Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 3 - Prisoners - full transcript

SG1 inadvertently help a desperate criminal and is charged and sentenced as accessories to his crime. They are banished to a desolate, brutal penal colony and strike a deal with a powerful ...

All right, kids, we're due back.

Unless you've discovered
something earth- shattering,...

..I'm ready to bag this one.

We just got here. We have no idea
what this planet has to offer.

Trees and moss.

A few miles from the Stargate, yes, but...

Captain, any signs of radio traffic
in the last 24 hours?

Any chemical traces
to indicate civilisation?

None, sir.

Ah...! Ah!

We'll, uh, flag it for an aerial survey.
As much as I love a good rainforest, I...

- O'Neill.

Help me...

If they find me...Taldor...

- Who?
- Taldor.

If they find me now...


Uh...Taldor...I- I have no idea.

If they find me, they find you.

Taldor is bad?

All around us now.

All right, all right,
we're surrounded by Taldor.

Fine. Just relax.

Come with us. Come on.

All right,...

..keep an eye out for Taldor, I guess.


What the hell is that?

It comes for us.


Everybody all right?

You are prisoners.

And you are...?

Justice. Taldor means justice.

It just came to me.

You trespass on ancient grounds.

Hey, look, we didn't mean to trespass.

We're explorers.
We came through the Stargate from Earth.

It does not matter who you are.
You helped Roshure.

What? Who, this guy?


Then you share in his crime.

What crime?


All right, look,...

..we don't know anything about...
a murder.

He was running from something.
He stopped for help. We helped.

For the crimes of trespassing,...

- Anybody wanna jump in?
- ..of aiding a murderer,...

We had no intention of
interfering with your justice system.

..of carrying weapons,...

We're trained to defend ourselves. will be sent
through the Stargate...

Thank you. the prison Hadante...

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
This is just a misunderstanding!

..for the remainder of your lives.





..this sucks.

- Why are they whistling?
- O'Neill.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

The wounds are cauterised.

Yeah. So?

So whoever it was must have been
next to the gate when it opened.

Disintegrated by the vortex.

Why would anyone do that?

It's OK.

We're not gonna hurt you.
Please, we just wanna talk to you.

It's all right. We just wanna talk to you.

Captain Carter!



You have been sent
through the great circle.

Yes, but...

Your sentence is life imprisonment,
or you would not be here.

I am Linea.

I'm Daniel. This is Jack,
Captain Carter and Teal'c.

If you're the one who stopped this attack,
uh, I suppose we're grateful.

This woman is under my protection.

- She is not to be taken by any man.
- It's all right.

Is that clear, Vishnoor?

Is that clear?

You were saying?


..that I can take care of myself.

I mean you no disrespect,...

..but I know what it is
to be a woman in Hadante.

For what little it is worth, welcome.

Oh, uh, excuse me, but...

Daniel, I think that's about it
for the welcome wagon.

You all right?

Yes, sir.

OK, kids, this is our situation.

What do we need?

A dial- home device would be nice.

OK, let's assume
we don't find one of those. What else?

Power, to free the superconductive ring
on the Stargate.

- So that we may dial the gate manually.
- It's worked before.

So we're lookin' for a power source.

Teal'c, look scary and take point.


..we're with him.

It's like we're in Botany Bay.


Oh, the original name for Sydney Harbour.

When the British colonised Australia,...

..they turned it into a continental prison.
It was half a world away.

Of course, this is probably more than that.

It's OK, Daniel. It's OK.

Perhaps the Taldor believe
the Stargate only goes here.

Wherever "here" is.

Here, a gift.

- You killed him?
- No, no, no, not me.

Killed himself. Not me.



- For you.
- In exchange for...?

Like Linea.
A gift...for the protected one.

You are very strong, yes?

I am.

Maybe you challenge Vishnoor.
Maybe you win.

Maybe...I be your friend.

Maybe not.


Daniel, you and Teal'c
keep lookin' around Botany Bay here.

Carter and I are gonna have a chat with...?



Something's generating the power here,
and she seems to be in charge. OK?

Oh, Daniel.

You gotta trust me on this.

Signs of weakness
are not a good thing in prison.

Sir, without our remote transmitters...

General Hammond will send another
SG team as soon as we're overdue.

Help me, please! They're after me!

Get out!

Get outta here!

- What do you think they'll do to him?
- Not our problem, Captain.

We're getting SG- 3's
remote transmitter signal, sir.

