Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 10 - Bane - full transcript

Whilst off-world, the team is attacked by giant insects, one of which stings Teal'c on the back. The bug has actually implanted a virus that converts Teal'c into a living incubator for hundreds of more insects and Teal'c is being eaten alive. The only way to save him is to capture another venomous bug and create an antidote, but time is running out.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(O'Neill) Witness, if you will, a ghost town.

(Carter) A very advanced ghost town.

The architecture may indicate
an Earth ancestry.

Aw, man!

Any idea what this is?

I hate to say it, sir, but it seems like
they might have a bit of a pigeon problem.

I don't see pigeons.
There should be a lot of 'em.

Well, whatever did this
did so pretty recently.

Perhaps they suffered the same fate
as the inhabitants of this city.

Conjecture, Captain?

My data's consistent with the probe, sir.

No radiation - the air's
almost 100% pollution-free.

Teal'c, it doesn't seem very likely that
the Goa'uld are responsible for this.

I mean, what with the indigenous people
of this planet being... gone.

That is correct.

A Goa'uld attack would have
resulted in much more damage.

Any technology
would have been destroyed.


You guys hear that?

(hum of wings)


What are you gonna do?


- Carter, Novocaine.
- Sir.

We'd better get outta here.

No, really(?)

No... Really.


I'll dial!

(wings hum)

(Stargate alarm)

- Lock it up!
- Medical team!


(Hammond) What is that?

Those are bugs, sir. Big, ugly bugs!

You're saying it's getting worse?

I am.



Looks like some kind of a reaction.

Teal'c, shouldn't your
larval Goa'uld be helping?

That is correct.

But it is not.

It is, in fact, getting worse.

He's suffering from the side effects
of a viral infection - fever, aches, chills.

- And his Goa'uld isn't helping?
- No.

- But that's not the worst part.
- (O'Neill) What is?

The blood sample I took...

..showed a disturbing amount of DNA
that doesn't match Teal'c's.

(both) What does that mean?

Actually, I'm not sure.

To be honest, I may be
out of my league here.

General, if I may.

At the Pentagon, I had the chance
to work with Dr Timothy Harlow.

He's one of the world's top geneticists
and has full security clearance.

He'll be here before the end of the day.

(Carter) Dr Harlow!

Sam! Well...!

How many times have I told you
to call me Timothy?

Timothy. You got here fast.

For the chance to see this,
light speed isn't fast enough!

It's not a bit disappointing either.

- For a frontline setup.
- You haven't seen the best yet.

I just wish it was under
better circumstances.

Dr Harlow has some bad news.

Subsequent analysis
of the blood sample...

..revealed none of
the subject's matching DNA.

Uh, the subject's name is Teal'c.

And what are you talking about?

The blood sample I took had only
a small percentage of alien insect DNA.


Now, when the exact same sample
of Teal'c's blood...

..was tested only a few hours later,...

..there was only one type
of DNA strand present.

And it wasn't Teal'c's.

Are you saying that the foreign DNA...

..actually transformed Teal'c's DNA
in the blood sample?

DNA doesn't alter DNA. There's probably
some sort of retrovirus present.

OK, bottom line?

I can't believe I'm going to say this.

It appears...
that the alien insect's venom... rewriting Teal'c's genetic material.

And it happened very quickly
in that blood sample.

The Goa'uld Teal'c carries is supposed to
give him powerful immune capabilities.

Yes, so I read on the plane. It's amazing.

But in this case,
it's merely stemming the tide,...

..rather than reversing the problem.

What happens if the Goa'uld
loses the battle?

Well, 30 years of research
into human DNA...

Until last year, I... didn't even
know there were aliens.


I have felt great pain, O'Neill.

But never sickness such as this.

I do not enjoy it.

Nobody does.

I am also... feeling something else.


I'd be scared, too.

I do not want to become
something other than who I am.

- Just let the doctors do their job.
- O'Neill.

You are my friend.

When there is no longer any hope,...

..I would rather die.

- (knock at door)
- Come in.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Oh, for crying out loud!

Colonel O'Neill.

Hello, Maybourne.

I thought you would want to see this.

- You've got to be kidding.
- It's an official order. I have no choice.

Well, uh... what about...

The president is currently unavailable.

This facility is frontline.
Your mandate is search and retrieval.

Mine is research and development.

Teal'c has been invaluable
to your operation.

