Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Gamekeeper - full transcript

Exploring a strange and beautiful garden, SG1 comes across a dome containing a race that are connected to machines. The team are captured by the machines and rendered unconscious, but awake...

(Stargate alarm)

(PA) Chevron four encoded.

This is video the MALP sent back
from P7J-989.

Atmosphere, temperature,
and radioactivity levels are ideal.

Teal'c,... this structure familiar?

- It is not of Goa'uld origin.
- It looks pretty advanced.

(Carter) It's a possible new source
of technology.

Maybe even an ally against the Goa'uld.

- Looks worth a try, Colonel.
- Yes, sir.

(Stargate gurgles)

(iris locks)

This is beautiful.


But where there's a garden,
there's snakes.

And flowers.


Way too many flowers!


I like what they've done with the place.

I'm not so sure I like
what it's done to them.

They're human.

They are breathing.

All right, does anyone have any idea...

..what these chambers might be?

Some kind of medical device, maybe.

Suspended animation of some kind.

This is way past our science.



(birds twitter)

(birds twitter)

What is this place?


I dunno.

Can't put my finger on it.

It appears to be Earth.



..what the hell just happened to us?

We were exploring PJ7-989.

We entered into a large domed facility
and endured some form of bodily attack.

(gun cocked)



It's "Colonel".
You can lower your weapon, Captain.

Why you acting so spooked, Jack?

Maybe... because I am?

You're both supposed to be dead.

That's real cute, Jack.

Look, the intel on this one is good.

They keep Boris here during the day,
take him underground at night.

Our bird confirmed on its last flyover,
no snipers, only two guards.

It's a piece of cake.
This ain't the one that you and me die on.

As a matter of fact,
this is the one you die on.

(whispers) I went on this mission in 1982.

East Germany.

We were supposed to grab
a Russian agent from that house.

- It all went bad.
- You ready to move out...

..or not, Captain?

No. No.

Cos this isn't real. It can't be.

Oh, it's very real.

Your stall is putting us in jeopardy.
Let's move out.


Because I'm either dreaming
or hallucinating.

Was that real enough for you, Jack?

(gun cocked)

All right, how do you explain him?

Does he look like one of us?


..has been on this team
longer than you have.

Think straight.
We are not aborting the mission.

D'you understand?

What the hell is this?

What the hell's going on?

I am as perplexed as you.

(whispers) Teal'c,... you think...

Is there a chance those machines
we were sucked into were some kind of,...

..I don't know,
time machine or something?

It is possible.

The Goa'uld have experimented
with time manipulation.

Perhaps another race succeeded.

So, this is real?

You say this is a mission
that did not go well?


Perhaps you've been given
the opportunity to alter your history.


Let's move out.

It's about time.

(whispers) Hold up!

Let's not make the same mistake twice.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- Sniper on the roof.

Nice catch, Jack.

(muffled gunshot)

Let's go.

Group now!




Come on, John!

So much for satellite recon.

Hey, Jack,...

..take care of Barbara for me, man.


Fall back!

(machine-gun fire)

(gunfire ceases)

- Where's Kawalsky?
- He was immediately behind us.

(vehicle approaches)

Lower your weapon, Captain.

OK, what just happened?

I'm not sure.

This place looks familiar.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute!

This is the New York Museum of Art.

I've been here many times.

Many times.

(man #1)
OK, careful with that cover stone.

(man #2) Yes, Dr Jackson.



(Dr Jackson) Pull it this way.

I'm sorry.
This area isn't open to the public.

(Dr Jackson) Careful.

- Jake, it's swinging a bit.
- Bring this in on the left.

(chains jangle)

Daniel, what's going on?

No, this can't be real.

Who are these people?

They're my parents.

Move it towards the back. Careful.

Watch it on your left.

On your left. Jake, bring this in. Careful.

Bring it down.
Let's look at the front.

It's... It's swinging.

It's OK. We'll be fine. Careful!

No... No!

A bit more level, Jake.

OK, Jake...

Get outta there, Mom!
Get outta there, Dad!


(panicked shouting)

This is too real. Every detail.

All the players are here.

Why should I go through this again?

If someone has used technology
to send us to repair your history...

That's just it!

It's history. I can't change it.

Remaining here, doing nothing,
will most certainly change nothing.


Oh, God...

Colonel, we should check those hedges.

Negative. Stick to the plan, Captain.

Group now!

Jack, what are you doing?

It's not part of the plan!



Come on, John!

So much for satellite recon.


..take care of Barbara for me, man.


Oh, God...

(machine-gun fire)

Fall back!

Lower your weapon, Captain.

What the hell is going on here?

What's with you, Jack?
Operation East Fly is go!


You! Who are you?
Who are those people?

There's no-one here but us!
Do you want a Section Eight, Jack?

