Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 13 - Spirits - full transcript

SG-11 failed to report regularly while mining trinium, a vital mineral for earth's defense against the goa'uld. SG-1 finds them missing, all traces cease at the site of arrow-heads made ...

It's our hope that this material
may one day help us fight the Goa'uld.

- What is it?
- Trinium.

Captain Conner and SG-11 discovered it
on a routine exploratory mission...

...on planet PXY-887.

I've heard about this.

It's supposed to be 100 times lighter
and stronger than steel.

That's raw Trinium, which is too brittle for
manufacturing because of its impurities.

We commissioned SG-11 to extract
more Trinium samples from the planet.

As of this morning they are 48 hours
overdue for the weekly check-in.

It's time to find out why.

Any indigenous people on the planet?

Not according to a preliminary sweep
by the UAV.

- Well, it is a big planet, sir.
- True enough.

Conner's people have only scouted
within a few miles of the base camp.

They picked up no radio traffic,
EM signatures.

No sign of any indigenous life at all.

Incoming traveller!

- SG-11's returning.
- Better be a damn good explanation!

- Everyone all right?
- Uh...




Oh... God...

Hi, kids.

We're about ready to ship out, sir.
You gonna be OK?

I'm not dead, Captain.

Just grounded for a few days.

- If the bulletproof glass hadn't slowed it...
- Oh, please.

- Aliens are always pokin' me full of holes.
- Right.

You may like to know that the arrow
was Native North American,...

...but of advanced design.

Our preliminary tests show
it was made of pure forged Trinium.

If Native Americans are on this planet,
they've come a long way technologically.

And we just marched in
and started mining.

I've just talked to the Pentagon.

While they're concerned
about finding SG-11,...

...they also want to avoid
further upsetting the indigenous people.

Meaning they don't wanna risk
losing the Trinium.

Your secondary objective
is to negotiate a mining treaty with them.

Obviously we started our relations
on the wrong foot.

But that's so rare, sir.

Captain, as you are taking over command
of SG-1 on this mission,... superiors have ordered me
to remind you to be diplomatic.

Yes, sir.

Just as I would be.

SG-1, you have a go.

- Sam?
- Colonel?

First command.


- I'll do my best, sir.
- I know you will, Captain.


Captain Carter,
I am outside the blasting site.

It appears deserted.
I will investigate further.

Affirmative. At location now.


Coffee's boiled dry.

".. currently extracting an average
of 47Ibs of Trinium ore per day."

"To increase our production fourfold,
as the engineers have requested, a..."

It's a requisition request from Captain
Conner. He just stops in mid-sentence.

Looks like they all stopped
what they were doing and just left.

I found no sign of struggle
at the blast site.

However, a pair of footprints
led me to two separate detonators.

The first had been discharged.
The second had not.

So SG-11 was taken by surprise
before the second charge went off.

My first conclusion, but there were
no footprints leading away from the mine.

It is as if they disappeared
where they were standing.


I am certain I heard something.

- Ghosts?
- Jaffa do not believe in such things.

Let's find something more tangible.

Captain Carter!

Trinium. Just like the arrow.

Can you interpret it, Daniel?

It's, uh, a clan crest.

I believe akin to the style
of the CentraI Coast Salish Indians.

It tells of their origin.

This one tells of how they were brought
here from a distant planet by evil rulers.

Now, according to this figure, the evil
rulers were Jaffa, taking them from Earth.

So this was once a Goa'uld planet?

Well, according to the crest,
the Goa'uld were destroyed by Xe-Is,...

...who has protected them ever since.

- Xe-Is?
- He's the Salish's main spirit.

On Earth he's benevolent traditionally
and represented by this raven figure.


A wolf.


It was there.

- I heard that.
- Me, too.





We were just stretching our legs.

If we're prisoners, it's a good sign
that Conner and SG-11 are, too.

This dwelling makes an odd prison.

I don't know.

These walls are made of
a flexible Trinium fibre.

I'll bet it's waterproof
and it is incredibly strong.

It's amazing. They've managed
to evolve technologically,...

...yet essentially maintain
their way of living.

Yet we have observed no facilities
for manufacturing.

There should be
visual indications of processing.

Well, the Salish on Earth are migratory,
depending on the season, so...

I wonder how far we are
from the mining camp.

Couple of days' walk.

I am Tonane.

- Captain Samantha Carter. SGC.
- Long name.

- OK. How about Sam?
- Sam.

Uh, these are my friends.
Dr. Daniel Jackson...


- Daniel is fine.
- I am Teal'c.

The spirits say you have
a demon inside you, Teal'c.

The demon will cause you no harm.
I give you my word.

Normally that would mean
a great deal to me.

But how do I know the value
of your word? We have only just met.

We mean you no harm, Tonane.

