Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 3 - Upgrades - full transcript

The SGC is visited by Tok'Ra called Anise who brings some armbands used by the soldiers of a long extinct race, supposed to increase the abilities of the wearers. O'Neill, Carter and ...

- Dr Jackson. Colonel.
- General.

The message I got was pretty vague.

So was the transmission from the Tok'ra.

- Did they say who was coming?
- No.

- Did they say why?
- No, sir.

Now, see... That's rude. I hate that.

(PA) Receiving Tok'ra IDC.
Opening the iris.

In fact, the Tok'ra
are starting to annoy me in general.

- Sir?
- Don't get me wrong. Your dad's great.

But whenever they show up,
there's all kinds of...

Yep, that looks like trouble to me.

(distorted) The High Council of the Tok'ra
sends its greetings.

Welcome. I'm General Hammond.
Colonel O'Neill. Dr Jackson.

Major Carter and Teal'c.

This is Marnon. You may call me Anise.

- Anise?
- It means ''noble strength''.

I'm... I'm Daniel. It means, uh...

..''God is my judge''.

I'm Jack. It means...

What's in the box?

These armbands were recently found
among ancient ruins on a remote planet.

(Jackson) I don't recognise
the symbols. May l?

The language belongs
to a race called the Ataniks.

Their existence and demise
predates the Goa'uld.

Ataniks. I think Jolinar knew about these.

They give the wearer
incredible speed and strength?

Yes. Many thought it was just a myth.

Still, the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra have
sought these devices for some time.

- Obviously not a myth.
- The Tok'ra were very excited by my find.

- You found them?
- My area of expertise is ancient cultures.

- Oh, mine, too.
- Yes, I know.

We hoped the devices would give us
a great new physical advantage...

- the fight against the Goa'uld.
- However...

They don't work for you.

Our top scientists have researched
the technology at length.

To the best of our knowledge,
the devices should work.

However, something causes them
to reject the Tok'ra physiology.

- Your symbiote.
- That is a likely assumption.

Then the device will be ineffective on me.

Yes. Which is why I brought only three.

Uh, I still have
a protein marker left by Jolinar.

Hopefully, that will have no effect.

''lncredible speed and strength.''

According to the inscriptions, they should
greatly increase all your natural abilities.

That's kinda cool.

In the interests of the Tok'ra-human
alliance, I expected you to cooperate.

Couldn't we take some time
to learn more about these things?

Perhaps Major Carter and Dr Jackson...

I had hoped to begin
human trial experiments immediately.

- What's the rush?
- If you are not willing to participate,...

..l will find human subjects
on another planet.


(undistorted) Please forgive the scientist
in Anise. She has worked hard for this.

I assure you, every
safety precaution will be taken.

(distorted) What is your answer?

This is a Tok'ra bio-sensor.

It will monitor every aspect
of your physiological condition.


It will transmit readings to this device
for the duration of the experiment.


- Ready?
- As I'll ever be.

- What's that mean?
- The device is working.

I don't feel like...
Ieaping any tall buildings.

It may take time for the device
to adjust to your body.

We believe it was designed to gradually
allow you to adapt to your new abilities.

In the meantime, feel free to interact with
your environment as you normally would.

The bio-sensor will transmit readings
over significant distance.


- You feel no effects from the armband?
- No. I'm starting to think this is a crock.

Come on, Teal'c, bring it.
You're goin' easy.

I am attempting to make physical contact,
but you are boxing with great proficiency.

Really? I feel a little stiff.


- Are you feeling better?
- I will be fine, Dr Fraiser.

Teal'c... I'm really sorry.

You are not.

He's right about that.

Please squeeze this.

- What is it?
- It will measure your strength.


Your strength is five times
that of a normal human.

So... no increase, then, huh?

- Physiology remains otherwise normal.
- Well, l... I feel good.


And, uh... you seem
to have developed a sweet tooth.

Your metabolism is increasing to match
the energy your body now requires.

You were going to show me
how to read this thing.

I will. First it is time to increase
the number of subjects in the experiment.

I don't really feel any different.

Just wait.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Notice anything yet?

You're eating a lot.

Hm. Give it time.

Did you just read that?

I guess.

Don't suppose there's another book
that explains this book.

What reason did Hobbes give
for the fall of the civilisation?

- Failing agricultural infrastructure.
- That's unbelievable.

Hey, it's his theory.

Want me to read to you?

- Sam?
- Yeah?

