Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 2 - Seth - full transcript

Stargate is visited by general Jacob Carter on a mission -actually requested by his symbiont Selmak, who wants him to deal with his long-repressed break-up with Sam's brother Mark- to ask SG-1's help in the hunt for the sole system-lord the Tok'Ra never tracked down, Seth, the Egyptian god of chaos and total evil, who plausibly never left earth but hides as Ra put a high price on his head. Daniel finds a plausible series of Seth-cults, each ending in a blood-bad for followers, the latest being outside Seattle, led by Seth Fargo. Jacob and SG-1 arrange to take over the case jurisdiction from the ATF by presidential intervention. As Daniel predicts, they find escape tunnels and get in, but are awaited and disarmed, to be exposed to nish'ta, a powerful biological submission drug, and when Seth senses Jolinar's traces destined for elimination...

- George.
- Jacob.

Colonel O'Neill... Teal'c... Daniel.


- How are you doing, kid?
- OK, Dad.

So, you guys are the talk
of the Tok'ra water cooler.

- For what?
- Kicking some major Hathor behind.

Yes, we do take pride in good work.
But that's not why you're here?

No. We need your help.

You need our help? With what?

Let's just call it a Goa'uld hunt.

- It's fascinating.
- No kidding!

A projected hologram with no
silver-halide-coated plates, no...

I was talking about
what's being projected.

It's like a... family tree
of the ancient Egyptian gods.

Actually, of the Goa'uld System Lords.

Ra, Apophis, Hathor, Heru-Ur...

The symbol of Setesh is oscillating.

That is the symbol for Setesh.

- Have you met him, too?
- I have met descendants of his Jaffa.

All right. Who's this Setesh fella?

Otherwise known as
Setekh... Set, Seti, Seth.

Ancient Egyptian god of chaos.
Embodies hostility and... outright evil.

Why haven't we heard of him before?

We haven't met all the System Lords.
There's probably thousands more, right?

Only dozens of System Lords.
Thousands of Goa'ulds in general.

- What makes you think we met this one?
- The Tok'ra have taken a Goa'uld census.

Where the System Lords are
positioned, what domain they rule, ...

. . who serves under
them, that sort of thing.

But there's one Goa'uld
we've lost track of.


A record of him ends when the Earth's
gate was buried in ancient Egypt.

Are you saying he never left?

That's our theory. We think he still
might be here, hiding among Earth's people.

We'll be cuttin' to
the chase on this one.

You want us to find this
snake-head who, if he's here, ...

. . would be hiding in one of
six billion people on Earth?


- How do you know he's alive?
- If he has a sarcophagus.

Or if he changes hosts
every 400 years or so.

But why wouldn't he have
tried to get at the Stargate...

. . between when it was buried and now?

Or why wouldn't he try to
take over the Earth like Ra?

Seth had a price on his head
- he tried to overthrow Ra.

Now the System Lords wanted
him dead, as did the Tok'ra.

We believe if he's still here it's
because he's using Earth as a hideout.

He wishes to hide among you.

Kinda gives "needle in a
haystack" a whole new meaning.

Well... I know it's a long shot.

Not necessarily. Remember,
Setesh is a Goa'uld.

- Yeah.
- As a Goa'uld he thirsts for power.

They have a common MO
for getting that power.

False religion.

Which shrinks the proverbial
haystack considerably.

Let me see if I can track him through
archaeological and historical record.

Do it.

Dad, you don't really think we have a
chance of finding this Goa'uld, do you?

- It's the mission Garshaw assigned me.
- You didn't request it?

- Dad?
- Why would I request it?

C'mon! Would it be so awful to
admit that you just wanted to see me?

Of course not
- you're right.

That's why I requested it.

OK, so that's obviously not the reason.

What's going on?

I requested the assignment.

- Selmak!
- Nice to see you again, Captain Carter.

Likewise. So, let me ask
you the same question.

Your father has an unresolved issue
on your planet, and it irritates me.


Yes. Your father's a proud man.

He refuses to seek out your
brother and mend the relationship.

Yeah. Well, Mark hasn't exactly
rushed into my father's arms either.

Even when we thought Dad was gonna die.

It hurt your father deeply when his
son didn't come to him on his deathbed.

Why "hurt"?

As far as I was concerned the kid wasn't
my son any more. It didn't hurt a bit.


I have a number for Mark in San Diego.


I just thought you might wanna know.

- When was the last time you saw him?
- Not since his kids were born.

He paints me with the
same brush as he does you.

Well, Selmak's pushing
me to go mend some fences.

I guess Selmak is as wise as
they say. I'll go with you. When?

I didn't say I'd go. I just
said Selmak's pushing it.

