Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 21 - Crystal Skull - full transcript

The SGC send a MALP to a huge pyramid and inside they discover a crystal skull like the one Jackson's grandfather found many years before. SG1 visit the planet and whilst Daniel is looking ...

- This is well over 1,000 metres high.
- And, as pyramids go, that's... big?

I know of no Goa'uld
structure of that magnitude.

Definitely Mayan. This is a
major find. I have to see this.

- Any signs of life?
- There is a breathable atmosphere, ...

. . but no complex life signs.

- This is a major find. I have to see this.
- You, too?

Look at these readings.
Sir, these are leptons!

Get out

Something inside this pyramid
is slowing down neutrinos.

Normally neutrinos pass right through
ordinary matter, no matter how dense.

Something like five hundred million
billion just passed through you.

No matter how dense?

A material that slows neutrinos could
change what we know about physics, ...

- . . the formation of the universe...
- Wait a minute, Sam. Get, uh, get closer.

- The MALP's too big to cross the span.
- Then zoom in...

. . on that.

It appears to be a human skull.

- No, that's a crystal skull.
- How do you know?

Because it's exactly like the
one found in 1971 in Belize...

. . by my grandfather.

I could name a dozen crystal
skulls from around the world, ...

. . but the skull that Nick
discovered in Belize was unique.

- Nick?
- Uh, yeah... The, uh...

The great explorer, the not-so-great
grandfather, Nicholas Ballard.

He preferred being called Nick,
even when I was a kid. It was a...

Anyway, the point is that no
one can explain how the skull...

. . was carved from one piece of crystal,
against the grain, given the technology.

He claimed it possessed a certain...

- . . power.
- What kind of power?

That if one were to look
into the eyes of the skull, ...

. . one would be teleported to see aliens.

Your grandfather saw these aliens.

So he insisted, to the
entire academic community.

- His claim didn't go over very well?
- As you might imagine, no.

He tried for years...

. . to make the skull teleport him again to
where the aliens lived, but he never could.

Doesn't mean he wasn't right.

They didn't believe you that the pyramids
were landing sites for alien spaceships.

- We have to see this.
- I'll authorise a standard recon mission.

Colonel, I can only guess at the effect
this type of radiation may have on humans.

I recommend limited exposure
- 10, 1 5 minutes at most.

Wait. That's not enough time. There has
to be some sort of radiation suit or...

Hey! lf you'd been listening, you'd know
that Nintendos pass through everything.

I heard.



Muon radiation is increasing.

- Unhealthy?
- I don't think so, sir.

Not if it stays at these levels.

Whoever the builders are, they
appear to be a formidable race.

You could fit every pyramid on Earth
inside and still have room to spare.

Yeah. Could you imagine
heatin' this place?

Major, start the clock.

It's identical to the
one Nick found in Belize.

Can you determine if it is a means of
transport, as your grandfather believed?

Uh, I can't be sure. There's no
writings of any kind on the pedestal.

This cavern must act
like a containment bottle.

No wonder Nick was so fascinated.

A sample of what slows down neutrinos
could change the face of physics.

- It's like a living thing. It's...
- Wonder how far down that is.

Daniel Jackson.

Sir, radiation is spiking.
It's at 300 per cent!

- What?
- 400.

All right, that's it! We're outta here.


Where'd he go?

He seemed to disappear.

These readings are off the scale
now. If we don't leave soon...

Teal'c! Get outta there!

- - Incoming traveller,
sir. It's SG-1.

Open the iris!

Get a medical team in here!


Where's Dr Jackson?

- Oh, God!
- He's coming to, sir.

- Carter? Daniel?
- She's still unconscious.

Teal'c is better off than both of
you. His symbiote is helping him.

It was close, Colonel. If you
hadn't left when you did...

- Hot.
- Yes. I know.

We're trying to keep
your temperature down.

The muon radiation
affected your hypothalamus.

Essentially your internal
thermostat went haywire.

