Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 2 - The Other Side - full transcript

SGC is contacted by an advanced and embattled alien human civilization seeking military assistance, but their exact reasons for it become increasingly suspect.

Unscheduled offworld activation.

Move, move, move, move, move!

I still can't make it out. Try to filter out
the subspace RF interference.


Colonel! This is the fifth incoming
wormhole in the last hour and a half.

All right. I'm here two hours early.
When did you get here?

I haven't left yet.

- Didn't I order you to get a life?
- Yes, sir, you did, but this is...

They sent a radio signal this time?

Yeah, but the frequency is distorted
just outside our equipment range.

We're trying to make the adjustment.

What are you doing here?

Someone's trying to contact us.
How often does that happen?

- We can receive now, Major.
- Pipe it through the speakers.

Try to match it so we can
transmit back from our end.

I repeat. This is Euronda base.
Have you reached the otherside?

- Oh, my God!
- Tralan, please respond.

This is Major Carter
of the United States Air Force.

It is imperative that you send no one else
through the gate.

They can't hear you yet, Major.

Historians believe this Stargate is
a portal to the world ofourancestors.

Your kindred are besieged by a powerful
enemy, unwilling to listen to reason.

Our supplies are all but gone. Our
defences are on the verge ofcollapse.

Help us, please!


All right, there were four offworld
activations prior to this one...

. . and the iris was closed all the time.

How many impact events
did the computer record?


So... three dead.

Yes, sir.

I'm gonna go look up Euronda.

It's not your fault, Carter. Move on.

Yes, sir.

Your kindred are besieged by a powerful
enemy, unwilling to listen to reason.

Our supplies are all but gone. Our
defences are on the verge ofcollapse.

Help us, please!

All right. Assuming they make contact
again and transmit their coordinates, ...

. . what help can we seriously offer?

Food, clothing, medical supplies...

Clearly they seek military assistance
above all else.

- God knows who they're up against.
- They themselves may be Goa'uld.

- Such a ruse is within their tactics.
- I don't think that's the case, Teal'c.

They call themselves our "kindred".

Some of whom have already
met their deaths on the iris.

That's hardly the ground
on which to build diplomatic relations.

Sir, we have another offworld activation.

We've made the adjustments, Major.

Two-way communication
shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you, Sergeant.

This is Alar ofthe nation-state
ofEuronda. Ifanyone can hearme...

Alar, this is General Hammond, United
States Air Force. Can you hear me?

Yes. And may I say, General, that
your voice answers ourprayers?

We've heard your message and are
considering your request for help.

I am prepared to step through
the portal immediately.

- We cannot allow that.
- May I ask why?

We have in place an impenetrable shield -
an iris - that would result in your death.

Then... the three volunteers
we sent through the portal... ?

There was no way to determine
if they were friend or foe.

I see.

And... that is still the case.

Clearly, we must gain your trust.

They're transmitting visual.

Now you can see foryourself
that we are kindred.

- We do.
- There is much mypeople have to offer...

. . in exchange foryourhelp.
Ifl could speak with you in person...

We need to know more about
this enemy you're facing.

We have coexisted on this world
for centuries.

Now they occupy the majority
ofEuronda's landmass.

That rules out anybody we know.

How have you managed
to survive for so long?

Our facility is deep underground,
protected by defence fiields, ...

. . and our weapons technology
is farsuperior.

But now one or two oftheirbombers
penetrate ourairspace each day.

- How did you find us?
- We discovered the Stargate...

. . while creating tunnels
for our defence facilities.

There were writings on the ancient stone
it was buried beneath.

- We are underattack.

I must return to the warroom.

Please... help us.

So what do we do?

Nothing can be done, Daniel Jackson,
without their coordinates.

We've got them.

He transmitted them before disengaging.

I know it seems hopeless and
there are unanswered questions, ...

. . but this is the first time that descendants
of Earth have actually called home.

I mean, either we try to do something
or we let them die.

It's your call, sir.

- Colonel...
- I know what you'll say, ...

- You have a go.
- . . but from a humanitarian point of view...


