Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 16 - 2010 - full transcript

In 2010, Robert Kinsey is president of a brave new world since he concluded the alliance with the Aschen, a race discovered by SG-1 which lets humanity enjoy its far advanced science and technology, including a vaccine against aging. Sam is now a civilian scientist, married to ambassador Joe Faxon, whose only worry is failing to get pregnant. When she double-checks the Ashen doctor Mollem's computer with Dr. Fraser, who felt superfluous given superior medicine, they discover human fertility is down 90% worldwide in three years. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c turn to retired general Jack, who always warned against handing over technological control, for a daring plan to turn the clock back like general Hammond did once, sending a message to their past with the exact time of a solar flare, which Sam can calculate using the Ashen computer. Only one ingredient is out of their reach: the GDO device to control the Stargate's iris, which is in the White House. Sam implores her husband Joe to steal it, but he has a secret as well as sincere objections...

- Hon, I am so sorry.
- It's all right.

- No, if you were this late, I'd...
- I know how busy you are.

Besides, it's a beautiful day to wait.

And wait.

Have you eaten?

Yeah, I'm sorry, honey, I had to.
I'm scheduled to be offworld at 13. 30.


I just found out.

I thought for sure this time.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

They said it isn't either one of us.
We just have to keep trying.

Not that I mind trying.

I just...I thought we'd be working
on our second child by now.

Me too.

Walk me to the terminal?

Let's get a second opinion.

The Aschen are hundreds
of years more advanced in medicine.

So, how long will you be gone?

I have to visit a new embassy
on the southern continent,...

- ..I have to tour the nine planets...
- You're kidding.

Of course. Think I'd miss
your anniversary ceremony?

- No, it's no big deal.
- Right, it's no big deal

If it wasn't for you, we'd never even have
met the Aschen. I'll be back tonight, OK?

Travellers to Confederation
planets, stand by in the departure area.



About face!

Ladies and gentlemen,
the President ofthe United States.

My fellowAmericans...
ten years ago, this very day,...

..a team code- named SG-1,
then working in secret,...

..came upon an alien race, the Aschen.

With that introduction, I was
able to forge the greatest alliance...

..this country - indeed, this world -
has everknown.

I read now from Colonel
Jack O'Neill's mission report...

..of that fiirst contact.

"These folks sound too good to be true."

"Willing to share
their science and technology."

"Friendly, smarter than we are."

"And one thing's forsure."

"The Goa'uld are coming."

"The Aschen could save ourasses."

Well, guess what, Jack.

They did.

Jack O'Neill could not be here today,
but those candid words,...

..hurriedly scratched down in a mission
report ten years ago, were prescient.

Membership in
the Aschen Confederation...

..guarantees the security, the health...

..and the future ofevery
human being on God's earth.

Dr Samantha Carter, DrDaniel Jackson,
Teal'c, would you please step forward?

Though ournation's business has
kept me from being with you in person,...

..nonetheless I want to thank you
from the bottom ofmy heart...

..for what you have done forme
and for our country.

God bless you all.



Aim! Fire!

Aim! Fire!

- To General Hammond.
- To General Hammond.

I miss him, especially today.

- How long has it been, anyway?
- It has been six years.

What was Jack's excuse?
I expected to see him here.

O'Neill has made his feelings clear
about the Aschen alliance.

Well, he could have come to see us.

- I almost didn't come myself.
- Really?

It's easier for you, Daniel. Your job
wasn't made obsolete. And if I...Mollem.

Forgive me for interrupting. Ambassador,
the Aschen delegation is eager to hear...

..about your visit to our South Continent.

Yeah, it'd be my pleasure.

Well, I think we can
safely assume I'll be late.

Doctors, Teal'c, congratulations again.

So, where are we goin'?

- I had planned to return to Chulak.
- We haven't see each other in ages.

- Please.
- Very well.

- Dinner?
- Sounds great.

- Great to see you.
- I'll see you soon.

So...what was that?

- What was what?
- Going on again about being obsolete.

Think about it, Sam. We've all taken
the anti- ageing and anti- cancer vaccines.

Now they have machines that can reverse
tissue damage and mend broken bones.

I mean, where does that leave me?

