Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 1, Episode 9 - Thor's Hammer - full transcript

SG-1 goes to the planet Cimmeria in search of allies against the Goa'uld. Upon arrival, Jack and Teal'c are trapped in a labyrinth, where the only exit is through Thor's Hammer, a device to destroy Goa'uld, but preserve the host. Daniel Jackson must destroy the device that could someday have saved his wife in order to free his friends.

Dr Jackson...

...I hear you have a new theory
about the Stargate.

Uh, yes, sir.

OK. Uh...

If you study myths worldwide... looks as if there were
two different kinds of star gods.

The tyrants, who treated their subjects
like cattle, demanded absolute obedience.

- Used technology to punish and control.
- As in the Goa'uld.

And the culture bearers...

...who used knowledge and technology
to benefit humans.

So the Goa'ulds weren't the only aliens
to visit Earth in the past.

Well, how does that affect us today?

We don't think the Goa'uld
built the Stargate system.

Being parasitic by nature, they just used it
to become a dominant race in the galaxy.

But the good gods, who liked humans,
might have used it too.

And they could still be out there.

- Any indications of who they are?
- Yes, sir. The...


Now, in Norse mythology,
the gods were powerful warriors.

Legend tells us that the god Thor...

...was a friend to humans
and protected them from the Etins...

...beings of great power and knowledge
who were enemies of mankind.

He used a weapon called Thor's hammer.

When Thor hurled the hammer, it was
said to produce thunder and lightning.

Now, that could indicate
some advanced type of energy weapon.

Sir, I think what Daniel's
trying to say is...

...if there are aliens out there
who are hostile to the Goa'ulds...

...and have equal or superior fire power,
we oughta look'em up.

- They could be allies.
- I have seen the hammer sign before.

It is the symbol
of a world called Cimmeria.

All Jaffa are taught the sequence
of Stargate symbols to that world.

- Why is that, Teal'c?
- To ensure that no Goa'uld goes there.

It is forbidden. Something transpired on
Cimmeria that no Goa'uld will speak of.

Well, I like the sound of that.

So do I, Colonel.

All right. You have a go.

Colonel, we'd like you to
take this along with you. It's a gift.

Gee, sir. I don't know what to say.

For the alien friendlies in the event
you succeed in making contact.

Oh, you had it made! That's great.

Uh, we asked the Sagan Institute
to imagine a...greeting from Earth...

...if they could hypothetically
get it to a distant world.

It's all about who we are. It explains
various cultures, religions, histories.

Chevron one encoded.

Chevron two encoded.

Time to go to work.

This is...different.


You're on.


Thor! Thor!

Thor! Thor! Thor!

Sounds like it's building up
some kind of charge.

Thor! Thor! Thor!

Daniel, dial home. We're goin' back- now.

- Why?
- Just do it. That's an order.

Thor! Thor!

Teal'c! Get outta there!

I think that this is Thor's hammer.


- I think they're dead.
- I don't wanna hear that.

You said Thor liked humans.

That he used his weapon to protect them.

We go back, we bring another SG team
through, and we start a search.

- Wait.

You're a little short for gods.

But you came through
the portal unharmed.

So you must be from Thrudvang,
Thor's home in the stars.

Hail and welcome.

Actually, we're not, uh...

I'm Captain Samantha Carter.
This is Daniel Jackson.

My name is Gairwyn. I am mistress here.
My husband has gone a- viking., fighting.

That was in the old days. Nowadays
they go to the towns to look for work.

It's been a hard season for farmers.
Water from the mountains is scarce.

- But you're welcome at my table.
- Thank you.

Yeah, but we have a serious problem.

Two of the men who came through
the portal with us...They're gone.

Yes. I heard there were
two Etins in your company.

- Etins?
- Goa'ulds?

You think Teal'c and Jack are Goa'ulds?

- You tricked them here to be rid of them?
- No! They're friends.

And if they're alive,
we need to find them.

You're humans.

- Like us!
- Yes!

You and I may even have
some of the same ancestors.

We came here from a different world.

- From Earth.
- Midgardr.

Then we are your brothers and sisters.
Midgardr is the ancient home.

Thor brought our people here
and made this to keep us safe.

Do you...Do you know how this works?

Are they dead?

It's a magic beyond our ken.

It's said that Thor will come back one day
and teach us when we are...older.