We cannot and would not devote the
resources to turn the tide of a world war.

However, as Dr Jackson points out,
there are humanitarian concerns.

We'll start with all the food and
medical supplies you can take with you.

- Major, perhaps...
- We're on it, sir.


Humanitarian concerns aside,
this may be an advanced civilisation...

. . willing to exchange technology
to help us against the Goa'uld.

- My thoughts, sir.
- I've already talked to the president.

If the Eurondan government is open
to trade, you're authorised to negotiate.

SG-1, you're to report back
within 24 hours.

If you do not,
your GDOs will be locked out.

You've got that look.

To which look are you referring, O'Neill?

The one that says "I have misgivings,
but deep down I know it's right"?

No. The other one.


You have come.

It's Alar, sir. He needs medical attention.

Teal'c, gimme a hand here.


Disarm. Now!

- Where did you come from?
- These are our kindred of Earth.

They have come to save us.

I was on my way to the Stargate
to contact you again.

The defence field is down to
minimum sustainable strength.

I told you our kindred
would come, Farrell.

You'll win the People's Medal for this.

Bombing's eased up.

We are far more protected here,
where the defence field is strongest, ...

. . than in the tunnels
where we discovered the Stargate.

How's your head?

Well enough to show you
what you have come to save.

Easy. You might have a concussion.

No, our beta-cantin assures
an immediate recovery, Major.

I'm quite fine.

- Supplies are being distributed now.
- Apparently they need everything.

- Who is this?
- Alar, this is Teal'c.

- You are not of their kin.
- I am, in fact, a Jaffa.

Like you, my ancestors are
descendants of the Tauri.

The Tauri is Earth.

He's part of our team.

Is he?

Then... welcome.


You appear to be a leader.

I am accorded the respect of my father,
one of our leaders when the war began.

Now we are fewer in numbers,
we each share in the daily work.

You do know the Stargate can transport
your people to other worlds?


- Then why haven't you tried to evacuate?
- Because of what I'm about to show you.

They're in stasis.

Their functions are regulated so that their
hearts beat but once every few minutes.

We had no choice but to live underground
and this facility's resources are limited.

It was the only way to preserve
the generation of my father.

May they be revived again?

Not until the day we reclaim our world.

How many are there?

Thousands sleep here. Thousands more
in another chamber like this one.

Awaiting the end of a war
that will not end.

From this room we conduct
our national defence.

- For all of Euronda?
- Yes.

A single enemy recon drone
approaches, sir.

Thank you, Controller.

Each station is capable of piloting
a formation of unmanned aero-fighters.

Because of these men and women,
enemy bombers rarely return home.

Most impressive.

- What about ground attack?
- The fighters could deter it, ...

. . but the enemy has not risked
such an attack in several years.

For what reason? You are both
outnumbered and surrounded.

They could press their advantage.

The atmosphere of Euronda has been
poisoned. The surface is unlivable.

Um... ahem!

Then forgive me if this sounds, uh...

- What is there left to fight over?
- It will not always be this way.

An enemy craft is approaching.

Would any of you care to
attempt to shoot it down?

It is an unmanned reconnaissance drone
sent for bomb-damage assessment.

- Unmanned?
- Think of it as a demonstration, Colonel.

Are not your people more likely to be
forthcoming with assistance...

. . if we have something
to offer in exchange?


So does this thing take quarters, or... ?

You will find the weapons system most
intuitive. Hand controls are secondary.

Targeting and vectoring occur
as a result of direct neural interface.


It'll do whatever
your mind wants it to do, sir.


Whoa! Thing's fast.

You are piloting several
aero-fighters at once in formation.

Yeah, got it. 1 1 o'clock.

Looks like a biplane.


Well done.

Yeah! Not bad...

Not bad for an old guy, huh?

- What's with him?
- Ollan is one of our best pilots, Colonel, ...

. . but he's spent most of
his adult life in that chair.

Years of exposure to
the neural interface is damaging.

Very few of us, including myself, ...

. . can ever pilot again without
risking what has happened to Ollan.

Excuse me?

