to the Tauri... stop the Goa'uld from taking humans
through the Stargate as slaves.

Ra found her and killed her, but not
before she spawned our movement.

- Literally.
- Yes.

Thanks for the image.

Then the original number of Tok'ra
is all you have?

Very few Goa'uld came over to our side,
but none in the past few hundred years.

Our numbers have diminished as
symbiotes unable to find new hosts died.

That is why
Shan'auc's offer is so provocative.

Until the symbiote is blended with the
host, we cannot be sure of the outcome.

But if what she claims is correct,
we could one day increase our numbers.

So you've decided to accept her offer?

I will make the proposal to the council
with my recommendation.

- How long will that take?
- It will not be an easy decision.

There are great risks involved.

- She doesn't have a lot of time.
- Shan'auc's symbiote is fully mature.

It must take a host within a day.
Two at most.

Then I will leave immediately.

- I would make a personal request.
- (undistorted) What is it, Teal'c?

Shan'auc came to this world
expecting not to survive.

She needs a symbiote to replace
that which she now carries.

By the time you return it may be too late.

There are no Jaffa within the Tok'ra ranks.

I do not wish her to die.

I cannot promise, Teal'c.

But we will try.

The Tok'ra council
is considering your offer.

My symbiote is eager to meet them.

I hope they can reach
their decision in time.

The pain grows worse.


- For what reason did you wait so long?
- I was afraid you would not believe.

Since word came to the temple
that you betrayed Apophis,...

..l have thought of you every day.

- As a shol'va.
- No, Teal'c.

Because of you,
my doubts became certainties.

When we were children, you were
always the strongest, the bravest.

That you would be first prime
was never doubted.

But then you did
what no Jaffa before you had ever done.

You challenged the gods themselves
and won.

Among many on Chulak you are
as revered as the gods once were.

- And yet you walk away.
- My place is here.

Is it?

Bra'tac cannot be expected
to bear the burden alone.

It was you
who first began walking this path.

Do not abandon those
who have followed you this far.

I have abandoned no one.

When I die,...

..and you are the only one capable of
teaching others what I have learned,...

- ..what then?
- Do not concern yourself with me.

I have all but given my life
for a cause you inspired!

Tal shak kree!

I will advise you when there is news.

When you touched the mind of
your symbiote, what did it show you?

The murder of my father.

A most slow and painful death.

At the hand of Cronus.


It wanted you to know fear.


You are stronger than that.

Why does it appear to have succeeded?

My first communion was the same.

It took many days before I tried again.

But one day the images it chose
to share with me began to change.

They became sorrowful,... though my kal'ma
were awakening to its own shame.

In time the images became beautiful,...

..even caring.

- If that is all...
- There is more.

I fear losing you a second time.


Never again.

- Teal'c.
- Kel sha, Daniel Jackson.

Morning. How's, uh... Shan'auc?

The pain of carrying a symbiote past its
time is extreme. Shan'auc bears it well.

Listen, I was just headed off to breakfast...

- I am not.
- Uh, could you stop... walking?

Is everything all right?


You see, cos I noticed that you've been
preoccupied lately, obviously, and, uh...

Well, I just thought if you wanted to talk...
that I was here to... talk.

Daniel Jackson...

If all Jaffa can be taught
to commune with their symbiotes,...

..then the days of the Goa'uld
are truly numbered.

- And Shan'auc can teach them.
- If she survives, I intend to be at her side.

If she does not,
I will not allow her sacrifice to be in vain.

Teal'c! We just got word from the Tok'ra.

- They've accepted Shan'auc's offer.
- When may we depart?

Now. Colonel O'Neill's
waiting for us in the gear-up room.

(distorted) Shan'auc of the Red Hills,
welcome to Vorash.

It is a great honour to meet the Tok'ra.

They're all right, if you like the type.

It is an equal pleasure to see you,
Colonel O'Neill.

Your father asked
that I shake your hand...

..and give Colonel O'Neill
a big kiss from him.

Uh, that might have been
the other way around.

