Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 11 - Past and Present - full transcript

On the planet Vyus, SG-1 discover an entire early industrial society suffering from collective amnesia since an unspecified event about a year ago known as the Vorlix. The most lucid local, scientist Ke'ra, develops an almost amorous relationship with Daniel while she shows the team the fascinating diary of a deceased scientist, which also mention a pesticide Dargol which had to be banned because it affected fertility and a 'visitor' named- Linea, who fits the description of the Destroyer of world SG-1 inadvertently helped escape (in "Prisoners") with them from a penal planet. Ke'ra and a Vyus couple, Orner and Layale, come to star-base where Dr. Frazer proves Ke'ra has Linea's DNA, and the amnesia is caused by a physical block in the brains caused by Dargol, which Linea developed into an experimental fountain of youth, which apparently suddenly went wrong. Manufacturing a medicine within a reasonable time, before ignorance ruins the planet, is hopeless without Ke'ra/Linea, but shouldn't she rather be incarcerated then given the chance to play another diabolical trick if she remembers her evil persona?

Anybody get the feeling these
folks don't do a lot of travellin'?

It looks like it
hasn't been used at all.

Well, they might not even
know what the gate is.

- It might be just an artefact to them.
- It's possible.

You could stand here for months pressing
symbols and still not open a wormhole.



It was like an explosion,
Orner. I heard it.

- There wasn't any explosion.
- I heard something. It was a big...

- A big what?
- Hello!

You heard us.

Where did you come from?

- How did you get in here?
- Door was open.

Is there anyone around here who
might be... considered... in charge?

Me! Show me your papers.

We don't really have any papers. We're
travellers. We've come to meet you.

- To meet me?
- Not you!

Actually, I meant your people.

I'm Daniel. This is Major Carter
and Jack O'Neill and Teal'c.

Who'd give you a name like Teal'c?

It was given by my
father. It means strength.

You remember your father?

For as long as I draw breath.

Then you could have not been
here at the time of the Vorlix.

Vorlix. That doesn't ring a bell.

It was the day that all we know
of ourselves was taken away.

We can only remember the
days since the Vorlix.

Before that... nothing.

Don't detect anything
out of the ordinary, sir.

Neither did the MALP. I think we're OK.

The MALP is worthless. You I'll trust.

You needn't worry, friend.

Ke'ra says whatever it was that caused
the Vorlix came and went a year ago.

At least a year. More.

In the first days after the Vorlix,
well, there was panic and confusion.

It's hard to be precise.

So you all just woke up one day
and didn't know who you were.

How does that work?

My first memory after the Vorlix was of
running in the streets, as if for my life.

She was running right there
beside me... whoever she is.

Seems like some kind
of mass amnesia, sir.


It happened to a friend during
the Gulf War. She was knocked out.

When she came to, her memories and
identity before the crash were gone.

So everybody here
took a hit to the head?

Well... No, sir. I... I'm not sure
what could cause amnesia on this scale.

I've never before encountered
such an occurrence.

- All of our elders are missing as well.
- You remember elders?

No, but there are photographs
of them in every house.

- The children are gone, too.
- If we ever had children.

Well, we weren't grown on trees.

Then why have we photographs of
elders and none of children, hm?


But if you do have any information
we could use, you must see Ke'ra.

That's the second time
you've mentioned that name.

You don't know who Ke'ra is.

She is minister of health, science,
and restructuring the Vyus government.

- Busy gal.
- We're all busy.

Well, we would be lost
without her. And you know it.

Well... After you.

You needn't flatter her
when she isn't in the room!

- I'll take them. You go home.
- Well, don't expect supper!

Never do.

- Ke'ra, some people want to see you.
- They will have to wait, Orner.

- Does that help?
- No.

I can't... breathe.

Those with food allergies
can't remember them.

Well, it looks like she's
going into anaphylactic shock.

Breathe now.

- There. Better?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Rest here a while.

Orner, you were about to
introduce your friends.

They are travellers,
Ke'ra, from far away.

I can see that.

Uh... O'Neill, Carter,
Daniel and Teal'c.

So I'm guessing you
were or are a doctor.

It seems to me that before
the Vorlix I helped others.

That is all that I sense.

- Are you?
- A doctor? No... no.

Uh... Well, yes. Um...

