Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 6 - Thor's Chariot - full transcript

O'Neill and the team return to Cimmeria, the planet where they destroyed Thor's Hammer to help Teal'c escape. They find that the Goa'uld have invaded and many of the people are dead. Can ...

P5C-629 is located in the corridor the
Goa'ulds used to reach our solar system.

This is our best platform
for the Seeker Project.

Now, a Goa'uld ship that size should leave
a mark, even at thrust beyond lightspeed.

So we're using the technology
we already possess...

(Stargate alarm)

What the hell...?

No-one's due back today.

We have an inbound traveller.
No SG signal code.

(PA) Intruder alert.
Inbound traveller is unauthorised.

There was no organic residue,...

..but they did pick up a faint
nuclear signature. Traces of iridium.

That's the radioactive stuff we left
in the Sagan Institute box on Cimmeria.

I wanted it there so it would leave
a very recognisable signature.

- Same stuff?
- Yeah.

Weren't the locals supposed to
give that box to... Thor?

Whoever or whatever he is.

We assume he's a member of the Asgard,
a very advanced culture.

The fact is, we really don't know.

The Asgards must've got the box
and sent an answer.

General, we have to respond
before they leave.

You all know I take great pride
in my title as Mr Positive.

However, we did destroy
their de-Goa'ulding thing.

Might not they look unkindly on that?

We did that to save Teal'c.

I'm sure the Asgards didn't expect to trap
a friendly Jaffa. They'd understand.

All right. I'll tell you what.

We'll send a probe at 1300 hours.
If everything checks out, you have a go.

Probe proceeding to iris!

The probe should be there... now.

Those wounds have been
caused by staff weapons.

Friend of yours, Teal'c?

(Teal'c) Clearly Cimmeria
is no longer safe from the Goa'uld.

Pan right.

That's Gairwyn.

The woman who showed us around.

- She's saying something.
- Turn up the gain on the MALP's mike.


The Etins have come.

Please help us.

Please... The Etins have come.

Please help us.

(Daniel) Cimmerians use
the word Etin for Goa'ulds.

Gairwyn said the Etins are there.

For a thousand years
Cimmeria was safe from Goa'uld attack.

Then we show up
and screw up Thor's technology.

The Goa'uld usually send
an advance scout... determine a planet's worth
and vulnerability.

If no scout reports back,
it is a deterrent to invasion.

The point is, sir, the Goa'uld are there...

..and the locals aren't
much of a match for them.

General, if we did screw up their world,
we should help fix it, don't you think?

I understand that.

But let me play devil's advocate
for a moment here.

It's not our world.

Is it really any of our concern?

The destruction of the hammer device
to save my life may have caused this.

If so, I am responsible.

General, I gave the order.

And I fired the staff at the machine.

And I... was there.

To answer your question, sir,
yes, I think we should be concerned.

All right.
But keep your heads up on this one.

(bird cawing)

(Stargate gurgles)

No hostiles in sight, sir.



Now, that... is no weekend hunting lodge.

(twig snaps)


You returned!

Kendra said you'd come.
She never doubted it.

- What happened?
- We thought it was Ragnorock.

That's the Norse Armageddon.
The end of the world.

There was fire in the heavens.

Five or six bursts in the sky
in a straight line.

But no sound.

Then we heard an evil thunder and
a metal point came through the clouds.

A Goa'uld Hatak.

A pyramid ship.

Kendra knew it was the Etins, even before
the burning and killing started.

Our village is gone,
and most of our farms.

- You said Kendra knew we'd come. How?
- She gave me a box.

She said to fly it through the portal.
You'd know what it meant.

The cost of sending it was great.

The men who died here?

- My husband and his brothers.
- I'm sorry.

Get under cover.


Let's go!


- Everybody all right?
- Yeah.

Right. Where to?

Well, as a former Goa'uld host, Kendra
would be a help. Can you take us to her?

This way.

Kendra and her family reside here.

Hopefully she is now with Thor.

My dearest friend.

Kendra used her knowledge only to heal.

And this was her reward.

They've already killed
over half of our people.

It's customary to leave a person's
favourite items outside their grave... take with them
on their journey to Thor.

These items are of no use now
to any of us.

They belong with Kendra.


You possess the power!


Well, that would make sense.


Kendra could use Goa'uld technology
because she was a host to a Goa'uld.

You must be able to
cos you were a host to Jolinar.