Maybe. Is Freya in there?

- (undistorted) Of course, Colonel.
- Then it is true.

Host and symbiote
share the body equally.

And we are both pleased
to tell you good news.

As Teal'c requested, one of our operatives
retrieved a newly-spawned symbiote... replace that which Shan'auc offers.

- You have done this for me?
- Not only for you.

If you truly have turned your symbiote
to the Tok'ra cause,...

..then your life is more valuable
than any of ours.

Kal'ma, it will not be long now.

She has carried her symbiote
far past its time.

Then come. This way.

We were able to find a host
both willing and eager.

Eager too, huh?

This is the volunteer host,
Hebron of Paraval.

Jack O'Neill, Earth.

Um... Forgive my bluntness here,...

..but... do you have any idea
what you're getting into?

- We have told him everything.
- Yeah. Well, I've noticed...

..the Tok'ra have a tendency
to leave out minor details sometimes.

You do know this thing's
gonna be in your head?

You only get your body part-time?

My own people were enslaved
by the Goa'uld a generation ago.

I understand
what benefit may come of this.

All right.

This is Shan'auc.

What can you tell me of the one with
whom I will spend the rest of my days?

That he wishes
to forswear his birthright,...

..and desires to stop the Goa'uld
from causing any more harm.

- Then we will have that in common.
- You will share much, much more...

I have waited too long.

- It must be done now.
- We are not ready for the transference.

It can wait no longer.

Teal'c! It cannot wait!

I am ready.

Take me.

Colonel O'Neill, lower your weapon.
The transference is complete.

Transference? That's what you call that?


(distorted) There was no more time.
Shan'auc's life was in grave danger.

I had to act. Have you a Prim'ta
ready for implantation?

- Yes.
- Do it now. She is near death.

I am Tanith.

It is my honour to pledge
my allegiance to the Tok'ra.

How is she?

Shan'auc is still very weak. The symbiote
we were able to retrieve was quite young.

- But she's gonna be OK?
- We believe so.

Hello, Hebron.

- (distorted) He is here, Colonel O'Neill.
- Actually we'd like to hear that from him.

Of course.

(undistorted) It is... true.

It is a strange feeling,
but... I am very much here.

How do we know that?

Tanith wants you to know we will
submit to any test you wish to perform... assure you
that I am speaking freely as host.

Rest assured, Tanith is pure of heart.
Shan'auc was indeed a great teacher.

Good. Then maybe Tanith wouldn't mind
sharing some of that Goa'uld knowledge.

- Of course.
- When the time is appropriate.

- I think now is appropriate.
- We disagree.

Ah, here we go.

Tanith has asked to join the Tok'ra,
not the SGC.

- Are you kidding me?
- We will gladly share...

..what knowledge we feel is useful to
the furthering of our alliance with Earth.

- Does my father go along with this?
- I'm sure he will.

How do I hang up with Anise
and talk to Freya?

- Why?
- I like Freya!

- She and I are in complete agreement.
- How do I know that?

- I have told you.
- And I'm supposed to trust you?

You know, this whole ''talking to two
people in one body thing'' really sucks.


It is good to finally see the face
of she who taught me so much.


To speak with you in words...

It is something I never dreamed of.

There will be time for words.

You must stay a while.
We have so much to talk about.

- I will.
- Teal'c?

I sense that she is still very weak.

Her new symbiote is extremely young
for the task of healing her.

I hope that your indecision did not
put her at more risk than necessary.

I guess we should just
mosey on back to Earth...

..and tell General Hammond
how the Tok'ra boned us again.

(Freya) Colonel!

- Please take no offence.
- Hey, we're gettin' used to it.

Teal'c, you can come and visit Shan'auc
after we've debriefed.

That is, if it's all right
with our good friends and allies.

- He is welcome, of course.
- Swell.

Let's go.


- I would like to stay a moment.
- We'll wait at the gate.

I must inform the Tauri
of my intention to leave their service.

I will await your return.

We will return to Chulak...

..and tell every Jaffa in every village
of your achievement.