Let's hope they found SG-1. Open the iris.

Have them report directly
to the briefing room.

Yes, sir.

Sooner or later
all new arrivals come here.

You are not from any island state
under the Taldor?


No, we're from Earth.

Earth is...

Well, it's way out there.

Then you are from a place
of which I have no knowledge.

Do you intend to challenge me?

All we really wanna do is get outta here.

Get out of here?
We are deep underground.

It is my understanding the great circle
transported us to a different world.

One that once teemed with life,
but no more.

This place, thousands of years old,... all that remains.

That's why the Taldor
turned it into a prison.

They could see no other use.

So, bottom line,
the Stargate is the only way in or out.

Many here believe that when a prisoner
comes through the Stargate...

..they can be caught in the circle's
great wave and returned to the other side.


..they die.

You see, what you just referred to as
"the great wave"... actually an unstable vortex
generated when the gate first opens.

Anything inside its radius is disintegrated.

There was a pair of smoking feet
when we got here.

There are two ways, and two ways only,
to control a society.

Through fear or through hope.

In this world, fear is a constant.

The belief in escape,
whether founded or not, allows hope.

So...out of hope,...

..these people are killing themselves?

If they believe it is escape,...

..who am I to say it is not?

Well, we have a better way.

What would you ask of me?

We need power.

There are many forms of power, my dear.
Some more subtle than others.

For the moment
we just need the electrical kind.

Then we both have something
the other wants.

They handed you SG-1's weapons and
transmitters with no further explanation?

Only that they'd been accused of a crime
and sent to prison.

What crime?

They said it wasn't my concern
and sent me away.

I was going to take my men back, but...

You did the right thing returning to base.

From what you tell me, this has become
a diplomatic problem. That means SG- 9.

I've long believed that the best way
to get knowledge is to give it.

These are my activators.

Is this a...a chemical reaction?

Much more.

The liquid permeates
the hard core of the tare root...

..and lets the organic material within
interact on a basic level.

Basic meaning...?

That which we cannot see,
but of which all is made.

- Subatomic.
- Ah.

Are we talking about
organically- based cold fusion?

I do not know your terminology.

Uh, what you call basics, we call atoms.

Groups of protons, neutrons, electrons.
The basic building blocks of all matter.

My activators spirit these materials to
combine within the cells of the tare root.

When material is made,
energy is released,...

..flowing through the tendrils of the plant.

- Colonel, that's cold fusion.
- Mm.

Whatever organic mineral the roots
are made of serves as a catalyst,...

...causing the atoms of her chemicals
to fuse together.

If we had this on Earth,
we'd eliminate pollution.

Captain,...back to basics.

Will it power the Stargate?

It might.

Activate the great circle from this side?

The permutations number in the billions.

It's incalculable.

Well, actually she figured it out.

- You?
- Oh, it was a team effort really...


Uh, well...

Tell you what.

Provide the power we need...

..and we'll take you with us.

Only then will you share the knowledge?

That's the deal.

Teal'c, I think he's had enough.

If you once again try to physically harm
myself or any of my companions,... patience with you will expire.

Well, Teal'c...

Makin' friends, are you?

We found nothing of use.

I'm fairly certain this structure
is the ruins of some alien gate terminal,...

..probably over 15000 years old.

That almost certainly predates
human civilisation.

Which is not of any use...per se.

We may have found what we need.

Linea has a power source. Not just
any source either. This is incredible.

She's just gonna hand it over?

If we take her back with us.

Can we just do that?
We don't know what she's in here for.

- What are we in here for?
- Jaywalking, I think.

Clearly Linea has done something
to earn the respect of these prisoners.

When she warned that man to stay away
from Sam, I saw fear in his eyes,...

..not respect.

I'm just going to assume
you've never been in prison before.

Oh, right. And you have?

Oh, yeah.

Any place like this has its own rules.
They don't have to make sense.

Linea's obviously done
whatever she's needed to do to survive,...

..just like we are.

Speaking of which...

Colonel, we're talking about powering
one completely alien device with another.

It's not like splicing together a few wires.

I'll take that as a maybe?

Without remote transmitters, we still have
no access to Earth. The iris will be closed.

Daniel, you know more addresses than
any of us. Start thinking of alternatives.


You eat last.

Thank you, Vishnoor.

Sir, SG-1 broke the law on P3X- 775.

We don't have to agree with it,
but we may have to respect it.

