Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Serpent's Lair - full transcript

As the Goa'uld attack fleet approach Earth, all four members of the SG-1 team are taken prisoner. They get help from an unexpected source when Bre'tac, Teal'c's mentor, reveals that he is on board. Apophis has delayed the attack until his son Klorel is revived, giving them some time to prepare. SG-1 has used all of the C4 on one of the two ships but must find a way to dispose of the second. Back at Stargate Command, Lt. Col. Bert Samuels arrives as a Pentagon liaison officer but also reveals a new weapon they have developed. General Hammond is dubious. They begin to transport humans to transport humans to an Alpha site in order to ensure the continuation of mankind.

Previously, on Stargate SG-1...

It's over, Jack.
No extensions, no reversals,... new hearings.

The Stargate will be buried,
literally and figuratively.

We should attempt to open the gate.

We'd be court-martialled
the second we got back.

If we got back.

We're on an attack ship headed to Earth.

(Apophis) The mighty warrior, Klorel.

- (O'Neill) I'm gonna grab Skaara.
- Are you sure?

It would be like trying to take Apophis.

(distorted) You will get to see your home
one last time...

..before you and everyone
on your planet are destroyed.


And now, the conclusion.

- Captain Carter?
- Sir?

Is there enough C4 around this ship
to make a dent?

The charges should generate
secondary explosions.

So... yes, sir. Should make a helluva dent.

Thank you.

- Given enough time, I may figure out...
- Negative!

Their reinforcements
may come any second.

Stand by to detonate your charges
on my order.

Yes, sir.


Daniel, if we don't stop them now,
we may never stop them.

Yeah, I know that.

Let's just make
as big a dent as possible. OK?

Ready and awaiting your order, sir.


Well, I suppose now is the time
for me to say something profound.

Nothing comes to mind. Let's do it.


..Apophis's ship approaches.

We heard him say he'd rejoin Klorel
once they came out of the shadows.


..if we can knock out this ship,
will it stop them?

It will not.

Apophis's vessel has defence shields.

He can still destroy your cities.


Tell me those C4 charges
are on an automatic timer.

They are.

- Good. How long do we have?
- 24 hours.

24 hours?!

At the time, sir,
I thought we were still light years away.

- (banging on doors)
- Just a minute!

Teal'c, work with me, buddy.
Is there any other way outta here?


Cover up.

This is turning out to be a bad day.






..I can't see.

I am blinded as well. It will pass.

What the hell was that?

A Goa'uld shock grenade.

Though extremely painful,
its effects are temporary.

That's good to hear.


God! Ow!


Sorry, sir. It's just so dark.

Oh... Carter!

It's all right. I like your attitude.

It isn't dark. We're blind.

And we failed.

All right, take it easy, Daniel.

We've been in worse situations than this.

Not to my knowledge.

Thanks, Teal'c.

Right now they're preparing
to wipe out the major cities of Earth.

They'll do it from orbit, out of reach.


Jack, I've been through this once before.
I've seen this before.

Daniel, will you relax?

You've been through it before
and you survived.

We're... just having a bad day.

Colonel, I think
I'm starting to see something.

- My sight returns as well.
- That's what I wanna hear.


..if someone comes in here, you...

..bite 'em in the hand.

Yes, sir.

Tal kree, shak!

Forgive me, master.
I will not fail Klorel again.


You will not.

What the hell are you doing here?

Reporting for duty, sir.
I'm to coordinate with the Pentagon.

- By whose order?
- At the request of Senator Kinsey.

He did try to contact you.

Why aren't our forces on full alert?

If we don't move now
they'll be caught on the ground.

The Pentagon don't want to alert
the Goa'uld we know they're there.

Let me guess whose bright idea that was.

General Hammond, may I speak freely?

I seem to have lost your respect, sir,
for whatever reason,...

..but we wouldn't be in this situation,
that is,... the brink of war with the Goa'uld,...

..if you had heeded my advice
and buried the Stargate.

Was that "I told you so",
Colonel Samuels?

I'm not here to point fingers, sir.

I'm here to help coordinate our
pre-emptive strike against the Goa'uld.

That's if the President approves.
He's being briefed now.

- With what do you intend to strike?
- A new weapon, sir.

I've helped to oversee
its development at area 51 .

Two prototypes are being prepared
for launch at Vandenberg Air Force base.