Rest assured, Colonel, your brief
exposure will cause you no harm.

Now... come.
Let us celebrate our new alliance.

I intended to save this bottle
to toast the end of the war.

May the friendship between our worlds
be the first step toward that end.

To friendship.

- To friendship.
- To friendship.

- Friendship.
- Friendship.

You... did not join in the pledge.

I do not consume alcohol.

Were you impressed
by our weapons system?

Oh, yeah. We'll take a dozen.

This food you have brought
is most flavourful.

We can do much better, believe me.

We have survived on nothing more than
hydroponically grown yeasts for years.

Is that what this is?

Your power-generation requirements
must be enormous.

Do you not utilise
controlled fusion on Earth?

Controlled... ?

It is a most efficient means
of power generation.

Unfortunately the deuterium oxide fuel
we require to operate our reactors...

. . is now in short supply.

Heavy water. It's like regular water, sir,
except the hydrogen nucleus contains...

I know what heavy water is, Major.

And if that's what the Eurondans need,
we'd be happy to provide it.

In return we can teach your people how to
construct weapons systems such as ours.

Aero-fighters, stasis devices,
fusion reactors...

Sounds fair.


- Medicine, sir.
- Oh, right. Um...

We were very impressed with
that beta-caro... candy stuff.

Beta-cantin. Of course.

- Jack?
- Daniel.

Shouldn't we ask what
the heavy water is for?

- I don't think so.
- The power generated by it...

. . would be used to reinforce
our defences, Dr Jackson.


And, in due course,
to strike back at the enemy.

- Jack?
- Daniel, ...

. . shouldn't we discuss this
another time?

No, I don't think so.

Surely you understand our desire to end
a war that has lasted for a generation?

No, I do understand that, Alar.

But the Stargate, because it can transport
your people to another world entirely...

But I have told you -
thousands of our people are in stasis.

Take them out of stasis
and find a new home.

Then what would all this have been for?
This is our home.

I just don't understand why you would
continue a war when there's a choice.

Daniel... You heard the man.

You said yourself the atmosphere is
poisoned. What is there left to win?

Alar, enemy bombers have
penetrated the outer perimeter.

- Defence stations.
- Please excuse us.

We'll be in the war room
once you reach your decision.

- Next time I tell you to shut up...
- I didn't hear that.

- Too subtle for you?
- Yes. Would you hear me out?


Our standing orders. What are they?

To seek new allies and technologies
to aid in the defence against the Goa'uld.

- And have we carried out those orders?
- We came here to help them.

- Is that not what we are doing?
- No!

Their world is in flames and we're
offering gasoline. How is that help?

- We are in fact offering water.
- Thank you.

- I was speaking metaphorically.
- Well, stop it! It's not fair to Teal'c.

Decision's made.

This mission isn't about helping them.
We're here to help ourselves.

Carter, take Daniel back with you.
Tell Hammond we struck a deal.

You don't give a damn about them.
You're taking advantage of their situation.

Yes. I am, Daniel.

They get something they want.
We get everything we want.

- I don't have a problem with that. Carter!
- We're on our way, sir.

- This conversation isn't over.
- You're right, Daniel.

- It's never over with you.
- This has got nothing to do with me.

- Do you realise what they're offering?
- At what price?

Oh, for cryin' out loud...

- Where you goin'?
- To see what I can do to help!

I am not defending him, Daniel.
I agree with him.

Don't you realise what we'd be doing?

Major? Doctor?

Sir, Colonel O'Neill has negotiated access
to every advanced Eurondan technology...

. . in exchange for an unknown
quantity of heavy water.

- That's all they want?
- That's all.

- What do they want it for?
- Thank you for asking the question.

- Heavy water contains deuterium.
- Which can be used in nuclear weapons.

Yes, but they use it to fuel
nuclear fusion generators.


Alar says the additional power
would be enough to stave off defeat.

- They'll share that technology too?
- Of course. They're desperate.

Yes, sir. Everything. And it is incredible.

They are a hundred years
ahead of us, maybe more.

