Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 10, Episode 11 - The Quest: Part 2 - full transcript

The SG-1 team hadn't counted on a real dragon as the guardian, until one flies out, breathing fire. However, Daniel thinks the Sangraal probably is a hologram. They escape, but the dragon follows them outside. Ba'al admits not to know its secret name, while Daniel believes that the name probably holds power over it. While they guess, Cam thinks of luring the dragon to blow it up, but the C4 barely impresses its digestion. Daniel makes it disappear by using Morgan LeFay's name in Ancient, Ganos Lal. They find it had guarded the frozen 'grave' of the realm's arch-magician, Merlin (or rather, Myrrdin). Vala accidentally triggers a mechanism, which revives Merlin, when she approaches an Ancient repository device. In the meantime, the team is transported to other planet via the obelisk by the gate outside. Sam surmises that the gate and obelisk are programmed to dial automatically every few hours and transport them to a set of planets that are cut off from the rest of the gate system. Unfortunately, they can't dial out to any other planets either while the program is operating. When he comes to, Merlin seems to confuse the team and Ba'al, with Arthurian characters, but once convinced they are on the same side, he goes to work with the Ancient device to create the Sangraal. Merlin dies at the device, wishing them good luck and referring to one last task. Ba'al's stargate programming skills now seem their only chance. Daniel tries the Ancient repository device himself, but is knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Adria keeps searching for them via the stargate dialing program on a different planet- each time a bit quicker, being one planet behind them. While she is searching, the team is once again transported to other planet, minus Merlin's body. Daniel awakens with valuable memories from Merlin, and tries to construct the Sangraal using the repository device again in exhaustingly intense phases and finds it also gives him telekinetic powers. It also messes with Daniel's mind, having two different personalities and memories present (his own and Merlin's). Before he can finish the work, Sam and Ba'al disengage the dialing device, just as Adria's Ori troops arrive, allowing SG-1 to escape. Adria is able to capture Daniel before he can escape as well.

Previously on Stargate Sg1

The Sangraal shall instead belong
to him who speaks the guardian's name.

They say that the Sangraal is protected
by the most powerful of magical beasts.

- Amongst the information I obtained regarding
the Sangraal, is the name of the protector. - Protector.

- The dragon. - The Sangraal is hidden
in a cave beneath a lone mountain.

It's too bad you won't be coming with us.

There it is. We found it.

Well, I guess I'm not as true
of spirit as you thought I was.

- We agreed there's no such thing as a dragon, right?
- Yeah.

'Cause that looks pretty real to me.

- What just happened?
- I extended my protective shield.

You're lucky I still need you.

Whoa, heads up!

Move out!

Ah! Ah! He's too big to fit through
the opening, so I think we're safe.


It appears to be an exit this way.

Ok, what the hell just happened back there?

It was a hologram.
The Sangraal wasn't real.

Are you saying
we came all this way for nothing?

- We have to go back inside.
- You must be joking.

- The dragon is the final test.
- It would be madness to challenge that thing.

I don't think we're gonna have a choice.

Stargate Sg1-Saison 10 Episode 11
"The Quest part 2"

Synchronisation : Goretex, Golgi, Malikay, Ricana.

Relecture : Golgi, Niko.

Tree line!!

So, now what?

It can't see us as long as we stay in the trees.
We should be able to make it back to the village.

We're not going anywhere. Adria's right, the dragon
is the final test. We've come too far to give up now.

That's just the kind of noble sentiment
that's gonna get us all killed.

Aren't you uh....the one that claimed to know
the dragon's secret name? Time to earn your keep.

Ah yes, I may have exaggerated about that slightly.

Anyway, you didn't think that just by calling out its name,
you'd suddenly be able to control it.

I don't know. Name magic is common in most mythologies.
To know somethings secret name is to steal its power.

So what are we supposed to do,
just start guessing?

Daryll, the dragon.

- How about Smokey?
- Perhaps......Puff.

Would you just give me a minute?!

While we're waiting, options?

Well, we know the P90 fire just bounced off its armor.

Which means it's not a hologram. If it was a hologram,
the bullets would have gone straight through.

So it's not because your weapons aren't ineffective,
it's that they're ineffective in a different way.