If you mean us no harm,
why did you bring weapons?

Self-defence. Our friends are missing.
We need to find them.

They're with the spirits.

- Wh... You mean dead?
- No, no, no.

With the spirits.

Oh! The... spirits.

- You don't know the spirits, Sam?
- Oh, we know the spirits.

We definitely know the spirits.

But there's so many in the forest.
Specifically which spirits are they with?

Xe-Is probably. Maybe T'akaya.

Are we prisoners?

No. You're free to go.

Can we have our weapons back?


One more thing, Tonane. Our friends.

We were returning from our winter camp
and saw your friends trying to take the Ke.

- Ke? Trinium?
- Yeah! That's what your friend called it.

After Xe-Is took your friends,...

...he told me to shoot an arrow
through the Circle of Standing Water... a warning to your kind.
I guess you didn't understand.

Oh, no, we understood,
but, warning or no warning,...

...we don't abandon our friends.

I could introduce you to Xe-Is and we
could tell him it was a misunderstanding.

So you'll take us to where our friends are?

I don't know where your friends are,
but Xe-Is will.

Wouldn't hurt to ask, right, Sam?


Clearly Tonane is blaming the spirits
for his actions.

Well, clearly,...

...but if this is the only way
to get back SG-11, then I say we let him.

Look, wherever we're going,
there may be a ceremony of some kind.

They might even ask you to dance.

But whatever it is,
no matter how ridiculous it may seem,...

...just try to go along with it.

Don't worry.

Tonane! Uh, I was wondering...

How is it that you remove the impurities
from the Ke so that it won't crumble?

Well, first we ask the spirits
to ask the mountain for the Ke.

If the mountain is in a good mood,
they drop the Ke in the river.

The river cleans the Ke until it's shiny.

And then we take it out of the river
and shape it into whatever we need.


Xe-Is! T'akaya!

Wait. You're not going to perform
a ceremoniaI dance or something?

My great-great-grandfather
used to call up the spirits that way,...

...but one day Xe-Is just said
"Call my name!"

And that's what we do.

Captain Carter.

T'akaya, my friend.

My, your coat shines beautifully today.

A little flattery couldn't hurt, Sam.

My, what big eyes you have.

Ask her about your friends.


Do you think our friends might be...?

- She's right there!
- I can only see a wolf, Tonane.

A... beautiful animal, granted,
but not a spirit.

You can't see the wind either, Sam,
but you know it's there.

You can hear it, you can feel it.

You can see its effects on the trees.

It's the same with the spirits.

You see a wolf,...

...but T'akaya is there.

Tonane, is... is that Xe-Is?

Yes, it is, Daniel.


We mean you and Tonane no harm.

We apologise for any misunderstanding
you've had with our friends.

If you would release them,
we'd be very grateful.

Did you hear that?

I'm almost sure
that he said he would release them.

I believe I heard it also.

Is that what you heard, Sam?

Uh, what I heard was a little different.

I thought I heard him say he would
think about it and then get back to us.

- Right. That's what I heard.
- Are you sure? He just...

Daniel, forget it.
Let's just let the bird think about it.

Come on. Tonane,
do you mind if we look around a little...

...while Xe-Is is making up his mind?

Fine by me.

Xe-Is will catch up to us.

Well, that was fast.

Uh... I'm sorry. I missed that one.

Xe-Is has granted your request.

Your friends will be released.

Did he say when?

Captain Carter.

Captain Carter?

How does it feel to see the wind, Sam?

So where have you been
for the last 48 hours?

I... can't say.

Last thing I remember, I was writing
a requisition for more blasting caps.

Next thing I know, I'm walking out
of this mist, and there you are.

- And that's it?
- Yes.

Except my head feels like
I just got back from a three-day pass.

- We must have been drugged.
- As were we.

Hello, Cap.

Still smiling, I hope.


Whoa! Tonane.

Captain, this is Tonane. He's our friend.

He said he asked you to stop blasting.
Is that true?

Yes, he did,
but we'd already set two hot charges.

I told him to wait until after the blast,
then we'll talk.

He just walked away.

OK. It's not so important right now.
We can save it for the report.

Tonane, perhaps
we could have that conversation...

...that Captain Conner
should have had with you earlier.

- About taking the Ke from the mountain?
- Yes.

That's not up to me, Sam.
You have to ask the elders of my village.

I am sorry.

We understand, Sam,
that you have no ill intentions,...

...that you only wish to extract the Ke.

But your methods
are wastefuI and violent.

They not only upset our people,...
but our spirits.

Why can you not be content with the Ke
that the spirits send down the river?

Our people may need more
than the river can provide.

But we don't wish to shorten your supply.

We do have other mining methods
that are less destructive.

Perhaps Tonane could return with you
through the Circle of Standing Water...