But if we don't act soon,
they will be overrun.

- Sergeant Siler?
- I'll get right on it, sir.

Doctor, you don't approve.

You said that we could not and would not
devote the resources to win a war.

Obviously I was speaking in terms
of military assets. Human lives.

- But there was a moral issue.
- Yes.

But if we provide all that in the form of
water, then the moral issue... evaporates?

I shouldn't have to remind you
that Apophis is alive...

. . and at present capable of wiping us from
the face of this Earth without contest.

It is the mandate of this organisation
to make sure that doesn't happen.

I understand that. I do.

We've only seen one side of this.
Do we know why they're fighting?

- For their lives.
- Yes. I was all for saving those lives.

But we're about to go
way, way, way beyond that.

We're about to turn the tide of a world war
that we know nothing about, ...

. . against an enemy
that we know nothing about.

Is that the right way to get technology?
Yes. But is it the right thing to do?

It's a fair question, sir.

Yes, it is.

Send a formation to the west. They are
amassing bombers there. How long?

Carter and Jackson
will return as soon as they can.

There are too many.

- Use a couple more pilots?
- Yes!

Aero-fighter squadron,
deck three. Target.

Enemy bombers incoming,
bearing zero, zero.

I see 'em.

- This is all you could bring?
- On short notice, yes.

- This will not last a day!
- There's more coming.

We brought what little we could
as soon as possible.

- More is on the way. You're certain?
- Much more, yes.

Add the fuel to the reactors.
Set the defence field to full power.

A demonstration to the enemy. We must
show them that we are strong once more.

In the meantime, we have questions...

Yes, yes. As soon as the attack is over,
we will provide all we have promised.

Come. It isn't safe.

- Enemy bombers over the city.
- Teal'c, target the lead bomber.

- I'll take the other one.
- I have it, O'Neill.

- That sounded close.
- Directly above us, in the old city.

Let me show you another of the wonders
we will share with you for all you've done.

The field generator can repel the force
of many bombs like a great shield.

It has saved our people from destruction
for my entire life.

You see? The fuel you brought
has strengthened it again.

How long will that last?

For several hours.

I'm certain we'll be able to send
more heavy water by then.

Mine's goin' for the deck.


- O'Neill, are you all right?
- Enemy bomber destroyed.

What was that?

Your lead aero-fighter
struck an enemy bomber head on.

I saw people in that thing.
You said they were unmanned.

I said the reconnaissance craft
was unmanned.

It was an easy target and
therefore a suitable demonstration.

But their bombers are manned.

You have killed several of our enemy,
Colonel, and we are grateful.

He is remembered.

For whom do you pledge
this remembrance?

My father. Through his vision,
our nation has survived.

I see.

It is customary among our people to
formalise new alliances such as ours.

In exchange for all our knowledge,
technology, medicines, ...

. . Earth will provide us...

. . with however much heavy water as we
require to end this war once and for all.

Do not be alarmed. Merely three or four
times that which you have just provided, ...

. . on a daily basis.

That adds up to several
metric tons a year, sir.

It's a small price to pay
for what we offer in return.

Alar, listen.

- What?
- Silence.

I hardly recognise it.

At full strength, our defence field makes
us as invulnerable as when I was a boy.

I propose that we write into words
what we already share in our hearts.

Ahem! Before we do that,
I have a question.

General Hammond would
also like to know, sir.

It's all right, Colonel. I don't mind.

How did this war start?

The first enemy bombs fell on Euronda
in a surprise attack.

I was a boy of nine. I remember that night.

I remember the floor of the room
in which my father had sequestered me...

. . shook with each explosion.

I remember knowing that
each bomber that got through...

. . meant that another building,
another home, ...

. . another street
in the city above me was gone.

That is how this war began, Doctor.

And for that we have only your word.

Three of our best men died attempting
to reach Earth through your Stargate.

- That was an accident.
- And we have only your word.

Any more questions, Daniel?

Yes. I'd like to know
more about your enemy.

Is this part of your bargaining process,

Not normally.

What more can we promise
than everything we have?

Why don't you just answer the question?