Yeah, but... I have no control over this.

Kendra said it took her years
to master the magic of the power.

Are we ready to move outta here?

Uh... We discovered Sam seems to have
the ability to use Goa'uld technology.

- Really? Let's see.
- It seems to have a mind of its own, sir.


Hey! Watch where you point that thing!


Sam could use one of these ribbon
devices to help us fight the Goa'ulds!

She could use one of those healing
devices we saw Kendra use.

Just... concentrate,
like you did with the other thing.

You mustn't give up.

You must strive to master control
of the power. It takes time.

Well, that's gonna have to wait.

Bring that stuff with you. We should
find a place that's a little less public.

Let me show you where my people hide.


Olaf, these are friends.
They came to us through the ring.

These are the dogs of Midgardr.

Thor has abandoned us to the Etins
because they destroyed Thor's hammer!

- It is these that brought this down on us!
- And it is these who can save us!

With their help, we can still
summon the power of Thor.

Don't you understand, woman?

Thor has abandoned us
because of their evil.

Don't you understand
that this woman is right?

- We can help you if you'll let us.
- How?

We've fought the Goa'uld before
and beaten them.

And I will remain to do battle with you
until the Goa'uld are driven from this land.


Of course, we have to know
what we're up against first.

Are you willing to help us on that one?

I know a way around the patrols.

I'll take you.


If Olaf is right and Thor has rejected us,...

..our last hope lies with you.


I doubt Thor's angry.
He may just be far away.

That's why he left the hammer
to protect you.

(Gairwyn) If only we could gain access
to the Hall of Thor's Might.

I know he would help us.

What is the Hall of Thor's Might?

Oh. The ancient tales tell of a hall... which Thor placed
all of his powers to help us,... defend us.

That may signify an Asgard weapon,
or weapons.

You think they hid weapons here?

Where is this Hall of Thor's Might?


Will you wait here?

All right.

What's with the heads?

They look like those guys
who used to be with Ra back on Abydos.

They are Horus.
They guard the family of Ra.

These probably guard
the Goa'uld Heru-Ur.

And he'd be Ra's what?
Cousin? Uncle? What?

He is the son of Ra, and of Hathor.

- Nice pedigree.
- He's a very powerful System Lord.

Much feared, even among Goa'uld.

He is a conqueror. He eliminates
all who dare tread in his shadow.

Including other Goa'uld.

(man groans)

- (distorted) Kneel before your god!
- God is Thor!

He taught us to stand as equals!


(metal clangs)

(distorted) Your god cannot
help you now. Only I can.

Strangers came through the device
you call the portal. Who are they?




Thor taught us to have... no fear of death!

What did he teach you about pain?

No! Aaargh!

Place heavy guard at the Chaapa-ai!
Find them!

What happened?
Did you run into Apophis?

- Not exactly.
- It was the Goa'uld called Heru-Ur.

- You're kidding!
- Friend of yours?

Horus the Elder, ancient Egyptian god.

Pretty mean, considering
his parents were Ra and Hathor.

- We know.
- So, did you find anything we can use?

The good news is, with enough artillery,...

..we could blow those pyramids
to high hell.

- And the bad news is?
- The Stargate is heavily guarded.

- The Goa'uld know we are here.
- So we can't evacuate the Cimmerians.

I guess we'll just have to hole up in here
till things calm down.

Things will not calm down,
Daniel Jackson. They will calm up.

He means things will escalate, of course.

The new pyramids are landing pedestals
for the Goa'uld mother ships.

They will arrive soon and contain
large numbers of death gliders.

We're on our own, kids.

If we can use C4 to blow up a Goa'uld
ship, why not use it to blow up the camp?

Well, it's a small practical problem.

If we use all the C4
to blow the camps now,...

..what do we use when the ships
and gliders show up later?

Guys, there's a... third option here
we might want to consider.

There's a legend around here
about a Hall of Thor's Might.

Daniel,... there's a time
and place for mythology.

With respect, we thought Thor's hammer
was a myth until we proved it was real.

Jack, I think Thor's might
may refer to... uh... alien weapon or weapons
that have been hidden away for centuries.

- We could use the fire power, sir.
- Gairwyn can take us there.

Much as I hate to admit it, it sounds like
our old buddy Thor is our best bet.

Why don't you two try to find this...
weapon, or whatever it is?

Teal'c and I will lay some explosives,
try to slow the attack.