I'm a doctor of archaeology.
I study the past.

Then you are a most welcome
visitor here, Daniel.

They were not here at
the time of the Vorlix.

You've done absolutely the right
thing in bringing them here, Orner.

Thank you.

He fervently believes we
are husband and wife...

. . and that we need not wait till we regain
our memories to renew our relationship.

Perhaps you can help us.

Please, follow me.

This room has all of the knowledge and
research we've been able to recover.

I've spent every waking hour
in here, reading, searching...

Dispensing whatever
useful information I find.

If you were able to help us, I know
our people would be eternally grateful.

- You seem to have things under control.
- On the contrary, sir.

We're falling apart. Industry and
agriculture on Vyus has come to a halt.

And when winter comes, it will
be disastrous. Nothing less.

- You're not from Vyus.
- What gave us away?

Whatever agent caused the Vorlix is
gone, but its effects were pandemic.

If you know who you are, then
you cannot be of this world.


Well, you know that big, round ring thing
stashed in a warehouse down the road?

So it is a transportation device.

- So it is.
- We call it a Stargate.

Stargate, yes. Um...

Dr Zirvis mentioned that
word in his research.

Though I have given up hope of finding
this Dr Zirvis amongst our people, ...

. . his papers have taught me much.


"Our visitor claims to have come to
Vyus from beyond the stars themselves, ...

. . though I cannot comprehend the science
behind this Stargate device she used. "

I have studied this device, but
have been unable to activate it.

Ke'ra, could you go back to the
part about the visitor again?

She's mentioned many
times in the archive.

- What can you tell us about her?
- She was somewhat of an apothecary.

- And she did not survive the Vorlix.
- How do you know?

The bodies of an elder woman and
man were discovered days later...

. . in a building destroyed by explosion
- the only remains of elders we've found.

We deduce the male must
have been Dr Zirvis...

. . and the female matches what little
description his notes gave of the visitor.

- What is the name of this elder woman?
- It is mentioned.

Here, yes. "She calls herself Linea. "


Oh, hi. What's your name?

I have told Dr Fraiser this may
be the planet Linea escaped to.

Possibly. I'd like to know
what we're dealin' with here.

Sounds like a world-class
case of amnesia.

- Check these people out, will ya?
- Yes, sir.

Let's, um... set up over here.

I keep finding references
to something called Dargol.

Yes, I found Dargol was a
chemical once used as a pesticide.

It seems to have had an impact on the
environment and has since been banned.

Yes, we had a similar problem on
my world with a chemical called DDT.

It built up in the food chain until
entire species were threatened.

I first believed that Dargol was
related to our loss of memory, ...

. . but there's little evidence of it.

I have found residue only in the bodies
of those who have died since the Vorlix.


Sometimes images of
people look familiar to me.

I wonder if I knew this
person or that person.

There are still so many questions.
Why are there no images of children?

Where have our elders gone?

Through your Stargate, perhaps.

Well, it's possible that your
people foresaw a disaster...

. . and sent the most helpless to safety.

No, Daniel. Whatever happened
happened quickly, without warning.

How do you know that?

Because, if you saw disaster coming,
you would have left yourselves a note?

Sort of a... "to whom it may concern"?



I was just thinking about amnesia.

It doesn't quite track
with Linea's nickname.

- Destroyer of Worlds.
- Yeah. That one.

Well, actually, in sort
of a sick way, it does.

Ke'ra said herself their society was on the
verge of collapse. This world is in trouble.

Perhaps Linea was experimenting
with other ways to destroy worlds.

Variety being the spice of life and all?

The fact is, sir, we let
Linea out of Hadante prison.

We gave her all she needed
to know about the Stargates...

- . . to go anywhere she wanted.
- I know.

We're responsible, sir.

I know.

Tell me of Linea.

Well, uh... basically, we met her
on a visit to another planet...

. . during which we were imprisoned,
unjustly, and Linea helped us escape.

Well, surely there was nothing wrong
with that if you were imprisoned unjustly.

Well, she was imprisoned justly.

It was after we escaped that we
learned that this nice older lady...

. . was in fact a very, very bad older
lady who had committed terrible crimes.

What crimes?

She created a plague that almost
wiped out an entire people.

They called her Destroyer of Worlds.

