Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 18 - The Light - full transcript

SG-5's Lieutenant Barber commits suicide by jumping into the Stargate shortly after a mission on a planet where a since about 200 years abandoned Goa'uld palace is studied by Daniel, who soon develops violent mood swings and is committed to hospital with a neurotransmitter brain condition, presumed fatal after all other SG-5 members die; alas meanwhile SG-3 has visited the planet, finding only the light installation Daniel reported as particularly fascinating and human teenage boy Loran, who hid for Daniel's expedition but now tells Jack he was left there by his parents, scientific researchers. Back in SGC, Jack also develops symptoms. Sam and Dr. Frasier conclude it must be some addiction linked to the light, so when Daniel is nearly terminal Jack, who might not have been exposed too long himself, must bring him back. Jack insists to try turning off the light, and leans on Loran, who is looking for a father-figure, even gives Teal'c an early 'birthday present', but indeed has a dark secret..

- Chevron one encoded.
- Barber.

When you get there,
give this to Daniel, will ya?

- Sir?
- We had a bet.

I lost.

What'd you bet on?

Sports related.

Just give it to him. He'll know.

Yes, sir.

- What sport?
- Hm?

- What sport did you bet on?
- Curling.

- Daniel bet on curling.
- Oh, yes.

His team won the big bonspiel.

OK. You don't wanna tell me, that's fine.

Good. Have fun.

Chevron four encoded.

Chevron five encoded.

So, sir, are you sure you'd rather take
a weekend off than see this place?

Oh, you know, I get that way
when I work my ass off.

I figured you might want
some time off yourself.

Oh, I do, but Daniel says if all the...

That was the bet? Whether or not I'd go?
Don't you have anything better to do?

Chevron seven locked.


Oh, my God.

- Jack! You have got to see this place.
- Daniel, there's been an incident.

I know. But this is really important.
There is this most amazing light...

Barber's dead.


Come on.

Did Lieutenant Barber show signs
of depression on the mission?

The opposite. He was...fine.

- How long had he been back?
- He hadn't been Earthside for 48 hours.

- What was he doing?
- Awaiting a translation I was helping with.

If you're asking if he was suicidal,
he wasn't. He was fine. He was...

He was better than fine. Didn't anybody
talk to him or, like, notice anything?

- Nothing.
- We were all taken by surprise.

So am I. I don't even know what to say.

We'll investigate what may have
compelled him to do what he did,...

..but in my experience
these questions often go unanswered.

Yes, sir.

Dr Jackson, could you tell us more about
this Goa'uld palace you were studying?

Dr Jackson?


Were there any signs
of recent Goa'uld activity?

No. No one had been there for centuries,...

..but, uh...there was this room
where there was this pedestal.

It projected this light matrix hologram
on the ceiling. It was absolutely stunning.

- Any idea as to its purpose?
- Ideas, yes, but, uh...

I was hoping...this...might tell me more.

It's kinda like a Goa'uld
hand- held computer.

It displays a Goa'uld dialect
I've never seen before.

There were similar writings in the palace.

I'm thinking, or hoping - crossing my
fingers, actually - that they're instructions.

I would be happy to assist with
the translation, Daniel Jackson.

Thank you. I was counting on that.


- What you watchin'?
- A digital recording.

I am endeavouring to translate the
writings of which Daniel Jackson spoke.

How goes the endeavouring?

Upon a second viewing, I have
discovered a figure in the background.

It does not appear to be
one of our personnel.

He never mentioned anyone else.

What is wrong with this thing?

- This thing isn't working.
- Did you check the battery?

- I need to go back to the planet.
- Hammond suggested we go tomorrow.

This isn't working and
tomorrow isn't good enough.

Yes, it is.

- I'm gonna talk to Hammond.
- Hey!

- Have you slept at all?
- I fail to see what that has to do with it.

SG-1 has been hard at it for weeks.

I'm not sending you anywhere
until you've had a night's sleep.

- I'm fine.
- You're exhausted, Doctor.

I admit I have been pushing myself a bit.

But this device could hold the key
to everything about that entire place.

- I can't make any progress on it here.
- You're leaving tomorrow.

- One day isn't going to make a difference.
- I'm telling you it is!

Thank you for your time, sir...

It is beyond my comprehension
how anybody who has so much power...

- ..can miss the point entirely!
- Knock it off!

It's all right, Colonel.

This letter is to Lieutenant Barber's family
saying he died in the service of country.

I've spent the last two hours on it.