Your respiration, heartbeat and
temperature have been fluctuating.

No kiddin'.

As for Dr Jackson, Colonel,
he never returned with you.

He is no longer there, General Hammond.

The skull enveloped
him in an energy field.

I fired my zat'n'ktel,
but it was too late.

- He seemed to disappear.
- What?!

Pan the camera left again.

Do the infrared sensors
detect any sign of Dr Jackson?

No, sir.

You should be in the infirmary.

- I am well again, General Hammond.
- Not according to Dr Fraiser.

Nicholas Ballard believed the crystal
skull to be a teleportation device.

Recovering it may help us find the
location to which he was teleported.

The MALP telemetry suggests
radiation levels are still too high.

My symbiote provides a greater
tolerance against radiation.

And if that thing zaps you to
wherever it sent Dr Jackson?

Then I will have
succeeded in locating him.


What happened? Where is everybody?

He just ran right through me.


What the hell is goin' on?

- Hey!
- Well done, Teal'c.

Regrettably, there was
no sign of Daniel Jackson.

So I take it nobody
else can see me either?

Doctor Rothman's awaiting
the artefact in Lab 3C.

- Yes, sir.
- Major Carter will also want to study it.

As soon as she's fully recovered.

Recovered from what?

What happened?

She's going to be fine, Teal'c.

Their exposure wasn't long enough
to cause any permanent damage.


Protest all you want, but it'll be a while
before you get your strength back. Relax.

- Oh, come on... Ah
- ah! Doctor's orders.

Napoleonic powermonger.

- News?
- Daniel was nowhere near the pyramid.

- What the hell happened to him?
- I do not believe the skull is a weapon.

- You're right. It's not.
- If it is a teleportation device, ...

- . . l believe the artefact itself...
- No. Something else happened.

- Doctor Rothman is now studying it.
- Rothman couldn't figure out an ashtray.

The guy we need workin'
on that skull is Daniel.

It is he whom we endeavour
to locate, O'Neill.

Look, I'm sick of laying
around. Help me up.

Dr Fraiser believes you are not
strong enough for such a mission.

Yeah... whatever.

Dr Fraiser is usually
correct in such matters.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome, O'Neill.

OK, you can do this,
Robert. I know you can.

Focus on the Mayan legends:

. . the lost pyramids of Belize, the
Ballard skull. That's the answer.

Well, it's a crystal... skull.

We knew that, Doctor.

It's almost identical to the Nicholas
Ballard skull in the Smithsonian.

He doesn't know it
was found on P7X-377.

Actually, the craftsmanship
is very impressive.

It's probably made in Germany.

Early 1800s... I don't understand what
it has to do with Daniel being missing.

- We believe it's a teleportation device.
- Are you serious?

That's good, Robert. Be sceptical.

We hoped your archaeological expertise
could provide insight into where he went.

- It's a skull.
- Not that sceptical.

I witnessed the artefact create a
field of energy which engulfed Daniel.

It's made of crystal, not plutonium.
I don't see how this could...

Humour me, Doctor.

- I want a full report within 1 2 hours.
- Yes, sir. I was...

Do not look directly into its eyes.

- OK.
- Don't let me down, Robert.

Teleportation device? l...

- What do you think?
- I think you're gonna get fired.


Teal'c, ...

. . in case I don't ever
get the chance to...

. . say this, ...

. . if you hadn't come back for me, I might
have been stuck in there for ever, so...

. . thank you.

- Is there someone present?
- Yes!

Yes, it's... it's me. It's
Daniel. I'm... I'm right here.

I'm right here.

Just don't walk through me.
It's... very disconcerting.

You sensed I was in the room.
You just can't see or hear me.

Which is a little frustrating,
as you may imagine.

Stop! That is exactly what Daniel was
doing when absorbed by the energy field.

- That's what I've been trying to tell him.
- I know. I was trying to prove something.

- Prove what?
- That the skull didn't do this.

You don't think the skull
is responsible, do you?

I'm still here.