All I'm saying is that if bullets bounce, maybe
we should try something that packs a little more punch.

Alright, here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna lure Daryll down to the ground. We're gonna
take this thing and we're gonna toss it underneath

and detonate it near the exposed underbelly.
That's where dragons are most vulnerable.

Carter, you detonate from
the tree line and I will do the running.

That's alright Tealc,
I got this one.

Alright, off you go.

- Oh, son of a bitch.
- Oh, not good.

Teal'c! Run!!

Hey Daniel!
Now would be a really good time.

Ok, the parchment of virtues said the St graal will belong to
he who speaks the Guardian's name. The Guardian's name.

- The Guardian is a dragon.
- No the Guardian is not a dragon.

The Guardian is the person who set this whole thing up.
The Guardian is Morgan Le Fey.


Wait! No!

- What the hell?!
- Wait!

Hey! Morgan Le Fey!!

- Daryll?
- Ganos Lal!


- That's uh, Morgan's name in Ancient.
- Yeah! I know.

Thanks for the assist.

Well to be honest,
I wouldn't have been much use to you

- if my strength lie in strategy and command as yours
lie in armed combat and dealing with... - Dragons?


It's real this time, right?

I don't see why not.

Oh, come on!

Ok, what just happened?

I think we were transported into another chamber.

Where's Adria?

I guess she didn't make it.

It must be some sort of a security measure.

I don't know... They let him in.

I don't think Morgan was too concerned about the Goa'uld.
It was the Ori she was worried about.

You know, I'm not seeing anything
around here that looks like the Sangraal.

Which begets the question,
what was she protecting.

I think I know.

Here lies Meardon, Archmage of the round.

- Alright, that's not a hologram.
He's the real Mcoy, right? - I think so.

How long has he been in there?

Well over a thousand years.

We have encountered Ancient
stasis technology such as this before.

General O'Neill was kept in
a similar pod in Antarctica.

So, how do we get him out?

I have no idea.

Hey guys! Look at this.

Vala, be careful!!


Hey, Jackson!


Oh God.

- Throw it off!
- Merlin's heavier than he looks.

No, he did not just...

No, he's still alive. It may
take him a while to revive completely.

Alright, in the meantime we should
see if there's a way out of here.

Let us know what you find.

Or I could come too.

Hey! There's daylight over here.

You know, I can't put my finger on it,
but something is different.

We weren't transported to another chamber,
we were transported to another planet

The gate must have been activated remotely,
then the obelisk beamed us through the wormhole.

Well, as far as I'm concerend,
the more distance between us and Adria, the better.

Except that she has the knowledge of the Ori.

She knows as much about the gates and
the DHDs as the people who built them.

- If anyone can track us, it's her.
- Yeah, except that.

It's amazing how similar this is to the myth.

Supposedly, Morgan trapped Merlin in a cave
and left him frozen there for all eternity.

- Only in reality, I think she was trying
to protect him. - How do you mean?

Well, I'm starting to think that maybe,
Morgan did destroy the Sangraal, after all.

I mean, she probably figured she had no choice.

That if she didn't do it, the other Ancients
would have just send someone else.

- So instead, she did the next best thing.
- She preserved the one man capable of building it again.

Well, it's official, we are stuck here.
Wherever here is.

The good news is, we found a gate.
Teal'c is watching it.

- Bad news is...
- We can't dial out. Somebody tampered with the DHD.

I can fix it. Reprogramming
dialling devices is my speciality.

Guess who's coming around.

- Where am I?
- Good question.

You look familiar.

- Guinevere. Oh my dear, it's been too long.
- Uh, it's good to see you, too.

Percivale. And Galahad!
Oh brave knights.

Fortune indeed does smile
upon me to see your faces again.

Looks like Merlin's drawbridge no longer
goes all the way across the moat anymore,

- if you catch my meaning.
- What's that? Mordred. I might have known it.

We're wasting our time with this old fool.

- We need to get back to the gate
so I can start reprogramming... - Be silent!

Well how do you like that?
The old boy still has some tricks up his sleeve.

Merlin? Meardon!
We need you to remember.

About the Sangraal and about Morgan
and about how you got here.

- Morgan.
- You also knew her as Ganos Lal.