...and see these methods.

Uh, yeah. That's a solution. Um...

Have any of your people
ever travelled through the circle before?

The spirits say it's too dangerous.

Can't be that dangerous.

They're alive.

And I love to travel.

Great. Then it's settled.

So the elders agreed
to allow Tonane to come back...

...and observe our alternative
mining methods, and here we are.

Sounds like fun. Sorry I missed it.

- Good job, Captain.
- Thank you, sir.

- How's the...?
- Fine. Fine.

I thought you were gonna show me
your mining methods, George.

We intend to,
but first you need a brief medical exam.


Tonane, this is Colonel Jack O'Neill.

- Jack?
- Yeah, that'll do.

It's an honour to meet you, sir.

I know it looks strange, Tonane,
but it's completely safe.

Even our people are being examined.

Don't worry, Tonane. It won't hurt.

Stop the images, please.

These ways are as wastefuI
and destructive as the others.

It's only the first part
of the process, Tonane.

Later we restore the land and
replant trees. You haven't seen that yet.

I'm convinced that our way is best.

Your way meaning...

...your spirits ask the mountain
to send the stuff to you down the river?

Yes, Jack.

It's the best way and the only way
we will allow you to take the Ke.

I see.

Perhaps Dr. Jackson would show you
the rest of our facility.

- I'm sure you'll find it interesting.
- Uh, yes.

I'd also like to show you
images of your ancestors.

- Ancestors?
- Oh, yeah. This may come as a shock,...

...but we believe your great-great-great-

...may have come from here.

- From here?
- Um, I'll show you.

Well... His mind's made up.

That's unfortunate.

They are offering to share the Trinium.

Small deposits washed down
from the mountain over centuries.

It may be enough
to meet the needs of Tonane's tribe,...

...but not enough
for any practical application.

Therefore I have been ordered
to consider other initiatives.

- Initiatives?
- Nothing sinister, Captain.

The NID has a proposal
before the Pentagon suggesting...

...that, when the Salish migrate south,
we send another SG team to the planet... continue extracting samples
and leave before the Salish return.

- You mean steal it?
- I'm not comfortable with that, sir.

Sir, they set us free last time.

If they caught us mining the mountain
again, they might not be so gracious.

I don't like the idea of lying to
Tonane's people any more than you do.

But the next time the Goa'uld attack,
we might not be so fortunate.

We need whatever military advantages
we can find. If that means Trinium...

Sir, I am all for getting the Trinium,
but there has to be an alternative.

Is anyone at the Pentagon
or along the chain of command...

...remotely concerned about
their aboriginaI rights, repeating history,...

...that annoyingly pesky moral stuff?

That's enough, Colonel.

- With respect, General, I think he's right.
- Yeah, what the hell? Worked before...

I have assurances it will only be...

...a small exploratory operation
with less damage to the mountainside.

Hopefully, what they don't know
won't hurt them. Dismissed.


Colonel, we should go back in there...

- He is very upset.
- Yeah.

So am I.

I had a meeting, Captain.
Was there something else?

Yes, sir.

As I suspected.

They intend to deceive our friend Tonane.

It's time to show the Earthlings
the power of the spirits.

Code nine! Code nine!

Move! Move! Let's go!

Damn it.

Code nine! Code nine!
This is not a drill! I repeat...

Not a drill!

What's that sound mean, Daniel?

Uh, it means that...

It means that I'm gonna show you a part
of the base most people rarely get to see.

- Ah! Jesus!
- Sorry, sir.

Are we the only ones
to make it to the armoury?

- Looks like it. Why the code nine?
- Brace yourself.

SG-11 is boppin' around, wavin'
their arms, makin' our people disappear.

- So we did not bring back SG-11?
- I don't think so.

- Where's Tonane?
- With Daniel. Archives.

- Where did the alarm originate?
- The lab.

- Colonel.
- Warner?

Corridors and the other lab are empty.

What happened?

It's Tonane. He came into the infirmary,...

...waved his hand
and made everyone disappear.

I hid.
I pushed the panic button after he left.

What about Conner and his team?

It's Tonane we have to find.
The others are meaningless.


So, who are you?

Excuse me? Dr. Warner.

I don't... think so.

I am one of Tonane's guardian spirits,...

...Colonel O'Neill.

If you know where he is, take me to him.

Otherwise, if you harm him or myself,...

...your people
will never be returned to you.

We don't respond well to threats.

Neither do we.


You... will be... punished.

All right. Let's get him...

.. it... back to the infirmary.

It's all right, airmen. She's with me.

I have lost contact with Xe-Is.

- Has Tonane been found?
- Not yet.

Stay here in the form of the General.

No one is to leave.

I will find Xe-Is and Tonane.