You must stop arguing...

..and proceed with the mission.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am the Keeper.

The keeper of what?

The Keeper of all that is around you.
Of all that is...

..and all that... might be.

Why do you wish us
to proceed with this mission?

Because it is that...
which you have always wanted.

You've got to be kidding me.

This was the most blown operation
I've ever been involved with.

Why would I want to watch my friends
be killed over and over again?

You have always wished to do it again,
in order to do it... differently.

We're going with or without you.

See you.

All right. Have it your way.

(Keeper) You must go with them.

It is the only way to evince the change
that you have desired for so many years.

I can't change the outcome
if you change the rules.

Do you not wish to save the lives
of your friends and comrades?

If they were real.

But there are so many...
fantastic variations that you can try.

Perhaps this time... could try a different route.

Sit down, Teal'c.

We're not playing this game.

Very well. Have it your way.

I hope by doing nothing
we are taking the correct action, O'Neill.

(machine-gun fire)

So do I.

Daniel, I'm so sorry
you had to go through that again.

I've been thinking.

We were pulled into those things,
those machines, right?

At first I thought they were
some sort of time-dilation machines.

Sam, please... Just...

Just tell me that this isn't real.

No, I don't think it is. It isn't consistent
with logical theories of time travel.

For example, you should be
seeing yourself here as a child,...

..or become a child again.

Daniel, I'm guessing here,...

..but I think we're in
an advanced recreation...

..being pumped into our minds
by those machines.

(Dr Jackson)
OK, careful with that cover stone.

I'm sorry.

This area isn't open to the public.

Daniel, I don't think we're actually here!

Jake, it's swinging.

(chains jangle)

Excuse me...

Listen to me. Um...
You have to come out of there.

Danny, go back outside.


No. L-look,
you have to come out right now,...

..because I... because I-I hurt myself.

I hurt myself badly.
I think I've broken my leg.

Come out right now
and take care of me!

You can't be hurt badly. You're walking.
We'll be out in a minute. OK, sweetie?

OK. Jake...




(man #1) Come on! Help me with this.

Help me with this.

(man #2) Dr Jackson!

Can you hear me?

I can't see anything.
Here, help me with this.

Lift it! Lift it!

(groans ofexertion)

It's too heavy!

Daniel, correct me if I'm wrong,...

..but I'll bet when this really happened
you didn't have this audience.

I think that we must be in some sort of...

..really advanced simulation,
like a... virtual reality.

It's the only explanation.

Super! It takes my most tragic moment
and it plays it over and over again.

Maybe that's your strongest memory.

He called me Danny, like I'm still...
like I'm still a little kid.

That's because that's how old you were
when this happened.

You have taken on the role
of Daniel Jackson... a child in this... simulation.

I used to replay this
over and over in my mind,...

..trying to think what I could've done
to make a difference.


OK, so maybe that's the point.
Here's your chance.

Is it not wonderful?

Now you get the chance!

I-I beg your pardon.

The chance?

To relive your momentous event.

To try the plethora of variations
that have been weighing on your mind.

To finally see if you can
make a difference.

Who are you?

Why, I am the Keeper, of course.

The keeper of...?

Of all that is, was, and will be
in this place.

Where exactly are we?

I believe you call this
the New York Museum of Art.

No, no, no. Where are we in reality?

Reality is in the eye of the beholder.

You have always wished to go back
and do things differently.

I have given you that opportunity.
Now, go! Make things right in this place.

And how do I... How do I do that?

Well, if I told you that
it wouldn't be any fun!


That's what you think this is for me?

Fun, watching this... happen
again and again?

There would be no pleasure from the gain
if there were no...


..from the journey.

(Dr Jackson)
Careful with that cover stone.

(chains jangle)

(man) This way.


What are you doing?

Come on.

Danny Jackson! You stop this right now!

Jake, gimme a hand here, please.

No, no, no, no, no...

- Bring it in.
- A bit more level.

(Dr Jackson) Careful.

A little more level. Bring it in.



God, no!

Damn you! Stop this game now!

What for? You haven't explored
all of your options yet.

Well, obviously my options are infinite
and my solutions are zero. Now, stop it!

I won't play any more.

Ah, but you will.

You will.

(Dr Jackson)
Careful with that cover stone.

Daniel, do you want me to...


(Dr Jackson) Just bring it down.

Let's look at the front.

- Bring it in.
- It's swinging.

It's OK. It's fine. We'll be fine. Careful!

You must try another alternative.


You would allow your parents
to suffer this awful death?

I won't play your game.


(panicked shouting)

You are indeed an obstinate race.


You guys all right?

I'm not really sure, to tell you the truth.

What is this place?

The New York Museum of Art.

We think it's a simulation.

I figure we're in some sort of
virtual reality world,...