- What are you doing?
- Running tests on the armband material.

Ah. It's... a little dark, don't you think?

Is it?

Ow. It's bright.

Yeah. The lights were out.

I came in. I didn't even realise.

Well, it looks normal to me.

I could see in the dark
as well as if the light was on.

- You're running a slight temperature.
- Anise is monitoring our vitals.

Yes, I know.

You don't trust her bio-sensors?

No, I'm sure her technology
is very advanced and very accurate.

So you don't trust her.

I'd like to run a full blood screen.

(treadmill stops)

Very good.

I'm not even sweatin'. In fact,
I think that thing's slowin' me down.

Squeeze this.


It's the most unbelievable...
incredible thing I've ever experienced.

I've checked the symbols on the armband
against every written language in an hour.

- What did you find?
- Nothing, but...

You see, the point is,...

..l can read really fast.

Here are my notes on the Ataniks.
I thought you might be interested.

You write in a notebook?

My host Freya enjoys
the tactile sensation of handwriting.

The inscription says ''With great power
comes great responsibility.''

''And the ability
to effect great consequences.''

You don't speculate on
why the Atanik became extinct.

No. My primary concern until now
was finding the armbands...

..and then determining how they worked.


(squeaking stops)

What does that mean?

(as Anise) I believe all the armbands have
now reached their maximum potential.

Anise? Can I see you for a moment?

They all have raised body temperatures.

- They're in no danger.
- I disagree.

Their symptoms are indicative of a virus.

You are correct. My bio-data indicates the
armband put a virus into their systems.

Doesn't that concern you?

It must be how the technology
accesses the human physiology.

It took a different amount of time in each
individual, due to their unique reactions.

That's speculation. Major Carter's blood
had a dangerous amount of adrenaline.

I object to interference in my experiment.

I object to being kept in the dark about
people whose health I am responsible for.

Are you suggesting
I would risk their health?

We're seeing very interesting results.
You want to discontinue the experiment?

Until we know more about
the physical effects of this virus, yes.

I say we remove the armbands
and run more tests... ensure these changes
aren't permanent or damaging.

- General...
- No, I'm sorry.

One thing I've learned in my time here is...

..there's nothing wrong with prudence
when dealing with alien devices.

Based on Dr Fraiser's recommendation,
I'm stopping the experiment temporarily.

- What?
- Why?

We'd like to find out exactly
what these things are doing to you.

- General...
- I'd rather not do that, sir.

The armbands may have a narcotic effect.
Wearing them may become addictive.

It's just one of the things
I'd like to rule out.

- Please, take the armbands off.
- But...

Are you refusing
to comply with a direct order?

Uh... a little problem here, sir.

- Colonel?
- Having a hard time complying.

We have tried everything short of
surgically removing their arms.

We'll hold that option in reserve.

(as Freya) You must admit
the positive effect is astonishing.

As long as there's no downside.

- (as Anise) There is no evidence of that.
- Yet.

Find a way to get those armbands
off my people.

(O'Neill) Teal'c,
how much do I have on here?

It appears to be
approximately 600 pounds.


Not bad.

Are you not concerned that
the armband cannot be removed?

Nope. This thing's great.

We will not resume our duties as SG-1
as long as this experiment continues.

Yeah, well... I'm gonna have to have
a little chat with Hammond about that.

We should be usin' these things.

- Hey!
- Hey.

- What are you working on?
- A book on wormhole physics.

But this computer isn't fast enough.

When the buffer's full,
I have to wait for it to catch up.

You know, we really could use your help.

You just don't get it, Janet.
I don't wanna take it off.

OK. I realise
they're making you feel really good...

Look! I have written a 1 ,000-page book
in under two hours.

I've been dying to do this
but I haven't had the time.

- Sam...
- Janet...

(very fast typing)

- Absolutely not.
- Come on, General!

- Why'd we put these things on?
- We still don't know the long-term effects.

We shouldn't be wastin' this stuff. We
oughta be out kickin' some Goa'uld butt!

Look at this!

Sorry about that, General.

Colonel, I'm concerned that you aren't
in full control of your new abilities.

Well, you may be right.
It's just so damn exciting, sir!

- I'm sure it is.
- And, even if we're not in total control,...

..shouldn't we be out there doin'
the damage, instead of in your office?

I'm concerned
for your wellbeing, Colonel.

And I appreciate it. And you're the boss.
Whatever you say goes.