Put that way, I know what you mean.

Half the time their science is so far
over my head, I feel like a lab assistant.

Ah, but you have something to do.


OK, enough of that. Tell me,
by any chance, are you and Joe...

Not yet. They say it isn't either one of us.
We just have to keep trying.

They let me keep an office in Washington,
even though I have nothing to do.

- I'd be happy to give you a checkup.
- No, they said I was fine, really.

The medicine I practise
may seem like the Dark Ages now,...

..but I was your doctor for a long time.

How long have you been trying?

- Almost three years.
- Yes.

When can we do this?

Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting, but
I just wanted to double- check my results.

And I'm fine, right?

Sam, I don't know how
your Aschen doctor missed it.

Frankly, I don't think
it's possible he could have.


You can't have children.

- They said everything was normal.
- In every other way, it is.

Then this is a mistake.

Here, let me show you the scan.

There's no room for interpretation.
Clearly, your ovaries are damaged.


I don't know. I don't know what
caused it or when it happened,...

- ..but obviously it was some time...
- No. I wanna know why...

..the Aschen doctors looked me in the eye
and told me that I was OK.

Why did they lie to me?

I don't know...
but I'm willing to help you find out.

I've been waiting.

- Sorry.
- Is something wrong?


All right.

We're still not finding the necessary
material to initiate the conversion.

Well, we'll just have to find a way to
collapse it faster, revise the calculations.


- Am I wrong?
- No, you're absolutely correct.

It's just that, a year or so ago, you
never thought this project was possible,...

..and now you seem so...determined.

You've convinced me.

Did your people ever imagine
converting a planet into a star?

- No, I doubt it.
- I thought you'd at least considered it,...

..given the rapid growth of your
population, the viability of the planet...

Well, humans just don't think
quite as far ahead as the Aschen seem to.

All right, since you are so...determined,
revise the calculations.

If I use our computers, it'll take weeks.

On the other hand, if I can interface
with the Aschen computer core...

You know that's strictly
for Aschen personnel.

It's not like you haven't
given me access before.

Samantha, why do I
let you talk me into this?


You have core access.

Thank you, Mollem.

- Are you in?
- Not yet.

The medical sub- core has its own code.
You won't be able to access...

I'm in, I'm in. Now what?

- It's calling for search parameters.
- Try "medical records".

I don't think I'm gonna find
anything specific to me.

Maybe it's happened to others.

Do "general search,
human reproductive statistics".

That's it.

You can read this?

Well, that can't be right.

If I'm reading this properly, the world birth
rate has dropped 91 per cent in two years.

- What?
- That's what it says here.

- These are the Aschen numbers.
- But we would know.

It's happening everywhere
the anti- ageing vaccine has gone.

- Turn it off.
- They're doing it systematically.

Turn it off. Please.

- We can't let them know we know.
- Mollem leaves me alone for hours.

Sam, you're on the inside.
You don't see them as I do.

Janet, this is deliberate.
We have to do something.

I know, but we can't talk about it here.
We'll talk tonight at the restaurant, OK?

I have to go.

It would be public knowledge
if something this catastrophic...

- ..was happening to the entire population.
- Would it?

The Aschen can convert
planets into stars.

You don't think they could
control the media?

Assuming the Aschen can keep
something this big a secret...

It's been ten years. Why now?

We were completely taken in.
This way, they didn't have to fire a shot.

It's slow, methodical...painless.

Why provide a vaccine that doubles the
human life span? It doesn't make sense.

Unless that's the mechanism they use
to sterilise the population.

They're patient enough.
All they have to do is wait.

And within 200 years, there will be
very few, if any, humans remaining.

The Aschen will have
this world unto themselves.

Well, we have to do something.
I don't know...I mean, tell somebody.

The night before General Hammond died,
he called me.

He said he needed to speak to me
about something important.

He couldn't discuss it over the phone.
The next day I told the Aschen doctors.

I said "He could not have died of a
heart attack. He was in perfect health."

But they said their
diagnostic machines were infallible.

You believe he was murdered?

At the time, no. I believed, like everybody
else, the Aschen were our saviours.

So we can't tell anyone.
We have to keep this to ourselves.