- Yes, sir.
- Olaf?

This is it.

This is the Hall of Might?

You were expecting something different?

Well,... uh...

..maybe a hall?

- I see nothing that could be a weapon.
- I'm sure this is it.

Well, maybe this will
send us somewhere else.

Like the obelisk sent Jack and Teal'c
to Thor's hammer.

It is forbidden to touch the stone.

(Carter) Daniel?

- (Daniel) Wow! What a ride!
- (Gairwyn) Where are we?


Well, this is a step in the right direction.

It fits the definition of the word "hall".

I have a really bad feeling about this.

I don't understand. No inscriptions,
no alien devices, and no visible way out.


I am Thor.

You are brave to come before me.

O mighty Thor, we need your help.

However, only the worthy
may witness Thor's might.

Do you not think me worthy?

- Why has he forsaken me?
- It's just a holographic recording.

It's being projected through
that hole in the ceiling.

Oh, yeah, if you say so.

So... what does it mean?

I'm not sure.

Maybe somehow we have to prove we're
worthy before he'll trust us with his might.

Which you still think is a weapon.

I'm hoping so, at this point.

- How can we prove our worth?
- Well, as the rest of the room is empty,...

..I assume it has something
to do with this stone.


Thor is preparing to strike us down!

No, he's not! He's not a wrathful god.

Then what is he doing?


(Daniel) Oh, this is...
this is definitely a test.

So, uh...
we're supposed to go across this?

Yeah... I don't suppose this is the time
to bring up my problem with heights.


(Carter) We had to cross a beam
worse than this in basic training.

Please, be my... be my guest.

Of course, we had a net.

OK. Come on.

Come on...

- (rumbling)
- (gasps)



Just... Just slide across. You can do it.

Thor shook the beam! He wants me dead!

- No, he doesn't!
- It's OK. Just stay there.

- I'll come and get you.
- (Daniel) No.

I'll do it.

You're already across.

- (Gairwyn whimpers)
- I'm right behind you now.

Almost there.


What we're gonna do here,
you're gonna give me your hand.

I'm gonna help you get back on track.

And then we're gonna finish
this thing together. OK?



Are you guys OK?

OK. So... uh... what was that all about?

You have shown
true selflessness and bravery.

Willingness to sacrifice oneself
to save another is honourable.

I salute you.

Now you must add wisdom to courage.

Solve the riddle of the runes...

..and I will show you my true might.

How did he know what we did?

There must be some sort of
advanced sensors in here.

So, now what?


Now we try to solve
the riddle of the runes.



Sons of Midgardr! The Etins approach!

A large contingent
coming up the lower path.

We must fight!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You said you would help us fight.
- Quiet.


And fire!

You do possess Thor's might.


- Now we are matched.
- Thanks.

O'Neill, another patrol approaches.
We should leave immediately.


Daniel, we don't have time for this.

The faster we solve the riddles, the faster
we get whatever Thor's might is.

Riddles. OK.

- Is Thor testing us?
- I figure it's some sort of safeguard.

That whoever finds the weapons is smart
enough to use the technology wisely.

Like he wants to be sure
his children have grown up enough...

..before he hands them
the keys to the armoury.

It doesn't make sense that he would waste
time when the planet's under attack.

Remember, he thinks
this is a protected planet.

That his anti-Goa'uld devices
are infallible.

He couldn't know there'd be any hurry
to find whatever Thor's might is.

There is a hurry. Can you solve this?

Uh... OK.

Um... They aren't letters, or words.

Originally, runes were ideographic.

- So each rune stands for an idea.
- Right.

The first one relates to
Thor's protective power.

That could mean anything. The Goa'uld
detector they had at the gate...

..or even the hammer device.

Uh... This last one represents a wagon,...

..but it was also called Thor's chariot.

Now, that could be a... spaceship.

Great. What about the middle two?


One is a dice cup, or Fate.

The other is a horse or... movement.

- What's going on, Teal'c?
- They are signalling their position.

They will close into an interlaced pattern,
sweep in and corner us.

It is an old Jaffa hunting technique.

Come on, Daniel.

I've never seen simple geometric shapes
in any runes. I don't know what these are.

If we don't come up with an answer soon,
we'll have to find a way out.

- The colonel will need our help.
- Daniel,... could the answer be here?

No. Those aren't runes.
They're pictographs.

(sighs) OK.

One wall has runes.

One has pictographs.

And one has simple geometric shapes.