I just want you to know that
we're here for you, ready to go!

Just... Just say the word.

Thank you.

Seriously. Say it. Say the word.

- Dismissed.
- We can be ready in three seconds.

- Colonel...
- Two. Heck, we're ready!

Jack, please! Just...
get the hell outta my office.

Yes, sir.

- Hey, Siler.
- Aaargh!


- Aw, crap.
- (Silermoans)

This is ridiculous. It was an accident.

Siler has a broken arm and a concussion.

He'll pull through.

I sent flowers.

You have to admit it's a little scary.
I feel like I could... do anything.

All I know is I'm gonna starve to death.

I don't know about you guys, but
I'm having some serious protein cravings.

- Steak.
- I could go for that.

Big, red, juicy meat.

- O'Malley's, in town.
- Let's go.

Let's eat.

- How high do you think that fence was?
- 20, 25 feet?

I'd say more like 30.

What can I get you?


Three of the biggest steaks you've got,
with everything. Rare. Baked potato.

You got it.

Excuse me.

That was for me.

- (Jackson) Yeah, I'll have three as well.
- Four?

- Four. Four is good.
- Me, too. And French fries with mine.

Oh, and a diet soda.

I like the taste better.

So has it occurred to anyone
that we're defying a direct order?

- It's not like we haven't done it before.
- But that was to save Earth.

Earth... Steaks...

There's a difference?

We'll be back before
anyone knows we're gone.

- How the hell did you do that?
- Wanna go double or nothin'?

- No, I think I'll cut my losses.
- Smart move.

What are you laughin' at, you geek?


- Excuse me?
- Let it go.

No. Not this time.


What are you gonna do?



..this is a cliché.


(prolonged crashing and moaning)

Right. OK.

I thought the devices would enhance
them physically, not make them stupid.

You'd have to ask Anise about that, sir.

But their erratic behaviour could be
caused by the increase in hormone levels.

It's almost a sort of intoxication.

My concern is: how do we contain them
if they're that strong and fast?

The concern is greater than that, sir.

Blood tests show early indication
of multiple organ failure.

The human body wasn't meant
to be put through this.

So they'll die if we don't
get these things off them?

I believe the key is the virus.
The armband's used as an intermediary.

There's no magic pill to combat a virus,
but there are treatments we could try.

But that's no guarantee.

- No, sir.
- (footsteps)

Thank you, Doctor.

Can you explain why witnesses put you
people at a restaurant in town last night?

- Sir, I can't tell you how...
- Sir, I can explain that.

No, I can't.

We were very hungry, sir.

- The report says there was a brawl.
- More of a... scuffle, sir.

- You're lucky you didn't kill those men.
- Now, we were very careful about that.

What am I supposed to do
with you people?

General, I can't tell you how sorry we are.

But... Carter wanted a steak...

- Actually, it was your idea, sir.
- My point is, General,...

..that we were defying orders didn't occur
to us until we were actually... defying.

It's like the armbands are having an effect
on our ability to make rational choices.

General Hammond, I have a message
from the Tok'ra High Council.

- What?
- I reported on the experiment...

..and they have made a suggestion.

- Regarding...?
- The High Council proposes...

..putting SG-1's new skills
to practical use.

Yesss... Sir.

- What are they suggesting?
- We just received news...

..of a new class of battleship
that Apophis is building.

Just received?

Our internal attempt at sabotage
has already failed.

However, based on our intelligence,
a covert team could...

You've known all along.

- Excuse me?
- This was the point, wasn't it?

(as Freya) General, I assure you...

I've been at this a long time and I know
damn well when I'm being manipulated.

I realise how this must look.

- But in the interests of our alliance...
- Don't give me that load of bunk.

Right now, I don't think the Tok'ra
have my people's best interest in mind.

General, believe this: if Apophis
is allowed to complete this battleship,... will assure his dominance
over the Goa'uld, your planet...

..and the rest of this galaxy.

(as Anise) The High Council
will be disappointed.

I have downloaded all we know
about the battleship into your computer.

Hopefully, you will review it
and reconsider.

- General, if I may...
- No, you may not.

Take them back to the lockup.

For what it's worth,
I'm ordering you to cooperate.


Let's have a look.

So you think we have a problem here?

This new vessel has many advancements
over previous Goa'uld mother ships.

- We must stop its completion.
- I can't send SG-1 on such a mission,...

..knowing their judgment is impaired.

