Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Devil You Know - full transcript

Now Apophis has revealed himself, he promises the prisoners to overturn Sokar, which requires extracting an irresistibly valuable secret, to which end he drugs Sam with the truth serum 'blood of Sokar' and implants a memory device plus the drug to torture Jack in the persona of his dead kid son and Daniel for the location of his Harsesis son; Martouf's love for Jolinar makes him betray the Tok'ra are on planet Etnac- a convincing lie, so Apophis's plan to earn Sokar's gratitude and then kill him when rewarded with the lordship of Netu is on a shaky basis... Teal'c must help the Tok'ra Aldwin prepare a nuclear weapon to explode the whole moon, as last chance to eliminate Sokar when his ship arrives, but decides to rescue SG-1 instead by flying in the path of the rings device to Sokar's ship...

Previously on "Stargate SG-1":

- He's been captured by Sokar.
- Oh, my God.

If Selmak is still alive...
he has been sent to Hell.

- We're talkin' about a rescue mission?
- No one has ever escaped from Netu.

No one except for Jolinar.

I've never had anything more
than flashes of her memories.

The Tok'ra have technology that
aids the recall of memories.


- Shut it off! Shut it off!
- Do it!

She was tortured... so badly.

It's her father. She knows the stakes.

- But if Samantha cannot recall...
- It's been done before.

It can be done again.

The atmosphere is impenetrable by ship.

The only way to reach the
surface is in the descentpods.

It's certainly not Emerald City.

We've come to see Bynarr.

- Who asks for me by name?
- I do!

Throw them in the pit.

- Sam...
- Dad?

- Are you crazy?
- Uh, apparently.

Sokar's fleet is ten times
larger than we thought.

Find out what they
want... then kill them.

No. Wait.

There are transportation
rings in Bynarr's quarters.

Teal'c, do you copy?

We gotta go.

Kneel before Na'onak!

You shall call me Na'onak no longer.

From this day forth, I
will reclaim my real name:

. . Apophis.

And now, the conclusion.

You do understand we're
not too happy to see you?

Your insolence is music to my ears.

When I saw you here, I knew I had
found the path out of damnation.

You will be the means by which I
reclaim my rightful power and position.

Your mate Amaunet is dead.

Sorry to ruin your day.

No, actually, I'm wrong
about that. I'm not sorry.

Sokar sent word to me of Amaunet's
death. I did not believe it.

Well, believe it. It's true.

Then Teal'c must be the murderer.

That'd wrap up things real nice for you.

Why is the shol'va not with you?

This one conceals something.

A communication device.

Teal'c, this is your god, Apophis.

Risen from the fires of Netu.

The fate of your friends will be pleasant
compared to what I have planned for you.

Return them to the pit.


You will be my first prime.

It is my honour.

Search them and do whatever is
necessary so they do not escape again.

But do not kill them.

When they are done serving us, I
will have that pleasure for myself.

I warned you that Apophis could
be revived using a sarcophagus.

Sokar would rather see his
victims suffering than dead.

He doesn't seem to be suffering much.

He's burning up.

What is Apophis thinking? He can't
hope to defend himself from Sokar.

He seemed pretty confident to me.

Apophis has one chance. He must
convince Sokar not to kill him.

If the reason is good enough, he
may be able to buy his freedom.

- With us?
- The information we hold.

The secrets of Earth and the Tok'ra.

Silence, dogs!

Apophis speaks!

Bynarr is dead. Sokar will come.

You fear he will bring
his wrath down upon us.

But he cannot make our
existence any worse.

He could come in a ship
and wipe us out from space!

I can deliver us from this place.

I have killed the Devil's servant!

I will destroy Sokar!

Those that follow and serve
me will be led to freedom.

To a new dominion!

One in which the god Apophis, risen
from the depths of the underworld, ...

. . will rule over all that was
once shared by the Goa'uld.

This experience doesn't seem
to have humbled him much.

The dawn of our deliverance is upon us!

Have no fear!

Bow to Apophis, the deliverer!

Yes. Sokar will come.

I say let him come!

My lord, a cargo ship was
spotted in orbit around Netu.

Two gliders gave chase but it
entered hyperspace and escaped.

We must assume that the
ship contained spies.

The attack on the System Lords
will begin sooner than planned.

- You will have the fleet ready in two days.
- My lord, the very best we can do...

The fleet will be ready, my lord.

- How many follow me?
- Three hundred.

The rest have been sent to the surface.
They will change their minds or die.