There was intense muon
radiation at the time...

- There's no residual radiation.
- I saw what that thing is capable of.

Hey! I wish it was a teleportation
device. I could use it to go find Daniel.

He's myfriend, too! I don't
think that's what we've got here.

I think what we've got
here is... a paperweight.

I'm sorry.

That's my opinion.

It's all right. I'll
take over from here.

There may be properties within the
structure invisible to the naked eye.

- We should run diagnostic tests.
- Wait. I'm not hungry or thirsty. Why not?

Thank you.

Because I'm dead?

- What?
- Did anybody else feel that?


What if I'm a ghost?

I just got a shiver.

You're still feeling the
aftereffects of the radiation.

No. I think that was me.

Chevron four encoded.

Sir... we've subjected the skull to every
piece of diagnostic equipment we have.

- Chevron five encoded.
- What have you found out?


- We could look again at that planet.
- I'd strongly recommend against it.

Periodical readings from the MALP
say radiation levels have dropped, ...

- . . but are still elevated.
- Chevron six encoded.

We're preparing a UAV for a
long-range search around the pyramid.

I don't see any point in risking another
SG team unless it finds something.

Chevron seven locked.

- Launch when ready, Sergeant.
- Launching UAV in five...

. . four... three... two... one...


I can't believe I'm gonna suggest this,
but what about Daniel's grandfather?


He claimed that the skull
teleported him somewhere.

He may be the only person
who knows where Daniel is.

I'm not so sure, Major. I took
the liberty of looking him up.

Oh, you didn't!

His current address is a
psychiatric institution in Oregon.


His failure to prove the skull
was more than a curiosity...

. . caused a mental breakdown from
which he's never fully recovered.

- Nick checked himself in.
- Why didn't Daniel tell us that?

Oh, yes. By the way, he's insane.

Daniel visited until four years ago, right
before joining the Stargate programme.

Oh, please! He kicked me
out. We had a huge fight.

- Nick still talks about him.
- He doesn't want anything to do with me.

The doctor I spoke to says any friends
of Doctor Jackson's are welcome.

- What?
- We don't have much else to go on.

Find out what you can.
I needn't remind you...

. . the details of this
matter remain classified.

So you can't tell him what happened to
Dr Jackson or where the skull was found.

. . call local 1-3.

Dr Harvey, please call local 1-3.

Dr Nelson, please
report to ward two east.

Dr Nelson, please
report to ward two east.

Sorry for the wait.

- Is there anything I can do for you?
- Take us to Nicholas Ballard immediately.

- He's just a little anxious to see old Nick.
- Are you close?

- Yes.
- No.

Yes. Extremely.

Well, I'll check and see
if he's ready for you.

What am I waiting for?

Colonel O'Neill and his party are here.

The friends of Daniel I told you about are here
- just outside.

Would you like to see them now?

I miss him.

Hi, Nick. Long time, no see.

Would you show them in, please?

Nick, I need your help.

Friends of mine want to ask you
about the skull you found in Belize.

Tell them everything. Just trust them.

Nick, this is Colonel Jack
O'Neill. He's a friend of Daniel's.

Doctor, would you mind if we... ?

- Nick.
- Jack.

O'Neill. Colonel.

- Daniel followed my footsteps.
- You must be very proud.

- He made a fool of himself.
- Oh, yeah. Here we go!

He staked his entire academic
career on this belief that...

. . the great pyramids of
Egypt were made by aliens.

- Yes, well, that's...
- He was more insane than I was.

I told him so. I told him
to forget all that nonsense.

Uh, it wasn't nonsense. I was right.

He lost his apartment,
his research grant...

He hasn't published a paper in
two years. Now where is he? Hm?

- Where is he now?
- That's what this is all about.

We want to hear exactly what happened
to you when you first found the skull.

Nothing happened.

There were no aliens.

- Trust them, Nick.
- No one believed me.

- Daniel believed you.
- Oh, no. No, no. No, don't... Don't.

