Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 12 - Jolinar's Memories - full transcript

Martouf leads a Tok'ra delegation with crushing news for Carter: her father Jacob/Selmak has been captured by Sokar and imprisoned on Netu, an Egyptian name for hell, on a moon of planet Delmal, from where nobody returns to suffer eternal torture, only Jolinar ever escaped. SG-1 mounts a rescue operation with Martouf, top-priority being any information Selmak can offer about Sokar's plan to subjugate the other system lords, an unprecedented threat for all humanoids in the galaxy. Teal'c must pilot a goa'uld ship and keep it in orbit as landing is impossible except by small pod, but first Martouf taps into Jolinar's memory, which is partially blocked by some trauma beyond physical torture. Only when they're down and in custody of Netu's lord Bynarr, Sam realizes he is the key, in a 'personal' way, but not voluntary as she thought. Sokar learns their presence from Bynnar and orders team and craft destroyed, but this also means there must be a way out. Bynarr's prime Na'onak has and is himself a major surprise...

- What's up?
- Receiving GDO transmission.

- It's the Tok'ra, sir.
- Open the iris.

- Maybe it's Dad.
- Maybe.

Martouf. How are you?

Samantha. Colonel O'Neill.

- Well enough, under the circumstances.
- What's wrong?

Maybe we should discuss this elsewhere.

It's my father.

- I'm afraid he's been captured by Sokar.
- Oh, my God.

- As far as we know, he is still alive.
- As far as you know?

You know that Sokar has assumed the
persona of the entity known as the Devil?

Yeah. A bit pretentious, don't you think?

You must understand when I say
that if Selmak is still alive,...

- ..he has been sent to Hell.
- As in...?

A place of eternal suffering and
damnation from which there is no return.

So, what are we really talking about here?

Netu is a moon that orbits
Sokar's home planet.

- A very hot moon, I take it.
- It is a place where fires burn strong.

But you know for sure
that my father is still alive?

I am sorry, Samantha.
I know this must be difficult.

Once captured, Selmak and Jacob - your
father - would have been brutally tortured.

But Sokar would rather see
his victims suffer than die.

So we're talking about
a rescue mission here?

Unfortunately, to our knowledge,
no one has ever escaped from Netu.


No one except for Jolinar.

- Oh.
- (Daniel) Ofcourse. It makes sense.

A Goa'uld impersonating the Devil
would create a place like Netu.

Netu is from the book of Am-Taut,...

..a how-to guide on passing through the
ancient Egyptian "other world" regions.

Those regions are dark places with pits of
fire, home to monsters and the damned.

What little we know is based on legends
that have been perpetuated by Sokar.

- How did Jolinar get out?
- She never said.

No one ever asked her how she escaped
from an inescapable prison?

She was found unconscious
and badly injured in a teltac -

a cargo ship - floating adrift in space.
Her recovery was long and painful.

She was encouraged to remember,
but she refused to speak of it.

- Anyone curious as to why?
- I implored her, but she would not say.

I only carried Jolinar for a short time.

I've never had anything more than flashes
of her memories, occasionally dreams.

But certainly never anything
like this place you're describing.

The Tok'ra have technology
that aids the recall of memories, but... must be willing to use it.

Well, if we're going in on this one, sir,
we're going to need a couple more units.

A full military incursion
will be impossible, Colonel O'Neill.

We do covert.

Selmak's recovery
is obviously a high priority.

However, and forgive me, Samantha,...

..but there is something larger
at stake here.

The Tok'ra believe that Sokar
is about to launch an attack...

- ..against the System Lords.
- Isn't that good news?

The disorganisation of
the System Lords' fragmented rule... a far more vulnerable target
than one powerful Goa'uld.

- Especially if that Goa'uld is Sokar.
- He's that much worse than the others?

Of all the gods he picked to impersonate,
he chose the Devil.

We need to find Selmak and determine
what he knows about Sokar's attack.

Without wanting to sound too dramatic,
the fate of the galaxy may be at stake.

Sounds a bit overly dramatic.

Sounds like we can't refuse.

- Colonel, you have a go.
- Yeah.

- When?
- As soon as you're ready.

If you all are sure you understand
what you are volunteering for.

- You said Hell, right?
- I'm gonna end up there sooner or later.

Might as well check out
the neighbourhood, huh?

The teltac we will require for the journey
awaits us on the planet Vorash.

- Ship?
- There is no Stargate on Netu.

Those banished there are taken by ship.

Have I mentioned to you
that I hate surprises?

