Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 10, Episode 14 - The Shroud - full transcript

Daniel Jackson, who was left behind fighting off Adria while the other SG1-members escaped through the Stargate, is found working as a Prior: the best in the business, who doesn't need to use any threats to talk people into conversion to Origin. Hoping there is still some of his personality left, the team (plus General Jack O'Neill) kidnaps him. Daniel explains how he temporarily has Merlin's personality and knowledge in himself, and had deliberately allowed Adria to turn him into a Prior, while delaying to finish Merlin's weapon she'd wanted, meanwhile hoping to get an Ori ship for Earth's side. But time is running out, since the team took unexpectedly long to capture him. Still, the generals, Carter, and Vala are most reluctant to go along with releasing him and opening the wormhole he needs to bring the weapon through. Even the White House wants to kill him, or at best, keep him in stasis until he is reverted to his human nature by Merlin's genetic manipulation. But then his plan is wasted- unless the others can be trained to do it in his place (so only they are at risk, not the entire galaxy in case Daniel is Adria's Trojan Horse). After giving them the necessary information, Daniel suddenly frees himself while Richard Woolsey is with him and takes control of a space ship after beaming up Jack too, just after the others have undertaken their mission to Adria's lair, where Daniel, about to be genetically reverted, arrives just in time to tip the balance in favor of...

NARRA TOR: Previously on Stargate SG-1.

Merlin was conducting research
on some kind of new invention,

a weapon capable of
destroying Ascended beings.

"Here lies Myrrdin,
Archmage of the Round."

He's dead.

We've seen it used to download
information into someone's mind.

- You have Merlin's memories?
- Some of them.

Earth, Atlantis
and the work he did in this lab.

What is that?

First step towards
creating Merlin's weapon.

I have too many thoughts in my head.
I can't concentrate. I get confused.

- You have to fight it.
- I have to let it happen.

Get to the gate! I'll be right behind you.

TEVARIS: He was very persuasive.

"Convert or die."
Yeah, I'd say that's got some bite.

He said nothing of death.
Only salvation and life eternal.

The blessings of the Ori.

He didn't threaten you?

TEVARIS: He spoke of the religion.

Left this book with us
to read and consider.

Said he'd be back today
to hear our answer.

Well, you're not alone.
This is happening all over the galaxy.

Are you saying
this Prior's claims are false?

We're saying that book's got about
as much truth in it as The Da Vinci Code.

Hey, that's what they want you to think.

- They? They who?
- I do not understand.

It's a book from our planet.

It's very entertaining,
but it is fiction nonetheless.

I wouldn't be so sure.

Okay, I think we've gotten
a little off point here.

What evidence do you have
to support your position?

Well, we really don't have any,
and we can't tell you what to do.

Obviously, subjugating people
by threatening their lives is wrong,

so if you choose to resist,
we'll do our very best to try to help you.

Not that we can make many promises.

But we've seen a number of villages
just like this one wiped out.

As I have said,
the Prior made no such threat

and spoke upon the positive
merits of Origin as true salvation.

Soft sell, that's a new approach.

VILLAGER: The Prior of Ori returns!


Listen. No matter which way
you're gonna come down on this,

it's probably best if that Prior
doesn't know we're around.

You can hide here.

Welcome back.

PRIOR: Thank you, Tevaris.

Have you contemplated your divine right?

We have, Prior.
We wish to hear more of your wisdom.

It is not my wisdom,
but the wisdom of the ages

passed on to us by the only true gods.

Hallowed are the Ori.

Adria must've done something to him.
I mean, before turning him into a Prior.

You mean she brainwashed him somehow.

Well, Daniel would never willingly become
one of them like that, preach their beliefs.

MITCHELL: He's damn good at it.

Had those people eating out of his hands

without issuing
one tiny little genocidal threat.

That's what makes me think there's
still a part of Daniel in there somewhere.

He's better than all this.

Yes, but we still have to face
the very real possibility

that it's not even really Daniel anymore.

Having Merlin's consciousness
downloaded into his mind

could have overshadowed
Daniel completely,

weakened him to the point
where Adria could do this.

Still, we cannot abandon him.

So, what do we do?

We go get him, try to figure out
what happened, try to undo it.

- Turn him back.
- That's going to be very risky.

Could be exactly what Adria is hoping for.
She might be using him to get to us.

Still, it's Daniel.