..created from our own minds,
or at least Daniel's.

You are a very stubborn,...

..unimaginative and non-competitive race.

Why do you refuse... enjoy the opportunities
that I have given you?


What makes you think I enjoy
watching my friends get killed?

Or their parents die?

You have both been given challenges
to be met and conquered.

You have it in you.
Why will you not partake?

Why will you not just let us go?

Go where?! Where would you like to go?

I can take you anywhere
you can remember.

Anywhere you can imagine.

OK. We want to go free!

(Carter) So, we're right?

This is a... simulated world?

It is a world completely inside
your minds.

Channelled, coordinated
and administered... myself,...

..the Keeper.

But how? How does it work?

I don't care how it works.
I just want outta here.

I cannot do that.

The devices that enwrap you serve to
nourish and stimulate your senses.

The devices implanted in your brains... experience and imagination
into and out of your minds.

So we're trapped?

With our brains hooked up like computers
to some sort of network?


And your minds are very valuable
to my residents...

..because you enrich
and add value to our own.

(Jackson) Wait.

How long have your... residents
been in this virtual world?

Roughly one thousand of your years.

We're not gonna stick around for
the next thousand of anyone's years!

So, until we came along,
you've only had your own minds,...

..your own experiences,
to provide scenarios for your virtual lives?

You're beginning to understand.

So, what, we're like...
We're like new software?

Imagine being in a room for 1000 years
with only five movies.

How long could you watch them
until you were bored silly?

What you wouldn't give
for just... four more.

So, you're using our minds,...

..our memories, imaginations, dreams,...
for some sort of programming?

Actually, I can remove information
from only two of your minds.

This species' mind seems to protect...

..against output.
As does yours, madam.

It does?

Perhaps due to the change in your mind
that Jolinar of Malk-shur left behind.

But fear not,
there is no block against input...

..into your minds.

You, too, can enjoy our adventures.

And these two minds,...

..they provide more than enough
rich experience and imagination... provide years of entertainment
for my residents.

Well, I'm sorry.

With all due respect to you fine folks,
I don't give a damn about...


I just want to get us outta here.

It is I that am sorry, for I am not able
to accommodate your request.

I am sure you will be able to enjoy
the many adventures you will have here.

Why are your people in here anyway?

Why not go out and get some
new experiences of your own?

Live some new experiences?

We cannot leave our chambers.

The world outside is uninhabitable.

It has been poisoned and desecrated.

You are mistaken.
Your planet is a fertile garden world.

It is you who are mistaken,... alien friend.

Our planet was destroyed
by a chemical disaster...

..1022 years ago.

We were victims of our own technology
advancing faster than we could control it.

At that time, the few of us left placed our
physical bodies in suspended animation.

Good news. Your planet
seems to have regenerated itself.

This is not true!
I monitor all conditions at all times.

Your monitoring systems are wrong.

It is beautiful out there.

Of course,... already knew that, didn't you?

The question is,...

..why don't you want them to know?

Residents must not leave
the environment!

The outside world is uninhabitable!

- Who made you the warden here, huh?
- I do not understand.

Why are you the one running things here?

The environment is my design.

I am its creator, its Keeper.

So, if your... residents leave,... lose control.

That man is lying to you, folks.

He's got you imprisoned in your own...

Well, that's good.

That's fair. Send them to where
they can't hear the truth. Good.

I will not allow you... poison their minds.

Um, if you keep us here,... won't be able to prevent us
from interacting with them.

I mean, especially if we're supposed to be
new software for them.

Very well. You weren't wanted here
any more anyway.



We're out.


Wait, didn't that seem a little too easy?

Yes, it did. Let's go home.

They all have small puncture wounds... their temples, spinal cords,...

..and several abdominal areas.

Meaning what?

The machines you described
were sustaining your lives.

Providing you with oxygen, feeding you,...

..and, from the sound of it,
controlling your nervous system.

But is there any permanent damage?

No. Not that I can see.
Pupil dilation is bang on.

Reflexes are as they should be.
Everything seems fine to me.

Jack, we should go back to the planet
and free those people.

I'm not sure it's any of our business,

I concur.

Who are we to judge how someone
on another planet lives?

But the people are in those machines
under false pretences.

The Keeper is lying to them
about what's outside.

OK, if I may weigh in here.

All evidence suggests that the machines
clinically sustain those people.

Removing them could be like...

..taking a patient off life-support.

It sounds to me
like we have to get more information... make this decision, folks.

The only way to gain more information...

..would be to venture back into
the artificial world of P7J-989.

Then, that's exactly what I want you to do.



..without meaning,...

..this time, to sound like a smartass,...

..are you cracked?

Folks, I don't need to tell you... valuable a resource
this planet could be for us.

Their technology is far beyond our own.
The kind of technology that justifies...

