Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 18 - Serpent's Song - full transcript

Following on a Tok'ra tip, SG-1 goes to a planet where they find the hated Apophis, nearly dying and under attack by death-gliders. They get back with him, realizing he was tortured by a ...

Shouldn't they be here by now?


I do not believe
the Tok'ra would mislead us.

Assuming it was the Tok'ra who sent
the message to meet them here.

I mean, all we really received
was a set of coordinates.

On our radio frequency. Who else
would send us a signal like that?

Y'know, I'm not real crazy about this...

..."Don't call us, we'll call you" policy.


Cover up!

Holy... buckets!

Help me.


Whoa! Is that who I think it is?

Tauri, please.

Teal'c! Apophis is much more
valuable to us alive than dead.

Sir, we've got incoming!


All right, dial us up. Get us outta here.

- What are they doing?!
- They wish to take Apophis alive.


- Colonel?
- General Hammond, Apophis.

Apophis! General Hammond.

We've met.

I demand KaI mah!

I'm not really sure,
but I think he's asking for...




I think some rivaI Goa'uld
just kicked his ass.

There were several other death gliders
in pursuit, sir.

I demand KaI mah!

You're not in a position to demand
anything, sir. Lock him up.

Sir, with respect, he is badly injured.
We need to get him into the OR right now.

Do what you need to keep him alive,
Doctor. We've got a lot of questions.

Yes, sir. OK, let's move him.

I'm gonna start him on two IVs. Let's go!

I want four SFs posted at all times.

If he tries to escape, you're authorised
to do whatever is necessary to stop him.

We'll debrief at 1100 hours.

Yes, sir.

Both femurs were smashed
and there was internal bleeding.

Surgery and transfusions
have stabilised him.

His Goa'uld symbiote
will repair those injuries.

It's kept him alive so far, Teal'c,
but... take a look at this.

What you're looking at is the symbiote
attached to the host's brainstem.

D'you see all these lesions?

There's dozens.
I can treat the human part,...

- ...but as for the symbiote itself...
- There is no treatment.

He's been tortured.


I... I just had a memory of... of Jolinar.

When she was killed by the Ashrak.

The Ashrak had this device.
He used it on us.

It was meant to cause incredible pain.

Apophis was tortured by the same thing.

- So he's dying?
- Yes.

You're sure about that?

As sure as I can be, sir, considering
what we know of Goa'uld physiology.



Without access to a sarcophagus, the
Goa'uld body will continue to deteriorate.

So we're looking at days...
weeks, certainly.

This torture wasn't designed
to extract information.

It's a method of execution.

So what does he really want?

You heard him yourself.
He wants sanctuary.

I'm not buying that.

He gambled we would show compassion
even to our worst enemy.

He was right.

You think he orchestrated this?

Let me tell you something.

The only compassion I showed
was by not blowing his head off.

I have witnessed...

...once powerful Goa'uld enter the service
of their conquerors in exchange for life.

When Apophis was the conqueror, he

enjoyed seeing his
enemies so weakened.

We're a long way
from being his conquerors.

But we are greatly responsible
for his downfall.

He lost an army when you destroyed
those two ships in orbit.

Bra'tac said that weakened his place
among the Goa'uld System Lords.

His blood is in the water
and the sharks have a feeding frenzy.

And he has come here seeking refuge.

Well, that's tough!

I say we beat whatever information
we can out of old snake-boy...

...and toss him back to the sharks.

Not so fast, Colonel.

He's essentially a prisoner of war.
That gives him certain rights.

Rights, General?

We also have to consider the host.

I'm sorry, sir, but we are dealing with
two beings within one body.

The symbiote may be an enemy,
but the host is innocent.

Oh, come on! How much of the host
do you think is still around?

Apophis will have that knowledge.

We also need to consider
military intelligence.

I informed my superiors of our situation.

My orders are to extract
whatever information we can...

- the short time we may have.
- He will tell you nothing, General.

If he believes
it's in his own interest, he might.

We are the only thing between him
and whatever Goa'uld was after him.

We need answers.
Let me know when he's conscious.

I'll tell you when
he's ready for questioning, sir.



I should've shot him.

Doctor Fraiser, he's awake.

Not so close, doc!

He's not strong enough
to hurt me, Colonel.

He wants to talk to you.

He asked to speak to you by name.


I am dying.

My heart bleeds for you.

You lie poorly.

It is you who have done this.

You rejoice.

Not really. What do you want?

To live.

Can't help you there.