Now he may prove
equally invaluable to mine.

This organism could be
the biological weapon...

He saved your smarmy ass
and everyone else on this planet.

Does that count for anything
in your world?


And I am thrilled to get the chance
to thank him personally.

General Hammond, request permission
to beat the crap out of this man.

You son of a bitch!


It had to be you! Dammit, Timothy,
Teal'c is my friend. He's sick.

Yes, he is, and he's going to get
the very best help available on this planet.

But your facility is not equipped for
this kind of situation, and you know it.

Don't tell me you're ignorant.
I don't wanna feel sorry for you.

Maybourne's people
can be unscrupulous,...

..but if Teal'c is to have
any chance, it is with me,...

..and I will do the best that I can.

- (handcuffs click shut)
- (Fraiser) I have a right to stop this.

He is not well enough to be moved.


..I have a second opinion.

How can we just let this happen?

What do you want me to do?

As much as I don't trust Maybourne,
I have to admit, Timothy is the best.

And he gave me his word
he was gonna help Teal'c.

What's with the chains?


Of course.

(O'Neill) Oh, God!

How long d'you figure he has?

It's tough to say.

Depends on how strong
the larval Goa'uld is.

- We have drugs that may help.
- That won't be necessary.

Of course it is, but...

You want him to change.

(agonised screams)



what happened to Teal'c,...

..there may be invaluable technology
on that planet.

Carter, there are bugs on that planet.
Big, huge, ugly, honkin' bugs!

Colonel, we just picked up an emergency
communication from the driver.


The driver's unconscious.

(Daniel) Jack.

It's alive.


I want as many personnel
and canine units as this base has... my disposal five minutes ago!

All of whom report to me.
I'm running this search.

This is still my responsibility.

Oh, I'm holding you responsible,
Maybourne, don't you fret!

But the troops are SGC.
I'm running the show.

You got a problem with that,
see Hammond.

I will.

(whispers) Striking an officer
is a quick way to a court martial.

I'm not gonna hit you, Maybourne.
I'm gonna shoot you.

- All right, what the hell happened here?
- (Harlow) He just went crazy.

He was so strong.
I've never seen anything like that.

And the larval Goa'uld?

I don't know. He must have
taken that out himself.



..he told me he'd rather die
than change into something else.

There has to be quicker,
less painful ways to kill yourself.

Even for a Jaffa.

I don't think that's the way
it's going to happen.

I doubt that he will die.

He depends on that Goa'uld to live.

The alien insect's venom
is affecting his physical make-up.

With every passing moment,
he is ceasing to be a... a Jaffa.

The larva may be the only thing...

..that's holding that transformation back.

So by taking the worm out,
he might be expediting this change?

Why would he do that?

The metamorphosis
could be altering his mind.

- It's stable.
- I don't think it will be for long.

I just wish I knew more
about Goa'uld physiology.

The frustrating thing is, I might.

Jolinar might have left me
with some information, but I...

We've got samples of
the fluid from inside Teal'c's pouch.

For now, we'll just have to do our best
to synthesise the environment.

(dogs bark)

There's no sign of him
inside the perimeter.

We don't have jurisdiction
if he's already gotten outside that.

We got him!

They were picking up a radio
in the field and patched him in here.

- Teal'c?
- O'Neill, it is I.

Do not allow Colonel Maybourne
to follow me.

He's not going to. Where are you?

I will not say.

Come on, Teal'c. We can help you.

It is too late.

All right, listen.

You're changing.

You don't want this to happen -
you told me you'd rather die.



(Harlow) It is possible we can still
save your friend if we can get him back.


I have access to several variations
of experimental RNA inhibitors,...

..which are being researched
at the moment.

Combined with the healing abilities
of the symbiote...

You knew this and didn't offer right away -
when it could have helped?!

Maybourne was hoping Teal'c would
change, and you were gonna let him.

No, I wasn't. Whatever you may think.

Samantha, I am offering you my help.

OK, what do you need?

We have to find out
which of the drugs will work.


We need the alien insect's venom.

How do you know you can
trust Harlow this time?

You think Maybourne put him up to this
to get a specimen of the insect.

I wouldn't put it past him.

We don't have a lot of options.

- We got nothing.
- Must've covered 20 miles in an hour.

- Maybourne is flying in his personnel.
- Any action on the red phone?

Still indisposed.