- Lf there's any chance.
- We have no choice.

"Aroden then took off the mask
and revealed his face.

"'Your appearance matters not,' he said.
'Only the truth of spirit in your heart."'

Blessed are those that follow
the path to Origin.


Hey, what took you guys so long?

- Carter, we got him.
- Great.

Take us into hyperspace.

- I take it the anti-Prior device is working.
- Well, he didn't stop us from zatting him.



What's going on?

We could be asking you.

Okay, this is not necessary.

No offense, but have you
looked in the mirror lately?

I'm not a threat to you.

In case you change your mind,
you should know there is someone

with a finger poised over a button
waiting to beam you out into space.

We had to let this happen.
It's part of the plan.

- I'm sorry. "We"?
- Oh, yeah, myself and Merlin.

Oh. So he's still inside you.

Yeah, you remember back on the planet
when Adria and I were fighting it out?

Yeah, thanks for that, by the way.

Yeah, it's a good thing
you guys got out, too.

She was way too powerful for me,

but I couldn't just let Merlin's weapon
fall into her hands.

I know it's our only chance
of destroying the Ori.

You gave in.

More or less.

Of course, Origin is designed to channel
the energy of its followers to the Ori.

It's that unselfish act of giving
that leads one's soul to salvation,

and ultimately, to Ascension.

This is no great secret.
The Book of Origin says,

"Make yourself one with the path,
and the journey will lead you to eternity."

Were it not for the power
the Ori draw from our belief,

the Ancients would have
wiped them out long ago.


You know the answer.
You were once Ascended.

Because they won't tolerate
anyone or anything

that doesn't follow their collective rules.

They claim not to interfere,
but they do manipulate.

They use their power
to hoard their knowledge

and prevent those beneath them
from reaching their level.

JACKSON: She seemed to know
everything about me.

She had a tremendous power
of persuasion.

It was almost as if I could hear her voice
inside my head telling me what to believe.

So I let her believe
that she was getting to me, turning me.

- Why?
- Because I needed her to trust me.

And did she? Well, don't get me wrong.

You're not a terrible liar,
but you're nowhere near as good as me.

Who is?

And Adria could see right through me.
So how did you manage to fool her?

I was able to protect Daniel, make Adria
think he had succumbed to her will.

- Merlin?
- It was necessary.

In our time together, I've really come to
see in you what draws Mother's affection.

Affects what?

It's very important to me
that we save her together.

Of course.

I can feel the difference in you.

It's because you've done so much for me,
showing me the true path.

I'm glad.

And there's so much more
I can do for you, and you for me.

So, she trusted you enough
to turn you into a Prior.

- She had to.
- Why, exactly?

Because she knew I was her best chance
of converting Earth.

And me.

Well, that would explain why she wanted
to believe you, not why she had to.

She had Merlin's weapon.
She just didn't know how to finish it.

I thought she knew everything.

She's human.
Her knowledge is still limited.

But Merlin knew how.

It was a quick and easy way
to avoid an all-out war

between the Ori and the Ancients.

She knows the device can be used
to wipe out the Ancients,

so I told her I would finish it for her.

- Did you?
- Not exactly, but close.

I needed to have the rest of my plan
in place before I finished it.

Which is?

- I needed her to make me a Prior.
- Hello.

So I could steal an Ori ship and fly it
through the supergate to the Ori galaxy

with the weapon onboard
and destroy them.

Okay, one small flaw in that plan.

I know. There's a wormhole blocking
the supergate, and that's why I'm here.

I need you guys to shut it down.

He knew he was no match for her,

and he couldn't let Merlin's
unfinished weapon fall into her hands.

So he and Merlin came up with a plan
to fool Adria

into thinking
that he had succumbed to her power.

So he could continue
to work on the weapon

ostensibly, this time,
for her to use against the Ancients.


He says he still has Merlin's
consciousness in his mind.

Merlin even seemed
to be speaking on occasion.

Daniel says that's what protected him
from Adria's influence

and what's allowed him
to convince her to make him a Prior.

Why did he need her to make him a Prior?

So he could steal the Ori ship
with the weapon onboard

and fly it through the supergate.

He wants us to shut down
the incoming wormhole so he can dial out.

Yeah, so he says.

You do not believe
Daniel Jackson is being truthful?

Oh, I want to believe him.

That could be exactly
what they expect of us.