If all goes well,
history should mark this day... two brilliant and unexplained flashes
that occur in the night sky.

The world should never know
how close we came to Armageddon.

- (distorted) Kel Klorel?
- Your son was struck down by humans.

He is in his sarcophagus?

Yes, my lord, but his wounds were great.

It will take time to revive him.

- What of the humans?
- I thought to wait until Klorel...


Execute them now!

I will see to it myself.

We hold our position.

The humans of this world
still send no challenge.

Yet they find their way to my son.

We will attack their world
when Klorel has risen again.

They will pay a hundredfold
for their insolence.

Kel sha, Apophis.

The Goa'uld's unexplained delay
is buying us time to prepare.

We'll strike as soon as they enter orbit.

What makes this weapon so special?

An otherwise ordinary
Mk 12-A warhead,...

..has been enriched
by the alien material naqahdah.

- The Stargate element?
- Yes, sir.

A small amount of the raw ore
was found by SG-5 and brought back.

The warheads should now yield
in excess of 1 ,000 megatons... each.

We call them our Goa'uld busters.

Our plan is to launch two rockets
simultaneously into retrograde orbit.

Now, the naqahdah-enriched warheads...

..are made of the same material
as our Stealth aircraft,...

..and should go undetected by their radar.

Assuming the Goa'uld
have anything remotely like radar.

It's our best shot, sir.

And I'm sure the President agrees
or he wouldn't have initiated countdown.

we stand at T minus three hours.

We'll hold at two minutes
while the Goa'uld come within range.

It's going to work, sir.

The Goa'uld should be taken off guard.

If you're wrong, every country on Earth
will be caught off guard.

If it were up to me,
I'd recommend warning...

With respect, sir, it's not up to you.

Well, on the bright side,
my hand isn't blurry any more.


(whispers) Teal'c?


Oh, God!

(Bra'tac) Fools! Hashak!

You doom yourselves.
It is all I can do to keep you alive!

Do you know all I have done
to regain the trust of Apophis...

..and join this campaign? Hmm?!


Tek matte, Bra'tac.

Hello again, old friend.

Your son grows strong.

One day, he will be a great warrior.

But you should not have come.

I stand by my friends.

(Teal'c) This world may be our only hope
in one day overcoming the false gods.


As pathetic as that may seem
at the moment,...

..I agree.

You do?

I may even have been able
to save this world had you not interfered.


What do you think
we've been trying to do?

It is our world you're talking about.

Enough, human!

This is not the place to talk.

I have been ordered by Apophis himself
to execute you.

An order I intend to disregard.


- Kill the gate, Corporal!
- Yes, sir!

They still haven't moved?

No, sir. Not for the last 18 hours.

What in God's name are they waiting for?

My mission analysis team believes
they're waiting to see what we do.

Amazingly, the Russians and Chinese
haven't detected the Goa'uld presence.

Of course, they're not looking.
So, from space,...

..we should appear to be
a vulnerable and unsuspecting world.

Got 'em just where you want 'em?

There may be another reason
why they haven't attacked.

We have the computer enhancement.

There was an energy burst, coming
from the bridge of one of the ships,...

..recorded at 1750 hours.

Just before they stopped.

That's it?

For all we know, that flash could be
part of their ship's normal function.

Except that the burst came from
within the ship. It was powerful.

Maybe an explosion? An accident?

Or sabotage.

SG-1 .

I hardly think so.

For one thing,
it's impossible to gate to a ship.

Forgive me, sir.
I know how important SG-1 is to you,...

..but this is wishful thinking.

So's your plan. That hasn't stopped us
going ahead with it.

General Hammond, the first group
on the Alpha list has just arrived.

Thank you.

Here are your weapons.

You will need them.

Um, Bra'tac, you mentioned
something about... saving the world?

- Care to elaborate on that?
- By assaulting Klorel,...

- have made that impossible.
- Why?

A pharaoh's power
is more often challenged by their sons...

..than by their enemies.

Once we had joined battle
with your world,...

..I was prepared to lead my wing
against Apophis, in Klorel's name.

Apophis would assume your attack
was ordered by Klorel and reciprocate.

A daring plan.

I had hoped to drive
a stake of mistrust between them.

Now they will bond
against their common enemy.

What bond?

- Klorel's dead.
- He will rise again.

The sarcophagus.