We have kind of a
good news/bad news scenario here.

If we do find Teal'c soon,
we may have a way of saving him.

OK. That's good news.

But... someone has to go back to BP6-3Q1
and catch one of those alien insects.

- Preferably alive.
- And that would be the bad news.

- I'll go.
- You need someone to watch your back.

And I'll go, too.

It won't be for nothing. We'll find Teal'c.

Pack your bug spray, kids.

(rap music)

Check this dude out.

Hey, man! Where you going?

Cool tattoo, man. Where did you get that?


Chulak? Where's that? East Side?

Remove yourself from my path.

I'll remove myself when you tell me
how they do tattoos like that in Chulak.

The skin is cut with an Orak knife...

..and molten gold
is poured into the wound.

Don't that hurt when they do that?


That guy is cool!

Ally, get outta here.
No one wants you around.

(Stargate alarm)

Thank you.

- Any word on the search?
- No. How's the Goa'uld doing?

- Not well.
- Damned if I ever thought I'd be praying...

..for one of those things to live.

How long have they been gone?

I'm about ready to send SG-3 after them.

(pigeons coo)

Incoming wormhole.

It's SG-1 .

(Stargate alarm)

Lock it up!

Close those doors!

Where is it?

Where is it?


Just winged it.

All right, all right! You got it!

Not your garden-variety mosquito.

There's no word on Teal'c yet,
but Maybourne...

..put out a bulletin
to the state and local police.

We gotta find him first, sir.

Maybourne has the manpower advantage.

You really should see this, sir.

We heard noises coming from
one of the buildings.

The final stage of the metamorphosis
requires a dark place.

- That's a man!
- (Daniel) The inhabitants were human.

- Possibly from Earth.
- Daniel was right.

But their entire civilisation
was obviously wiped out by this bug.

All those inhabitants were changed.

It's amazing.
With all our technology, maybe more,...

..they couldn't prevent their demise
at the hands of a simple insect.

Yeah, real simple! Take a look at this, sir.

All those things came from one body?!

Of course...

Equal-matter conversion.

It's how they reproduce.

The insect's venom actually converts the
body's mass into its own DNA material.

But a human's - or a Jaffa's - total matter... far greater than one of
the insects' natural mass.

Thank you.

So Teal'c isn't going to
turn into just one of those things?

No, sir. He's going to turn into
a whole lot of those things.

(pigeons coo)

- Nobody move!
- (birds scatter)

Sorry. Didn't know
the room was occupied.

What type of weapon do you possess?

This? Chill, dude, it's just a water gun.
I was just playing, see?


Sorry, man. Please don't freak on me.

Leave me.

You're not from around here, are you?

Whoa! Man!

If you ask me,... could use
a couple more days in rehab.

No one must know that I am here.

OK. Are you sure, though?

I mean, you look worse than my dad did
after he got shot. And he died.

You must leave.


- Wait!
- What?

I must have nourishment.

Oh, man! You want my chocolate bar?

I must eat.

OK. How about we share it?

Peanuts and caramel. Pretty good, huh?

Can you get more?


What's in it for me?

Peanuts and caramel.

No, dumb-ass. I mean...

What do I get?

I have nothing to offer you.

How about... Let's say you owe me one.

Like in The Godfather.

How's that?

- OK, back in a flash.
- No one must know.

- Don't sweat it.
- I cannot prevent it.

I meant, OK.


Will you retract that flap for me, please?

- Me?
- It's perfectly sedated.

It's very tough armour our little friend has.

Quite a creation, all right.

There's the juice.

I worked out a probability model.

Absolute worst-case scenario, if the
mutation in Teal'c runs the full course.

- How bad?
- The insect can multiply exponentially.

So, every person who's stung
could turn into about ten bugs.

Now, we don't have an exact time
on the incubation, but...

We're guessing on the safe side.

We could have swarms in the order
of millions in six to eight weeks.


Are you a Kimble?

What is a Kimble?

What planet are you from? You know,
Dr Richard Kimble - The Fugitive.

I'm asking if you're wanted by the law.

Looks like the cops
are asking about you on the street.

They must not find me.

What did you do?

I have done nothing.

Innocent until proven guilty!

You must leave.


I am...


No way. You won't hurt me.

How can you know this?

I got the sense. My old man gave it to me.

He was a cop. He could tell who the
bad guys were just by smelling 'em.

What is your purpose here?

