Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 1, Episode 21 - Within the Serpent's Grasp - full transcript

General Hammond has tried everything to get the senates decision to shut down his space program undone, but the president personally refuses to 'commit political suicide': the Stargate will be buried. Daniel's insistence the danger for earth as a whole outweighs everything convinces his military SG-1 colleagues to ignore the commander general's command and dial the address the goa'ald invasion started from in the parallel dimension he visited. They arrive not on a planet but a new, superior type of starship, already launched by hyper-drive. A 'video' proves it belongs to Apophis, who gives command aboard to his son Klorel, whose host is no other then the team's young Abydos friend Skaara, yet overpowering him seems their best move, while Sam installs explosives in the death glider deck with a 24 hours timer just in case, but Jaffa manage to liberate Klorel and the ship goes far faster then expected...

Got a minute, sir?

Come on in, Jack. Have a seat.

I never knew the paperwork involved
in shutting down a facility.

Not exactly the last brave act
I wanted to do before retiring.

So, you're still just
gonna throw it in, huh?

I was a month away from retirement
before we started the SGC.

The only thing that kept me here was...

Well, it was a pretty wild ride.

Yes, sir. I don't think we should
be getting off that ride just yet.

Colonel, we've been through this.
I agree. But we have our orders.

Ill- conceived orders.

I agree. But they're orders,
and I, for one, follow them.

We are the only line of defence
protecting this planet.

I know that.

I know you know that, sir.

You're still just gonna chuck it?

You don't think I tried everything
to prevent this shutdown?

I went to Senator Kinsey twice.

The second time
he had me forcibly removed!

I went to the Secretary of Defence.
Hell, I finally called the President himself!

What did he say?

That to override the Senate on this one
would be political suicide for him.

It's over, Jack.

No extensions, no reversals,
no new hearings.

The Stargate will be buried,
literally and figuratively.

Hammond's given up.

They'll bury the gate day after tomorrow.

Then I must return through the Stargate.

I guess we all should go through the gate.

Whoa. Go through? To where?

- To the coordinates from the other reality.
- Daniel, dammit...

It was real!

How do we know that that address
correlates with this reality?

There's only one way to find out.

We should enter the coordinates
and attempt to open the gate.

OK, hold on.

Have you considered that we'd be
in gross violation of orders?

We'd be court- martialled
the second we got back.

If. If we got back.

If we don't go through,
what I saw could happen here.

This whole planet could be wiped out.

In the other reality,
by the time I left Sarah was dead.

Carter, your family was dead.

Hell, I was dead.

- Everyone was...
- Daniel, I got it!

So, shouldn't we stop
the same slaughter from happening here?

Let me ask you, Jack...

...if we don't go through now,
and the Goa'uld do attack... will you feel?

How can just the four of us
stop the attack anyway?

We'd have a better chance now
than trying to stop an onslaught later.

Trust me, I have seen it.

If the coordinates are for a Goa'uld world
which is not on the Abydos cartouche...

...the Goa'uld will most likely
not expect us.

- A medical attack could be successful.
- Surgical attack, Teal'c.

It's called a surgical attack,
and I'd feel like an idiot.


I was answering Daniel's question.

If we don't do something now
and they do attack later...

...I'd feel like an idiot.

We go.

I, too, will go.

- It's not an order, Captain.
- I understand that, Colonel.

Thank you.

I'm going.

Attention, all personnel.
Unauthorised Stargate activation.

Carter, close the blast doors
and corridors. Disable them.

I need an authorised officer's
security code to disable them.

There you go.

Go, go, go, go!

Move! Move!

- It's on security lockout, sir.
- Get it open, Major. Now.

- Try going through corridor C.
- Yes, sir.

Move out. Corridor C.

Right, the MALP's on its way.

Should reach its destination

- Did we lose the signal?
- No, sir. We are receiving video.

Point of arrival is dark.
Switching to infrared.

Looks ancient Egyptian.

Possibly Goa'uld.

No signs of life
in the immediate vicinity.

Security breached.

- They just got corridor C- 9 open.
- Right, let's go.

Daniel, send back the MALP.

Doesn't look like
there are any doors or windows.

Many Goa'uld facilities
disguise doorways within their structure.

Teal'c, what are these things?

Transport containers.

- Like your shipping crates.
- They're shipping something?

Or receiving.

Let's have a look inside, shall we?


What are these things?

This is a Goa'uld zat'n'ktel.

It uses a different form of energy,
less powerful than that of a staff weapon.

Less destructive, but still deadly.

Sweet. Pass'em out.

- What'd you call it?
- Zat'n'ktel.


Let's call it a zat gun, huh?

How do you fire it?

One need only squeeze it here to fire.

The Goa'uld take pleasure
in discharging the weapon only once.

Causing great pain.
Disabling, but not killing.

A second shot will kill most subjects.


What the hell's that?

- What's happening, Teal'c?
- I am unsure.

Everybody OK?

Yeah. What was that?

It was like some kind of weird
planetary shift.

We should dial home.

Do it, Daniel.


What? I dialled just like I have
a million times before.

Well, do it again.

Uh- oh.

I always get a happy, tingly feeling
when I see those guys.

Teal'c, what is this?

It is a Goa'uld long- range
visual communication device.

Like your television.
Only much further advanced.

Think it gets Showtime?

Can you open that door?

Now that I know its location,
I believe I can.

Sir, we've confirmed it was SG-1.

They went to the coordinates
Dr Jackson got from that...other place.