She found your world because of
us, through one of our computers.

And that's why we're gonna do
everything in our power to help.

I know you will.

I may have something.


I think it's Linea's diary.
I remember seeing her with it.

Your diagnosis was bang
on, Major. Now, sir...

I can either take several
weeks setting up a lab here, ...

. . going back for computer analysis, ...

. . or we go back with volunteers,
do a series of MRls...

. . and get answers a lot faster.

I would be glad to volunteer,
and so would others.

As long as we maintain proper quarantine
procedures, it shouldn't be a problem, sir.

All right. I'll go
back and brief Hammond.

I believe I can help.

I'm sure you can.

You guys go ahead and
show 'em how easy it is.

We'll see you on the other side.

- I... I can't.
- Trust these people, as you trust me.

- You all right?
- Incredible.

- Am I in one piece?
- Yes, Orner. One skinny little piece.

- General Hammond, this is Ke'ra.
- It's a pleasure, Ke'ra.

On behalf of the government of Vyus, ...

. . we thank you for your generosity
and your support, General.

Daniel, you wanna show
'em to the infirmary?

Thank you.

Colonel, what if Dr Fraiser is unable
to reverse whatever caused this?

I don't know.

Now, if you look at the blue areas,
you all have the same obstructions...

. . in your temporal lobes and
hippocampus of your brain.

I'm not sure what it is, except it's
some sort of residue between the synapses.

So your memories may be intact.
They're just not accessible.

- So their memories are just blocked.
- Literally, yes.

And does this material match
the Dargol residue I gave you?

We'll be able to confirm that quickly.

And if it can be removed
without damaging the neurons...

Then we can be cured.

We need only to find the right
medicine to dissolve the residue.

- It is more difficult than it sounds.
- Then we should start immediately.

Ke'ra, we've been at it for a long time
and I still have some tests to run, so...

- So why don't I give you
the 50-cent tour? - Yes.

Thank you.

Your complex is incredible,
Daniel. Your technology.

I never dreamed of such marvels.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Is it morning or night on the
surface? May we see for ourselves?

Uh... No, not yet. Soon, though, I hope.

I hope so, too.

So this is it. Uh... It's not much of a
view, but it's got all the comforts of...

You've been very kind.

Thank you.

So there are clothes in the... dresser.

- Uh, some are sort of...
- Is my clothing unsuitable?

No! No, no, no.

It's... No, it's, um... It's fine.

I was just, uh...

Are you hungry?

Uh, cos...

I can... I can have
them send something down.

You're hungry. I'm hungry. Let's
get something. You want something?

- Yes.
- Right.

Since the Vorlix, close contact
has become... almost taboo.

We were afraid that if we
ever regained our memories...

Mm-hm. You'd find yourself
waking up beside the wrong person.

But you... are not from Vyus.

No, I'm not from...
there. From Vyus, no. No.


- I understand.
- No. You don't.

I mean, um... OK.

I'm finding myself very, very... very...

But, uh...

The fact is I've only
just recently lost my wife.

And, uh... Well, that's not totally true.
I actually really lost her a long time ago.

But the fact is I don't think I
would trust myself completely to...

- I'm sorry. I interrupted you.
- No, you didn't. No, uh...

- I wasn't gonna say...
- I had to do that.

I had to do that in case, ...

. . when my memory returns, I find
myself attached to someone else...

. . and I am unable to ever do it again.

Right. I understand. That's...

That's probably why I should do this.

- You were lookin' for me?
- Yes, sir.

I've been studying Linea's journals.

She found a link between Dargol - it's
a chemical pesticide - and longevity.

What's a bug spray to do with longevity?

It seems it was having the effect
of slowing the ageing process.

Not in an extreme way, but
certainly significant enough.

- Lucky bugs.
- Yes and no.

They stopped using it over 20 years ago.
It was adversely affecting their fertility.

- So no kids.
- Right.

Linea was trying to enhance the
life-extending properties of Dargol...

- . . to create a sort of Fountain of Youth.
- She was trying to make herself young?

According to her last entry, Linea was
about to conduct some lab experiments, ...

. . using an intensely concentrated
form of Dargol, on two Vyan elders.

A male and a female.


And... that's where her journal ends.


- The Vorlix, perhaps?
- Exactly.