Sounds like they just made
an honest mistake.

We tried to explain that, sir.

On Earth, unknowingly abetting a criminal
doesn't merit this kind of punishment.

However, the Taldor, the judicial body,...

..they believe in zero tolerance.

No appeals process.

Essentially life imprisonment
for nearly all offences.

Doesn't sound like justice.

Perhaps not, sir, but the fact is
they have virtually no crime.

Just crimes of passion.
Sometimes the occasional sociopath.

- General, sir, SG- 3 is prepared to go in.
- No, sir!

With all due respect,
force isn't the answer, sir.

They're far more advanced than we are.

We couldn't succeed in extracting SG-1
and we'd just be making an enemy.

- They've already made an enemy.
- No, I disagree.

Sir, they're open to relations with us.

Next time, members of the Taldor
will show their faces.

Sir, this is nuts. Let my team go back.

Major, as of 0800 tomorrow, your unit
is scheduled for a recon of P2A- 509.

I expect you to be ready for your mission.

Yes, sir.

Major Kovacek, return to P3X- 775.

Let them know we mean business.

Better yet, I'll tell them myself.

I treat it before ingesting.

Better than what you scraped
from the bottom of the barrel.

Uh, thank you.

I came to ask you something.

- My crime.
- Yeah.

There was an experiment
with tragic consequences. People died.

- How many people?
- Thousands.

It began with a plague
among the people who sent you here.

Time was short. I offered my knowledge.

Instead of inhibiting
the disease's progress,...

- medicine accelerated its effects.
- And they blamed you?


I'm not surprised.
We didn't deserve this either.

Do not think that I am innocent.

You're saying that
you take responsibility for your actions.


I have decided to accept your offer.


I'll tell the colonel.

You have altered the balance
of power here. I have no choice.

I don't understand.

It is only a matter of time before Vishnoor
and his followers challenge your friends.

I'll warn them. Thank you.

Tell them also that if they fail...

..they will not live to try again.


We'd better hurry, sir.

The Taldor believe punctuality
is emblematic of civilised behaviour.

We'll be transported upon arrival
to their tal'al, or speaking area.

Once there, the Taldor may or may not
show you their actual face.

- Why is that?
- To put it politely, they're xenophobic.

- Frankly, they're arrogant, self- centred...
- I get the picture.

But they do seem to want to
maintain diplomatic contact.

Special envoy,
you may embark when ready.

Well, here goes.

Since this is your first time, sir,
some advice:

It's better to exhale
prior to crossing the event horizon.

One's instinct is to inhale
upon arriving on the other side. Also...

I think I'll figure it out on the way.

You sure they dialled the correct address?

Yes, sir.

The things I do for these people.

OK, so Cimmeria's out. So is Chulak.


She says she'll give us power
if we take her with us.

Well, that's fine,
but we still need a destination.

P3A- 707 might work, but there's no telling
how long we'd be there...

For cryin' out loud...

Let's go.

What's goin' on?

They think it's a way to escape.

- Excuse me! Listen to me!
- Daniel!

This won't save you.

Daniel, get outta there.

- You won't escape. You'll die.
- Out of my way!


How dare you interfere?

I was trying to save
those men's lives. They're dead now.

They haven't escaped anywhere.
They are dead!


Leave him.

He challenges me.

I accept.

Roshure just threw his life away.

It was his life.

The rules are the rules.

Even I must obey them.

Linea, you can stop this!

I told you this was going to happen.




He's still alive...Just barely.

You are most punctual.

Thank you.

You are General Hammond?

Yes. I am responsible
for those people you have in prison.

By using the word "responsible",...

..the General is in no way assuming
accountability for the actions of SG-1.

Sorry, sir.
I don't want you to end up in prison, too.

On the contrary,
I would gladly hold myself responsible.

I ordered them to this world
in the first place.

Is this an admission ofguilt?

- No.
- Yes, it is.

As a matter of fact, if you would allow me
to take the place of SG-1...

You ordered them
to aid a murderer?


- Then you're not guilty.
- Not guilty.

Assumption ofguilt by proxy
is rejected.

If my people are not released,...

..the imprisonment of the members
of SG-1 will be considered a hostile act.

Peaceful relations between
our two worlds will end right here,...

..right now.

- Our law is immutable.
- Your law is unjust!

- I'm not sure if...
- What's it going to be?

- Release is impossible.
- Why?

