Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 16 - A Matter of Time - full transcript

Stargate Command opens a wormhole to a planet with a black hole in orbit.



(sluggish) Come on!

(sluggish) It's right on top of us!

(sluggish) Dial home, Captain!
That's an order!

(sluggish) We're not gonna make it, sir!

(sluggish) We'll make it! Dial now!

Look, I know I should know this by now.
I swear, it'll be the last time I ask.

But these wormholes we go through,...

..they're not always there, right?

No, sir. They can only form
between two open gates.

What's with the worm part?

The worm thing - I don't get that.

Uh... That's just a metaphor.

Right. I knew that.

Imagine the galaxy is an apple.

We burrow our way
through the apple like a worm,...

..crossing from one side to the other,
instead of going around the outside.


Now, the diameter of the apple is just
a 2-D representation of space-time.

Well, the hole isn't really a hole, per se,...

..but an inter-dimensional conduit...



I'll be all right.


(Stargate alarm)

We've got an unscheduled
incoming traveller.

Closing iris.

We're getting a signal.

- Who've we got out there?
- SG teams four, six and ten...

..are the only units presently off world, sir.

- Daniel's with six, isn't he?
- Yeah, he's on a dig on PX3-808.

The computer can't identify the signal.
It's not a GDO transmission.

Let me hear it, Lieutenant.

(low booming)

Intermittent RF pulses, low frequency.

- What have we got?
- Don't know, sir. Some kind of signal.

There's a repeating pattern. Play it
through the computer again, a lot faster.

I'm trying 200%.

(high booming)

Go six.

(beeping and screeching)

The computer now recognises the signal.
It's SG-10's iris code.

That's Henry Boyd's team.

Why would their code
be coming through so slowly?

I have no idea, sir,
but if we don't open the iris...

The next thud we hear...
will be Henry Boyd's team.

Do it.

Come on, Hank, the door's open.

What happened?

I don't know, sir.

General, SG-1 would like
the rescue mission.

- Not yet, Colonel.
- Hank would do the same for us.

I know he would -
if and when I gave the order.

In the meantime, I want a probe
on the ramp and ready to go a.s.a.p.

Colonel, have units SG-1 and 3
geared up and standing by.

(Hammond) SG-10 was on a routine
exploratory mission of P3W-451 .

(Carter) It's a binary system.
We just discovered it.

- Any indications of enemy attack?
- None.

The one thing Boyd reported was that...

..whatever indigenous life there may have
been on 451 recently became extinct.

They were trying to determine the cause.

In the event I authorise this mission,...

..SG-3 will back you up.

- In the event, sir?
- Chevron three encoded.

Let's see what pictures
the probe sends back.

Make a proper threat determination.
You could gate into an ambush...

I recommended Major Boyd for this.
If he's in trouble, I want to go in.

I'm aware of that, Colonel.

(lieutenant) Chevron four encoded.

Yes, sir.

Chevron five encoded.

Major Boyd is a capable warrior, O'Neill.
You trained him well.


Chevron six encoded.

Chevron seven locked.

OK for MALP transports.

Probe should reach
the Stargate ofP3W-451... five seconds... four... three,...


I don't understand. It's just...

Red, sir.

Are we receiving telemetry?

Yes, sir, but
at an even slower rate than before.

There is an image here.

Input the video feed into the computer but
compensate for a longer light wavelength.

- Step it up in 20 millimicron increments.
- Captain?

Sir, it's possible that the image
from the probe has red shifted,...

..distorted toward
the infrared end of the spectrum.


The same reason
their codes were so slow.

(Carter) Yeah.

Whatever that is.

It's working.

What the hell's goin' on, Hank?

- Is something pursuing them?
- Try playing back the video in real time.

- We need to find out...
- This is all we've received so far, sir.

Eleven frames of digital picture
in the last six minutes.

- That represents a fraction of a second.
- Perhaps a malfunction.