What if there was a laboratory accident?

A massive chain reaction of enhanced
Dargol gas that caught Linea by surprise.

The entire population
becomes young again overnight.

You realise, of course, the implication.



Their elders aren't missing,
sir. They are the elders.

The Fountain of Youth worked. The
amnesia was simply a side effect.

Uh... Wait a minute.

Linea is dead, right?


If the two bodies that Ke'ra found were
the elders Linea was experimenting on...

- Don't say it, Carter.
- Sir, we wouldn't recognise her.

Don't. Don't... La la la...

Sir, she has the knowledge of
chemistry, the medical skills.

I think we have to at least face
the possibility that Ke'ra is Linea.

She's also a victim of the amnesia?

- It fits.
- It fits.

What about the body of the old woman
they found that fits Linea's description?

Linea's first victim.

Daniel, you saw the test
results. What more do you need?

Ke'ra's DNA matches the samples I
took from Linea. It's irrefutable.

Irrefutable! OK! So let's just
lock her up, throw away the key.

Or send her back to where we found her.

Linea, Daniel.

She used to be Linea.

We're lucky she didn't
knock us off before.

A question. Who would you trust with
your life more than anyone in the world?

I won't be offended if you don't
pick me. Could it be Teal'c?


Teal'c, just refresh my memory.
What was your previous occupation?

- I was first prime of Apophis.
- Right.

- Did a few nasty things back then?
- We see the point you're trying to make.

No, you don't.

She is not the same person.

She is not who she used to be.

Let's not condemn her for who
she may have been in the past.

I think we should keep her
confined to her quarters...

. . until we can resolve
the Vyans' medical crisis.

- Colonel O'Neill, perhaps you'd inform...
- I'll inform her.


What's wrong?

- We have work to do.
- There are... quarantine procedures...

. . that General Hammond is
insisting on. He's, uh...

- You have to stay here a while.
- But I am not contagious.

- I know.
- Then why?

I can't tell you everything, but the Vorlix
was more than just losing your memories.

- Is that why there are guards outside?
- No. That's standard procedure.

- If you say so.
- I do... say so.

So... I'll come visit
you in a little while, OK?

Is Dr Fraiser still working
towards a cure for amnesia?

Yes... Yes, she is.

- So I can rest assured?
- Yes.

Oh, my!

There is a distinct lack
of optimism in this room.

We've been working to dissolve
a chemical inside the brain...

. . without harming surrounding
tissue and it is not easy.

- What have you learned?
- That it could take years, sir.

We don't have that much time.

Unless we get help.

From... ?

Ke'ra, sir.

- Absolutely not.
- Sir.

I don't like the idea any more than you.

But without her knowledge of
biochemistry, especially of Dargol, ...

. . we may not reverse the amnesia in
time to prevent a catastrophe on Vyus.

Doctor, you're asking me to
allow a known homicidal maniac...

. . to work with potentially
lethal substances.

Yes, sir. But with all due
respect, Daniel may be right.

Ke'ra may be an entirely different person
than Linea without Linea's memories.

Excuse me! Amnesia check.

- "Destroyer of Worlds"?
- Sir...

Ke'ra wants nothing more
than to help her people.

As long as she doesn't
take the antidote...

- There won't be one without her help.
- So... it's up to you, sirs.

I think a precaution or
two might be in order, sir.

You're right about that, Colonel.

It's all right.

- What have I done, Daniel?
- Nothing.

They're just going to escort us to
the medical lab. I'll stay with you.

Dr Fraiser needs your help.

Be careful, Ke'ra. That could
become unstable or even explosive.

An unbalanced mixture could
create a poisonous gas.

We must not exceed a 3% solution.

OK. 3%.

- She's brilliant.
- Yes, she is.

She's so far ahead of us,
Daniel, it's frightening.

There is some danger. I would
like to test it on myself.

- That's not an option.
- May I ask why?

Because if it's unsuccessful,
we'll need your help again.

If it's unsuccessful, Orner may
die. I would never forgive myself.

Then I forgive you now.

I know how important
this is to our people.

It must be injected directly into
the carotid artery. Right here.

You ready?

How do you feel? The effect
should be almost immediate.

I feel something.

Are you recalling anything?


Help me hold him down.