If Adria really did somehow manage
to brainwash Daniel, then...

This whole thing could be
an elaborate plot to get us

to shut down that wormhole so
more Ori ships can come into our galaxy.

So, what do we do?


This is new.

Yeah, it's always something, isn't it?

Got to tell you, though, not your look.

Oh, it is just temporary.

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.

You see, when Merlin programmed
the Ancient device to download

his consciousness into my brain,
he gave it a time limit.

See, he knew I could only survive
so long with the knowledge

and consciousness of
two distinct people in one mind, so...

And when he goes?

He's genetically programmed
my body and mind

to revert back to the state it was in
before he was downloaded.

- He can do that?
- Yeah, I'm hoping so.

I won't look like this anymore.

I won't have any
of a Prior's special abilities.

Unfortunately, I'll just be
little old me again.

But that's good news.

Yeah, except I won't be able
to fly an Ori ship,

it'll be too late to execute the plan,
and Adria will have Merlin's weapon.

- I thought that wasn't finished yet.
- It's very close.

All the pieces are there.
It just needs to be assembled.

Adria will figure it out.

And just when does your chariot
turn back into a pumpkin?

- I don't have much time. A day or so.
- A day?

Kind of risky
leaving it this late in the game.

Well, I didn't have much choice,

and it took you guys a little longer
to capture me than I planned, so...


Why do we have to do that again?

Well, I couldn't exactly just come to you.

I think Adria might have
suspected something.

Yes, I see.

Jack, you have to believe me.


Why? Well, because...

Oh, I don't know, the fate
of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

You know,
that old chestnut's getting a little old.

No, no, that part never gets old.

Now, you have to shut down that
supergate and you have to let me go.

You know how much
I hate being told what to do.

Jack, it's me.

What, that's supposed to convince me?
Look at you.

Have I ever let you down?
No, don't answer that.

Have I ever let you down
when it really mattered?

I don't even know
who I'm really talking to right now!

Not when you were
being tortured by Ba'al,

killed, brought back to life
over and over again.

- I stood by you the whole...
- All right, just stop!

I don't need to be reminded of that.

I've been around
this barbecue a few times.

Just because you know
the stuff Daniel knows

doesn't mean you're him,
doesn't mean you're telling the truth.

I mean, come on, you've got to know
what you're asking me to do.

I do!

You know, there's a bottom line here.
Carter doesn't think it can't be done.

Yes, it can.
A Mark IX beamed directly behind the gate

in the Pegasus Galaxy
will destroy that gate.

The wormhole connection will be broken.

How do you know that?

Hello? Merlin!

- Oh, yes, Merlin!
- Jack, I wish I had proof.

I wish I had a way to convince you,
but I don't.

Now, this was the only choice I had,
and I took it. It's a good plan.

It just happens to hinge on you guys
believing in me, having a little faith.

Now, I thought you, of all people, might.


You, of all people, should know that
I don't believe anything anybody says,

even if I understand
what they're talking about!

Jack, it's me.


CARTER: He's right, sir.

A Mark IX Gate Buster, beamed
directly behind the event horizon

so the force won't be absorbed
by the active wormhole,

would destroy the gate
and sever the connection.


I should've known that.

- So, do you believe him now?
- I honestly don't know.

Well, unfortunately, I don't think
a polygraph would work in this case.

No, but I'm not worried about that.

See, I think we've got something better.

You know, Teal'c, the longer I'm gone,

the more suspicious
Adria is going to become.

Why were you preaching
to the villagers on that planet?


I told you, I found out
you guys were going to be there,

so I set myself up to be captured.

You misunderstand me, Daniel Jackson.

Why is Adria not suspicious
of your actions?

You attempt to reform
a meaningless planet of people

instead of completing the weapon?

Actually, she was the one who stopped me
before I completed the weapon.


- I'm almost done.
- I know.

You must stop for now.

You're afraid the Ancients
will take the device away from us

before we can use it.

They've interfered once before
in its creation.

You're using Merlin's knowledge,

knowledge he kept
from when he was Ascended.

But if I don't finish it...

For now,

you must help bring the energy
of more followers into the fold.

The original plan was for the Ori
to convert our whole galaxy

so they could build up their power
enough to attack the Ancients.

But even then, a conflict like that
on that level was going to be costly.