That's between you and your God.

Oh, wait a minute!

You are your God!

That's a problem.

I am worth far more to you
than you will admit.

- You tell me, what are you worth?
- Your people,...

...they are still primitive.
You will be destroyed.

You're not up to it.

Not me.

- There is another.
- Yeah? Who?

There is much you would
learn from me, Tauri.

But for that knowledge there is a price.

A new host.

A host?

So that I may live.

In exchange for
all the knowledge of the Goa'uld.

The secrets of star travel,...

...our weapons,...

...our power.

All that?

In time, more.

Go to hell.

A single human life is worth so much
you would risk a world?

That's right.

That's why they call us the good guys.


...let me know when he dies.



An ancient and powerful Goa'uld.

You have helped him to become strong.

The last of my loyal Jaffa
died stealing me from his grasp.

He will not rest until I am found.

That is why I chose to come here.

So that, in death,
I would be assured you will die with me.

Sokar is a Goa'uld of ancient times.

He was ruler of the System Lords, but
was defeated by an alliance of Goa'uld.

Apophis and Ra were his conquerors.

- Where did he go?
- Apophis himself believed him destroyed.

Obviously, he was mistaken.

Well, if he was almost wiped out,
how bad could he be now?

It's rhetorical, Teal'c.

His name's very old
in Earth mythology.

He was the most feared deity in
ancient Egypt - the original God of death.

Got anything a little more up to date?

I don't know what he's been up to lately,
but... there was a time he ruled Earth.

His lands near Memphis
were covered by darkness...

...and inhabited by... serpents.

Unas. The first hosts of the Goa'uld.

Well, that makes sense.

If the Unas were the first ones,...

...there had to have been a time when
both forms of Goa'uld host coexisted.

- Kind of like NeanderthaI...
- Which is he?

I don't know.

But his portion of Tuat, or the Otherworld,
was filled with lakes of fire.

The wicked were thrown in as
punishment, after torture and mutilation.


Yeah. Basically,
he was the original Satan.

Well! Isn't that special!

Incoming traveller.

Speak of the devil!

- Lieutenant Simmons!
- There are no units offworld.

- Close the iris.
- Yes, sir.

Go, go, go!

Move it!

Let's go!

On the alert!

Is there any way to determine
what that was?

We can get a radiation team
to check the decay signature on the iris.

I'm on it, Captain.

Radiation team to gate room.

Sir, I'd like to get back
to the interrogation, if I might.

- OK.
- Sir, I'm...

...the expert on Sokar around here.
I'd like a shot at the interrogation.

Yeah. Go ahead.

Is he conscious?

Come, Daniel.

You know my name?

Because of what we hold in common.

Amaunet, my queen.

Her name is Sha're.

She is my wife.

They are one and the same.

Amaunet possesses her.
Sha're is a prisoner.

But she is somewhere.
I want you to tell me where.


I loved her.

You do not believe me?

No. No, I...

- I don't think that's possible.
- How could you?

Our minds,...

...our knowledge,...

...our very being is so much greater,... much more.

I know where your child is.

My son?


I brought him into the world
with my own hands...

- ...on Abydos.
- He was taken by Heru-ur.


By me.

I have no use for the child now.


I knew the moment I laid eyes on her
she was the vessel for a queen.

If you don't tell me
where she is,...

...I'll kill you right here.

You have neither the strength...
nor the will.


We... We think that thud we heard
hitting the iris was a Sagan box.

Its radioactive signature matches the one
we gave the Tok'ra. They're coming here.

Incoming traveller.

Incoming traveller.

Decision time, sir.

Captain Carter, are you 100% certain?

That the signature matches the one
we gave the Tok'ra? Yes, sir.

That it came from them? No.

What if one or more of the Tok'ra have
been captured by Sokar and tortured?

I don't think that they would give us up.

I'm with Carter, General.
I say we keep the door open.

Very well.



Defence team, you may stand down.

I offer you greetings from
the High Council of the Tok'ra.

Why didn't my father come?

He's dealing with more urgent matters.
We come to offer you a word of warning.

Which is?

We know you have Apophis
as your prisoner.

You must return him to the planet
you retrieved him from immediately.

Since Jacob has joined the Tok'ra,
I have come to a deeper understanding...

...of your people, your purpose,
and your extraordinary gifts.

Thank you.

You have shown skill and cunning in
taking Apophis from the hands of Sokar.


You know, as much as I love
where you're going with this, we...

.. didn't exactly do that.

