Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 21 - Double Jeopardy - full transcript

On planet Juna, SG-1 minus Daniel gets a hostile welcome from the local warriors leader Darian, who seems incredulous they even dared to return. They loyally deliver Sam and Teal'c, the particularly hated sho'va (Jaffa traitor) to Cronus (who took over as system lord after SG-1 helped chase Heru'ur) and told them to bury the Stargate. Cronus orders Darian to decapitate Daniel by staff weapon- to find his head is robotic. Cronus's obvious astonishment makes Darian doubt his divinity. At SGC, Harlan urge them to go on a mission. The master robot-creator tells them that the robot versions he created need to recharge after 48. In order to prevent the Goa'uld picking their mind copies, they reluctantly go. Darian now joins them, but feels most of his people won't dare challenge Cronus ever. The two Teal'cs concentrate on revenging the original's father by attacking Cronus recklessly, while the Sams and Jacks deal with the military problems and overthrowing the Goa'uld rule.


Footprints. They are recent.

- How many?
- Several. Some are that of Jaffa.


Take cover!

Drop your weapons and surrender!

They don't look like Jaffa.

He does.

There is no escape.
Stand and identify yourselves.

They need not.

I know who they are.

I'm sorry. Have we...Have we met?

They are warriors from a planet
called Earth. They are known as SG-1.

How dare you return here.

Look, I think there's been
a misunderstanding.

They are the ones who led us in the
rebellion against the servants of Heru-ur.

You told us to bury our Stargate.

You said that the gods would not return,
but that was not true.

Cronus came in his great ship.

He claimed our planet,
commanded that we serve him.

- I'm sorry, but you don't understand.
- Why do you insult me, Major Carter?

Would you have me believe
you have not been here?

I know who you are.

And you are Daniel Jackson, Teal'c,
and that is Colonel O'Neill.

Where is he?

Find him.

Bring them.

Hail, Sindar, high servant of Cronus.

- Who is this?
- They came through the Chaapa- ai.

They are the ones who came before and
fought against the servants of Heru-ur.

You are the shol'va Teal'c.

My master will be most pleased.

There is another who was with them.
He escaped into the forest.

- He is their leader.
- Find him.

We will not fail you.

- Good night, Hira.
- Good night, husband.

Cronus comes tomorrow.

I pray that he will reward us kindly for
having captured the warriors from Earth.

I fear Cronus is disappointed our search
parties have not captured their leader.

Is something wrong?
You behave strangely.

That Darian guy called me "Major".

- Well, this was a majorscrew- up.
- How could we know?

There is always the risk that planets
may be occupied by Goa'uld forces.

Yes, but one we've
actually been to before?

Is it a bad sign that O'Neill
hasn't communicated yet?

No. I do not believe we should
attempt to communicate with him either.

The Goa'uld may track our signal.

Mission time's nearly eight hours.
What do we do?

Well, we can't tell them the truth.

I do not understand.

I know how you feel.

There are two of you?


It's more complicated than that.

Please, do not harm my wife.

I'm not gonna hurt either one of you.

I just want someone to explain to me
what's happened here before I arrived.

You mean...

..the first time you were here?

Mm- hm.

You came through the Chaapa- ai. You
said our god, Heru-ur, was a false god.

You organised a rebellion. With
your help, we banished Heru-ur's Jaffa.

You said we were free and that
the false gods would not bother us again.

We did live in peace for a time,...

..but then Cronus came in his ship and
said our planet now fell under his domain.

- He commanded that we worship him.
- Look. Neither one of those guys is a god.

I will not believe you this time!

The punishment my people suffered
for our prior indiscretion was my fault.

I asked them to follow you,
and they were forced to pay dearly for it.

It was not an indiscretion.

It was the right thing to do,
no matter how it turned out.

Do what you will.

Tomorrow Cronus comes, and you and
your kind will face the consequences.

Yeah, whatever.

There will be no escape.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes, please?

How long are we to remain like this?

My lord, your presence honours me.

Tell me of
the intruders from Earth.

There were three. And the Jaffa Teal'c,...

..the shol'va.

The one called O'Neill
has thus far eluded capture.

Warriors of Juna!

We are called before Cronus!

Warriors of Juna, for your loyalty
you shall be rewarded.

Bring in the prisoners.

The treaty between the System Lords
and the Asgard does not protect you here.

I once told you that if
you were ever at my mercy...

..I would not be kind.

You will not be fortunate enough... die as quickly as
your father did by my hand, shol'va.

Your fate will be much worse.

You will all pay for your sins.

Come forward.

- You lead your people in my name?
- I do, my lord.

Take it.

In honour of your god,...

..kill him.

Hashac cree!

Kill him!

Receiving IDC.

Sir, we're receiving a signal
on the IDC frequency,...

..but this is not an authorised SGC code.

It says "Comtrya".

- What does it mean?
- Ah, it's kinda like "shalom" or "aloha".

That stuff.

It was the greeting used by the
artificial life form Harlan on PX3- 989.

- The one who duplicated you?
- Yes.

Sir, please don't open the gate. Please?