Got nothing better to do.

Do you not attend
an educational institution?

What planet are you from?!


Nobody goes to school in the summer.
Unless you're stupid.

What of the one who gave you birth?

My mom?

She works all day so I can
get dinner and a place to sleep.

Listen, you're a sitting duck down here.

And ducks are bad?

Uh... the sitting kind are.

If you can get up, I can
show you a place to hide.

I understand. We will.

The president has overruled
Maybourne's orders.

So if local authorities find Teal'c,
we get him back.

Yes. But Maybourne still has
jurisdiction to continue his search.


So the race is on.

Shouldn't you really see a doctor?

I must rest.

No, it's just up...
it's just a bit more up there.


All right, move it out! Let's go.

We're through!

It's up here. It's not a long way.

I think we've got it.

This drug is slowing the
transformation in the sample.

Now, it wouldn't cure a normal human,...

..but Teal'c may stand a chance with the
help of his symbiote's healing abilities.

We may not have that for much longer.

(Harlow) What?

It's dying.

What can we do?

This is all we found.

Hello, young lady.

I'm Colonel Maybourne. I work for the
United States of America. The good guys.

Yeah, right!

We're here on a little investigation.

Actually, we're looking for someone.

He was last seen around this building.

We think he could still be here.

Maybe you could help us. Now, he's tall...

I ain't seen nobody, and even
if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Why's that?

Because I don't like the way you smell.

Colonel,... from the looks of it,
we only have minutes.

Captain, is there anything
your Tok'ra memories...

I know, sir. I know. I can't just access
them at will. Believe me, I've been trying.

It's too bad you can't zap it
with those paddles like they do on ER.

That guy that's, um...


- It couldn't be that simple.
- Defibbing would kill it.

But we've done our best to synthesise
the environmental conditions...

..the Goa'uld larval has
inside Teal'c's pouch.

- Nutrition, temperature...
- Except electrical current!

And there is a small electrical charge in
all our bodies. The Goa'uld may need that.

So all we need is
a small enough power source.


They're gone.

Oh, my God!

(laboured breathing)

What happened to you?

This is, like,...

..serious alien stuff going on here.

If you don't tell me what to do,...

..I am gonna get the cops.

Oh,... God...

My dad used to know
a couple of guys we can trust.


Well, look at you.

You don't really want
this to happen, do you?

(Fraiser) It's getting better.

It was so simple.

Well, I guess my work here is done.

(phone rings)


Yeah. Colonel.

Hello. Is this Colonel Jack O'Neill?

It's about time! I only had to talk
to about 15 people to get to you!

Do you know a big dude named Teal'c?

Yeah, man. I would hurry if I was you.

(Teal'c groans)

Oh, my God!


I'll go get help.


(weakly) O'Neill?

Yeah. It's me.

Kill me.

Uh... no.

The change cannot be stopped.

I won't lie to you - don't look so great...

But you're gonna make it.

You're gonna be OK.

- Why can't I go with you?
- I'm sorry, you just can't.

These guys here
are gonna take care of you.

- Is Teal'c gonna be OK?
- I hope so.

Me, too.


Tell him he still owes me one.

His pouch had started to close,
but we were able to reopen it.

The Goa'uld is back where it belongs,
and it seems to be doing OK.

And Teal'c?

With the help of the drug,... appears the symbiote
has stopped the metamorphosis.

We're hoping the Goa'uld is able
to reverse the damage already done.

It can't be easy,...

..knowing the Goa'uld saved your life.

Even I'm happy he's got the snake.

This sounds like good news.

Hope so.

Maybourne has ordered the insect
specimen and related research...

..transferred to the Area 51 facility.

- I should have shot him.
- I regret that's impossible, sir.

Why is that?

As soon as Teal'c is fully recovered,...

..the insect is going to be involved
in an unfortunate lab accident.

I'm afraid I'll have to
take full responsibility.



- Greetings, Ally.
- You're OK!

Thanks to you, I am feeling much better.

Ah, man, it was no sweat.
You look way better.

I guess you can't really
tell me what happened -

..all that top-secret
James Bond stuff, right?

That is correct.

But to show my gratitude,
I have brought you a new weapon.

One with increased range and fire power.

Wicked! This is so cool!

Have any time to play?

Actually, we...

Guess we shouldn't have loaded it, huh?

How else would she defend herself?

How else?

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