I will go alone, then.

According to the Tok'ra intelligence,
the gate on that planet is heavily guarded.

I doubt even you could make it through.

- Apophis must not complete this vessel.
- Let's say I agree, Teal'c.

Prove to me it isn't a suicide mission.

The gate will be heavily guarded,
but we can handle it.

Wormhole physics dictate that you exit
at the same velocity that you enter.

- They won't know what hit 'em.
- The facility will be more of a challenge.

Can't we just zip in, plant C4 and zip out?

No. The ship's power core is sealed in
trinium. That's what we have to take out.

Hang on. The power core is linked to a
liquid cooling system based in the facility.

- These pipes lead into it.
- So we zip in, blow the pipes and zip out.

The core will overheat and explode.

The problem is, force shields
are protecting this restricted area.



I see your point.

Goa'uld force shields operate
by frequency oscillation.

If we were moving fast enough,...

..we should see the oscillation interval
and run right through.

We'll need snacks.



Let's go.



Not this time, Teal'c.

- Gate's open, sir.
- Shut her down. Get the blast doors open.

I can't, sir. I'm locked out of the system.

Medical team to the Control Room.

Onak, kree!


It takes two guys to carry that?

Weapons-grade naqahdah
is extremely dense.

D'you know how many naqahdah reactors
a single bar like that could power?

- No.
- A lot!

I'll get it. Meet you back here.

- Wow. Sir, is it hot?
- A little bit.

- You all right?
- Fine.

The force shields should be...
somewhere around here.

It's up.


- Five minutes.
- Right.

After the cooling system stops, it takes 10
minutes for the power core to go critical.

Gives us 15 minutes
to get back to the gate.


(Carter) Did you get the naqahdah?

(breathlessly) It's in the pack.

Good. Let's go.

Actually, it's, uh... it's getting kinda heavy.



- What's going on?
- I can't move.

The armbands are going to
come off on their own?

Data transmitted from their bio-sensors
before they went through the Stargate...

..indicate traces of an antibody.

To the virus... that allowed the devices
to enhance their speed and strength.

We've solved the mystery
of the Ataniks' extinction.

- How so?
- The armbands work for a limited time.

Once the immunity spread among Atanik
warriors, the armbands would be useless.

- I guess they never solved the problem.
- Which means SG-1 is likely on a planet...

..full of armed Jaffa with an advantage
that could disappear at any time?

Yes, sir.

General, for what it's worth,
Anise and I are sorry.

We were not aware of the mission
prior to our arrival here.

(as Anise) I do hope SG-1 returns safely.

Hak! Kree!

All right. You got us. Don't... ''kree''.

It seems my assistance
was required after all.

Yes. Thank you.

- What happened?
- You passed out. Your armband came off.

We gotta move. Teal'c, get Daniel
back through the gate. Carter, with me.


(Carter moans)


Where are they?

They should have been right behind us.

Continue on, Daniel Jackson.




Should've brought more snacks.

I don't think that would've helped.

01 .56.

Sir, you've gotta get outta here.

So do you.

I am not leaving, Daniel Jackson.

Well, I'm not suggesting we should.

- There is no way in there to help them.
- No.

Ten minutes after that C4 goes,
this whole mountain is gonna explode.

I am aware of that.

So the fact that we're staying is based
on a completely informed decision.

It is.

Yeah. Just making sure.


Sir, there's no time.

(movement ofarmour)


Here goes.


- Did you see that?
- Let's go!

Carter, forget that! Leave it!

The shield is down.

Come on, let's go! Move! Move! Move!

- I told you guys to get back to that gate!
- Yeah. Teal'c wouldn't leave.

Less than a minute!



Just remember, I retired.
You wanted me back.

- (Hammond) Colonel, are you all OK?
- I think so.

- We will be.
- I am very well, General Hammond.

What happened?

The damn armbands fell off
is what happened.

I am sorry.

- Did you destroy the ship?
- Indeed we did, General Hammond.

Good. Report to the infirmary.

Uh, General... Sir?

About the obviously impending
court martials...

You were under the influence of an alien
technology. That's a pretty solid defence.

Even so, I'm...

- I'm sorry.
- Me, too.

Me three.

I have no need to apologise.

Teal'c was actually following orders.

Of course he was.

You left the armbands behind.

- We had other things on our mind.
- Understandable.


Anise and I both hope we can
work together again in the future.

Both of you?

Can't wait for that.

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