We have a long journey ahead. There'll be
much time to inform you of all the details.

Now, see, that puts me in a position
to be surprised.

Chevron seven is locked.

Major, you will bring
your father back safely.

Yes, sir. We will.

- (Carter) This ship looks familiar.
- It's the teltac in which Jolinar was found.

(Martouf) It was severely damaged
when we found it.

The flight mechanisms have been
repaired, but the hyperdrive engines...

..can only be run at 40 per cent
without too much risk.

Is this vessel equipped
with stealth capabilities?

The ship we were in
could make itself invisible.

- Really?
- It was an upgrade.

You're obviously dealing
with a base model here.

- Are you sure you can fly this ship?
- With great proficiency.

While we're on the surface,
you may have to avoid Sokar's forces.

- What, isn't Teal'c coming with us?
- He cannot.

The atmosphere is impenetrable by ship.

The only way to reach the surface
is in the descent pods.

It is how all the damned are sent to Netu
by Sokar, and how we must arrive...

..if we're to convince others
we can be trusted.

- And there are only four pods?
- Correct.

This counts as a surprise, you know.

Shall we embark?

By all means.

To Hell with us.

So what else can you tell us about Netu?

The moon was once an industrialised
colony of the planet Delmak.

When Sokar conquered Delmak,
he made it his home world.

He transformed the environment
to suit the myths.

He went to an awful lot of trouble.

He filled the atmosphere with toxins,...

..then blasted holes in the moon's
surface, releasing the molten core.

As I apply the memory device,
you will feel a sharp pain.

We've actually all experienced
this technology before.

Good. Then you will know what to expect.

(electronic beep)

So we're actually gonna see Jolinar's
memories appear as holographic images?

There are no specific ways
of targeting memories.

Some of Samantha's own
personal memories may come out.

Out of respect for her privacy, we will not
be using this part of the technology.

- Thank you.
- You can describe what you see.

I'm ready.

- Sam?
- In here.

Why are you crying?

Where's Mom?

Oh, God.

Listen to me, Samantha.

- I'm sorry. I'm stuck in my own past.
- Think of Jolinar.

The last night we spent together
before she was captured by Sokar,...

..we walked along the ridge of Noctana.
There were two moons out that night.

I see it.

You didn't speak of Jolinar leaving.

You both knew it was dangerous
but she had to go.

You stayed up all night together.

- (whispers) Martouf...
- Are you OK?

- I wanna try it again.
- I should have said this earlier.

I know my personal relationship with
Jolinar is a source of discomfort for you.

- Martouf...
- I want you to know,... has always been my belief that Jolinar
kept her experience on Netu a secret...

..because she believed
it might come between us.

I don't want you to hold anything back
for the same reason.

- You don't have to protect me.
- OK.

(electronic beep)

- Aargh!
- Aargh!

(evil laugh)

- Aargh!
- (evil laugh)

Aargh! Aargh!

- Shut it off! Shut it off!
- Do it!


I saw someone.

A dark figure. I think it was Sokar.

- The pain was...
- I am sorry.

The memory technology can provide
very realistic sensory recall.

She was tortured... so badly.

I'm going to turn it on again,
but at a lower setting.

(electronic beep)

She was on a ship like this one.

They put her in a descent pod.

There was a fire... all around.
It was hard to breathe.

It's gone... I lost it.

- We will arrive soon.
- I know, Martouf.

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm not
gonna be able to do this.

You have to.

Hey, Marty. A word?

- Pushin' a little hard, don't you think?
- There is not much time left.

It's her father. She knows the stakes.

If she does not remember Jolinar's
escape, I will not ask any of you...

- accompany me down to the surface.
- Why?

- Anyone who goes will likely not return.
- But you're gonna go?

I will attempt to locate Selmak
and communicate any information to you.

You will return and relay it to the Tok'ra.

And leave you and Jacob
down there to... what? Rot?

With no means of escape...

All right. First of all...
Carter's not gonna let you go without her.

Secondly, I won't let it happen.
Thirdly, Jolinar escaped...

- But if Samantha cannot recall...
- I know. I heard you.

And forgive the bravado. But it's
been done before - it can be done again.


You gonna be OK?


It's just so confusing, you know.

Images and faces.
Fragments of thoughts and feelings...

There was a Goa'uld on Netu. Not Sokar.

He was, um...

Let's just say he was less than attractive.

I know his name. I... I can't find it.

But I get this... horrible, sick feeling
when I remember him.