- I haven't heard that name spoken in a very long time.
- We're not knights of the round table.

Though we are flattered by the comparison.

A thousand years have passed. We know who you really
are. We know about Atlantis and we've encountered the Ori.

Tell me more.

I don't know where to begin.

This is gonna take a while.

Alright, we'll get started checking out the cave.

Unless you have any objections.
No? Right, move out.

Make way for the Orisi!

What happened?

The gate activated on its own and
only seconds later it closed again.

- I don't suppose anyone saw the address.
- No, Orisi.

I'll need to examine the dialling device.

- Ready your men. As soon as I determine
where they went, we're leaving. - Yes, Orisi.

And what of the village?

Have they agreed to accept
the teachings of Origin?


Then burn it.

And it was Morgan who finally led us to you.

Of course, she couldn't come right out and tell us.
She had to be annoyingly cryptic about the whole thing.

You have an unusual understanding of
the way of ascended beings.

Yes, that's partly because
I used to be one myself.

The Human race cannot have progressed
that far in only a thousand years.

No, I had a little help.
Her name was Oma De Sala.

Of course.
And what happened?

Well I, I guess I didn't see
eye to eye with the others.

- Ah, yes. I found myself in a similar position.
- Yeah, I wasn't too good at the whole...

non interference thing. I guess there were
a few arguements. At least that's the impression I got.

- You don't remember?
- No. In order to protect me,

Oma erased it all from my mind and sent me back.

- Oh! I'm surprised she still hasn't learned her lesson.
- She's not the only one who broke some of the rules.

The Ori gained their power from the lower plains.

So much so, that one day they shall be
strong enough to wipe the others out.

In the face of such a threat,
the strict policy of non interference is absurd!

- I'm sure Oma would agree with you.
- Oma concerns herself with the individual.

She may have the best intentions, but then,
so did the Ori when they first began.

Still, she must have seen something
in you, to believe you to be worthy.

This cave is a bust.
There's no-one else here.

- Ah, how's it going?
- I'm not exactly sure.

Before I agree to join with you,

I need to know that you are willing to do
whatever must be done to see it through.

Surely, you have some idea of
what we've been through to get here.

What you have experienced so far,
is as nothing compared to what is to come.

- Don't worry about us. We're on board.
- In that case, there's much work to be done.

He's been at it for hours, Daniel.
Wanna take a guess at what he's doing?

Well from the looks of it, I'd say he's virtually
piecing something together from base molecules.

Another Sangraal?

I'm fine.
Just needed a rest.

What was that?

Colonels Mitchell and Carter.
Come quickly. You will want to see this.

Let's go!

The gate activated on its own. The crystal on
the obelisk glowed and everything changed.

I'll say.

We've been transported to another planet.

Well if Daniel's right and Morgan wanted to keep
Merlin hidden, this would be a great way to do it.

My guess is, we're travelling
through a circuit of planets,

cut off from the rest of the gate system
by a deliberate alteration of the dhd program.

Then you believe we will be unable
to dial out from this gate as well.

Well, we can give it a shot,
but yeah, I doubt it will work.

Until we find the automatic dialling program
in the DHD processor and shut it down.

You can do that, right?

I hope so.

I have lived many lifetimes. First in Atlantis.

Then on Earth, before the dawn of your civilization.

Then I joined the ranks of the ascended.

And finally, I returned to mortal form,
to live out my remaining days

among the noblemen of Arthur's court.
Or so I thought.

And through all these eons, only
one thing has stayed the same.

There is never enough time.

Well, we're safe for the moment.
You can take all the time you need.

I slept too long.

My body betrays me.

We're not about to let you give up now.

You realise what's at stake.
If you don't help us, the Ori will take this galaxy.

One last task, then.
Before I rest.

Good luck, Dr Jackson.

What just happened?

He's dead.

- He said, good luck.
- Very strange.

It's almost as if he knew
what was going to happen.

Which leaves us with no Sangraal and
for the moment, no way off this planet.

I told you I can fix the dialling device.

Merlins little trick with my vocal cords
expired at the same time that he did.

- Yet another reason to mourn his passing.
- Joke all you want, Teal'c...

but I am the only one
who can get us out of here.

He is good with dialling programs.
Maybe if we work together.