- I have to tell Joe.
- Maybe you shouldn't.

- If you're suggesting that he knows...
- It's all of our lives that are at stake here.

- Yes. He can help us.
- How?

Say he goes to the president,
who then tells the world.

Even if what's left of every army on Earth
mobilises, what are they gonna do?

- Fight back.
- They would be defeated.

As were the Goa'uld.

- We have to think of something else.
- Like what?

I don't know. Contact the Tollan.

Find the survivors of the Tok'ra.
There have to be some out there.

- Teal'c, what about the Jaffa?
- Very few remain loyal to the Tauri.

There are few symbiotes
available for implantation.

We don't even control the Stargate.

God, what have we done?
This morning we were celebrating.

Now I wish we could take it all back.

- Will there be anything else?
- Apparently not.

Thank you.

Maybe we can. Take it back.


General Hammond showed us.

He left us a note.

What? What are you talking about?

A number of years ago,
a freak accident sent us back to 1969.

We know that by dialling coordinates...

..precisely on the opposite side of the sun
at the exact moment of a solar flare,...

..the wormhole turns back towards Earth
on itself and it creates a time distortion.

Theoretically, we could
send ourselves a message.

You said it was impossible
to predict a solar flare.

For us it was, but with access
to the Aschen computer...

OK, wait a second. We are considering...

..changing the lives of the entire human
race on Earth. Do we have that right?

If we don't, then we will live to see
the end of the entire human race on Earth.



So this is the place
you kept threatening to take me?

Good to see you, sir.

I'm retired, Carter. Lose the "sir".



What are you doing here?

It turns out we made a mistake. A big one.

Which one? We made a few.

Our alliance with the Aschen.

Oh, that.

Not workin' out, is it?

Gosh, I wish I'd seen that comin'.

Oh, wait. I did see that comin'.

It isn't what you thought.

A couple of days ago I found out
that I can't ever have children.

I'm sorry to hear that.

So was I.

According to the Aschen doctors,
I was fine, but not according to Dr Fraiser.

We got on the Aschen computer network.
They keep statistics on everything.

In two years,
without our even knowing it,...

..they have managed to sterilise over
90 per cent of the world's population.

The other 10 per cent are
probably just a matter of time.

We don't know how they've done it or
how they've keep it a secret this long...

- What do you want me to do about it?
- Help us.

- Do what?
- We can undo this.

Oh, here we go.

We send a message through the Stargate
to ourselves ten years ago.

We stop this from ever happening.

Stop this from happening.

We know it's possible.

Why am I having this conversation?

We know what to do. I am positive, with
the Aschen computer and observatory,...

..I can predict a flare within
a few hours of its happening.

And we should be able
to get our hands on a GDO.

It comes down to accessing
the gate within that window,...

..dialling the right address
and sending the message.

Well, if it just comes down to that, do it.

If I thought it was gonna be easy,
I wouldn't be asking for your help.

Just out of curiosity...say we do this.

What happens to everything
that's happened in the past ten years?

It won't happen.

So we don't go to P4C- 970,
we don't meet the Aschen,...


I don't know.

Let me tell you something, Carter.

If you wanna erase your mistakes,
that's your business.

My conscience is clear.

I warned everybody.
I threw up the red flag.

- Everyone, including you, shut me down.
- I want you to put that behind us.

You're not happy
with the way things turned out?

I'm sorry to hear that.

Personally...I like things the way they are.

No more saving the world, just a...

..nice pond with no pesky fish in it.

And the single most
pressing issue in my life... whether or not to get a dog.

There are a lot of
pros and cons to consider.

I'm talking about
the future of the human race.

So was I.

- We're doing this.
- Let me know how it turns out.

Our chances are a lot better
with you than without you.

Let me ask you something.

What does your dearly beloved
ambassador say about all this?

I haven't had a chance to tell him.

Maybe he can help you.


- We're on our own.
- You're kidding me. He said no.

- It is unfortunate.
- We can still do this.

- Did you track down the GDOs?
- Uh...yes and no.

From museum records, there's only one
original remote left on display at the SGC.

That's our next stop.
Teal'c, return to Chulak.

We don't wanna arouse any more
suspicion. It'll take at least two days.