No, the picture tells us
everything we need to know.

That team is in trouble.
Probably under attack.

- Permission to go in, sir?
- Negative, sir.

What do you mean, negative?

I'm sorry, Colonel. With all due respect.
But if I'm right, we can't help them.

The camera may respond to commands.
See if you can tilt up for a wider image.

I think I know what
Major Boyd seems so afraid of.

There! Isolate that area
and digitally enhance.

- What am I looking at?
- That's a black hole, sir.

(Carter) A newly formed one,
by the looks of it.

P3W-451 was orbiting its companion star.
The orbit's probably pulling them closer.

Why don't they just gate out of there?

They're trying to,
but the closer you get to a black hole...

Time slows down.

It almost appears to stand still.

From our perspective, yes.

But time is relative.
As far as SG-10 is concerned...

..only a few seconds have passed.
They're still trying to save themselves.

What will happen to them?

Time dilation is a result of the intense
gravity, which is directly proportional...


Sorry, sir.

Their bodies will be pulled apart
by increasing tidal forces.

They did manage
to activate the Stargate once.

But to them, it can't have been open
for more than a second.

There's nothing we can do to save them?

They've had it, sir.

- You know that for a fact, Colonel?
- No, sir, I don't.

But look at Major Boyd's face.
What does that say to you?

Very well. Disengage the Stargate.


By some fluke of technology,...

..we are witnessing something
that the laws of physics say we can't.

We are witnessing good men
dying in slow motion, Captain.

You're right, sir.

Shut it down.

Sir,... won't disengage.

- Try again.
- I already have, sir.


It won't shut down.

Let's go! Let's go! Move! Move!

Sergeant, how long have you been
out of contact with this facility?

Coming up four hours ago, sir.

But it was funky for a while before that.

Is that proper military terminology?
What does "funky" mean, Sergeant?

Everyone was talkin' real slow, like when
the battery's down on your Walkman.


Will that shaft take me
directly to sub-level 28?

Yes, sir, but I don't know
how you're gonna get down.

Not to worry.

We brought our own transportation.
Gentlemen, hook 'em up!

Rig it!


This is Major General Hammond.

I have an urgent matter
to discuss with the president.

Sergeant, try disconnecting
the superconductive interface.

Already tried that, Captain. It's stuck.

- Teal'c, Siler could use a hand.
- I will assist.

- Captain Carter.
- I was just on my way to report, sir.

The capacitor should have discharged,
but the gate is drawing power directly.

Isn't there a time limit to how long
a wormhole can be maintained?

Yes, sir, we just passed it.

Then how is this possible?

I'd guess that since time is passing more
slowly on P3W-451 relative to Earth,...

..we're experiencing a paradox
the Stargate was never designed for.

Why in God's name is it doing that?

I've no idea, sir.

It started after you got on line
with the president, sir.

- I never got through to him.
- (lieutenant) Beg your pardon, sir.

It seems we've lost communication
below sub-level 24.

- Nearest secure phone above that?
- NORAD, sir. Main level.

- I won't be long. Meantime, Colonel...
- Understood, sir.


What would happen
if we just... pulled the plug?

OK, Carter. We've reached
the main power vault.

We'll isolate the capacitors first.

Panel six.

Colonel, pull breakers
90 through 94 on panel 6.

Roger that. Stand by.

Stand clear, people.

I have no idea what this is gonna do.

We must vacate this area.

We're kinda shortin' out up here.

- Main breaker?
- It'll overload.

We gotta do it.

Colonel, pull the main breaker.


..three, two, one!

Colonel, are you all right?

Medical emergency in the gate room!

(Carter) Colonel, are you all right?

Siler's hurt. Did it work?

No. Even with the power cut,
it won't shut down.

How's that possible?

It must be deriving its energy
from the black hole.

- Get a med team to the main power vault.
- Med team to the main power vault!

The MALP is now
on emergency internal power.

Help's on the way.