Did you find anything when
you searched the intruders?

Just this.

Even if all the denizens serve you, you
cannot fight Sokar with crude weapons.

Bynarr said he had one day to find out the
identity of the intruders and report back.

Then we have one day before Sokar
sends his ship to destroy us.

Not if I have something he wants.

- You will discover the intruders' identity.
- I already know their identity.

By the time Sokar arrives,
I will know much more.

Bring me the woman.

The woman will come with me.

Um... I don't think so.


The wound appears cauterised but
there may be bleeding underneath.

Oh, God...


Oh, you... !

You used this device to access the
memories of Jolinar left in your mind.

That is how you knew how to escape.

I will use it to get you to tell
me everything I want to know.

- It doesn't work that way.
- I know how it works.

When activated, it makes your memories
easily accessible to your conscious mind.

I won't tell you anything.

The Blood of Sokar will cloud your mind.

Once under its spell, you
will tell me everything.


Are you almost ready?

Can we talk?

Sam, you haven't said two words
since... since the accident.

Your brother's made it
pretty clear how he feels.

- He blames you.
- I blame myself.

Your work has always been
more important than us.

You know that's not true.

I don't want you to forgive me. I
don't know if I could accept that yet.

I just want you to understand.

You were supposed to pick
Mom up. You were late.

She took a cab. There was
an accident. I understand.

- I couldn't have known it would happen.
- But Mom is dead.

Nothing I say or do can change that.

All I can do is make sure the things
she loved the most don't die with her.

Sam, without you and your
brother, my life is over.

Nothing else means more to me.

Don't forgive me.

Just tell me one day we'll be OK.

- He blames you.
- I blame myself.

- But Mom is dead.
- Just tell me one day we'll be OK.

Just tell me one day we'll be OK.


I forgave you long ago.

Why am I stuck in this? The
same memory over and over.

I guess if we never had this conversation,
neither one of us would be in this mess.

I would have gone on
hating you and the military.

I never would have got involved
in the Stargate programme.

You would have died of cancer.

- Sam, I am dying.
- What?

I'm dying right now... dying right now.

Only you can save me.

- Tell me how to get home.
- What?

Tell me the way home, to Earth.

No, wait.

This is not right.

You'll lose me for ever if you
don't tell me the iris codes.

- This is not real.
- Tell me.

Tell me.

- Tell me!
- No!

Tell me how to penetrate
the Earth's Stargate.

Tell me now... or I
will kill your father.

Teal'c, this is your god, Apophis.

Risen from the fires ofNetu.

The fate ofyour friends will be pleasant
compared to what I have planned for you.

It was then that I realised they would
not be able to execute the escape plan.

I entered hyperspeed to avoid
the gliders that had detected me.

You must have run the engines at full
power to make the journey so quickly.

The situation was urgent.

I understand your desire to report Sokar's
planned attack on the System Lords...

. . as soon as possible.

It may prove invaluable.

I have come seeking assistance to
rescue my friends and your fellow Tok'ra.

I believe Sokar will soon learn
that Apophis has eliminated Bynarr...

. . and will take action
to restore control.

Wait here. I will consult the High Council
and return shortly with a course of action.

Ow! God... !

Major Carter was most forthcoming.

She didn't tell you squat.

By the way, I won't either.

You're not here to provide information.
You are here for my amusement.

Oh! God, no!

All right, all right, all right...


You must be dying to quench your thirst.

Argh! Oh, God!


He's, uh... not so good,
but he's still with us.

Apophis said he was gonna kill him.

No. He, uh... he brought
you back and took Jack.

Are you OK?

They gave me something
called the Blood of Sokar.

It is legendary.

A strong narcotic that can cause
very realistic hallucinations.

I'm pretty sure I
didn't give anything up.


I'm here.

- I'm here.
- Sam, I hate to sound negative here...

Shh. Save your strength.

- I don't think I'm gonna make it.
- No.

That is unacceptable.

Think about seeing your
grandchildren again.

Don't make me have to
explain this to them.

Martouf... if they come for you...

- I have endured torture before.
- This is like nothing you could imagine.

Everything seems real.

Feelings, sensations.

It's like you're actually
there in your own past.

And then suddenly
everything seems wrong.

Your mind gets all twisted.

Just don't let Apophis
use Jolinar against you.

How could he?

You must be angry about what Jolinar
had to do to escape from here.

Martouf, ...

. . she loved you.

Charlie! Sorry I'm late.

I stopped to get you
somethin'. You in there?

You're dead! You're dead!