- We'll contact you when it's time.
- I will be prepared.

Alrighty, everyone.
Everyone please step all the way out.

We've arrived at level 28.

Can anyone guess at
what special room is on this floor?

- The gate room.
- That's very, very close.

- Anyone else?
- Uh, he's right. It's the gate room.

Well, what I'm sure
many of you don't know... that officially it was known
as the "embarkation" room...

..because that's where
the SG teams "embarked" from.

OK, now we're walking. This way.

And these people comprise the famous
SG-1, arguably the most important,...

..although not my personal favourite,
team of the entire command.

And we're walking.

The real Stargate is in Washington
at the JR Reed space terminal.

This one is a perfect
replica of the original.

Should you want photos,
they are $27 each...

..and please do not touch the Stargate
itself, as you'll leave fingerprints.

See you on the other side!

This is ridiculous.

We couldn't break away
until there were more people around.

- Not her personal favourite SG team?
- Just don't ask for the photo.

And we're walking.

Hey. Thanks for showin'.

We decided to take
the last tour of the day.

So...when did you decide
against getting a dog?

I'm still thinkin' about it.

In the meantime, I did
a little shopping on your behalf.

The zats are completely operational.
This, however, presents a problem.

It's a replica.

Daniel, was this the only one?

Excuse me.
You people aren't supposed to be...

Colonel O'Neill?

Sergeant...what are you doing here?

I work here now.
Sort of the operations tech adviser.

Oh, well, you're doin' a great job.

Uh...this section's closed off.

Are you here for old time's sake?

That's it exactly.

Where did you get those?

The zats?

- Armoury. We're takin"em.
- Oh, no, I, uh...

Sergeant, please. This is really important.

Do you know where our real GDOs went?

I'm not a sergeant any more
and you're not colonels.

- You're not supposed to have the remote.
- Good. We don't want that one.

- We want the real one.
- It's in the White House,... the Oval Office,
on the president's desk.

Kinsey grab a souvenir on the way down?

- Look, guys, I don't know what's...
- Uh...


Right now I need you to trust us.

Just turn around, walk away.

Pretend we weren't even here.

I'll bring everything back, I promise.


- Then you'll tell me what's going on?
- Absolutely everything.


- Thank you.
- Thursday.

Last time I was in the Oval Office, I got
kicked out. Can we do without the GDO?


There's an EM dampening field,
part of the automated defences.

So...we're about as far back
in time as we're gonna go.

I think I can get it.


He's a good guy.

If you tell him...
there will be no going back.

Of course, if you don't tell him,
there'll be no going back.

He'll do it. I know he will.

- Sam?

Hey, honey. How are you feeling?

You went out this morning
before I had a chance to say goodbye.

I'm fine.

Mollem said you left the lab early.
You were feeling kinda ill.

Honey, you're just depressed.
We'll just keep trying.

No, we can't, Joe.

Nobody can.

What are you talking about?

I think this is the note we should send.

That's it?

I thought about giving more information,
but I think the simpler the better.

Why don't we just stick one on a rock
and throw it through?

It would never make it through
the automated defences.

Can we at least mention
who won the Super Bowl in 2004?

- No.
- World Series? Grey Cup?

I put it in my own handwriting, so I'll be
able to recognise it when I read it.

I think we should all
write a note of our own.

In case I don't make it to the gate,
you can keep trying.

- Well, you're wrong.
- I saw the numbers, Joe.

- The Aschen doctor said you were fine.
- This isn't just about me.

I read this right from an Aschen terminal.

Mollem gave me access
to work on something else.

The birth rate has been cut
over 90 per cent.

Oh, my God.

It's supposed to be a third of that.

- You knew.
- The Aschen insisted on it.

- Oh, my God.
- They see further ahead than we do.

- If we didn't limit growth...
- Is that what you call this?

- This is not what we agreed to.
- I can't believe this!

- We didn't have a choice, Sam.
- You sold us out.

- You think this was my decision?
- You could have told me!

You know how it works. You spent
most of your adult life in secrecy.

- That was different!
- It's the same.

- No!
- It's exactly the same!

The population was unsustainable.

Without drastic measures, the Aschen
didn't think we were worth investing in.