If we lose contact,...

...destroy this place...

...and return home with the others.

Anyway, like I was saying,
this is, uh, a storeroom...

...and the reason we store things is so that
we always have them on hand, like this.

Can I go home now?

OK, Tonane, I won't lie to you.

There is a problem. We have to find Jack.


He's not in here.


- Is he gonna be all right?
- It's hard to say, sir.

The only real sign will be when he has
the strength to make us all disappear.

- Jack?
- Daniel?

- Are you you?
- Yeah. You?

- What?
- Never mind.

Tonane, we need to talk.

Daniel says you have some problems.
Maybe I should just go home.


...not just yet.

Our people are disappearing all over the
base and it has something to do with you.

Did you know Conner and SG-11
are really aliens?

What are aliens?

Come here.

That is an alien.

It also happens to be one of your spirits.

Probably Xe-Is.

Xe-Is, is that you?

If he was, Jack, he'd probably answer.

In the world of my origin there were
beings who pretended to be gods... they could conquer my people
and rule with fear.

Perhaps that is the way of your spirits.

I feel sorry for your people, Teal'c.

But my spirits aren't evil.

They don't rule us. They protect us.


That is Xe-Is.

And right now
he's trying to conquer this base.

I wanna know why. More importantly,
I wanna know how to stop him.

The spirits I know
wouldn't threaten your people...

...unless you were doing something
to threaten mine.

Are you, Jack?

Because if you are...

...there's no way to stop them.

Xe-Is and T'akaya
and the other spirits...

They'll destroy you.

From what I overheard, they won't destroy
the base until they've found Tonane.

We must convince the aliens we'll make
no more attempts to extract their Trinium.

The fact is we got caught
plotting behind closed doors.

I don't know how we're gonna
convince 'em our word is good for squat.

I mean, my God! We shot that one.

We come across any more,
it won't be a very long conversation.

OK. Well, we can still appeal to the elders.

Tell them what's happened.

You mean... fess up?

Yeah, OK.

You and Teal'c try and gate back.

See if you can get 'em
to speak to the spirits for us.


It's... time for the truth.


Just let me try and talk to her first.

Wait here.


Before you... make me disappear...

...or bite me,...


...hear me out.

Wait, wait, wait! I know where Xe-Is is.


Where is Xe-Is?

Promise to hear me out.

Sir, it's possible he's still suffering
the effects of the zat gun.

I don't think so, Captain.

He just doesn't want to show himself.

- Right!
- No! Jack!

It's OK.

Just let them tend to Xe-Is.

How do I know you're really Daniel?


Yeah. OK.

Thank you.

- T'akaya, destroy this place.
- Wait!

You promised to listen.

"What they don't know won't hurt them."
Isn't that what your leader said, Colonel?

Their word means nothing.

And so would mine,
if I were to do as you asked.

I have made a promise to this one... that we could save your life.

I am listening, but I do not guarantee your
words will sway me from punishing you.

For what?

For trying to deceive the Salish
and steal our Ke.

And for attempting to destroy
the trust and faith...

...between Tonane's people and my own.


I give you my word...

...that we'll give up this... mining operation.

Even if we could trust you,...

...your superiors will not be swayed
by your oath.

So don't take my word.

Shut down your Stargate.

That way no one will be able to come
to your planet unless you allow it.

Star travel is of no use to us.

Let us close down the gate.

This does not erase
the second transgression.

What? Exposing who you are to Tonane?

You've been posing as gods,
for heaven's sake!

Is that what you believe we do?

When we removed the Goa'uld
from our planet a millennium ago...

...we adapted our form
to those of the Salish spirits,... that we could protect and
coexist alongside them in harmony...

...without interfering
in their natural evolution.

And now, because of you,
that harmony has been broken.

In time they will fear us and
use the Ke we scatter through the rivers...

...and forge weapons against us.


The Salish people you so honour
came from this world.

Even now they value the natural world
far more than technology.

Trust them.

If you really do respect Tonane's people,
you shouldn't be posing as their spirits.

Trust them.

Our friend Tonane is wise.

And so is our friend Jack.

So he is.

Tonane, Xe-Is.

Xe-Is, Tonane.

So you're Xe-Is.

And I am T'akaya.

We are honoured by the names
your forefathers have given us.

You view us now in our true form.

But this is only one of many forms
we can take.

Our friends from this world call us aliens.

You call us spirits.

From now on, Tonane,... and your people may view us
in the form which pleases you best.

You have always been kind to my people.

So... whatever makes you happy.

I think this form makes us happy.

Does this mean I can go home?


Yeah. I think it does.

Goodbye, Jack.

Oh, wait!

Um, what about our friends?

Your friends are right beside you, Daniel.

Colonel O'Neill?


I'll explain it all later, sir.