So, what's the bad news?

- On the contrary, we have good news.
- You do?

I did a time-line Boolean search for
religion, cult, Set, Setesh, Setekh, Seth...


Here's what I found.

There's been a cult of Setesh in one
form or another since around 1000 BC.

- What is that?
- Oh, yeah, that. Well...

Setesh was represented by an animal,
either fictitious or now extinct, ...

. . most likely the former, ...

since anthropologists haven't found any
fossils to point to a species like this.

Because the creature represents Setesh,
the helmets of the Setesh guard...

. . are the source of many
jokes among the Jaffa.

Jaffa jokes?

Let's hear one of them!

I shall attempt to
translate one, O'Neill.

A serpent guard, a Horus guard and a
Setesh guard meet on a neutral planet.

It is a tense moment. The
serpent guard's eyes glow.

The Horus guard's beak glistens.

The Setesh guard's nose drips.

OK! After Set was supposedly killed in
ancient Egypt with all his minions, ...

. . a similar god showed up
in Greece called Typhon.

Similar back-stories. Another
fictitious animal representation.

In a legend he killed 300 followers
and then disappeared from Greece.

At that point he seemed to have vanished
from history, until I found this.

A new cult arose in England
in the early 1800s, ...

. . strangely enough near
the location of Stonehenge.

The cult had an enigmatic leader named
Seth. And this is the important part.

Seth's worshippers were found
dead, having slit their own throats.

But Seth's body was never found.

- Liked to leave a lot of dead bodies.
- Did you lose the scent there?

I thought so, until I searched
the US government classified net...

. . in case the CIA had a record
of... something, somewhere.

And guess what came up on the ATF page.

"A cult whose leader is named Seth. "

Just north of Seattle.

The ATF are investigating him now
because they're so heavily armed.

This guy has about 50
followers ready to die for him.

You mean to say you
actually found this guy?

How do we know he's our Goa'uld?

Deprogrammed ex-members of the cult
describe Seth as having magical powers.

They claim he's murdered
members in front of the others.

Here's the best part.

"Several independent reports state the
cult leader can make his own eyes glow. "

That's the place. Main building's about
three quarters of a mile up that drive.

I hope you can shut these guys down.

I had a lot of parents come in my office
- they lost their kids to this nut.

I haven't got the manpower or the, uh...
probable cause that you federal types do.

Well, we'll do what we can, Sheriff.
Appreciate you lettin' us look around.

Sheriff. We got a fight
breaking out at Earl's.

Duty calls.

Now, uh... you don't need me gettin' in
your way. Gimme a call if you need me.

Will do.

You people the FBl?

No. Who are you?

Jason Levinson. I've been
camping here the past month, ...

. . hoping to catch a
glimpse of my boy, Tommy.

At least know he's still alive.

He's been in there nine months now.

You folks deprogrammers?

You gotta be good. The guy I hired got
shot in the leg trying to get in there.

So they've got some armed guards?

A lot of them.

What's that damn small-town sheriff
do about it? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

You're the father, aren't
you? Your boy's in there.

No, no. You've got that wrong.

My son isn't in there.


How much would you tack on to get
my boy out the same time as his?

You help us, we might
be able to help you.

I'm with you, sir.

That won't be necessary, but
any information you might have...

What your guy did,
where he got caught...

You got it.

The fence is in the wide
open, and most of the property.

But I'll show you a brush
cover, if you wanna go in.

O'Neill. We are being surveilled.

Yeah, I saw 'em. It's
probably FBl. Maybe ATF.

You guys are prepared.
I'm goin' with you.

I think it'd be safer for
everyone if you wait for us here.

AK-47s, ...

. . a couple of Uzis...

Anyone think they observed the 1
5-day waiting period for those weapons?

Sir, their side arms. I think it's
safe to say there's a Goa'uld there.

And... it looks like
a pair of. 50-cals.

Does the concept of overkill
mean anything to anybody?

Let's fall back to the RV point.

Lower your weapons!

I was wondering when you
folks were gonna show.

We got bets
- I say FBl, they say ATF.

Special Agent James Hamner, ATF.


General. Wanna tell me what
interest the Air Force has here?

That would be classified.

This way, gentlemen. Are
you guys Special Forces?

Also classified.

I was talking to your
commanding officer.

He's right. It's classified.

I have top-level clearance.

Oh, not top enough.

You have a rather insubordinate
subordinate, General.

Not to me. Only to people such
as yourself. Saves me the trouble.

Now maybe you could tell us what
you and your cohorts are planning.

This compound is owned by a cult run
by a guy by the name of Seth Fargough.

Recent intelligence confirms they
have a hoard of prohibited weaponry.