He's not breathing. There's
no pulse. It's a code blue!

One, and two, and three, and four...

Come on.

Wait a minute. He's stabilising.

Help me get him up.



Do you remember?

- I am sorry.
- Next time it will work.

I believe I know where I
miscalculated. May we begin again?

Let's see how Orner
feels in a little while.

The effect would have been
immediate. We must try again.

Dr Fraiser's right. We
should probably take a break.

As you wish.

- Daniel, may we speak alone?
- Yes.

I'm just gonna stay for a minute.

- I will accompany you.
- Teal'c.

I'm concerned only for your
welfare, Daniel Jackson.

I know.

- Very well.
- Thank you.

- They believe I am Linea.
- Yes.

Do you?

The Vorlix made the
population of Vyus younger.

Years younger.

You couldn't find the elders
because... you were the elders.

How can you believe that?

There is a test. It
compares what we call DNA.

- It proves you and Linea are one person.
- Well, the test is wrong. I'm not Linea.

No, you're not.

You're Ke'ra now.

Ke'ra's wonderful.

And as long as you remain that
person, that will never change.

You're telling me that I will
never be able to take the antidote.

I would never harm anyone, Daniel.

Do you believe me?

I do.


Heard the test didn't go too well.

She'll figure it out.


I'm not saying the first woman you've
fallen for since Sha're isn't a peach, ...

. . but if she remembers who she
is, you'll be the first to go.

The 800-microlitre potency
is ready for a prelim.

- May l?
- Yes.

It's working.

- You're right.
- This potency will provide our antidote.

Great. Thank you, Ke'ra.
We'll take it from here.

But I can assist you.

Uh... Ke'ra...

We should perform the
test once more to be sure.

I think it's better if we
do this ourselves. Thank you.

I see.

May I return later to observe the test?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

This time it will work.

Are you feeling any pain?

Something. Not pain.

Orner, are you all right?

My real name is Nodaal.

I remember everything. Thank you.

And are we married after all?


I'm afraid I am married to Layale.

And who's that?

You. For 43 years!

Before the Vorlix, you
and I had not met yet.

I am pleased for you.

You must take the antidote now.

I cannot.

They will explain.

What will be done with me?

If you don't take the antidote, I see
no reason why you can't go back to Vyus.

- I intend to ask them.
- They'll fear me. I would.

For all that you've done for
them, they'll be grateful.

All debts have now been paid.

I'll come back after I've had a
chance to speak with your people.

I shall miss you, Daniel.

- You've taken the antidote.
- Leave, Daniel.

You said "All debts have now been paid. "
That was the message Linea left behind.

Was it?

- Did you take the antidote?
- I had to know! I didn't believe you!

- Ke'ra.
- I'm not Ke'ra, am l?

- I am the murderer that you said I was.
- No, you're not.

I need only smash these vials together
to create a poisonous gas in this room.

I only want to harm myself. I
don't want you to be here, please.

You'll have to kill me,
too, because I'm staying.

All right, Layale. You're next.

Colonel, a vial and ampoule are missing.

I deserve to die.

- I don't believe that.
- You don't understand.

There's a part of me that
cares for you, Daniel.

More than I've cared for
anyone I've ever known.

But there is this other part of
me that would gladly watch you die!

- Step aside, Daniel.
- Don't! There's another way.


- Give me the vials. You need not do this.
- There are two people inside of me.

And one of them is a monster.

In time, she will win.

You won't hurt me because
there's another way, Ke'ra.

I'm not her!

No, you're not.

But you can be her again.

You can forget.

All you have to do is forget.


It's all right.

You're among friends.

Do you remember anything?


Your name is Ke'ra.

You've been a visitor here.

Now it's time to go home.

- She did this willingly?
- Yes.

With her help, we were able to synthesise
a small amount of the enhanced Dargol...

. . and reintroduce it
into her bloodstream.

Her memory is gone again.

Ke'ra, these are friends of mine
- Teal'c, Jack, General Hammond, Sam.

And these are friends of yours.
They've come to take you home.

- Do you know me?
- We do, Ke'ra.

We understand that
you've lost your memory.

Know that you are a great leader of
our people, and you are most welcome.

I sense we knew each other
well before my memory was lost.

Did we?


No, we never really did.

Goodbye, Ke'ra.