..this entire programme.

- Going back there could be hazardous.
- I fail to see how.

It's an artificial environment.
Can you actually die in there?

We don't know.

I'm a little more concerned about
being trapped there, sir.

You got out before.

There is no guarantee
we'd be able to extract ourselves again.

OK. I'll tell you what.

If you don't come out in one week,...

..I'll send in SG-2 to pull you out.

Besides, what's so bad about
being in there?

It sounds to me like you can experience
all sorts of fascinating things.

- Like watching old friends and...
- Parents?

Family getting killed over and over again?

Or seeing Major Kawalsky alive and well.

Who knows, Colonel?
Maybe you could even see your son.

Dr Jackson, perhaps you could visit
the ancient worlds you've always...

..wondered about. Go anywhere your
memories or imaginations want to go.

That's enough.

Let's just have a little look here, shall we?

What are you doing, Colonel?

- I'm looking for the edges of the mask.
- What?

You're not the real General Hammond.

Sit down, Colonel!

I don't think so, bucko. The jig's up.

- We're on to you.
- What?!

- We're still on P7J-989.
- Oh, you betcha.

This is just a new game, brought to you... our good friend, the Keeper.

You are way out of line, Colonel!

You could be having a nervous reaction
to the machines. We'll run tests.

No, you should get us out of these
damn machines is what you should do!

Oh, what?!

Colonel, you're testing my patience.

I will give you one final chance... follow my orders, and rejoin
the residents of the artificial world.

That's what the Keeper called them.

Are you going back in or not, Colonel?

I'm already in!

Place SG-1 under arrest!

Put them in isolation
where they can speak to no-one!

O'Neill,... seem quite confident
that we are not on Earth.

Because we're not!

Did that sound like the real
General Hammond to anyone?

It is my understanding that
we could only experience past events.

The Keeper said we could experience
anything we can remember or imagine.

We're still on PJ7-989.

It's a fake environment.

Is that really so bad?

I mean, come on,
haven't you people missed me at all?

Why are you resisting this?

Think of all the fun
we could have together.

Dr Jackson, you gotta admit,...

..I used to make you laugh.

Colonel, who else are you gonna get
to play street hockey with...

..who can kick your butt the way I can?

Captain Carter,...

..think what it would be like
to never grow old.

Cos you never do here.

Who are you?

Who am I?

Colonel, are you telling me
you don't remember me?

I'm hurt.

- I'm really hurt.
- No, no.

I know who you're pretending to be.

But who are you, really?

Are you the Keeper?

Nah... Not me.

Then what?

Some kind of projection or...?

Because you're not real.

And if you're not real,
you won't mind this.


We have been looking for you.

Please, tell us
what you began to tell us before.

About what it is like outside.

It is, in fact, quite agreeable outside.

- The poison is gone?
- Everything is not dead?

No. Uh, quite the opposite.
Everything is... blooming.

How can that be?

The Keeper tells us it is dangerous.

Well... The... the Keeper lies.

How can we trust these creatures
above the Keeper,...

..who has cared for us for so long?

Tell you what...

Come with us. We'll show you.


Excuse me.

Where are we going?

Back through the gate
to show 'em what their planet looks like.

In our memories.

Before the virtual reality.

Leave me alone.

(Stargate alarm)

Unauthorised Stargate activation.

Shutting down the gate.

SG-1 ,... are trying my patience!

Daniel, with me!


You think we're really out this time?


Please, do not hurt me.

I meant you no harm.

Understand, my people's existence...

..has become stagnant.

I wanted... only good for them.

How long have you been coming out
to tend this garden?

Lovely, is it not?

How long?

Oh,... many, many years.

Then why do you lie to your people?

Why not give them the option
to come out here?

Because it was our kind that damaged
the planet in the first place.

If I let them out,
they will only hurt it again.

You're kidding?

Perhaps they will not make
the same mistakes.

You're big on giving people
a second chance!

No-one is preventing them from leaving.
Portals, such as the ones you've used,...

..are everywhere within.

We could have left at any time?
We just had to go through a door?

Anyone may leave at any time.
Portals are always open.

Of course, people have to know they exist
to use them.

Which you have now shown them.

And they have to know
that there's somewhere to go.

And you have told them that.

You have ruined everything.
Poisoned their minds.

The damage is done.

Again, we thank you. You have given us...

..a whole new world of beauty
and future experiences.

Well, you've still got a lot of work to do.

But we'll send along some supplies...

- get you started.
- They are ruining everything!

They are actually picking the flowers!

This is real this time, isn't it?

Do not pull that!

You are ruining the garden!

I told you they would ruin everything.

First the garden,... the entire planet!

(both) It's real.

You are ruining the garden!

(O'Neill) Thank you, ma'am.

Visiontext subtitles: Jane Eden