That's some mighty fine
intelligence you got there.

What do you plan to do?

Negotiate, try to get 'em
to come out peacefully.

You have no idea what
you're dealing with.

And I suppose you do

- As a matter of fact...
- Great! Then why don't you tell me?

Uh, that would be...
classified, as well.

Fine! Well, I'll tell you what.

The United States Air Force has
not been invited to participate.

You're out of your jurisdiction.
Leave, or I'll have you arrested.

This is a secure phone, isn't it?
Can we use it to place one call?

Why not?

Thank you. Colonel?

Jack, based on Seth's history, ...

. . if these guys go in there guns blazing,
he's gonna kill everyone in there.

Jacob, can we assume
brainwashing is going on in there?

It's probably Nish'ta. It's a biological
compound that, once inhaled, ...

. . infects all body tissue,
including your brain.

It tends to make your
mind extremely pliable.

- That's like what Hathor used.
- It's stronger. It's more encompassing.

I believe that is the
substance Apophis used on Rya'c.

- Can it be reversed?
- Nish'ta does have an Achilles heel.

Once its effects are reversed, it can't
re-infect the host. They become immune.

OK, well, how do we reverse it?

There's only one way:
an electrical shock.

Strong enough to kill the organism,
but weak enough not to kill the host.

That is why it worked when I
shot Rya'c with a zat'n'ktel.

Then... we go in with zats.

Well, it's not going to
be very covert that way.

And, like I said, any kind of
frontal attack is gonna be a problem.

Daniel's right, sir.

With all the fire power he's got, we
wouldn't stand much of a chance anyway.


Yes, Mr President.

Yes, sir, I am the SRO.

Yes, sir, they are here, sir, but...

With respect, sir, the jurisdictional
rules are clear. This is a civilian matter.

Are you sure you wanna do that, sir?

Yes, Mr President.

Get Colonel O'Neill in here.

Something I can do for you?

- What's going on?
- Didn't you say you know more than I do?

Well, apparently not. I just got
off the phone with the President.

Of the United States of America?

Sweet. How's he doin'?

- He seems to have a thing for you.
- Yeah, well... you know.

In fact, I'm to issue you an
emergency "special agent" credential.

He's put you in charge
of this operation.


My first order of business: Get
me one of those cool jackets!

Extra large. Double-XL, if you got it.

Wanna tell me why the Air Force
cares so much about this cult?

Wanna do me a favour? On
your way out, send my team in.

Your team.

It's an odd bunch of people,
Colonel. Civilian scientists.

This Seth guy got some secret weapon
you don't want the world to know about?

All right, listen.

Since you have clearance,
I'll throw you a bone.

Seth and his boys got some
top-secret technology...

. . that we would prefer not fall into
the public consciousness just yet.

- Comprehend?
- Yeah.


- Now, you've heard of classified.
- You got it.

Thank you.

Did General Hammond
involve the President, sir?

Oh yeah! He's put me in
charge here for the time being.

What do you suggest, O'Neill?

Well, I'm thinkin' we
need to get in there.

- OK, how?
- The floor is open.

I was thinking about that. If
Seth's MO hasn't changed, ...

. . we know certain
things from digs in Giza.

We do?

Leaders built their compounds
with underground escape tunnels.

Correct. Apophis had them
built into his facilities.

OK, so we should do a perimeter search
and look for those tunnel entrances.

That's a lot of territory.

We'll have Mr Hamner's men help us.



We've got a point of entry. Now what?

As soon as we get near anyone
on the inside, we could get shot.

Or worse, dosed with that organism,
and suddenly we're working for Seth.

It won't work on me or Teal'c.

But he'll sense you're Goa'ulds
as soon as you're within 50 feet.

With the arsenal he's got we
wouldn't even get close to him.

Which is why you're not going in.

Dad, you said an electrical shock,
like a zat gun, would snap us out of it.


Sir, I think I have an idea.

Gimme a test count.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three
Mississippi, four Mississippi, five...


It'll work, sir, assuming Dad's right.


If the jolt is big enough.

But you'll have to let the Nish'ta
spread through all your tissues...

. . or it'll regain a stronghold.

Gimme a ten-count.

- Uh... one, two, three, four...
- That's good.

- You ready for yours, Captain?
- One second.

OK, Teal'c, push the button.

- Aagh!
- Hey!

- OK?
- OK.

Wire me.

Daniel, you're certain
that if we get caught...

. . he'll turn us into
zombies rather than kill us?

Well, we're more
valuable to him that way.

Why? How do you think he'll use us?

Historically, he used women as a harem.

They catered to his every whim and
as a result they were well cared for.