Our operatives aboard Sokar's vessel...

...witnessed you leave the crash site
and enter the Stargate.

We received a signal. A set of
coordinates. We thought it was from you.

- We sent no such signal.
- We know that now.

Then who?

We're going to assume it was Apophis.

Why would he take refuge
among the Tauri? He despises you.

And you have nothing of use to him.

He's goin' down.
And he wants to take us with him.

He has taken advantage
of your weakness.

We don't consider what we did
a sign of weakness.

Then you are fools.

Turn him over to Sokar now
and he may spare you.

- I'm afraid we can't do that just yet.
- If he remains here, you will all die.

If not by the hand of Sokar,...

...then by the many Goa'uld
who wish to destroy Apophis themselves.

You do not see what you have done.

You have entered a battle
you are ill-equipped to fight,...

...tipped the balance of power
among the Goa'uld,...

...and worsened the fortune of your race.

We must know...

...what would happen to him
if we turned him over.

I am certain he would be executed.


I see.

Surely you welcome this.

His guilt is clear. He cannot
be allowed to escape punishment.

He won't. He's dying.

You are certain of this?

Yes. His body has begun to age
at an increasing rate.

Without a sarcophagus
to rejuvenate him, of course.

In the short time he has remaining,...

...we may yet learn information
that could help us to defend ourselves.

Your knowledge is too primitive
for such information to be of any use.

Don't you comprehend
the danger you are in?!

We cannot defend you from the Goa'uld.

You cannot expect us to.

We don't.

Overconfidence was their failing, O'Neill.

I hope it has not also become yours.

Forgive Lantash.

He is sometimes passionate
in his opinions.

We cannot and would not
force you to do anything.

But since we have not convinced you
of the danger you face,...

...may we see him?

- What is that you're injecting into him?
- Morphine sulphate.

- To ease the pain.
- You said he had been tortured.

He's also experiencing withdrawal
symptoms from the sarcophagus.

- But he is your enemy.
- He is my patient.


- Apophis, hear me.
- Amaunet!

- I would speak with you.
- Amaunet!

My love!

Where are you?

See-mu-we! See-mu-we!

That's ancient Egyptian.
This... must be the host.

Talk to him.

I don't know what to say!

Thousands of years,
trapped inside your own body...

It's unimaginable.

He won't be conscious again for a while.

Then we will take our leave of him.
I will tell you the coordinates to send us.

We can question him together.
We can share any information we get.

Incoming traveller.

- Expecting someone?
- No.

Defence teams, stand by.

- Keep that iris closed.
- Yes, sir.

Sokar has found you.


His pilots saw you flee
through the Chaapa-ai.

The symbols of the Tauri
are well known by the Goa'uld.

That iris will hold.

It's a trinium titanium alloy.

Just a few microns from the event
horizon. It won't let matter reintegrate.

Something is appearing.

How is this possible?

The space between your metal barrier
and the wormhole...

...may be enough for particles
of high energy to reintegrate.

- Subatomic particles?
- Yes.

He's firing a particle accelerator
at the wormhole?


Sir, we may be seeing
the decay of subatomic particles... they bombard the iris.

Small enough to reintegrate,
but moving at near light velocities.

If Sokar can modulate
the particle stream enough...

People of the Tauri.

You have taken what is mine.

For this you will be destroyed.

The iris is beginning to heat up, sir.

How long can they maintain this?

The longest Goa'uld attack
against an iris was 38 minutes.

We think that's the maximum
a wormhole can be maintained.

They'll dial us up
and do this all over again.

This changes things.

I'd better get on the phone
with the President.

- Can you help us?
- I know of no way.

In the meantime, Carter, why don't
you see what you can get out of Apophis?

His neck's on the line here now, too.

Yes, sir.

I will accompany you.

I will not speak to the ShoI'va.

Just answer this.

Sokar is firing a particle beam at
the barrier we have within our Stargate.

How do we defend against it?

There is no defence.

- He lies.
- ShoI'va, kree!

How can you be sure?

Because he used the weapon against me.

The pain returns!

We're not gonna get anything out of him
in this state. I'll get Dr. Fraiser.

I have waited many years
for this moment.

Do you think you have won, Teal'c?

You are about to die.

Perhaps that is so.

But my people have won freedom.

The Jaffa will never be free.

They are free even now.

As am I.

Hear me, Apophis.

This day will become
a holy day on Chulak.

The day of your death.

The larval Goa'uld you carry within you... your master even now. All of you!