I'm having trouble finding the relocatin program.
It must be buried in one of the correlative sub-routines.

We'll never find it using those search protocols. I'm
gonna have to make some adjustments to your program.

- How much longer is this gonna take?
- It's impossible to say.

All I know for sure is it would have been
a lot easier on that nice warm desert planet.

He said he had one more thing
he could do before he could rest.

- I thought he meant, build us another weapon.
- No, you were right before.

He knew he didn't have enough time.

Now this is obviously some sort of virtual interface.
Like a computer assisted design program.

Only, in the past we've seen it used
to download information into someone's mind.

What sort of information?

- All the knowledge of the Ancients.
- That's a lot.

Yes. As a matter of fact, it's too much
for a brain to handle, it's fatal.

But what if you could control it.
Use it to store and load something more specific.

- Like?
- I'm not sure.

Vala here.
I'm gonna need some help.

What is it?

It's Daniel.

- Keep working!
- Cam!

I do not trust him to finish on his own, Sam!



What did he do?

The planet is lifeless.
There is no-one here.

They were here, I'm certain of it.

What would you have us do?

Lead the men in prostration.
I will inform you when I have the next address.

Yes, Orisi.

Try it now!

- I'm still not reading any anomolies.
- This is ridiculous!

I can't be expected to work like this!
I can barely see, my fingers are numb!

I say, we go back inside, we warm up,
we take our chances on the next planet.

How do you know it will not be worse?

We're about to find out.

Merlin's gone.

Well that's just... weird.
Sam, what just happenned?

The obelisk transported us to another planet.
I think it's scheduled to go off every couple of hours.

How are things out there?

Well, it's a little spooky, but
at least it's warm. How's Daniel?

He's... sitting up.
I'll get back to you on the rest.

Hey !

How you going, sunshine ?

He was right.

You do look like Percivale.

Excuse me ?

- We've spent a lot of time in this room.
- Who did ?

We did.

He did. Merlin.

Sorry, it's a little confusing having
two sets of memories in your head.

He wasn't kidding about living many lifetimes.

- You have Merlin's memories ?
- Some of them.

Earth, Atlantis...

and the different mediaeval societies
he set up throughout the galaxy.

- And the work he did in this lab.
- Hey ho, hey, hey, hang on a second.

Are you telling me you can build the Sangraal ?

He knew he didn't have the strength to finish it.

His body had... deteriorated
too much during the stasis.

So they gave me the knowledge.

Wait !

I can see it now.

I can do this.

Twice. A device like that almost killed General O'Neill...
both times. It took the Asgard to save him.

Daniel thought that this device might be different.

Somehow the information could be limited.

I hope he's right.

We found the body of an old man ! Dead.
Apart from that, there's nothing here.

This is beginning to try my patience.

Is there no other way we can track them?


But each time, I am able to determine their
destination more quickly than the last.

Sooner or later we will catch up to them.

Maybe we're barking up the wrong tree here.

Maybe the location program
isn't in the DHD processor at all.

What, the obelisk ?

You obviously have no idea
what you are talking about.

Says the brainiac who spent three
days trapped in that force field.

That technology is strictly used
for localized transport.

Yeah, I know. I mean it's obviously what's beaming
us through the gate every time there's an open wormhole.

But what if it also contains a remote dialer ?

It's one thing to send someone here and
there on the surface of the planet.

It's quite another to send them half way across
the galaxy. It's like comparing a laptop...

to a super computer.

Well, it wouldn't have to contain the
entire navigational system, now would it ?

Just a command code sufficient to
override normal dialling protocols.


To borrow a rather quaint Human phrase.
Why hide a needle in a small haystack,

when you can use an enormous one.

It wouldn't be much of a security measure,
if it could be discovered by the first Tauri female

who comes along... Would it now ?

I'm sorry, are you dismissing my idea out of hand
because I'm Human... or because I'm a woman.

Huh ! A little of both, I suppose.

You know what, I'll check it myself.

- What is that ?
- Stage one.

The first step towards creating Merlin's weapon.

- It's real ?
- Yeah.

Yeah. That's exactly
what this device does.

It allows you to design and configure
something virtually and then materializes it.

Just like O'Neill did when
he created the anti-Replicator weapon.