But now they have a weapon
that could destroy all Ascended beings

within the scope of an entire galaxy
in one fell swoop.

They just need to distract the Ancients
long enough so that they can use it.

Engage them in battle
long enough to complete the weapon.

And back off to safety
while Adria detonates it.

If the Ancients perceive
this weapon as a threat,

why not intervene and simply take it now?

I have no idea.

I mean, maybe they want to
give my plan a chance to work.

Either way, the Ori believe
they still need more power

to maximize their chances for success.

More power.

That means they will need
more followers...


Adria's out working hard for the cause,

which leaves me the perfect opportunity
to steal the ship with the weapon on it.

If you guys would just believe
I'm still on your side.

We're running out of time.

I believe Daniel Jackson speaks the truth.

Lot of good it's going to do us.

I'm going to let you tell them yourself
because I don't have a stomach for it.

MITCHELL: That's all right, sir,
General O'Neill filled us in.

The IOA has nixed the whole thing.

No, I don't think you know everything.

You have to understand,

we've considered
all the evidence at our disposal,

but more than that, as difficult as this is,

I feel very strongly
that we have no viable option.

You want to get to the point?

I assure you this may be
the hardest decision I'll ever make,

but I take full responsibility for it.

Based on my recommendation,
the IOA has proposed to the President

that Daniel Jackson's life
be terminated immediately.

JACKSON: So, what the hell is going on?

This and that. You know, the usual.

You'll never believe what's happening
on One Life to Live.

I really hate to press
the issue here, but I do have a deadline.

So do we.

Oh, yes, I know, before I figure out

how to overcome the effects
of the anti-Prior device.

I thought Teal'c believed me.

- Oh, he does.
- Jack?

No, he's on your side, too.

That little weasel man who
somehow represents your government.


I can't be certain,
but I think he might not like you.

He wants to have me killed, doesn't he?

I'm not sure how serious he is.
He seems quite the prankster to me.

You know, I was afraid of that.

He was the one who argued to keep
Khalek alive and got burned for it.

He was the one who argued to keep
Khalek alive and got burned for it.


It was his highly evolved half-breed son.

Two people died as a result.
It could have been much worse.

Now that you mention it,
that seems to be in play.

But not to worry.
If it comes down to it, I have a plan.

Oh, you have a plan. Great. What is it?


when I said that I had a plan,
I meant that I have to plan the plan.

So when, or rather, if,
it comes down to it, I will have a plan.

I've cleared my whole afternoon

for planning.

You believe me, right?


Okay, now I don't believe you.

Imagine our positions were reversed.

What would you do?


I know you've trusted me even when
you've had every reason not to,

but perhaps I'm the only one who knows
how dangerous and powerful Adria is.

There's no evidence.

Only your word,
and that should be enough,

but this is so big.

- Well, I wouldn't let them kill you.
- Of course not.

I won't let that happen to you.

But would you support me,

if what I was proposing could very well
open the door to the final Ori victory?

Not if there was the slightest chance
that I wasn't on the level,

even if it was the tiniest nagging doubt.

That's a load of crap.
You're wasting our time.

Dr. Jackson was the one
who suggested we should kill Khalek.

He was the demon spawn of Anubis.

And Dr. Jackson is now
potentially an even bigger threat.

I think the operative
word there is "potentially".

We don't know exactly
what's going on yet.

And by the time we do, it may be too late.

We know that anti-Prior device

will only subdue his powers
for a limited time.

After that, you won't
be able to control him.

All right, listen to me closely,
because I'm only going to say this once.

You kill Daniel over my dead body.

Obviously, we need to discuss
some realistic options.

We can't hold Dr. Jackson long-term
and we can't release him,

given what he knows.

Well, if he has fallen under their influence,

the Ori likely know everything
they can learn from him already.

What are you suggesting?

Dr. Jackson claims he'll revert
back to his old self in short order.

We only need to hold him long enough
to see if that's true.

If it's not, we still have the option
of placing him in stasis.

If he hasn't already caused
a major catastrophe by then.

Oh, will you stop it?

If he is telling the truth,

then we've blown the best chance
we've ever had of beating the bad guys.

How's it going, sir?

Longing for the days
when I actually carried a weapon.

- What do you got?
- A crazy idea.

I'm down with crazy. I like crazy.
Crazy and I are like that.

Cam likes crazy, too.