- Super
- And the men outside the main court...

. . were used as warriors and
guards, doing his bidding.

Dare I ask about the
men inside the compound?

They were turned into eunuchs.

Eunuchs as in


- Daniel?
- What?

Now what?

Why are you asking me?

Well, y... you knew
there'd be tunnels, so...

Well, in the digs there were stairs
leading up to the main structure.

I hate it when that happens.



Who are you?

Well, I'm Larry, this is Moe and, of
course, everyone's favourite, Curly.

Say goodbye to your
impure military past.

We're always happy to
welcome new disciples...

. . to the bliss that
only Seth can bestow.

So help me, if I wake up
and I'm singing soprano...

Welcome, disciple.

How are you feeling?

- OK. Pretty good.
- Good.

Do you feel strong enough
to serve your god, Seth?

Yes, of course.

This way.

They are awake.

- Shall I activate the devices?
- No.

We must wait to be sure the
Nish'ta has permeated their tissues.

- How long?
- About an hour.

It's a smart virus. If there's any
unaffected tissue in the body...

. . it will give the organism a
safe harbour in which to mutate.

- Then it will overtake your body again.
- Excuse me. Mind if I watch?

I mean, my son's in there.
I just wanna be involved.

I'm afraid I can't let you
in here, sir. I'm sorry.

Yeah. Figured.

- Grab a cup of coffee?
- Sure. Go ahead.



Sorry. It won't happen again.

I've just been kinda short-fused...
since I found out about Tommy.

I understand.

I had to find out from his
college roommate cos, uh...

. . Tommy and me hadn't been
talking for six months.

I do not understand. How could a
father not speak to his son for so long?

Yeah, that's the funny thing about
it: I don't even remember why.

Obviously something pretty
stupid in the scheme of things.

I'll get out of your hair.

Do human parents not love
their children unconditionally?

Sometimes things get complicated.

Many things are
complicated, General Carter.

In Jaffa society, loving one's
children is not one of them.

In human society, sometimes it is.

With these weapons I have provided...

. . we will defend against any incursion
by the impure forces outside our gate.

Let no other gods draw
you away from Seth!

Seth is life. Seth is
happiness. Seth is almighty.


Seth is life. Seth is
happiness. Seth is almighty.

- Again!
- Seth is life. Seth is happiness.

Seth is almighty.

You were once blended.

Were you not?!


No entry marks.

But still...

. . l sense a trace.

Bring me those who came with her!

General Carter, there is a problem.

- What?
- It's nothing we can't handle.

- He made your people, didn't he?
- We don't know yet.

Who sent you?

The System Lords?

The Tok'ra?

I am your god!

You will tell me what I want to know!

Who does your military work for?
The System Lords or the Tok'ra?

I have a vague recollection
of what you're talking about.

The Tok'ra.

Is it not time enough?

No choice. Do it now!

We work for a deprogrammer who hired
us to come remove one of your disciples.

But now we are enjoying
the bliss that is Seth.

How is it possible that
you enjoy the bliss, ...

. . when you are able to lie to Seth?

My Lord, the impure forces
that you have prophesied...

. . are surrounding the compound.

You will pay eternally for
bringing this down upon us.

Take them and kill them.


A quick question about old Seth.

- What happened?
- It's OK. We're here to help you.

We must distribute them
all over the compound.

We cannot allow the impure access
to all we have built up here.

Um... Daniel.


- Levinson?
- Yeah.

Uh, I'm really confused. Who are you?

We're friends of your father.

- Where are the zats?
- Zats?


- Can you activate those transport rings?
- I think so.

Tom, I need you to start transporting
people outta here. Can you handle that?

I... I guess.


I have to prepare for the worst. If I
don't act, it's on me if they get killed.

It won't be on you. It'll be on me.

It will reside on me also.


Carter! Go with 'em. Make
sure they get outta here.

OK, I think I've been very patient.

Let's get all the medical teams up
here stat! Get some blankets and shoes!

C'mon, you guys, get in here!

OK! C'mon, let's go! This way! C'mon!

How dare you challenge
the power that is Seth?

- Bomb?
- Bomb.



General Carter! Our friends have
been neutralised. I must go in.

- Selmak would be of help.
- Who's Selmak?

It's a long story.

This way!

Teal'c! Cover the other ends. Make
sure he doesn't get out another way.

Dad? Where are you going?

Setesh used the hand device on
O'Neill and Daniel. Are you OK?

I'm fine.

Carter! He's down here!


Tok'ra kree chok!

- Dad!
- Your father will survive.

- Stop Seth.
- How?

I can't control this.

You have the will within
you. You must summon it.


You killed him.

Hail Dorothy.