Gairwyn, would Thor kill a human being
in order to kill an Etin?

Never. Our gods are powerful warriors,
but they are just and true to their word.

- So they may be alive?
- Who might know where they are?

Only one.

We call her Kendra. Ten seasons ago she
walked through the portal and was taken.

Taken? Where?

Hunters found her wandering
half- frozen in the mountains.

Maybe the beam transported them
somewhere else on the planet.

Where can we find this Kendra?

She lives by herself.
I take her things now and then.

We can't spare the horses
but I can take you there on foot.

Absolutely. Please.

This way.


Is Junior OK?


But the beam caused
the Goa'uld I carry great pain.

- I'm sorry to hear that.



I am Thor.

Supreme commander of the Asgard fleet.

The High Council of Asgard
has designated Cimmeria...

...a safe world for
developing sentient species... unanimous decree, era 40. 73. 29.

The Goa'uld System Lords
were so informed.

Uh, we're not Goa'ulds.

He carries one around in him, but he
doesn't have much choice in the matter.

You were warned not to come here,
under pain of death.

Look, I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill from Earth.

I happen to know you've spent
some time there in our past.

For crimes against the living host...

...and all those you have
murdered and enslaved...

...the sentence is death.

Look, uh...

...we came here to...see you.

This is your prison.
Your technology will not function here.

There are no luxuries,
no worshippers, no slaves to...

Teal'c, I think we just got
the answering machine.

Only basic sustenance...and time.

Yeah, well, thanks. Thanks for the chat.

We should hear the rest of the message.

When you tire of this existence,
go to the Hall of Mjolnir...

...and face the hammer.

There is no escape.

Only the host can leave this place...alive.

- A Goa'uld trap?
- So it would seem.

If I attempt to leave this place,
the Goa'uld I carry will be destroyed.

By a hammer.

You must leave without me.

If I stay, I will remain safe.

Just relax, Teal'c. I'm not goin' anywhere.

Let's just find this...

...Hall of Mohair, or whatever it's called.

- No!
- Shh!

It's all right.

Rune light, flow... might and main.

Knit the bones and take the pain.

Now, the next time you want a fight,
choose a boy your own size.

Gairwyn, my friend!

Hail and welcome.

This is Carter, and Daniel.

- Hail.
- Hi.


They came through the portal
from Midgardr. They need your help.

- What did you just do to that boy?
- He had a broken wrist. I healed it.

Then why did he run away?

Because of this.

It is the mark of what I usedto be.

When a Goa'uld takes over
a human host, it's permanent.

Not here. Thor's hammer drove it from
my body and restored me to my true self.

The "it"...You mean the parasite
that was inside of you?

Is gone.

Oh, my God.

Thor's hammer...The stone by the gate?

No. The hammer is deep
inside the mountain.

As long as I have known her,
Kendra has harmed no one.

My wife - Sha're- is now... you...once were.

She has been taken by a Goa'uld and...
if what you're saying is true...

- It is true.
- Then help us.

Help us to find our friends.

You should not have attempted
to rescue me from the beam.

If you had not done so,
you would not be here now.

Ah, you'd have done the same for me.

Of course, I wouldn't be walkin' around
with a Goa'uld larva in my gut, but hey...


These Goa'ulds died
with their human hosts.

The marks on these bones,
they are from a cutting instrument.

But not metal.

What, then?

I believe they were made
by large, powerful teeth.

These bodies did not die
of natural causes.

They were killed...

...and then eaten.

It's obvious some wild animal
found its way in.

There's gotta be a way out.

We find it...we're gone.

I call it the Labyrinth.

It is the place where
the Goa'uld are destroyed.

How is it done?

Did you feel it?

- Yes.
- And was it painful?

It was nothing compared to the suffering
I watched myself inflict on others.

And for all those years.

So many.

Your human friend O'Neill...

He can walk out unharmed.

All you need do is wait.

Teal'c is our friend, too.

He's Jaffa, not Goa'uld.

Jaffa? A friend?

- They are as guilty as those they serve.
- This Jaffa gave up his rank, his home... join us and fight the Goa'uld.

His dream is to see his people free.

But if the Goa'uld larva within him
is removed, he will die.

See, once a Jaffa carries a larva,
it acts as his immune system.