Listen, if what Jackson is saying is true,

there is an Ori ship out there
with a near-complete weapon on it

that could prove useful against the Ori.

- I think we should go after it.
- You're right, that's crazy.

I'm just saying, if they're not going
to let Jackson complete his mission,

there is no reason that we shouldn't try.

Daniel Jackson may be able to provide
us with the intelligence required

to ensure the success for this mission.

He might be able to tell us where the ship
is and how to get aboard undetected.

And he must have enough knowledge
of their technology by now

to provide me with what I need

to interface with the ship's
control systems.

Assuming he tells you.

Well, why wouldn't he?

If he knows he's not going anywhere...

- That's crazy.
- That's what I said. It's crazy.

It's nuts. It's wacko.
But let's be honest, what isn't?

Jack, I'm the only one
who should be going.

It's too dangerous for anyone else.

Not if you give me the intel we need.

It's my plan.

It was a bad one. Come on, Daniel,

you had to know we weren't going
to shut down that supergate for you.

We had no choice.

Oh, now it's "we".

You've been in my position before.
Well, not this one, but similar.

Yes, I'm sure I have,

but my brain's been messed with
so much over the years, I don't remember.

Wait a second, with your way,
you still have to shut down the supergate.

Come on, where's the ship?

How does Carter fly it?

And give me any other intel
I might need to make this op a success.

Come on.

I'm trusting you.

Oh, yes, I really feel the faith.

Well, now you have to trust us.

Let us finish what you started.

The Ori ship containing Merlin's weapon

is parked in orbit
around a planet with a gate.

We gate to the planet,
use rings to get aboard.

There is a Prior in charge of the ship

but he preaches to the masses
on the planet daily.

I thought only a Prior
could fly one of their ships.

The systems are activated
using mind control,

but Daniel's given me
what I need to get around it.

He's also given us instructions
on how to put the final pieces together.

Daedalus will be standing by
in Pegasus to shut down the wormhole.

We use the Ori ship to dial out,
and we send the weapon through.

But not before the Odyssey beams us off.

Now, that's a plan.

That depends entirely
on Daniel Jackson's word.

We will know whether he's on the level
before we shut off the supergate.

So at this point, the only thing at risk

is us.

No gun.


Did you bring lethal injection,
high voltage,

or are you just going to have them
beam me out into space?

I think you understand my position.

I gave Jack the information you asked for.

And you will be frozen in stasis
until such time

that SG-1's mission is deemed successful.

I take it then, you're not going to allow me
to just turn back into my old self?

If the intel turns out to be reliable,

you will be unfrozen
and allowed to resume transforming,

if that indeed is going to happen.

I see.

I am here out of respect for you.

I wanted to explain personally

that we're about to beam you
into the Ancient pod in Antarctica.


You're clear to beam the prisoner out now.

What's the holdup?

MAN: We're having some technical
problems. We can't seem to get a lock.

Not part of my plan.

I've always been the one
who caused the worry, not the worrier.

It's not easy. Don't second-guess yourself.
This is the best possible course of action.

Exactly. Action, good. Sitting around, bad.

Hey, if it makes you feel any better,
I still worry sometimes, too, about you.

- Well, thank you, sir.
- Don't mention it.

I thought we fixed this thing
so that wouldn't happen anymore.



- What's up?
- Oh, I'm taking the ship.

Oh. I see that.

Yeah, I beamed the crew safely
to the surface.

Nice for them.

But, as you probably figured out by now,
I'm going to need you.

You know, I was just thinking
how much I missed being needed.


All right, fellows, here's the deal.
We're commandeering this ship.

I'd like for you to throw down
your weapons and surrender, please.

That's a no.

We asked nicely.


This shouldn't be too bad.

I don't know.

For me, whenever there's some
assembly required,

I inevitably find some part missing.
A screw, widget, what have you.


Well, according to Daniel's instructions,
it all seems to be here.

Ah, well, I never follow instructions.

You think that could be
part of the problem?

- We clear?
- For the moment.

Okay, I've locked out the rings
and secured this level.

We shouldn't have any more company.

Hang on, guys. If this works,
we're about to jump into hyperspace.

Yep. Just like old times.

Except I'm here against my will,
and you look like Marcel Marceau.

Yeah, you know, some things change,
but others stay the same.

Very good.

Why'd you bother giving me the intel
if you were going to bust out anyway?