- Where'd you get that?
- Jeff Eisen gave it to me. It's a water gun.

- It doesn't matter.
- You have a gun.

- That's different.
- Why?

Charlie... Charlie!

Where you goin'?!

- Inside.
- Wait a minute. I got you somethin'.

- Come on. We'll play some catch.
- This is not what happened, Dad.

You're changing everything
just to make it better.

I know.

Can't we just play catch?

What happened is you got
mad at me and I went inside.

Two weeks from now, I
shot myself with your gun.

We never played catch
today and we never will.


Why can't we just play catch?

I'll play... if you tell
me... if you tell me.

What do you wanna know?
I'll tell you anything.

Tell me how you made
contact with the Asgard.

. . the Asgard.

- What?
- You represented Earth in the talks...

. . between the Asgard
and the System Lords.

- How'd you know that?
- It's OK, Dad. You can tell me.

Tell me the address of
the Asgard home world.

I don't know it.

The world where the ancients' knowledge
was downloaded into your brain.

That was cool, wasn't it?

You can't know that.

- This isn't you.
- Sure it is.

Come on, Dad. We'll have a catch.

Just like you want.



I have been instructed
to return to Netu.

- What is inside the container?
- A weapon.

For what purpose?

The High Council believes the uprising
of Apophis presents a key opportunity.

Sokar will take his mother ship into
orbit around Netu to restore order there.

This weapon is intended for Sokar.

Yes, but unfortunately we have no
weapons capable of penetrating...

. . the shields of a Goa'uld mother ship.

- So how will this weapon be effective?
- I am to launch it towards the moon, ...

. . into one of the holes of
its surface and into the core.

It will force the base elements
into a cataclysmic chain reaction.

The moon will explode,
taking Sokar's ship with it.

- Along with everything else.
- The Tok'ra have no alternative.

Sokar cannot be permitted
to rise to a dominant power.

It would end our chances
of defeating the Goa'uld.

What of rescuing my
friends trapped there?

I am charged with my mission.

If you intend to stand in my way, I will
insist that you remain here on Vorash.

I will accompany you.

Then we must leave immediately.

- Jack.
- No...

I don't wanna go to school.


- You OK?
- No.

They, uh... they took Martouf.

They put that damn memory thing on me.

And then they gave me something...

. . that reminded me of the '70s.

The Blood of Sokar.


- Yeah?
- I'm gonna pass out again.

If Sokar is not in orbit
around Netu when we arrive, ...

. . a rescue could still be attempted.


But if he is already in orbit, we
must act swiftly and launch the weapon.

I don't like this any more than
you do. But essentially this is war.

If Sokar ascends to ultimate power, ...

. . the consequences will be far
greater than losing a few good people.

I understand.

Timing will be critical. Once
the weapon is launched, ...

. . it will take 12 minutes for the
reaction to reach critical mass.

If Sokar has enough warning, ...

. . he will have time to escape
the range of the explosion.

No, please.

Jolinar was your mate.

Tell me the location of the
Tok'ra resistance or she dies.

- Don't do it, Martouf.
- Silence.


Tell me now.

I am not Jolinar.
Don't tell him anything.

Tell me.

- I cannot let him kill you.
- No, Martouf.

No, Martouf.


The Tok'ra resistance is
based on the planet Entac.

Return them to the pit.
Bring me Daniel Jackson.

- Speak.
- Your fleet is ready, my lord.

You have done well.

Bynarr has not yet
reported as you wished.

I will take my ship and
cleanse the underworld...

. . so that its fires may be reborn.

Then I will launch the
attack on the System Lords.

Soon the entire realm of
the Goa'uld will serve me...

. . or suffer the fate of the damned.

I knew it was you.

You shouldn't have done it, Martouf.

I could not watch him
kill you, Samantha.

You lied.

Entac is a primitive planet.
There are no Tok'ra there.

You were very convincing.
I believed you.

If Apophis believes he knows
the location of the Tok'ra, ...

. . what does he want from Dr Jackson?


- I just wanted to see how you were doin'.
- Good.


Kasuf sent me some of Sha're's things
after the funeral. He said that, um...

Well, he said that she
would've wanted me to have them.

We both drank from
this cup at our wedding.

- I know I shouldn't have hoped, but...
- Hey. You can never give up.

- How about now?
- Especially not now.

Sha're didn't want you
to just give up, did she?

As I recall, she wants
you to find the boy.

You didn't believe Sha're sent a
message through the hand device.