Something happened
between him and Jolinar.

Something worse than
the torture and pain.

Something Jolinar never wanted
Martouf to find out about.

We have arrived at the coordinates.

You must keep the disc concealed
from any denizens we may encounter.

I will leave it on a minimal setting so you
may work through memories as we go.

- Is that OK?
- Yeah, of course.

- Carter?
- Thank you.

Sokar would not send someone
down to Netu with weapons.

Yeah. So?

If they're found, the denizens
will know we were not sent by Sokar.

We must attempt to blend, so that we will
be allowed to move freely as denizens.

OK. We'll attempt to blend.
But we're not going down there unarmed.

So, how do we communicate with Teal'c?

We believe this device
will penetrate the atmosphere.

- "We believe"?
- We should be able to speak to him... long as the ship
remains in orbit of the moon.

That's, uh... that's still a long way down.

The pods are launched at a great velocity.

That's supposed to make me feel better?

Heat-dampening shields and anti-gravity
wave generators will slow our descent.

So... smooth sailin' all the way, right?

Not exactly, O'Neill.

- Are you prepared?
- Uh, no. Not really.


- O'Neill, can you hear me?
- Read you, Teal'c.

You are now entering the atmosphere.

(radio buzzes)

Colonel O'Neill?

(radio buzzes)

(radio buzzes)

O'Neill, can you hear me?

(O'Neill) Carter?

- Daniel?
- Over here!

- (Carter) This way!
- (O'Neill) Let's move!

(Daniel) My lungs are burning.

(O'Neill) Well, at least it's a dry heat.

(Teal'c) Colonel O'Neill, respond.

Yeah, Teal'c. We're in one piece.

Just hang tight and we'll be in touch.

- We should follow this tunnel.
- You remember.

Being here helps. It should lead to the
underground remains of the old colony.

It's one of the only inhabitable places left.

(Daniel) ls it me, or is it actually
getting hotter in here?

- (O'Neill) A little of both, probably.
- (Carter) There's something up ahead.

This way.



Well... it's certainly not Emerald City.


(O'Neill) Howdy, folks.

We're... new in these parts.
I know that's hard to tell, but it's true.




- What does that mean?
- It's the name I couldn't remember.

- We've come to see Bynarr.
- (distorted) Who are you?

People of little consequence.
Pay no attention to us.

- Kneel before me.
- Who's this guy?

He is Na'onak.
First prime to Bynarr, Lord of Netu.

- We've come to see Bynarr.
- (distorted) You will not!

- Banish them to the surface.
- I... don't... think so.

Back off. Back off a little there, folks.


(distorted) Who asks for me by name?

I do!

I'm Samantha Carter,
host of Jolinar of Malk-shur.

Take their weapons!
Throw them in the pit!

(O'Neill) Of course. The pit.

Thank you!

(distant cries)

Mmm. The smells keep getting
better and better, don't they?

This doesn't look encouraging.

I thought weapons weren't allowed. We've
seen a staff weapon and a hand device.

- I do not understand it myself.
- Surprise, surprise.

Bynarr is Sokar's appointed leader.

He's permitted a hand device
and one staff weapon for his first prime.

What made you think Bynarr
would be sympathetic to Jolinar?

I was sure he was the one
that helped her escape.


She, um...

I'm sorry.

He's the key. Bynarr may not
have knowingly helped Jolinar,...

..but I'm sure he must know
how she escaped.






- Am I dreaming?
- No. No, we're real.

Are you crazy?

Uh, apparently.

- Are you OK?
- I've been better.

- Selmak?
- He's dying.

This will help.

Hang in there.
We're gonna get you outta here.


Thank you.

Is he gonna make it?

Not here. Unless we get him
out of this place soon, he will die.

It's OK. I'm here.

I am humbled by your presence,
my lord Sokar.

(distorted) Bynarr, Lord of Netu,...

..l do not have time to hear of
the sufferings of the damned on this day.

Allow me to offer thanks
for returning the Tok'ra Jolinar,...

..the one who betrayed me,
so that I may seek my revenge.

- Of what do you speak?
- She arrived today with three others.

I did not send her to you.

They are intruders. Find out
what they want... then kill them.

I had hoped to take my revenge
on Jolinar slowly, my lord.

To see her suffer
in the harshest ways of the damned.

Go now! Report back to me in one day.

- Heed my command.
- Without fail, my lord.

A ship brought these intruders.

- Find it and destroy it.
- Yes, my lord.

Do you have the strength to speak?