Do not concern yourself with my injury.

You're badly burned, Teal'c. Even for you.

The Stargate...

Lieutenant, close the iris!

It's an outgoing wormhole.
Nothing can come through.

Except for the black hole's gravity!
Now, close it!

Close the iris.


- Hold fire! It's the general!
- What's going on? Who are you?

Major Davis, sir.
Office of the Joint Chiefs. Come with me.

- Why are these men here?
- We were under the impression...

..there had been an alien incursion.

Special Forces were sent
before we knew what was going on.

I'll brief you on the way to your aircraft.
Time is of the essence.

We've got an emergency situation!
I'm not leaving until I talk to the president.

He wants to see you personally, sir.

Your aircraft is standing by on the tarmac.
It is urgent that we leave immediately.

Lead the way.

Freeze! Up against the wall! Move! Move!


- Dr Fraiser.
- Who the hell are you? Put that down!

Colonel Frank Cromwell -
Air Force Special Operations.

Five hours ago, all contact was lost with
this facility. I am here to find out why.


..there's a medical emergency!

My superiors believe the SGC
has been overrun by alien hostiles.

Well, they've been misinformed.

From what I have read about this place,
Dr Fraiser, hell, you could be one of 'em!

Move out!

Sector six!

We hoped that someone like you
would confirm our hypothesis.

- Which is?
- We now know...

..the SGC is experiencing
what is called "time dilation".

Time is literally passing slower
within the facility than it is topside.

Hence the communications problems.

Yes, sir. We also know that
only two things could cause this effect.

Velocities near the speed of light,
or extreme gravity.

Approximately ten minutes ago
we established a wormhole to a planet... or very near
the event horizon of a black hole.

Since time is nearly at a standstill
on the other side,...'ve been unable
to disengage the Stargate.

That was our hypothesis. Keep in mind
we've had more time to think about it.

They'll be conferencing you
with the president on the aircraft.

Thank you, Major.

Good luck, sir.

Siler took a pretty good hit.

How're you doing, Teal'c?

I suffered simple electrical burns,
O'Neill. Nothing more.

He'll be out of commission for a few days.


Gravity waves. I assumed
the wormhole would insulate us...

..from the black hole's gravitational field.

But our space-time has begun to warp,
just like on P3W-451 .

Will you stop that!

- We're in trouble, sir.
- Thank you.

Think of something.

Yes, sir.

(Dr Fraiser) Colonel!

(Cromwell) Clear!

- Cromwell?
- You know this guy, sir?

Oh, yeah.

Go. Go on.

Been a while.


Five hours.

You've got everybody worried upstairs.
Where's the general?

What's the five hours?

That's how long this facility
has been out of contact.

The Pentagon suspects alien hostiles.

And they sent you?


(Cromwell) So, this is the Stargate?

- What's the problem?
- We gated to a planet...

..that's being sucked up by a black hole.

Very bad. Very dangerous.

Why is that?

Things tend to get sucked in.

- I took the liberty of closing the iris, sir.
- Captain Carter, Colonel Cromwell.

He's come to rescue us.

But don't count on it.

The Pentagon thought you were
under alien attack when they lost contact.

- How long ago?
- A little over five hours ago. Why?

My watch reads 1 330 hours.
What does yours say?

Running slow, Captain. It's almost 1900.

Damn it! I have to get off this level.

(sluggish) Captain Carter?

What have you got, Lieutenant?

(sluggish) The field is expanding.

(sluggish) I'm reading
over seven G's at the iris.

Keep your distance.


The warping of our space-time seems to
be in advance of the gravitational field...

..rather than as a result of it.

It's probably a lensing effect
generated by the Stargate.

- Don't even pretend you understood that.
- The point is, sirs,...

..time is passing more slowly
down here than it is outside.

- Time is time.
- No, sir, not according to relativity.

With the intense gravity field
of a black hole, time slows down.

- We are not in a black hole.
- Not yet.