I can't tell them anything
about how he died,...

..or anything about the work he did here.
Only that he's gone.

- Do you get the point?
- Yes, sir. He does.

Get him out of here.

What's the delay?

- Daniel hasn't reported in yet, sir.
- What?

I just called him. I think he picked up,
but now I get a busy signal.

Yesterday he wanted
to leave immediately.

- Maybe I should give him a wake- up call.
- Sounds to me like he could use one.



What are you doin' out here?

None of it means anything.


Daniel, why don't you come inside here?

I tried.

It just...goes away.

OK. Well, we'll, uh...

We'll get it back.

You can't get it back.

Whatever's wrong, we'll...we'll fix it.

You don't even know
what I'm talking about.

No...No, I don't.

But...come inside.



The PET scan shows that his
neurological activity is slowing.

Neurotransmitters relay
messages in the body.

Too many or too few can result in anxiety,
depression, or a number of disorders.

Does this have anything to do
with Barber's thing?

With the other members of SG- 5 reporting
identical symptoms, it's almost certain.

The good news is that it doesn't
appear to be due to a contagion.

Well, if it's not a disease, what?

I don't know. Such a drastic shift in levels
is generally drug induced,...

..but their systems are
void of foreign substances.

Not to mention that preliminary
MALP readings of P4X- 347...

..have ruled out the usual suspects:
air, radiation...

So if we retrace SG- 5's tracks,
we may come up with something.

- I'm afraid, Colonel, until we get a grasp...
- General, we saw the shadow on video.

Something or someone
is affecting these guys.

More than that, sir.

If their brain function continues to fail,
they face a worst- case scenario.

So we go in MOPP 2. We bring back
samples of...the usual suspects.

You've made your case, Colonel.
Watch your step.

Thank you, sir.

I see why Daniel
was so hot on this place.


- What you got?
- The air's fine, as the MALP indicated.

Whatever affected Daniel and SG- 5,
they didn't breathe it in.

OK. Watch your step.

It's just a kid.
Obviously scared to death of us.

I believe this is the room of light
of which Daniel Jackson has spoken.


Carter, what are we lookin' at here?


It's not giving off any detectable radiation
other than visible light.

I think it's just...decorative.


It is most difficult to believe
that something so beautiful...

..could be dangerous, O'Neill.


We'll come back to it. Let's go.

Hey! Let's go.

Right. Sorry, sir.

Sir, I'd like to perform
a full spectrum analysis on that light.


There might be a link between the light
and what's happening to Daniel.

I thought you said it wasn't dangerous.

I'm sure it isn't, sir. It's just that I...


I'm Jack.

And you are...?

Nice digs.

Kinda remind me of my first apartment.

How are the people upstairs?


I'm sorry.
I don't know what "Ioran" means.

- It's me.
- Hi, Loran.

- Jack.
- Yeah.

- Anyone else live here with you?
- Mother and Father.

Can you take me to'em?
I'd like to talk to'em.


- They're not here.
- Not in this place?

So you're here alone?


Well, Loran...

Some of my people
came here a few days ago.

- I was hiding.
- You hide very well...

..because they didn't
even know you were here.

The thing is, when they came home,
they all got very sick.

We'd like to figure out why.

Do you know?

OK. Well, we're going to have to
look around a little more.

You should come along.

General Hammond is on the radio.

All right. Go ahead. I'll be there.

Come on.

This is Hammond. Come in, Colonel.

Where is he?

He'sjust sending his voice over the radio,
this thing here.

We read you, General.

- I see you've made a friend, Colonel.
- Yes, sir.

Loran. General Hammond.

- He can see me?
- Yes, I can, son.


We haven't found anything yet.
We've only had a few minutes.

It's been well over an hour, Colonel.

That can't be.

Jack, I have some bad news.
All of SG- 5 are dead.

Oh, no.

- What of the condition of Daniel Jackson?
- Dr Fraiser's doing everything she can,...

..but I'm afraid he's
fallen into a deep coma.

We don't know
how much time he has left.

- Here are your samples.
- Get the boy's?

It's in there.

Get this off to the lab.

- How's he doin'?
- I'm afraid his condition is unchanged.


So how long ago
was this image recorded?

That's my home. Before we came here.

- Your parents came from another world.
- Yeah. They were explorers.

Kinda like you, I guess.
Till they came here, and then...

What were we looking for?

If you cannot explain
our friend's illness,...

..we must search for clues as to its cause.

Well, none of your friends were in here.

Hey, uh...I want to show you something.