I know all I want to know of Jaffa.


If the hammer drives the Goa'uld
from him and he dies, so be it.

It is his penance for serving the Goa'uld!

Teal'c was in the service of Apophis but...

...he saved our lives
and helped us escape.

He is one of us now.

Did I ask your counsel?

The Valkyrie ride the wind.

They want me to help you.

They say you speak the truth.

They tell me...

...that I must take you there.

This is right.

Go with Thor, my friend.

I will take you.

But first I must consult the runes.

Teal'c...Take a shot at that lamp
with your staff weapon.

It will not function.

Yeah, that's what he said would happen
as long as we're in here.

This race may have
considered projectile weapons...

...too primitive to be concerned about.

Yeah. Here.

The message said only the host
could leave this place alive.


Perhaps this could be of some benefit
to the boy who was your friend.

Skaara. Yeah, I thought of that.

And the wife of Daniel Jackson.

Perhaps, if they could be brought here...

...the Goa'uld who took them
as hosts could be purged.

- Yeah, maybe.

What is it, O'Neill?


Never mind.

Mighty Thor, god of
thunder and lightning...

...wield your hammer and protect me.

Now wait with me in the circle.

- For what?
- A sign from Thor himself.

Great. Another sign.

She's probably afraid to go back there.
Maybe if we offer her moral support...

How much do you remember
of your life...before?


I was a beautiful child.

Is that bad?

On Jebanna, beauty is a curse.

I don't understand.

- Because the Goa'uld want perfect hosts?
- Yes.

- What happened?
- Marduk discovered our secret...

...and raided the temple
where they tried to hide me.

I'm sorry.

Because of my training in the temple...

...the Goa'uld
who took possession of my body...

...could not take complete control
over my mind.

A part of me, my self, remained.

Something of the host survives.

How did you end up here?

Teal'c said the Goa'uld made this
a forbidden planet ages ago.

And so it is.

But I knew my beast.

She hungered for conquest.

So I became a voice within.

I taunted her, and
whispered of rumours that...

...Cimmeria must hold a wealth of riches
for one bold enough to take it.

You influenced the Goa'uld
that had taken you over?

Yes. She came to Cimmeria.

And I hoped only for a quick death.


But we were taken into the Labyrinth.

A dark...and terrifying place.

Until Thor's hammer...set me free.

And I have honoured his ways
and his people ever since.

It is a sign from Thor.

Now we can go.


Give it enough time, it'll bring down walls.

Even walls just like that.

So in a coupla hundred years,
we'll be free.

What the hell is that?


I am Unas...

...the First One. not...exist.

Kill the human.

Excuse me?

And we will feast...


I no longer serve the Goa'uld.

Ahhhh...We shall see.

- Just stay right there.
- Weapons are of no use here.

The First dead.

Yeah, well, that's fine by me. Come on.


Teal'c, will you relax?
That thing's dead, for cryin' out loud.

I believe I heard a sound.

There wouldn't be two
of those things in here.

Would there?

If there were, they would
surely battle to the death.

So what did you mean when
you told that thing it didn't exist?

Unas is believed
to have been the first host.

Born of the same primordial waters
as the Goa'uld.

It became a myth.

Much like your vampire.

That thing was a Goa'uld?


- I thought they preferred human hosts.
- There are other species far older...

...that have been used as hosts.

Some of immeasurable
power and savagery.

Yeah, well, I wonder how long
it's been trapped down here.

Perhaps a thousand years.

Unas can utilise
long periods of sleep to survive.

It is dead, right? We don't have to go back
there and drive a stake through its chest?

The old stories say Unas had
great regenerative powers.

But those are tales told
to frighten children.

- It is a myth.
- Ah.

It was dead.

That's good.

I believe.

You believe?

I am certain.

- Positive?
- I am.

Just a myth?

A myth.


We're not lost. Are we?

It was long ago. Everything was covered
with snow. It all looks different now.


It's all right. Just...take your time.


When the Goa'uld was destroyed
within you, what did it feel like exactly?

Your wife?

I have to know if there's...any hope.

It was very painful.


...needles stabbing inside the head.

The beast will do anything
to stay in control.

It's a battle of wills. Many give up.

Well, Sha're wasn't trained
in a temple, like you.

But she had a spirit. She was a fighter.

You loved her very much.