I admit he was annoying,
but he wasn't a serious threat.

Open the iris.

Oooh! I have no weapons.

Stand down.

Oh, thank you for opening
the doorway device which you call iris.

Just for the record, I was opposed.

Welcome. I'm General Hammond,
leader of this facility.

Comtrya! Yes, I have
heard so much about you.

- What's wrong, Harlan?
- Oh, please, yes, it is a big emergency.

Um, you must help...

What are you?


Speak, or I shall have you torn apart.

Bring them to the ship.

- Find the other one.
- Yes, my lord.

I told them not to go. I begged them.

Going through the Stargate,
it is dangerous, no? Very dangerous.

You told me all about the Goa'uld,
you did. And you must help. Yes? No?

- Harlan!
- Yes?

- Sit.
- Yes.

Now, from the beginning.

The beginning? Yes.

They were not happy.
They could not stop being you.

- The portable power pak you invented...
- The robot me?

Oh, it was ingenious. Even Hubald
would have been impressed.

I have one in my chest now.
Would you like to see it?

- Yes.
- No!

- You can show her later.
- Later, yes. Help first.

- What type of help do you require?
- Oh, not me. You.

Um, I mean the others.

- What exactly has happened?
- They have not returned.

- Where are they?
- Away. They go away.

Are you saying they go
through the Stargate on missions?

Missions, yes.

What for?

I do not really know.
What is it that you do?

It was my understanding that
the robots agreed to bury their Stargate...

..and never leave their planet.

Yes, sir.

It would seem your robot counterpart is
equally as good at obeying orders as you.

They have always returned
after 24 hours, for safety.

The power paks only last 48 hours,
then they must be recharged.

- How overdue are they?
- 16 hours.

They do not have much time left.

What is it?

What has happened?

It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

Cronus brought the prisoners before us.
I was given a weapon of the guards.

To demonstrate my loyalty,...

..Cronus instructed me to kill
the one called Daniel Jackson.

- And so?
- I fired the weapon.

What happened next was unholy.

I have seen men decapitated in battle.
What I saw was not human.

- That was not the most disturbing thing.
- What was?

Cronus was as shocked by the fact Daniel
Jackson was not human as the rest of us.

He sent us away immediately.

But how could a true god
be surprised by anything?

That is what I ask myself.

General, I really don't think we are
responsible for retrieving these robots.

- But you must. They are you.
- Not me, they're not.

- Where's Dr Jackson? He will help.
- He's on a mission at the moment.

Oh, you do that so much.

The fact is, I don't want
to risk any of my people...

..for the sake of some androids
you created without authorisation.

- However,...
- However, yes?

..I am concerned that
information about this facility...

..could fall into the wrong hands.

Ah. An excellent point.

Sirs, if I may. Our robots
are really so much like us...

..they probably couldn't resist
the chance to use the gate to explore.

I think we can also assume
they'd guard top- secret information... closely as we would.

Besides, they don't have our IDC codes,
so they can't give those away.

Colonel O'Neill, if you don't want
to take this on, I won't make it an order.

Thank you, sir.

But I have grown accustomed.
I cannot go on without them.


Then I will just have
to help myself.

This one, this one, that one,...

..this one, that one and this one.


"Hm" what?

That's what I thought.

P3X- 729. We've been to this planet before.

We engaged in battle with Heru-ur
and liberated the people of Juna.

That's right. We told them
to bury the gate after we were gone.

Are you sure it's right?

I could do a full diagnostic of my system,
but it'd be quicker to just dial the address.

- Proceed.
- Yes, sir.

Chevron six encoded.

Chevron seven locked.

The gate isn't buried.

It is possible the Goa'uld went there
by ship to reinstate command.

But Heru-ur is dead, the naqahdah mine
was dry...Those people posed no threat.

Another Goa'uld may have claimed
the planet for different reasons.


- Possibly strategic military position.
- We told them they'd be OK.

Send a probe. Let's find out.

Yes, sir.

Receiving MALP telemetry.


- Never get used to that.
- This is General Hammond of the SGC.

Hey, George. How ya doin'?
Who else you got with you?

Major Carter, Teal'c,
Colonel O'Neill and Harlan.

Harlan! I told you to stay away from Earth!

Well, I told you to bury your gate!

You seem to think that
solves a lot ofproblems, don't you?

- SG-1 followed my orders.
- I'm sorry. I did not know what else to do.

Please return to our planet.

I can't do thatjust yet.

Do not shoot. I wish to help you.


I now believe you spoke the truth
about everything, including the gods.

- Why should I believe you?
- You must trust me, as I must trust you.

I am sorry about the one called Daniel.

Get overhere.

- To whom do you speak?
- It's Darian.

Earth. George Hammond
and the other SG-1.

Hey! You're the other, pal.

Do we really have time
forsemantics here?

What exactly is the current situation?

- Our Daniel is dead.
- Oh, my.

Carterand Teal'c have
been captured by Cronus.

He's got a ship in orbit
and his Jaffa are everywhere.

So it's just Darian and me.

Please, help us.