This was a present from my father
on my birthday.

No, it's not real.

Children of the Tauri also enjoy
colourful weapons with no function.

It's fun.

I see.

On my home world, we do not celebrate
the anniversary of one's birth.

- No presents?
- It is a day like any other.

- How do you know how old you are?
- I am 101 years of age.

Uh...You don't look that old.

So I've been told.

- So when do you turn 102?
- In 47 days.

Keep it.

- It's a birthday present.
- I cannot.

Well, in 47 days you'll be gone. Right?

So keep it.

Colonel, are you all right?

What kind of dumb- ass question is that?
My friend is laying here on his deathbed.

I'm fine.

- We're working on the problem, sir.
- I don't want excuses!

Colonel O'Neill, if you don't calm down
I will have you removed. Is that clear?

I'm fine.

Sir, I'd like to recheck
your dopamine levels.

- It's happenin' to me, isn't it?
- Let me find out. Please.

Whatever does this accelerates
neural activity in the brain...

..and causes a dopamine- like
effect in the body.

- Kinda like drugs.
- As long as you're on the planet.

On your return, neural activity falls and
depression starts. Blood work confirms it.

- Does the boy carry any immunity?
- No. His blood work came back the same.

He won't be able to leave the planet
without withdrawal symptoms.

Colonel O'Neill was only there
just over an hour.

Yes, sir. This addiction
appears to be almost instantaneous.

Are you saying I'm addicted to that place?

The intensity of your mood swing seems
proportional to time spent on the planet.

Hopefully your exposure wasn't long
enough for you to get as bad as Daniel.

Great. All those years of "just sayin' no".

I tried to recall Major Carter or Teal'c.

They haven't responded and
I can't risk sending another team.

- What's that?
- His EEG is sporadic.

This happened to the members
of SG- 5 before they died.

Sir, you have to take him
back to the planet.

Once there, you must send me
his vital signs...

He's coding. No time to resuscitate.

Let's go!



Come on, Daniel. Let's go. Come on!

Carter! Teal'c!

- Where are my friends?
- With the light.

- Get'em for me, will ya?
- They won't come.

Well, try!

- I'm not allowed to go in there.
- For God's sake...

Carter! Carter, wake up!

- You're back, sir. When?
- Teal'c.

Teal'c, come on!

Yeah. Come on. Outta here. Right now.

- Daniel Jackson!
- Yeah.

I had to bring him back. It was the only
thing that was gonna keep him alive.

Sir, how long were you gone?

A few hours.
Hammond tried to contact you.

- He did not.
- He did.

I heard his voice.

- Where were we?
- In there.

I can't explain it.

Fraiser says we're addicted to something
that alters our brain chemistry.

And dollars to doughnuts
it's that damn light.

Oh, I don't see how that's possible.


You knew, didn't you?
That's why you're not allowed in there.

- My father said I was too young.
- Uh- huh.

Sir, if it's the light itself, how did Daniel
recover just by arriving on the planet?

I don't know, Major.
But I want you to find out.

Otherwise we're stuck here indefinitely
and that's not acceptable.

Oh, screw it. We're shuttin' the thing off.


You stay here.

What are we looking for, sir?

The off switch.

All right. If...we can't shut the thing off,...



Oh, man...

Damn, that thing's dangerous.

My guess is the control mechanism
is inside this pedestal.

If we focus our attention on that,
we should be all right.

I'm glad to see you're alive and well,
Dr Jackson. We thought we'd lost you.

To be honest, I don't remembermuch
afteryelling at you. Sorry about that.

That's all right.
Is there anything you need?

Glasses. It looks like
we're not going anywhere fora while.

And that little remote computer thing
I couldn't make work before.

I'll send it through immediately.
Where's Colonel O'Neill?

Guys, I figured out how to...

- How did you do that?
- Remote control.

- I thought that thing was broken.
- You were right. It was the batteries.

- I was?
- It draws power from inside the room.

That's why it wouldn't work on Earth.

- How long were we standing here?
- I'm not sure.

General Hammond sent
some supplies, and...

..Loran and I translated
the writing on this thing, so...

That long?

Perception of time is one of
the first things to go when you're...high.

From what I've translated so far,...

..the Goa'uld used to use this place
as some sort of opium den.

Their symbiotes must have kept the host's
mind chemically balanced once they left.

Then most likely I will
be able to leave this planet.

How nice for you.

Wait a minute. If you just turned it off,
how come I'm not getting depressed?