I still do. I dream about her.

It's as if...

...some part of her is reaching out to me.

- Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.
- No. You still are connected.

If you find her and bring her here...

...I believe there is hope.

Thank you.

I'm sure now.

This is the way.


That's no myth.

Gairwyn told me
Thor built this centuries ago.

It brings the water from the mountain
to his people in the towns.

- Thor is generous.
- Yes.

This means we are close.

Daniel, she said that hours ago!

Now, either she's lost
and won't admit it or...

I don't think that she would mislead us.

Maybe it's not on purpose.
Maybe it's not even conscious.

What she suffered on her world and while
being a Goa'uld was incredible abuse.

She interpreted those gusts of wind
and thunder as signs.

Part of her wants to face it again
and another part doesn't.

And the part that doesn't is winning.

We're wasting valuable time.

OK. Gairwyn said that hunters found her.

Well, hunters don't travel
in a straight line. They follow game.

They would not risk hunger
just to get her back sooner.

Daniel, your belief that Kendra can
somehow help bring Sha're back to you...

...doesn't make it true.
And it doesn't make her reliable!

Haven't you ever had a feeling
that made no logical sense...

...and it turned out to be right?

This way!

You sure we didn't
come this way before?

- We have not.
- It looks awfully familiar.

Your weapons cannot kill me!

I know the secrets of the Labyrinth.

I could help you escape.

A map would be nice.

Come on.


The hammer!

- Yes. This is where I came out.
- OK, good.

What do you remember
about the Labyrinth?

It's difficult.

My beast wandered
forward and back many times.

I do remember the place of entrance
where Thor speaks to the Goa'ulds.

Thor is inside?

He seems to be.

But he speaks the same message
again and again.

My beast believed he was not real.

There were long tunnels...

...leading from one room to another.


...something else in there.



- What?
- I don't know.

Look, you don't have to go
any further if you don't want to. OK?

Thor asks that I try.

Yeah, this is it!
We're outta here! Let's go!


Teal'c! Get outta there!


- Thank you, O'Neill.
- Yeah.

If I am to die, it will be as a warrior...

...facing my enemy.

Last mag.


Why not?

It's OK. Stay here.

You've done more than enough, really.

In the temple we were taught
that fear is the greatest enemy.

I must face my fear.

Are you considering the same tactic as I?

Teal'c, the clich? is:
are you thinking what I'm thinking?

And the answer is yes.


You can save yourself.

Why do you stay?

Jaffa, why do you ally yourself...

...with a slave?


...the Goa'uld were all as Unas.

We were few...

...but we ruled millions.

We fed upon the weak... keep ourselves strong.

I will take pleasure... killing and devouring you both!

- They're in trouble.
- It's still alive.

We're so close! Feel around the door.
See if there's a trigger.

There's one more thing I can try.

I learned this from
the songs of Thor's people.

Carve the rune flow, read the might,
see the rainbow, test the wight!

- Teal'c!
- There is no other way!

Without the healing power of the Goa'uld,
his body will no longer regenerate.

There is too much damage.

Now I see why they call you friend.

This is Kendra. She brought us here.

She had first- hand knowledge.
She was...a Goa'uld.

The hammer works.

Do you know what this means?

It's the only way outta here, Daniel.

But what this thing can do
for Sha're and Skaara...

- Teal'c is here now.
- And here I will remain.

I was with those
who took the ones you love.


You're part of this family now.
We're not leaving you behind.

This thing won't work in here.
Try it from out there.

Come on.

- Did it work?
- There's one way to find out.

Thank you, Daniel Jackson.

Well, at least we know
it can be done, right?

Now that the hammer is lost,
I'm not sure what we'll do.

You should be all right.

The Goa'uld don't know
the hammer was destroyed.

Seal up the cave. If they come back,
at least they'll be somewhere safe.

I want to thank you...

...for helping me have the courage
to face my greatest fears.

This is... remember our world.

Thank you.

We will never forget.

And we'd like to come back.


I almost forgot.

Here. It's a gift.

It's for Thor, or his people,
in case they ever come back.

It's all about our people.
We would like to be friends.

- Ah! Thor is pleased.
- That's great.

Tell him we'd love to meet him person.

It is safe for you to travel.

You should go now.

Daniel? Wanna start dialling home...

...before it starts raining?


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