He didn't.

He wanted to. He did listen.

In the end, he did not believe
in my theories of the skull, ...

. . just as I did not believe his
theories of the pyramids and the aliens.

I guess we both were right.

Nick... can you tell us what
happened when you found that skull?


Because we found another skull.
Identical to the one you found in Belize.

Show me.

It's in a high-security facility. But if
you'd tell us about your experiences...

- Then take me there.
- We can't do that. It's classified.

You have to.

If you don't, then I
won't tell you anything.

It is up to you.

Colonel, there is no greater secret
in this nation than the Stargate.

- So we keep him away from level 28.
- A civilian?

Who spent the last 20 years of his
life in a psychiatric institution?

Exactly. Who's gonna believe
him if he says anything?

- Colonel, you walk a fine line.
- Thank you, sir.


- I know you can't hear me, but thank you.
- Absolutely. Put her through.

Kayla, sweetheart, this is Grandpa.
Isn't this past your bedtime?

You lost another tooth? Well, you
put it under your pillow tonight.

I'll bet your big sister
Tessa wishes she lost a tooth.

I'd love to come to see you in your
school play tomorrow night, but can't.

Well... a very close
friend of mine is lost, ...

. . and he needs my help.

Yes, he's a very close friend.

I hope so, too.

- You shouldn't touch that, sir.
- It's all right, Sergeant. Thank you.

- Nick, this is Dr Rothman.
- It's a pleasure to meet you...

It's exactly the same as the one I
found in Belize. Where did you find it?

We can't tell you that.

- You'll have to tell him eventually, Jack.
- The skull stood on a stone pedestal.

- You have been there, haven't you?
- You mean Belize?

No, no, no, no, no.

That was the ruins of the
temple where I found the skull.

That's all gone, collapsed.

I am talking about a cavern.

- Do you know the location of this cavern?
- Nowhere on this Earth.

It was so enormous... that...

. . that the light of my torch
never reached the bottom.

- Yes, but how did you get there?
- I don't know how I got there.

A field of energy surrounded
me, and suddenly...

. . l was simply... there.

- And then they came.
- "They"?

The giants.

- Giants?
- The giant aliens.

They rose up as if
they were made of mist.

They flew around me like spectres.

- This is why no one believed him.
- Then they spoke.

That's Mayan.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend. "

- Yes. But what does it mean?
- I was afraid to answer.

I just closed my eyes.

And suddenly I found myself back
again under the temple in Belize.

And the ground was shaking,
as in an earthquake.

And I just grabbed the skull and...

. . and climbed out and
everything collapsed.

Wow! That's, uh...


So, you were sent to this cavern and back
again without ever knowing where it was.

And the ruins with the skull?

I spent years trying to find it again,
but it was as if the temple never existed.

I guess you couldn't
take us there either.

Can you imagine how it feels to go on the
most incredible journey of your life...

. . and have no one believe you?

Um... Teal'c, ...

. . you wanna escort Nick
down to the VIP room?

Nicholas Ballard, would
you come with me, please?

So... tell you anything?

Oh. Maybe. I mean, l...

Uh... no.

Work on it.

He described the cavern perfectly.
He had to have been there.

- Uh... giants?!
- Yes, that's weird, I admit.

- Somebody built that place.
- Doesn't help us.

If he was transported to P7X-377, ...

. . maybe the skull tried to send
me somewhere but was interrupted.

- You get the feeling Daniel's still around?
- We have to go back there.

- Kinda.
- I guess it's cos we miss him.

And we have to talk
to those giant aliens.

Or radiation sickness.

Good night, sir.

What?! Wha... That's... that's it?

Whatever happened to
working through the night?

I'd do it for you.

There will be a guard posted outside
your door if you require assistance.

When you see Daniel,
would you tell him l...

Oh, nev... never mind. It's
something I should tell him myself.

Very well.

I am sorry.

For what?

For not adopting you
when your parents died.

You were travelling all over the world.