And when the time comes for those
children to take a host, you will die!

Then we will find other symbiotes,
then discard them when they mature.

- We will use your kind as you used mine.
- No!

The people of Chulak no longer
worship you. They no longer fear you.

The time of Apophis
has finally come to an end.

Then kill me now!

Tell us how to defend ourselves.

I will die with a smile on my lips, knowing
that you will die along with me, ShoI'va.

Come no further.

Let him suffer.

And when he can
stand the pain no more,...

...he will tell us
how to defend ourselves against Sokar.

Teal'c,... please move.

There was a time
when you would die for me, Teal'c.

That time is no more.



All right. These shields of yours...

They obviously absorb different forms
of energy. Maybe we...

I sense a presence within you.

Could your shields help us or not?

You were once possessed by a Goa'uld.

I'm sure you will make an excellent host...

...for Sokar's new queen.


Pour it on, Sergeant!
It's getting damn hot in here!

Better than nothing, sir.

But not by much!

General, Daniel just came up with
an idea that might buy us some time.

Sir, if we can dial out, we can
prevent them from dialling in.

Good thinking, Doctor.
If we can keep our gate open...

- Coming up on 38 minutes, sir.
- Stand by.

Go ahead. Dial it up.

Chevron one, encoded.

Chevron two...


The thing is...

Incoming wormhole established.

Sokar can dial in faster
than we can dial out.


Next window's 38 minutes away.

That may be our last chance to dial out.

It's gonna get hot, sir.

Temperature in the gate room
now reads 130° Fahrenheit,...

...which means the iris
must be six or eight times that.

Even if he fails to breach the gate,
he will come by ship.

Martouf is right. What we really need
to be concerned with is another assault.

That's what we're inviting
by refusing to hand Apophis over.

We couldn't now, even if we wanted to.

Not with Beelzebub
banging at the door, no.

I've informed the President. Our new
orders are to cease medical intervention.

- That will effectively end his life, General.
- I'm aware of that, Doctor.

The President and Joint Chiefs
have decided that...

...the risks are too great
not to heed the Tok'ra's warning.

Our orders are to send...

...Apophis's body back through the gate
to the coordinates...

...where you found him.

Will that make Sokar
cease his attack, Martouf?

Sokar is at war with Heru-ur.

He wants no part of the Tauri
for the moment.

But you may have
come to your senses too late.

He will soon burn through your iris.

I've thought of a way to dial out faster.

If we open our gate in the next window,
we can send Apophis through.

- When is that?
- 17 minutes.

Colonel, make arrangements to send
Apophis back through the Stargate.


We're sending you back.



Get Doctor Jackson down here.

I can't keep those men in there
much longer.

They've gotta stay
until the next window, sir.

He says he's been in an unending dream.

He hoped to awaken from it
to see his wife and his children.

He was a scribe
in the Temple of Amon at Karnak.

But... that was another lifetime ago,
before the... before the nightmare.

And now he awakens only to die again.

I said I will speak the words of power
and do the rites.

You will be returned to Egypt
and buried with honour.

You will pass through the Seven Gates
and see your wife and children again...

...and... rejoice with them for ever.

I'll be back.

Sir, we're gonna lose the computers.
The heat...


We need them, sir.
One more minute until the window.

- Help me.
- No.

A host...


I am...



The Goa'uld is dead.

But the host...

He's still alive.

That's it. Initiate the dialling program.

The program is running.

I told him this funerary statue
would take his last breath...

...and carry his soul back to Egypt.

Chevron seven locked.

- Wormhole established.
- Open the iris.

Captain Carter has created
an outgoing wormhole.

- Sokar cannot attack during this time.
- That's good.

- What now?
- We wait.

If Sokar wanted him alive,
he'll just start up the attack again.

No, I don't believe he will.

Sokar has a sarcophagus
in his possession.

He can revive Apophis, even from death,
and torture him as long as he pleases.

Surely a fate he justly deserves.

These are the coordinates
we would like you to send us.

But not to anywhere
we'll be able to find you again.

To contact us,...

- .. you may use this.
- That's Tollen.

- They use it to contact the Nox.
- Yes.

We are friends of the Tollen.
And of the Tauri.

Thank you.

Well, if we're gonna be friends,...'re gonna need one of these.

It's called a GDO.

It sends out a signal that lets us know
who you are and if it's OK to open the iris.

Otherwise, you could end up
splattered against the... well...

- I understand.
- Come on, I'll show you how it works.

All right. Let's send them home, people.