We can relay communication
to the Tok'ra council.

Sokar's fleet is ten times larger
than we thought.

He is poised to attack six
key System Lords. He will win.

He will control an army big enough
to rule the galaxy if that is so.

- When is all this supposed to happen?
- It was to take place two weeks...

..from the time I was captured.
That was... four days ago.

- We must relay this to the Tok'ra now.
- Yeah.

Teal'c, come in.

O'Neill, it is l.

(O'Neill) We found Jacob.
He's in pretty rough shape.

Have you yet determined
a means of escape?

Uh, no, not yet.
Martouf wants to talk to you, though.

I have a message you must relay
to the Tok'ra high council...

..if we do not get out of here.

(distorted) Samantha Carter.

- You will come with me.
- Who's calling?

- Now!
- Come and get her yourself, you...


- This may be our only way out of here.
- How do you figure?

If I can just get close
to Bynarr, talk to him...


Yeah, OK. Go ahead.

Look after my dad.

(door shuts)



(distorted) Enter.

Take it.

You have no symbiote within you.


How, then, do you know of Jolinar?

- I once carried her.
- I should have known.

Jolinar would have died on the surface
before she showed her face to me again.

Because she betrayed you.

Look what Sokar took from me
because of her.

- Where is she now?
- She's dead.

You know how she escaped.

I don't. I don't remember.

Why have you come here?

(woman cries)


- She'll be back.
- Where is she?

- She's with Bynarr.
- No...

Samantha believes Bynarr
is the key to our escape.

- He's Sokar's eyes and ears here.
- Well, eye and ears.

- He ensures there are no uprisings.
- Keeps the conditions liveable.

And he reports to Sokar regularly.
Sokar enjoys hearing about the suffering.

- What's that?
- Sokar comes here?

No. Bynarr goes to the planet.

- How do you know?
- I saw him there before I was captured.

Do you know how he gets there?

Our most recent addition... the Tok'ra Selmak.

Have you come to rescue him?

(evil laugh)

Did you think I helped Jolinar to escape?

- Yes.
- Why?

Because you loved her.

You are mistaken.

Then why do you hate her so much?

Her death has robbed me of the revenge...

..that I have long dreamed of.

I won't get the same satisfaction
from killing you.

But I will get some.

No! Wait!

- You all right?
- Yeah. Dad?

He's hanging in there.

There are transportation rings
in Bynarr's quarters.

They must lead to Sokar's palace.

Jolinar managed to steal
a cargo ship and escape.

(distant voice) The Lord of Netu is dead!

- What's goin' on up there?
- Na'onak just killed Bynarr.

- What? Why?
- I have no idea.

Bynarr was about to kill me.
Na'onak shot him with his staff weapon.

- He just sent me back down here.
- The denizens will riot.

- This could be our shot.
- To do what?

- The rings go to Sokar's palace.
- It's a way outta here.

She was one person,
and she had a hand device.

- Leave me.
- Uh, Jacob...

You seem to be missing the whole point.


- Is that possible?
- (both) What?

- The cargo ship has rings.
- The ring transportation devices... like Stargates over shorter
distances. They transmit a matter stream.

- If it is intercepted by another receiver...
- Whoa, whoa! Simplify, please.

If Teal'c can manoeuvre into position,...

- ..theoretically we can transport aboard.
- "Theoretically"?

- How does he find the position?
- The mechanism can locate other rings.

Teal'c should be able
to detect the coordinates.

I'll take those odds.

Come here.

Teal'c, it's Daniel. Come in.
Teal'c, do you copy?

I hear you, Daniel Jackson.

- Teal'c, it's Daniel. Come in. Over.
- What are you doing?

I'm just communicating with my friend
from this little communication device.

Teal'c, this is Daniel.
We need you. Do you copy?

- (shooting)
- I copy.

(Carter) This way!

The ring device on the ship should locate
the path the matter stream will take.

(Teal'c) I will be in position.

Oh, hell.

It's gone. The key that
activates the rings is gone.

- Where was the key to be inserted?
- Over here.

Can you make it work?

- It will take time.
- Take all you need.

Teal'c, we're almost ready.
Teal'c, do you copy?

- We gotta go.
- Almost.

Get ready!


- He's not responding.
- He said he'd be there.

- If he is not...
- He'll be there.

(distorted) Move away!


Kneel before Na'onak!

You shall call me Na'onak no longer.

From this day forth,...

..l will reclaim my real name:


Visiontext Subtitles: Claire Bates