- It wasn't your fault.
- I was eight years old. How could it be... ?

I am sorry for allowing
my obsession to drive me...

. . to madness.

Would you forgive me?

You can see me?

- Yes, Daniel. I can see you.
- Why didn't you say something?!

- You're not real, so it means nothing.
- No! No, no, no, Nick. Nick, I'm real.

- I'm real. You're not hallucinating.
- Hallucinations always say that.

Not this time, Nick.

The skull... the skull did
this to me. I'm... I'm trapped.

I'm in another dimension or out of phase
- something. All I know is I need your help.

If you don't help me, I don't
know how I'm gonna get home.

So what do you want me to do?

Sirs, Mr Ballard insisted on
seeing both of you immediately.

Forgive me.

He insisted. Daniel is here.

- Here?
- Repeat what I'm saying.

- I'm standing right beside you.
- Standing right beside me.

- He's lost a few pounds.
- Jack, don't be an ass.

Jack, don't be an ass.

- Daniel?
- Yes!

We have to go back to the planet and
let the skull finish what it started.

- We must go back to the planet.
- Planet?

- Uh... not a word, sir. I swear.
- Daniel told me all about the Stargate.

We must replace the skull on the pedestal
so that the giant aliens will come.

Something must have
interrupted this process.

Uh... Teal'c fired his zat. That's
all I can imagine it would be, sir.

That's it. That's what
interrupted the process.

We have to... we have to let
it happen. We have to trust it.

- Why didn't you say something sooner?
- I thought l... I was hearing voices.

It wouldn't have been
for the first time.

Forgive me, but why are you
the only person who can see him?

Perhaps because I went
through the same experience.

Tell Hammond if we go back now, he may
see his granddaughter's school play.

General, if we go now, you may be
able to see your granddaughter's play.

I was alone in my
office when Kayla phoned.

Doctor Jackson, ...

. . are you absolutely certain you and
SG-1 can safely return to the planet?

- Say yes.
- Yes.

That's good enough for me, sir.

So it wasn't the skull alone that did
this. It was its connection to the cavern?

Yes. I think the skull just
represents the human form.


Daniel said you should
come to make it work?

Wait. I never said that.
You're taking advantage of me.


So this is what you have been
doing these past few years?

Exploring planets.

SG-1, you have a go.
Maintain radio contact.

Then, behind that, ...

. . there is another world?

You must tell me everything.

As soon as we get back, I promise.

After you, Nicholas Ballard.

It's just as I remembered it!

This is where they live!

Now we must wait for the giant aliens.

That just has a nice ring to it.

- General Hammond, we're in position.
- Understood, Colonel. Proceed.

- Sir, radiation's climbing again.
- This is incredible!

Daniel said to let it happen.



- It worked!
- O'Neill?

Major Carter?


It appears we're out of phase
like Daniel, but Teal'c isn't.

- Why?
- You're asking me?

General Hammond, ...

- . . l was not teleported with the others.
- Return to base immediately.

Holy smoke! Bullwinkle!


- What's your name?
- Quetlzelcoatl.

- Daniel?
- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. "

I know what it's saying.
Why is it saying that?

It didn't affect Teal'c. Why?

Because he's Jaffa.

He's carrying a symbiote. The Goa'uld.

We are enemies of the Goa'uld!

Then you are welcome here.

- Keep talking.
- We're... we're travellers.

We come in search of friendship.

We'd like to exchange
our knowledge and culture.

We accept your proposition.

- You may remain.
- Me?


- This is not your first time here.
- You remember!

There are others among our
people who would gladly return.

No, Daniel. Let me.

- Nick...
- This was my life's work.

I've been hoping for another
chance at this for 29 years!

- Please?
- You just came back into my life.

I'll be back again.


Look again into the eyes of the skull.

Well, Nick, ...

- . . take notes.
- I will.

You have to tell me everything.

I promise.

Daniel, ...

. . l am proud of you.

Goodbye, ...

. . Grandpa.