Well, obviously,
I'm improvising at this point.

I had no idea when, or even if,

I was going to be able to overcome
the effects of the anti-Prior device.

Time was running out.

Adria is going to notice my absence
and become suspicious

so sending the rest of SG-1 to get
the device was my only choice at the time.

Then why do this now?

Because I'm afraid the rest of the team

won't be able to complete
the mission without me.

Oh, aren't we full of ourselves?

That, and I wasn't about
to let Woolsey freeze me.

- That I understand.
- Yeah.

Okay, I think that's about it.

Hang on. What's this?

Oh, I'm not sure about that one.

See, there is always a widget left over.

I thought you were always one short.

Well, you'd think both
was impossible, but it's not.


Actually, I'm pretty sure
that's the timing crystal that sets

the detonation of the weapon
five minutes after it's inserted.

Right. Hold on that. Carter, status?

CARTER: Vala, Cam, we're moments
from exiting hyperspace.

Roger that. We're almost done here.

Check that. Vala's almost done.
I still have my doubts.

And that means?

That means the weapon
is ready to be activated.


Oh, I was just wondering
if an Ascended being

was going to swoop down
and take it away.

I guess they don't mind us
doing their dirty work for them.


Or what?

Or there's no point
because I've assembled it wrongly

and it's not going to work.

- Colonel Carter.
- Yeah, I see it.

Just came up on the ship's sensors.

Cam, Vala.

We have a problem.

What's it doing?

It seems to be just sitting there
blocking our way.

I'm trying to raise shields.

Hi there.

Carter, I thought you sealed off this level
and locked out the rings.

Me, too.

I was afraid of that.
Adria must've anticipated my plan.

- They're going to detect us.
- We're cloaked.

- This ship doesn't have that.
- It does now.

Having a ZPM helps.

When the time comes,
give the order to Daedalus.

We'll see.

I should never have trusted you.

They're about to shut down the supergate
and allow our ships through.

They've assembled the weapon,
and the Ancients didn't interfere.


You did exactly as I said, right?

Daniel, what are you doing?

We can destroy the Ancients right now,
and the Ori won't even have to fight.

I've done all of this for you.

- Your mind is closed to me.
- Yeah.

- What the hell is going on?
- Sorry about that.

I had to be sure
this was working on her first.

You got past her personal shield.

Yeah, that took a lot.

- Are you all right, Daniel Jackson?
- Yeah, a little dizzy.

Look, I don't have much time left.
Go arm the device.

Jack's onboard Odyssey.

He's going to shut down the gate.
Now, go!

Jack, give the command.

I'm running out of strength to do this.


this is General Jack O'Neill.

What's going on?

- Daniel's flying the ship.
- Daniel?

He wishes us to arm the weapon.

General O'Neill's onboard the Odyssey.

- And?
- Do it.

We got to go.

Sir, if you can hear me,
we need to beam out now.

What about Adria?


Hey, sleepyhead.

What took you so long?

- What happened?
- Nothing. Why?

We armed the weapon, you dialed
the gate and sent the Ori ship through.

Assuming it is you.

No, it's me.

Merlin's gone.
He sacrificed himself for this to work.

Yeah? Prove it.

- What the hell was that?
- Lf I was Merlin, you would know.

- What about Adria?
- Still on the ship.

All right, here's a question.

How do we know it worked?

We don't. Not yet.

I think if it did work,
the Ancients would feel obligated

to give us a fruit basket
or, like, a gift certificate,

or something like that.

Maybe the reason why they let us do it
is because they knew it wouldn't work.

Or maybe because they knew
it would and wanted it to.

There's no point in guessing.

Even if it is successful,
there are still many Priors

with great power and vast armies
of warriors bent on converting this galaxy.

It will be very difficult
to convince them their gods are dead.

If they're dead.

Carter, Sunshine is awake.

- That's good. Is he okay?
- Well, he's grumpy.

Can you ask him
how he managed to cloak the ship?

He said magicians
don't reveal their secrets.

Hey, is that Ori ship
still hanging around out there?

Yeah, it's still out there.

I sent a message to Earth,
telling them that we were going...

Guys, you better get up here.

Incoming wormhole.

Yeah, I think that went well.

We knew eliminating the Ori
might not stop their followers.

I still think it was the right thing to do.

We may have made
things worse right now.

But in the long run,
it could be our only chance to win the war.