I've been wrong about a lot of things.

And I know I don't always sound like
I believe you, but I do believe in you.

What did you say she called the boy?


I mean, the kid holds all the knowledge
of the Goa'uld who fathered him, right?


He could be the key to us kickin' those
slimy snakeheads out of the galaxy.

Yeah, that's what Sha're said.

All you have to do is figure
out where Amaunet sent him.

The name?

Name of the place Amaunet sent the boy.

- No.
- What?

No, I'm not... telling you.

Come on. You know me. I just
can't remember... can't remember.


- You told me before.
- No!

This is not real.

Hear me, Bynarr.

Why do you defy your lord, Sokar?

Bynarr is dead by my hand.

I am Apophis, and the
denizens of Netu follow me.

I will bring the full force
of my weapons down upon you.

You will die in burning hellfire.

First you will hear me.

We must hold our position in the shadow
of the moon so we are not detected.

Before you fire upon us, know
this: I have tortured the intruders.

Three from the Tauri and a Tok'ra.

I have learnt much, including the
location of the Tok'ra resistance.

Bynarr was weak.

He was incompetent.

A Goa'uld of your superior
power deserves more.

I wish to serve you.

I offer this information
I have gathered as proof.

Grant me an audience and allow
me to show my reverence to you...

. . by bowing at your feet.

I will grant you this request.

I am for ever in your service.

Take him away.

Be quick!

Sokar will die by my hand
and I will command his domain.

Surely he will not let you
enter his ship with weapons.

Do you think I am a fool?

I have been planning this since
the moment I was sent here.

I will convince Sokar to
make me the new lord of Netu.

He will come down off his throne
to brand me with his seal, ...

. . and when he gets close enough...

On my command, replace this
- here.

Someone has transported
from Netu to Sokar's vessel.

The weapon is ready for launch.
Sokar's ship is almost in position.

Sokar's ship's in orbit.
Apophis went up to meet him.

I managed to get this.


- Can Sokar pick up the transmission?
- The signal is coded.

- Teal'c, it's Carter. Can you hear me?
- Wait!

- Major Carter, it is l.
- Thank God.


- What the hell is that?
- Sokar is attacking!

Teal'c, what's going on?

You have 12 minutes
until Netu is destroyed.

- What? Why?
- I am here with the Tok'ra Aldwin.

He has launched a weapon into
the moon, which will explode, ...

. . destroying Sokar's ship,
which is in its orbit.

The High Council must believe
it is the only choice...

- . . or they would not sacrifice us this way.
- We're not dead yet.

I have an idea.

Help me pack this. Fill in this
vent. As many rocks as you can.

Wedge them in real tight.

My time of suffering has taught me
the strength of your power, my lord.

Tell me the information you
extracted from the intruders.

I beg you to grant me the
privilege of ruling Netu.

Bynarr was not worthy of such honour.

Tell me the location
of the Tok'ra rebellion.

That is only one of the many
valuable things I have learnt.

Why do you try my patience?

Tell me and I will
grant you your wish...

. . and brand you Lord of the Underworld.

The Tok'ra are based
on the planet Entac.

- What is the meaning of this?
- I recently conquered Entac.

There are no Tok'ra there.

Kill him.


We have less than nine minutes.

If we stay longer, we risk
being caught in the explosion.

- I will take that risk.
- Even if Martouf and your friends...

. . make it to the transporter rings, ...

. . Sokar's ship is in the
path of the matter stream.

There is no way we can intercept them.

Teal'c, unhand me! Teal'c!

Teal'c, this is suicide.




We're on our way!

Timing is critical, Daniel Jackson.
Tell me precisely when you are ready.

Teal'c, listen carefully!

To intercept the matter stream,
you must fly the cargo ship...

. . between Sokar's ship and the planet.

If you do not come to a complete stop,
we could miss part of the matter stream.

Your friends would die.

And that's only if Sokar
doesn't blow us out of the sky.

Get in position!

Almost there, Teal'c.


Forgive me! The hellfires of
Netu are erupting, my lord.

- What?
- The moon's core has become unstable.

That is impossible. I control Netu!

We must move the ship.




We're ready, Teal'c!

They're here! Go! Go! Go!

We have escaped.

Iced tea.

Air conditioning.



I'm sorry I doubted you.

I am as surprised as
you that we survived.

Thank you.

Do you have any leave coming up?

Yeah, a little.

I was thinking we could take a
father-daughter vacation together.

That'd be great, Dad.

I hear Alaska's cold this time of year.