There are no returns from Hadante.
For anyone.


I have done what I can.

I don't understand what happened.

Your friend prevailed.

- What is your name?
- Simian.

I took food.

I was hungry, starving...

They sent me here.

Hold still...

Hold still.

He's blind.

Yes, but not always so.

It's taken from me a little each day.

There will be pain.

His eyes now see.

You're welcome.

He does not seem grateful.


Uh...What happened?

Well, you actually won a fight, Danny boy.

I don't particularly remember
getting the upper hand.

Neither do I, but you must have.

P2A- 509.

A little brain damage along the way?

No, uh,...SG- 3 was scheduled
to go on a mission to P2A- 509.

General Hammond said so
in our last briefing.

We meet SG- 3, and we use their
remote transmitters to get home.

And this just came to you?

No, this came to me
while I was suffocating.

Then P2A- 509 it is.

Linea? Do they send food...
and I'll use that term loosely...

Does it come through the gate
on a regular basis?

Every day at the same time.

All right. That's our window.
Will that work?

Power the gate and manually dial in
while the other prisoners are off eating.

What are they waiting for?

They believe you killed Vishnoor.

You must distribute the food.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...Hey, hey, hey!

They're first.

Thank you.

- OK, well, I guess...

OK, that's it.





Where in the name of heaven
did you come from?

Prison, actually. We just broke out.

Well, how? Your remote transmitters
were returned to us.

SG- 9 and I spent the last two days
negotiating your release.

With no luck, I might add.

Actually, we returned via P2A- 509.

Daniel remembered
that SG- 3 would be there, sir.

Major Warren found us and lent us
a transmitter to open the iris.

- And if I may ask...?
- Oh, I'm sorry.

General Hammond, this is Linea.

We wouldn't have gotten out without her.

Then we owe you a great debt, ma'am.
Welcome to the SGC.

I've never seen such a place.

It seems so alien.

So it was for me.
Over time it has become...home.

General Hammond, with your permission,
I'd like to offer Linea quarters at the base.

There's a great deal she has to teach us.
I brought back samples of her root that...

I'll take that into consideration, Captain.

Now I'd like you to report to the infirmary,
including your guest.

- Sorry, ma'am. It's just precautionary.
- I would do the same.

We'll debrief after you've all rested.

Come with me.


..thank you.

You spoke of a machine for storing data.

Yeah. Right here.

You have a way
of representing the basics?

Molecules and atoms? Yes.

Here, sit down.

Just use this.

If I give you the basic structure
of my activators, can you fabricate?

That was about the time Daniel
picked a fight with this big, smelly guy.

He actually won.


Found him lurking near base camp, sir.
You need to hear this.

General, this is the...

..former blind man I was telling you about.

First thing I see?

- Destroyer of Worlds.
- Excuse me?

She created a sickness.
The one you call Linea.

She...The Destroyer.

Uh, she told Carter there was a plague.

She offered to help.

Not help.

She started it.

And this Stargate system
spans thousands of worlds?

Theoretically even more.
We've charted several hundred already.

So far we've only visited
a fraction of them.

Most worlds in the network
can sustain human life.

Where's the repository of this knowledge?

It's in the computers. I'll show you.

I'm in your debt, Samantha.

This shall not be forgotten.

Our island states were at war.

She created a sickness.
One she couldn't get herself.

A terrible sickness.

Go on.

Half our people died.

She came.
Promised to save the rest.

By then it had spread island to island.

By the time they caught her,
she had destroyed half a world.

- What's going on?
- Unauthorised gate activation.

Abort the countdown.
Get a team to the gate room.

It's sealed.

Unseal it.
Colonel, effect the manual override.

- Where's Linea?
- When we came to, she was gone.

Wormhole's been activated.

- You were unconscious?
- Only for a few minutes.

The abort command
is not responding, sir.

Step away from that gate!
Shut it down.

Self- destruct in 30 seconds.

It won't take our code, sir.

Close the iris!

Self- destruct in 20 seconds.

Try shutting the whole system down.

We can't, sir. She got into the computer.
She got the coordinates.

Self- destruct in ten seconds.

- Nine, eight, seven...
- The code's been erased.

This makes no sense.

Three, two,...

Standing by.

Redial those coordinates.

Request permission to go after her...

The entire system crashed.

Get it back up.


We let her out.

The Destroyer of Worlds.

Visiontext subtitles: Natasha Cohn