Wait a minute. You put him
in that thing to bring him back?

I knew it would delay their attack
until he arose.

Perhaps when the warships
of your world attack, we...

Uh, excuse me, did you say
the ships of our world?

You have such vessels?

Well,... we have a number of... of...

(both) Shuttles.

These... shuttles,...

..they are a formidable craft?

Oh, yeah.


Bad day.

(Hammond) Ladies and gentlemen,
as you have all been made aware,...

(technician) Chevron four encoded.

..this nation,...

..the entire world, faces a deadly threat.

Chevron five encoded.

With this knowledge,
you have all volunteered for a mission...

..intended to preserve humankind.

You've been chosen because
you represent the best we have... all fields of expertise.

Chevron six encoded.

What you have not yet been told,
for reasons of security,... where you're going
or how you're going to get there.

Chevron seven locked.

You're going to step through that.

Once through the Stargate,... will find yourself
on the opposite side of this galaxy.

A place we call Alpha site.

If we do not prevail,..., and those that follow,...

..will call it... home.

A new colony.


(distorted) Kel mak tak, Tauri!

Let us burn their world to ashes.

(technician) They're moving.

Restart the countdown.

Hold at T minus 20 seconds.

We'll launch the weapons
the moment they settle into orbit.

We accelerate. Klorel has risen.

Then the campaign has begun.

Once we launch,
we will do what damage we can.

How many in your wing?



Teal'c makes four.

Oh, well, four.

I have trained these warriors
since they were Chal'tii.

They have sworn their lives to me.
It is no simple thing to ask.

And we appreciate it.

But what are the odds of
taking out a ship like this...

..with four gliders and... maybe a shuttle?

A Goa'uld attack vessel is armed,...

..shielded, and capable of launching
a legion of gliders against us.

I would say... slim.

OK. Call me a pessimist,
but it's time for a new plan.

We offer to lay down our lives
for your world, human.

You cannot ask more.

No. But I think a better idea
is to get the other guys... lay down their lives
for their world first.

How long before the C4 goes?

41 minutes, sir.

OK, with any luck at all,
this ship is gonna blow within the hour.

It might be a good idea for us
to get to the other one.

Can you do that?

They're in a geosynchronous orbit
over the United States.

Lock in that attack profile,...

..and advise the President
we are go for launch.

Vandenberg reports a good launch.


I'm sorry, sir. For what it's worth,...

..I seriously doubt SG-1
is aboard those alien ships.

Weapons should reach their targets in...

..four minutes.

Let's keep moving these people
through to the Alpha site.

Group nine, prepare to disembark.

Let's wait and see the result of our strike,
before moving more people through.

- I don't think so.
- Evacuation may be unnecessary.

From your mouth to God's ears, Colonel.

Have you more of this 4-C?

It's called C4.

- And no. We used it to take out this ship.
- You guys must have something left.

We shall have to cross that bridge
when we come to it.

You know,
that particular... cliche doesn't...

..always work.

The warheads have separated.

One minute to go.

- Any indication of countermeasures?
- They won't know what hit 'em.

My lord, they launch weapons against us.

(distorted) Let them come.

30 seconds to impact.

Still no countermeasures.

Go, go.

Their weapons approach, my lord.

You must activate the shield.

Klorel, tal shak!

Tal shak!

Impact in seven,...



Whoa, what was that?

Something may have
impacted the shields.

Reports say the warheads struck
an energy field just prior to impact.

- No damage.
- That's impossible!

NASA confirms, sir,
the Goa'uld ships are still up there.


Not bad.

The peltak is two decks above. This way!

Yes, sir.

The EMP caused by the explosion has
affected our satellite communications.

It's too late to warn the general public.
It will only cause mass panic.

Mr President, I recommend we maintain
the highest defence condition.

You should board Air Force One.

Yes, sir.

(distorted) Klorel, it is time.
You will burn their first city to the ground.

(distorted) Father,
the host you chose for me is strong.

I fear I may need more time
in the sarcophagus to gain strength.

You are strong enough! You are my son!

Yes, Father.

Do not disappoint me.

Looks clear.

No. There are sentries in every corridor.

- Carter, how many grenades?
- Two left.

- (whispers) Grenades?
- A crude explosive device.

(whispers) No! Observe...

..and learn.




Not bad.

General Hammond, Major Castleman
reports Alpha teams 12 and 13...