But we are connected to
its gravitational field through the Stargate.

It's expanding in this direction... a bubble slowly extending outward.
That's why I have to leave, sir.

I have to contact the Pentagon before the
gravity field extends past the gate room.

I just came from there myself, Captain.
Colonel Cromwell, I believe.

General Hammond.

- You came from Washington, sir?
- There and back again.

After someone upstairs managed
to explain what was going on to me...

..we called an all-night session with the
president. I've been gone nearly 18 hours.

I thought you were on the phone.

The time dilation is getting worse
as the field expands.

That's the consensus.
We've set up a command post...

..right on top of the mountain
to monitor the expansion.

- I have to get up there.
- The experts we consulted believe...

..we have to begin an autodestruct
sequence to destroy the Stargate.


They assure me that the gravity field... present around the gate will contain
the blast within the mountain...

..and pose no threat to civilians.

- With respect, sir, I don't think so.
- If we don't try,...

..we lose the planet, right through that.

We may succeed in destroying the base,
but leave the gate and wormhole intact.

What happens to the planet then?

Orders have been given, Captain.
It is our duty to carry out those orders.

- But, sir...
- The decision has been made.

Those people up there have been working
on this longer than you have.

- It's what they came up with.
- Yes, sir.

I'm ordering the evacuation of the SGC,
effective as of right now.

I'll need two volunteers to stay behind in
order to give our personnel a head start.

- I'll stay, sir.
- Me too, sir.

Anyone else?

Looks like you're stuck with me, Jack.

Done! It takes two officers
to initiate the countdown.

Attention! This is General Hammond.

All personnel are ordered to
evacuate this facility immediately.


All personnel report to
the main level immediately.

That is all.

Let's move it. On my count.

Three, two, one.

Easy. Watch his chest.

Move him out. Let's go.

Wait five minutes,
then start the countdown.

- Good luck.
- Thanks, sir.

Make sure you give yourself
enough time to get out, sir.



General, we were getting worried.

- How long have I been gone?
- 22 hours, sir.

- General Cohen's waiting for you.
- Thank you, Sergeant.

- I reckon I was gone 20 minutes.
- Well, sir, accounting for travelling time...

..I'd guess time within the SGC facility
has slowed to about 600% below normal.

You ordered O'Neill to wait five minutes -
that's really six hours, maybe more.

Captain, relativity gives me a headache.

- Who's this?
- Henry Boyd.

Good officer.


And he reminds me of Carter a little bit.

This was their first mission as a team.

He looks scared to death.

He's on a planet that's about to be
swallowed up by a black hole.

And he knows it.

Thank you.

Uh... No. Thank you.

Perhaps with rest the answers will come.

Hey, Teal'c.

You know anything
about quantum gravity?


Apparently, neither do I.

- What do these equations represent?
- Probably a life's work.

I don't have that much time,

How may I be of assistance?

We're experiencing a time dilation,
in a radius wider than the gate room itself.

Most of the SGC, in fact,
and it's expanding.

But it's all happening in advance
of the gravity field that's causing it.

According to everything I thought I knew
about relativity, that is not possible.

- Yet it is so.
- Right.

If it wasn't,
we'd all be pulled apart by now.

They're proceeding with a plan
that makes assumptions about gravity...

..and space-time, with no regard for the
fact that it contradicts our observations.

I see.

In other words, they don't know
what the hell is going on,... they're just gonna blow it up.

There doesn't seem to be
a damn thing we can do.

Let's get set up.

The computer needs your code before it'll
accept the command. Go on and enter it.

Maybe now you know how it feels.

You done?

Roger that.

When the time comes,
hit the enter key on my mark...

..and then run like hell.

Got it.

Two minutes.

The gravity field reaches the blast doors
of the control room now. That's not good.

I take it you still believe
our plan won't work.

I'm afraid the gravity field
will dampen the effects of the explosion.

We'll lose the SGC,
but the wormhole will be intact.