They went too far,
but I can't believe it's deliberate.

- They must have a reverse procedure.
- You still don't get it.

The Goa'uld would have wiped us out.
Would you prefer that?

The Aschen way is slower. That's all.

They're not limiting growth, they're...

I...have to talk to the president. I...

Yes, you do.

But not about this.

I need you to exchange this iris remote
with the one on the president's desk.

Bring the other one back to my lab.

- I need you to do it first thing tomorrow.
- How am I gonna do that?

Just come up with some excuse.
I don't care.

But you can't say one word about what
we've talked about, or they will kill you.

Is it hot in here?

This is a real- time
representation of the sun,...

..recorded by Aschen satellites
all over the solar system.

How do you use it to predict a solar flare?

I've studied Aschen knowledge of solar
dynamics for the Jupiter ignition project.

There are significant changes just
beneath the surface preceding a flare...

..that are detectable by the satellite net.

Look here. If my calculations are correct,
there should be a flare in five seconds.

That's it.

Now all we need is for the computer
to predict another flare.

- Got your travel papers for Chulak?
- Yeah, all set.

Give this to Teal'c.
It's the coordinates he'll need.

Joe's here.


I knew you'd have
something to do with this.

Did you get it?


Thank you.

- What are you gonna do with it?
- Send a message.

- To who?
- To whom.

Let's have it.

I'll hand it over...if you give me your word
that Samantha will play no part in this.

I can't do that.

It's in a briefcase at the customs office
at Stargate Terminal.

They've been instructed not to release it
without my authorisation. Your word.

We need her to pull this off.

Whatever it is,
you'll have to do it without Sam.

- Joe...
- This is not negotiable.

If you won't say what's going on, fine.

But if it involves GDOs,
then it involves the Stargate.

And that terminal's the last
heavily defended place on this planet.

I will not let you risk Sam's life.


You won't have backup.

We won't need it.

Uh...the sun's beeping.

We have a flare prediction,
57 minutes from now.

Is that enough time?

It'll have to do.

Thank you.

If you can manage, just give us
enough time to get away from here.

The message goes in six minutes.

Sam wanted me to wish you luck.

Give her my best.

Outgoing travellers to
Chulak, stand by in the departure area.

- All right, let's go.
- I'm staying. You go if you want to.

- Come on, Sam, we gotta go.
- Joe, don't.

Sam, listen, we'll work this out, all right?

But now it's best for both of us
if we're very far away.

If they manage to do this,
it will not matter where we are.

- Colonel O'Neill?
- Melon.

- Mollem.
- Mollem. I'm sorry.

It's...the war, you know?

You didn't come to
the anniversary celebration.

What's to celebrate, I say.

Surely the Aschen have proven
your earlier misgivings erroneous.

- For all we've done.
- Yes, you've certainly...done your part.

What brings you here?


Well, you know my friend, Teal'c.

I missed him at the celebration.
He's comin' to town. I...bought him a hat.

lncoming travellers from
Chulak. Stand clear ofthe arrival area.

Right on time.

I'm sorry, sir,
but weapons are not allowed.

It's just archaeological equipment.
This happens every time.

We carry these for ceremonial purposes.

I'm sorry, but you'll have to let me have it.

Very well.

- What's happening?
- Terrorist attack.

Please evacuate
the building immediately.

Terrorist attack in progress.
Please evacuate immediately.

Sam! Sam!

Shut down the system!
I'm the Confederation Ambassador!


Incoming traveller.

- Who is it?
- It's...

..SG-1, sir.

- Hello.
- How can that be?

Let's find out. Defence team stand by.

Open the iris.

Stand down.

What is it?

- Well?
- You tell me.

"Under no circumstances go to P4C- 970.
Colonel Jack O'Neill."

- That looks like your handwriting.
- It is my handwriting.

- And it's my signature.
- Though you sent no such note?

- No.
- Sir, may I?

- That looks like blood, sir.
- Have it analysed.

General, wasn't 970 on our mission list?

It was. Not any more.
I'm not taking any chances.

I want P4C- 970 removed from
the dialling computer immediately.


I wonder why you sent it.

I wonder when.

Yeah. Gotta wonder.

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