- Tal matte, Shan'auc.
- Tal matte, my love.

Have I disturbed you?

(distorted) The hour is late.
You should be resting.

I could not wait to speak with you.


We must speak... of your audacity.

I do not understand.

How dare a priestess touch the mind
of one who would be her god?

You despise the Goa'uld.

I am the Goa'uld.

But I showed you the...

You showed me the means
to destroy the Tok'ra.

Now accept your reward.

It is with much sadness
that I must take my leave of the SGC.

Are you certain, Teal'c?

He means leave of absence, sir.

No, I have said what I mean, O'Neill.

I intend to live the remainder
of my life on Chulak.

What on earth for?

Do you not recognise the greatness
of Shan'auc's achievement?

If the whole idea was to get
the secrets of the Goa'uld to the Tok'ra...

And us, oh, by the way.

Then it's done. Mission accomplished.

I mean, even if you could train Jaffa
to communicate with their symbiotes,...

..the Tok'ra have a hard enough time
finding hosts.

The point is... you belong here.

I belong where I am needed most, O'Neill.

And that is on Chulak, at Shan'auc's side.

- (Stargate alarm)
- Offworld activation.

Incoming travellers, sir. It's the Tok'ra.

- Here to share squat with us, no doubt.
- Open the iris.

(undistorted) Teal'c, it is
with great sorrow that I return.

- Shan'auc.
- We found the body outside her chamber.

The symbiote she carried is also dead.

If we had found a more mature larva...

She appeared well.

Shan'auc's death is simply
the unfortunate result of waiting too long.


Tal mek. Creon te shree.

Tal ma.

''Our love does not end in death.''

I wanted Teal'c to have the body for
whatever ritual he may wish to perform.


Teal'c? (bangs on door)


- What's up?
- Shan'auc was murdered.

We have not yet obtained
information of any value from Tanith.

Your return is premature.

You folks should... invest in some doors.

- We have no secrets from each other.
- Beg to differ with you.

The Goa'uld Shan'auc carried was
not truly convinced to become a Tok'ra.

I believe the Goa'uld
use this opportunity to spy among you.

What evidence have you for this?

The murder of Shan'auc. The System
Lord Cronus murdered my father... crushing his symbiote
in such a way...

..that it allowed the symbiote's blood
to mix with that of my father.

- A method slow and immensely painful.
- How do you know this?

In communion with my own symbiote.

It is a vision my symbiote chose to share.

- Why?
- To show Goa'uld hatred and superiority.

Still, if that is your proof...

We found Goa'uld blood in Shan'auc's
bloodstream and on her hands.

- Confirming my vision.
- And so you have come to exact revenge.

- I have.
- I'm sorry.

We cannot allow you.

Stop him!

Kree ton, Tok'ra! Togar toku!


Teal'c! We can get the Goa'uld
out of the host.

No. He'll be infinitely
more valuable to us if we do not.

You knew.

(undistorted) We suspected.
But only after her death.

Teal'c, we truly had hoped
Shan'auc had succeeded.

But if we allow Tanith
to believe he has deceived us,...

..we will be able to use that
against the Goa'uld.

- Disinformation.
- Yes.

If we control what he sees and hears,
the Goa'uld will not know our intentions.

We will be able to use
that advantage for months.

When Tanith no longer
serves a useful purpose,...

..we will extract what
Goa'uld secrets we can in other ways.

What about the host?

(distorted) He knew well the risks.

When we have learned all that we can,
we will try to remove the Goa'uld.

We are fighting a war
for our very existence.

I make no apologies for the means.

Release him.

(distorted) Hello, Teal'c.

You must feel the pain
of Shan'auc's death as deeply as I do.

It is a terrible loss to both of us.

It has been difficult.

Why have you come to see me?

To look upon you...

..and know Shan'auc's sacrifice
will not be in vain.

You have my promise.

I hope one day
we will meet again, Teal'c,...

..and together remember
she who meant so much to both of us.

We will meet again.

You have my promise.

Visiontext Subtitles: Paul Murray