The mountain will collapse into it.
Six months later, all of Colorado.

Six months after that...

At least Daniel will live out there.

If you're wrong,
and for once I hope you are,...

..we can restart the SGC with
the second Stargate at Nellis. In time...

Wait a minute.

Sir, that's it.

We do use a bomb, but we focus
the energy of the blast.

Colonel O'Neill and I
were sent to the Antarctic gate...

..because we were under enemy fire.

It caused an energy surge.

Yes, and that surge caused the wormhole
to jump from one destination to another.

If we can channel enough energy
in the direction of our Stargate,... should cut us off from the black hole,
causing the matter stream to jump...

- another gate.
- Leaving ours linked to some other world.

Yes, but all we have to do is shut it down.

Sir, we have to stop Colonel O'Neill.

One minute.

Maybe the last one.

We used to be friends, Jack.


I was sick to my stomach
when I found out you were still alive.

I wanted to go back for you.

Why don't we just do this
and get the hell out of here?

Somebody dropped a dime on us!
You got hit! You went down!

I made a judgement call to save the team!

And I saw you take off!

And then I spent four months of my life
in some stinking Iraqi prison!

- I thought you were dead!
- You thought wrong!

What do you want? You want me
to forgive you? Is that it?


I guess I do.

Well, that's tough.

What happened to
"Nobody gets left behind"?

Well, what about him?

That is a totally different scenario.

That is the same damn thing, Jack!

Don't activate the autodestruct!
It won't work.

I have another idea.

The G-suits should help you withstand
the higher gravity on the way down.

- What's this bomb?
- It's a shaped charge.

To focus the explosive force
toward the wormhole so that it jumps.

Like in Antarctica.


- Where is it?
- They're modifying the warhead yield.

- It's being flown in from Travis.
- How long will it take?

Well, sir, with any luck,
about five more minutes.

- Relatively...
- Relatively speaking.


Any time you're ready, sirs.

- I don't know how long that iris will hold.
- We have to wait for the bomb.

- You got better quick.
- It has, in fact, been several days.

Yeah, I knew that.

Those who don't have to be here
should go topside.

(O'Neill) Cromwell.

Cannot the bomb
be detonated by remote?

It has to be set a certain distance
from the gate and at an exact angle.

The timer can't be set in advance
due to the variance in time dilation.

- Man, she is...
- Way smarter than we are. I know.

Just like old times, huh, Jack?

Oh, yeah.

Black holes, wormholes,...

..old times.


Thank you, Lieutenant.

Do you think they'll be able
to shut it down, sir?

We'll know sometime tomorrow.

(O'Neill) Oh, yeah, yeah.
We're pulling some G's now.

I feel like I've put on
a coupla hundred pounds!

I wasn't gonna say anything.

They appear to be moving very slowly.

Only from our perspective.

Uh, Captain...

Colonel, look out! Colonel!

(echoes) Colonel, look out! Colonel!

Did you hear that?

Look out!

Are you all right?

This is close enough!
Set the timer! 20 seconds!

- You won't make it out.
- 20 seconds!

- It's set!
- Do it!

- I've got you!
- Get up there and arm that damn bomb!

- I've got you! Climb!
- Arm the bomb!


(Carter) Teal'c, pull him up!

Hey, Jack, did I miss anything?

I made it.

We all made it,
thanks to you and Captain Carter.


Teal'c managed to pull you far enough
away from the bomb before it went off.


You are welcome.

Most of the blast went
where it was meant to.

The wormhole jumped to P2A-870
and, once it did that, we just shut it off.

Good thinking, Captain.

Thank you, sir.

A new trinium-strengthened iris
is being installed right now.

We should be back in business in no time.

What day is it?

This might be a little difficult to accept but
since you reported for duty yesterday...

..two weeks have actually gone by.

Two weeks?

Think I'll sleep in.

You do that.

Visiontext subtitles: Helen Stewart