- ..are briefed and ready to disembark.
- Send them through.


..maybe we should consider
using the Stargate... a strategic weapons platform.


By sending a bomb to the coordinates
Dr Jackson spoke of. Or to Chulak.

We already tried to send a team through.
It won't work.

And I can't think of any military reason
to wipe out the people of Chulak.

Well, sir,...

..since I am no longer
wanted or needed here,...

..I respectfully request permission... join a team headed for the Alpha site...

Permission denied.

The idea is to send the best and brightest.

When the time comes,...'ll stand with the men and women of
this command, in defence of this facility.

But, sir...

I ask no more or less of myself.

- All right, here's what we do...
- I will lead. You will follow.


You will know when it is time.

You're gonna walk in there alone?

I am Klorel's loyal servant.

(distorted) Bra'tac.

My lord, Klorel.


Witness the power of your god.

I cannot.

- Why do you defy me?
- Because you are not a god.

You are a parasite within a child,...

..and I despise you.

Jaffa, kree tai!

I am your god!

And you will feel my wrath!



Let's go. Daniel, watch our backs.


Jaffa! Tal shak!

(Daniel) Jack!




- I'm dead anyway. Just get outta here.
- I am not leaving you here!

You're just gonna blow up
with the other ship anyway!

What difference does it make? Go!

Just go!

I'll stay and watch your back.

He's... staying behind.





If you fire upon us, I will kill Klorel!

Bra'tac, how dare you betray me?

I have spent 133 years
worshipping false gods.

No more!

Colonel, the C4 on the other ship
goes in six minutes.

How do we blow this ship?

When we were on Klorel's vessel
I directed it closer to this one.

If we disable this shield generator,
both vessels will explode.

Two birds with but one stone.

This way.

(distorted) You disappoint me, my son.

(distorted) Father, please...

..forgive me.

The shield generators are far below.

There, in the very bowels of the ship.

We must climb down several decks,
through the length of the ship.

Then, taking our weapons, we must...



We are no longer protected
by an energy field.

So, that's it?

That is it.

I think what the Captain is asking
is "what now?"

Now we die.

Well, that's a bad plan.

Where are the glider bays from here?

Sir, reports say the ships
are moving closer together.

What's the status of the shuttle Endeavor?

Standing by.

We've got to find out
what's going on up there.

Carter,... and I will go in first.

We'll take up positions... to...

Never mind.

(Bra'tac) Observe.


(high-pitched frequency)

Now, that was a grenade! Come!

Human, put this on.

Will you please stop calling me human?

(distorted) No!


Our time is up. We have got to go.

Punch it.

Sir, we've got reports
from all over the country!

A huge fireball in the night sky!



You OK?

Not bad.

For an old man.

(Carter) Colonel? Come in.

We're OK, Captain.

Same here, sir.

But we didn't buy ourselves much time.
Our glider's had it.

I concur.

- (Carter) We got cooked in the explosion.
- Captain...

We're low on power
and in a fairly low orbit,... it won't be long before
we burn up in Earth's atmosphere.


..take a look up.

It's beautiful.

Yes, it is.

We saved it, sir.

Yes, we did.

(Stargate alarm)

Incoming traveller! Incoming traveller!

It's SG-1's signal, sir.

Open the iris.

Dr Jackson!

Was SG-1 aboard one of those ships?


Well... Well, how did you get...

There was a Stargate
aboard the ship we were on.

Once we were close enough to use Earth
as a point of origin, I dialled P3X-984.

The Alpha site?

Yeah. They called it the Beta site
in the alternate reality.

Where's the rest of SG-1?

(Carter) It'll be a beautiful sunset, sir.

You know, Captain,...

..this wasn't such a bad day after all.

Not bad at all.

We die well, Teal'c.

More than that, old friend.

We die free.

Or not.

Uh, Houston, this is Endeavor.

We have 'em in sight.

I repeat, we have 'em in sight.


Master Bra'tac,...

..words cannot express our gratitude.

You are Hammond, of Texas?

I am.

Your warriors serve you well.

I know they will be sorry
to see you return home so soon.

I must return, before word
of our rebellion reaches Chulak.

My place is there.

This way, sir. We want to ask
a few questions before you leave.

Not bad at all.

SG-1 , there's someone
who'd like to see you.


Space monkey.


Visiontext subtitles: Jane Eden