Perhaps it will take some time
to feel its effects.

Let's take advantage of that time.



All right...

Where did your parents actually go?

- Far...far away from here.
- How far? Which direction?

The kid's hiding somethin'.

Teal'c, Carter. With me.


I guess the reality that we may
never go home is starting to set in.

Hammond'll keep us supplied with
all we need until we can figure this out.

It's a nice beach.

Be a good excuse for you, wouldn't it?

- Huh?
- To do nothing for a while.

- What?
- Forget it.

- "Forget it, sir."
- Oh, please.

You think I'm keeping that up?

- Listen, Major...
- No way!

"No way, Colonel."

What? I'm supposed to accept
that's the way it's gonna be?

- That's the way it is.
- What difference does it make?

- Carter! You're in withdrawal!
- Oh, I'm in withdrawal?

Yes! So am I.

O'Neill! Major Carter!

I believe I have located
the parents of Loran.

That's my mother and father. There.

That's me.

- You're a lot younger there.
- Yeah. It's old.

- Yeah, about that...
- Hey, can I take an image of you?


That's great.

- You know, I'm sorry that you can't leave.
- Are you?

I mean, it makes sense
that you'd want some company.

Maybe that's why you didn't tell us
the light was dangerous.

- No.
- It's OK. I'm not mad.

That's not why.

- What's wrong?
- Oh...

We're going through
that withdrawal thing again.

I felt fine the whole time you were gone.

Actually, sir, I'm starting
to feel myself again.

Me too. What's goin' on?

Well, something other than
that light must be affecting us.

- And we must remain in close proximity.
- So not only are we stuck here, we're...

We're stuck here.

Well, it's sure not as much fun
to look at with the light off.

I feel no compulsion to remain here.

Sir, I think you may be onto something.

- How's that?
- The light isn't affecting our minds.

It just takes advantage of the altered state
of our brain chemistry.

- So...entertainment?
- Well, probably more than that.

The colour and light interaction
probably triggers the chemical responses.

- But it's not the cause of the imbalance.
- What is the cause?

There must be a device
emitting energy or radiation...

..that we can't detect
with our instruments.

All right, Loran.

Why doesn't this room
seem to affect you?

I'm too young.

- How do you know that?
- My father told me.

It is possible this place
only affects an adult physiology.

Fraiser said he's as addicted as we are.

She's right. The light didn't
have any effect on me.

Then what'd it do to your parents?

We need to know what this thing does.

- When they get back, they'll explain.
- They're not coming back!

- They are.
- Somebody buried those bodies!

Now, how do you shut that thing off?

- Figure that thing out.
- Yes, sir.


I'm sorry.

Nice picture. Your parents?

I killed them.

You did?

I find that...

What happened?

When we found this place...

..all they would do was stare at that light.

All day.

The light didn't affect me. My father
said it was because I was too young.

But they didn't let me
in the light room anyway.

I told them to stop every day.

But they'd just tell me
to bring them things.

OK. So you did that.


One day I stopped.

It was days before their hunger
was stronger than the light.

Then they came out
looking for me, looking for food.

And I snuck into the light room.

And I turned it off.

Not just the light. Everything.

I didn't know that it would hurt them.
I just wanted to go home.

Hey. It's not your fault.

They died because of me.

They were screaming, they ran outside,
they didn't make any sense.

So I did. I turned it back on.

But they were already in the water.

So far.

And they just kept on going.
They just kept going.

I screamed at them "I turned it back on!"
But they just kept going.

And then they were gone.

The next day I found them on the shore.


You were trying to help them. You were
trying to free them from something.

It wasn't your fault.

I miss them.

I know.

- What you got?
- We think we can turn it off.

Don't let them.

You'll die, like my parents.

If we shut it off, cold turkey. Loran is right.
We'd go into withdrawal again.

But Teal'c and Daniel
have translated some writing, sir,...

..and we think it was designed
to be turned down incrementally.

The Goa'uld who used this place needed
human slaves to tend to their needs.

We've already taken it
down a notch without any harm.

Within three weeks, your brain chemistry
will return to normal.

- You may then return home.
- So three weeks in a palace by the beach.

Teal'c, you don't have to stay. Why don't
you let Hammond know what's goin' on?

Very well.

- And then you'll leave.
- I think we all will. Right?

Yeah. He should return to normal
with the rest of us.

I can go with you?


Come on. Let's go see Teal'c off.

- Do you like ice cream?
- What's ice cream?

Visiontext Subtitles: Sarah Emery