- Colonel, do we have an agreement?
- We do.

- Jack.
- Daniel... Shut up.

Is that clear enough?

Sir, if you're gonna go back, I would like
to take a look at their fusion technology.


It would be my pleasure
to show you personally.

I understand you shot down an enemy
bomber for us, Colonel. Congratulations.

- Perhaps you'll try your hand at it again.
- I don't think so.

Well, if you're concerned about lives lost,
remember they're yourenemy now.

I look forward to your return.

Which reminds me - perhaps it would
be best if the Jaffa did not return.

Teal'c? Why? He hasn't said a word.

It's not what he said. It's what he is.

- Well, he's different. I'll grant you that.
- Not like us.


Major Carter, after you.

We're not goin'.


Teal'c and I are gonna
have a look around first.

You... ask questions.

- I thought you told me to...
- I know what I said, Daniel.

It was rude, short-sighted, and I'm sorry.

Well, thank you for recognising that.

Now I'm saying this.

Go ask questions. Lots of questions.

One single fusion reactor is capable of
generating power for the entire facility.

I assume you extract
deuterium from seawater.

Yes. 70%%% of the Earth's surface is ocean, ...

. . so heavy-water production
shouldn't be a problem.

The sea from which we used to extract
our own "heavy water", as you call it, ...

. . is now in enemy hands
hundreds of miles away.

You can see that
the storage tanks are nearly empty.

You must have been building this place
long before the war started.

The war was inevitable.

How long did you expect
to stay down here?

Until the air was free from poison.

Excuse me.

- So what's your impression of Alar?
- That he is concealing something.

- Like what?
- I am unsure. He is concealing it.

What is it, O'Neill?

They're the same.

Every damn one of 'em is the same.

- Farrell.
- Doctor.

I just thought that,
since we're going to be allies, ...

. . l thought we should get to know
a little bit more about our new enemy.

OK, um...

Well, you call them "the enemy".

Understandably - they're your enemy.
But they must have a name.

For example, I'm American.
My grandfather was Dutch.

What do you call them?

Sometimes we call them "breeders".

- Breeders?
- How they reproduce.

With no regard for genetic purity.

Really? So basically
they come in all shapes and sizes.


- And colours?
- Yes.


This storage cylinder contains
plans, specifications and formulas...

. . upon which our technology is based.

Together we will find a way to transfer
the information to your computers.

Alar, these pipes extend from
the lowest level right up to the surface.


But you said the atmosphere
was poisoned. It doesn't make any sense.

- Enemy bombers approaching perimeter.
- Engage them!

- Jack.
- What'd you find out?

They started the war. I don't know
how they did it, but they did.

- Where is the fuel?
- There's been a delay.

The enemy is attacking in force.
We need that fuel!

We just have to buy a little time. Teal'c
and I can help fight 'em off until it comes.

Do it!

Stay on my wing, Teal'c.

It was a pre-emptive strike.
When your enemy began bombing, ...

- . . they were trying to stop you.
- Now is not the time, Major!

The defence field is at minimum strength.

Transfer energy from the stasis room.

They built this place long before the war.
They planned it from the beginning.

But how can they win from underground?

There are enormous gas pipes that run
from tanks underneath this facility...

- . . up to the surface.
- And the surface is poisoned.

They didn't just start a war.
They wanted to exterminate them.

It was his vision.

My father saw breeders spreading across
the face of Euronda like a plague.

Millions of them.

We don't know how so many of them
manage to survive.

But they do, in spite of our best efforts.

Contact your General Hammond.
Tell him we need that fuel immediately!

We're not gonna do that.


Contact your General Hammond.

They're escorting the enemy bombers!

- He's attacking our own fighters.
- Stop him!

- It could have all been yours!
- I wouldn't follow us if I were you.



Wait! Wait!

I can teach you everything I know.
Just let me come with you.


- Close the iris.
- Do it.

I take it, Colonel, that you were unable
to procure the Eurondan technologies.

That's correct, sir.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Don't be.

- We'll debrief in one hour.
- Yes, sir.

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