I thought the Sangraal was a tiny red jewel.

No, that's the..that's the final stage.
The key to making the whole thing work.

So, how long before you can
put the whole thing together?


I'm alright, I'm alright.

This machine takes a lot out of you.

The level of concentration
required is pretty intense.

Can I get you anything?

- Water.
- Sure.

Ok, that happened.

It's interesting.

Jack got healing powers,
I guess I got telekenesis.

Jack also almost died.

- Now you said that this device might be different.
- I'll be fine!

That's crap!

She's right, you don't get fancy mind powers unless their
has been major redecorating going on inside your skull!

Look obviously, creating the weapon requires a higher
level of brain function. Now Merlin would have seen that.

Trust me, I can handle this.


What do you want ?

I need your help.

Look, I still think I'm right about the obelisk,
but I can't make heads or tails of its programming.

Well, that's hardly a surprise.

I mean, I know where you come from
you're considered relatively intelligent,

but by galactic standards
that's not really saying much.

Wouldn't you agree ?

You know, if you're not gonna help,
then you're not much use to us

and if you're not much use to us, then there's
not much point in keeping you alive any longer.

Wouldn't you agree ?

I'd uh,

be delighted to help.

Great to hear it.

- Stage two.
- Indeed.

I must rest.

I'm not as young as I used to be.

Daniel ?

Are you alright ?

- I know you.
- Well of course you do, silly.

It's me! Vala!

I had the strangest dream.

Everything was covered in ice.

Jackson !


- What's going on ?
- We're losing you, that's what's going on.

Every time you come back from that machine,
it gets a little worse. And don't tell me you're fine.


No, I just have too many thoughts in my head.
I, I...I can't concentrate, I get confused.

- You have to fight it.
- No, no, no...that's the thing, I have to let it happen.

That's the only way I can build Merlin's weapon.

You have to tell him that he doesn't have to do this.
He'll listen to you.

What team have you been on.
Besides... we need this one.

What makes you think we'll even be allowed to use it.
The Ancients didn't let Merlin get away

- with it last time !
- Vala, Vala..shhh...shut up for once!

We have to take the risk.


This is all about noble sacrifice for you, isn't it!

- Oh yeah, I'm sorry, what about you ?
- What ?

When you flew that cargo ship
into the gap of the supergate,

you knew damn well that you might
not come out the other side alive.

- No, that was different.
- Yeah, different because you were the one taking the risk.

Well now you know that the hard part about
being on this team is not risking your own life.

It's watching your friends
take chances with theirs.


Now you really are one of us.

It's a command override.
I can't believe that we actually found it.

Clearly you work well together.

Well, now that we've identified the program,
it should be a simple matter to shut it down.

Ready your men.

It's time !

Yes, Orisi.

What is it ?

- Get to the gate now!
- Why ?

They're coming.

Incoming wormhole !!

Hold them here, I'll get help.

Doctor Jackson.

You're too late.

You haven't completed the weapon.
I'd say I'm just in time.

And I'd say things are different now.

Draining isn't it.

Instead of helping your friends, you should
have saved your energy to deal with me.

Would it have made a difference ?

Probably not.

What was that ?

I don't know, but I say
we don't stick around to find out.

- Let's dial out of here before anyone else can dial in.
- I'll check on Daniel.

Daniel ?

Why do I bother... ?

Adria ?

- I want you to stop this right now!
- I'm sorry it has to be this way, mother.

- Get to the gate, now !
- We're not leaving you here !

I'll be right behind you !

There has to be a way
we can get back to that planet.

A DHD buffer typically holds the last
fifty addresses that were dialled

and we went through three
gates before getting there.

We've got a lot of planets to check.

Adria found a way around the problem.

Even if we could return to the planet at this point,
I fear it will do us little good.

At least you'll be doing something.

Merlin gave Daniel some pretty valuable intel.

Adria knows that.

She'll keep him alive.

How are you feeling ?

I don't suppose you know
what a hangover is.

Never mind.

I know the burden must be awful.

Your brain simply wasn't built
to handle that much information.

Well, whatever I had, it's gone.

Along with what feels like
half of my brain cells.

You'll forgive me if
I don't take your word for it.

Now rest.

We have a lot of work to do.