You have a go. SG-1 is on its way.

Thank you, George. Harlan!

You stay there!

They appear to be
a fascinating technology.

Find out how they work.

I wish to know all
the information they contain.

My pleasure.

This way.

- They look very much like you.
- We know.

Listen, for what it's worth,
I'm sorry about what's happened here.

Oh, I'm sure that makes him feel better.


- What the hell do you think you're doin'?
- Same thing you do. Only better.

- What does that mean?
- Better?

It means better,...

..stronger, faster.

You're not me and
don't work for the Air Force.

No. But that doesn't mean
I can't do the job.

- What job?
- Explore the universe, fight the Goa'uld.

- What? Like now?
- Hey, you made this mess.

- What we did was help these people.
- Come on! I know you better than that.

You screwed up and
now you're embarrassed.

- That's not the point.
- And like I'm gonna spend my eternity...

..on that lame- ass planet!

- You gave me your word!
- Is it the first time you've lied to yourself?

I told you what you wanted to hear.
Besides, were you gonna destroy me?

- I might have.
- All right, come on. Bring it on, flyboy!

Oh, you little...


Much as I'd like to see how this plays out,
don't we have something important to do?

- What can so few of us possibly do?
- Hammond won't spring for more troops?

I didn't ask! This is our problem.

- We can't expect help from your people?
- No.

We convinced your people
to oppose the Goa'uld once before.

Most, including myself,
had never seen an actual god before.

Heru-ur had not come
to Juna for generations.

And when Cronus arrived and displayed
his great power, he instilled much fear.

The people are terrified.

Then we must demonstrate
once and for all that Cronus is not a god.

I assume you have a plan to back up
that rather bold yet cryptic statement?

Yes! Yes, we do.

It is not safe here.
The forests are heavily patrolled.

- We're not done, pal.
- I so own you.

There is a device in the chest that
sensors indicate may be a power unit.

Current status: deactivated.

Can it be reactivated?

Do you feel pain?


Do you sympathise with him?


Both units appear to show
concern for each other.

Tell me how to reactivate
this one's power unit.

Then tell me which one of you would like
to feel sympathy, and which one the pain.

The only rings I've seen
were in that pyramid.

- There is a way into the main chamber.
- Yeah. By putting the robot at risk.

Fine. I'll do it.

- It's all right. I can handle it.
- This is very strange to me.

This kind of thing
happens to us all the time.

How many Jaffa do we
have to deal with on that ship?

As many as one thousand.
But that is not the problem.

- What is?
- The rings are activated from the ship.

- You didn't mention that before.
- We had little time to formulate this plan.

It's all right. Carter and Teal'c
might be able to help.

- The other ones.
- How'll they know what to do and when?

I can communicate with them.

I've been maintaining radio silence
to protect my location.

- I don't see a radio.
- They're internal.

- So you can actually send a signal...
- Wait...Excuse me.

A little static.

- They said they'd do what they can.
- What about the Jaffa on the ship?

Once we reach the peltak level,
the other levels can be sealed off.

Cronus will have few Jaffa remaining.

What do we do with the other Jaffa
once we've dealt with Cronus?

We offer them freedom.

My lord, the machine that resembles
Teal'c requests an audience with you.

- For what purpose?
- He wishes to bargain with you...

..for the freedom of the one called Carter.

- What have you learnt so far?
- They have been unwilling to cooperate.

However, their behaviour
is curiously similar to that of humans.

Perhaps you will be more successful
in extracting the necessary information.

Bring the one that
resembles Teal'c before me.


The intruder has been captured.


Tell me how to operate the power core
on that unit and I will stop damaging you.

It's simple.

Just touch the two crystals
on opposite sides of the converter.


Cronus will be very pleased.

Truth be told, I do not think
Cronus will be pleased at all.

- You all right?
- I am.

I'm fine, too. Thanks for your concern.

Are you all right?

A little gas.

Yeah, got gas.

What is it you wish to tell me
in exchange for the other one's freedom?

My only wish... to seek revenge
for the death of my father.

- Is it now active?
- In a way.

- What does this mean?
- I designed it with special sensors...

..that would detect when someone
was tampering with the power core.

For situations just like this.

It's a self- destruct mode.


- Nice work.
- Teal'c's in trouble.

- Where?
- He's on the peltak with Cronus.

- We need to seal off this level.
- There's a control centre for all the doors.

Kinda like a circuit panel.

Jaffa, cree!

I've got your six.

The crystals are protected
by a force shield!

Switch with me. I'll do it.

- What do I do?
- Pull the green crystals out.

The doors should close
and lock automatically.

For our father.

That's it!

- You are very badly damaged.
- Yes.

But you are a machine.
Can you not be mended?



I'm running out of energy.

I will shut down soon.

I will never be forgotten.

Go tell your people Cronus is dead.

If they still think he's a god,
have'em come take a look.

Carter and Teal'c?

Yours don't look so good.

The real ones...are OK.

Are we still so far from real to you?


..I guess not.

Then I believe...

..we are done.

Visiontext Subtitles: Natasha Cohn