I have no idea what he wants us to do.


There is no shame.

Perhaps in more time
you will have come of age.

Excuse me. Could you, uh...

Could you please just... One second!

OK. Norse runes were ideas,
but in later years they became letters.

But they were also numbers.

Three... fourteen...



It's no use. It...

It doesn't mean anything.

Yes, it does.

3.141 59. It's pi!

- It's pi?
- Pi!

It's pi? That's what
you wanted us to figure out?

Right. "Pi" is an Earth term.
We have to depict it somehow.

On the geometric shapes.

This has to be it.

The inside of the circle is soft like sand.

Pi is used to find the circumference
of a circle by measuring the radius.

The radius.

That's it.


Oh, my God.

I am the actual one...
whom you know as Thor.

Olaf, get your people as far back into
the cave as possible. Keep them quiet!

Put the fires out.

- How are we doing?
- We have been located, O'Neill.


Come on, Daniel.

Daniel, this is uncanny.

It looks just like the descriptions
of the Roswell Greys back home.

- Those stories may be true after all.
- You think the Asgards visited Earth?

Why not?

I am the supreme commander
of the Asgard fleet.

How can this be?

In the ten-span since I created this world... are the first to reach
this level of contact.

You have finally grown wise enough
to see me in my true form.

These are the wise ones. I would never
have come this far without their help.

Gairwyn, it's a hologram.

It was probably recorded
a thousand years ago.

- It can't hear you.
- On the contrary.

My image is a living transmission.

I am communicating to you...

..from my quarters aboard
the Asgard ship Biliskner.

You mean, you're the real Thor?

This is... This is...

This is great. Um...

We need your help. The Goa'uld are here.


Cimmeria is a safe world.

- Yeah... We sort of messed that up.
- Daniel... Careful.

If we want them to be our friends,
we have to show them they can trust us.

You see, we came here a year ago... meet you and your people,
to make an alliance against the Goa'uld.

One of our party, a Jaffa,
was trapped in your labyrinth.

The Jaffa serve the Goa'uld.

This one does not.

He stands with them, and now with us,
to fight the Etins.

We had no choice but to destroy
the hammer to free our friend.

And by doing so,... have opened Cimmeria
to attack by the Goa'uld.

Yeah, apparently.

So... if you have any weapons
that might be of help,...

..we would like to set things straight.


Isn't that what all those tests
were here to protect?

The tests were designed to tell us
when the Cimmerians...

..would be advanced enough
to see us as we really are.

- We did not expect outside interference.
- We didn't mean to interfere.

- No, wait!
- (buzz)

- Where's Gairwyn?
- Good question.

That's timing for you.
The parade's about to begin.

- How many are out there?
- We are outnumbered 20 to one.

Daniel, you look
suspiciously empty-handed.

- Yeah, yeah.
- "Yeah, yeah" what?

- There's nothing, Jack.
- Nothing?

- We did meet the real Thor.
- Did you, now?

Nice fella?


All right. Here we go.

Shield yourselves!

Intruders from the Chaapa-ai!

Throw down your weapons!

Surrender now...

..and the slaves of this world
will be allowed to live...

..and serve Heru-Ur!

Fight, and they will all die!

Colonel, we don't have
enough weapons to go around.

They will all be killed, O'Neill.
Women and children included.

If we are responsible for this invasion,
we can't allow that to happen.

(child sobs)

Take care of your people.

(O'Neill) Before they rode into battle,
the Sioux used to say...

.."This is a good day to die."


Then again, maybe not.

Oh, my!

(Daniel) Ladies and gentlemen,
I think this is... Thor's chariot.

An Asgard mother ship.

I've heard them described in Jaffa legend.



The Etins are gone.

Thor sends his thanks.
It was your help that made this possible.

Well, to be honest with you,
I think we got lucky.

He told me to give you a message
to satisfy your curiosity.

I'm to tell you he's a member of a species
who have visited your world often.

They are a friend to all, protector of all.

Except the Goa'uld,
with whom they are at war.

Well, that's very nice.

But I'd still like to meet the old guy.

Well, he said that, like us,
you're still much too young.

For us there is still much to rebuild.

Thor has promised to leave
an Asgard teacher to help us.

Then Cimmeria will be a safe world again.

- That is good.
- Yes, it is.

I'm to tell you that Thor's new hammer
will make an exception for Teal'c.

You are welcome here any time.

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