That's the origination point of
the Goa'uld military attack on Earth.

- Pretty hostile place to go.
- Do you want SG- 2 to go get them?

You'd only be bringing them back
for courts martial.

- Permission to speak freely, sir.
- Go ahead.

Sir, Colonel O'Neill saved my butt.
I'd like to go in and back him up.

- I can't send your unit in...
- My men are willing to take the risk, sir.

I'll take that under advisement, Major.

A sarcophagus.

Oh, great.

More snake heads.

Teal'c, any idea which one's in here?


- We're not on a planet, are we?
- That is correct.

It appears we are aboard
a Goa'uld transport vessel.

And that jolt was...

A hyperlaunch.

Chevron four encoded.

You'll proceed much like SG-1 did.
We'll send the MALP first.

- If it's clear, you'll go through.
- Yes, sir.

Officially your mission
is to bring back SG-1 for court martial.

Yes, sir.

Major, bring them back alive and well.

That's my plan, sir.

Chevron seven.

Will not lock.

What happened, Sergeant?

I'm sorry, sir. I don't know.

Well, find out.

Teal'c, why didn't you tell us
we were on a ship?

I was not sure. I have never been aboard
a Goa'uld vessel such as this.

Most accelerate very differently.

Most do not contain Stargates.

Tel kol nok!


How you doin'?


Seen a bathroom around here?

OK...One shot hurts him.
Two shots kill him.

- The third shot...?
- Disintegrates him.

Oh, great.

You didn't feel this was
worthy of mention?

The blast spread across this area
like there was glass here.

This is a force field of some sort.

Correct. No transparent material
could withstand this velocity.

Or temporal displacement.
We're travelling faster than light.


So, the ship was in orbit
around a planet when we gated here?

Then it launched or left orbit,
which explains why we can't gate home.

- The point of origin isn't valid any more.
- Right.

I suggest the two of you figure out
how to get us home.

The only way to do that
would be to go back to where we started.

Right, I'll just go tell the pilot.

Teal'c, do you know how to fly
one of these things?

Of this I am unsure.
It is of a new technology.

So, you couldn't turn this tub around?

I am qualified only to pilot
the Goa'uld death gliders.

I suggest we relocate to another chamber
as soon as possible.

The royal sarcophagi
are rarely left unattended for long.

Jack...'s happening.

We're on an attack ship headed to Earth.


- We've got some problems then.
- How fast can this ship go?

A Goa'uld Ha'tak vessel travels
at ten times the speed of light.

So, if we are heading to Earth,
then we have a long time.

- Based on what?
- The planet's coordinates we gated to.

We didn't gate to a planet.
We gated to a ship.

That ship had to be in orbit around
or on a planet for the coordinates to work.

So, even if we were travelling
at ten times the speed of light... would take at least a year
to get to Earth.

Mol Jaffa! Tim lokeem rel molcon ai.

They're being summoned
to some sort of gathering.

OK. Let's go.

Wait a minute. Go where?

Wherever they're going.

Chel hol, Jaffa.

The end ofa dark moment
in Goa'uld history approaches.

Soon we will wipe out
the scourge that plagues us.

I will rejoin you
as we come out ofthe shadows.

Until then, you are to follow
all orders ofmy son... ifthey were my own.

Bow down now.

Show me your reverence for my son.

The mighty warrior, Klorel.

Tel kol, Jaffa.

Kel Apophis.

Re nek...


Re nek, Klorel.

He called him his son. That's sick.

Not exactly a chip off the old block.

The Goa'uld in Skaara is probably
the son of the one in Apophis.

Thanks. That's encouraging.

I'm just trying to help.

What is our plan of attack?

We're gonna split up.
Carter, Daniel, plant C4 all over this ship.

What are you and Teal'c gonna do?

- We're gonna try and grab Skaara.
- Sir, are you sure?

It would be like trying to take Apophis.

They do not know we're aboard.
There is no reason to guard him.

With respect, sir, I think you're making
an emotional decision.


But it's also the best strategic decision.

- Is it?
- Jack has a point.

Maybe we can get through
to the old Skaara.

Kendra said she could fight past
her Goa'uld when it was still inside her.

Let's go.

Sir! Contingency plan?


Chel nok, makor.

Rin nok.

You dare to do this to Klorel?

You will die a painful death.

Yeah, whatever.

There's a raised hieroglyphic on the wall.
It resembles a coiled serpent. Push it.

Stand aside.

They will not be able to access
this room for some time.

Hey, Skaara.

Long time, no see.

All right.

Those things are fuelled by something,
and fuel is combustible, so...

So, if we blow up one,
we'll probably start a chain reaction.


Come on, Skaara. Think.

Try to remember me.
I'm Jack O'Neill. This is Teal'c.

Ah, Teal'c the traitor.
I'll enjoy delivering his head to my father.

- He's not your father!
- He is my father.

He seeded the queen mother.

He chose the host in which
I will live out eternity.

Apophis gave me life.

I'm not talking to that thing in your head.

I'm talking to Skaara.

Nothing of the host survives.

That's bullshit!

Let him talk to me.

Your friend had a feeble mind.

It suffered greatly and gave in easily.

Come on, Skaara. Look at me.


Perhaps I will not kill you.

Perhaps you will make
a good host yourself.

All right, promise me this thing
won't kill him.

Two shots will.
One shot will only cause him great pain.

So, here's the deal.

Let him out, let him talk to me,
or you get the whole load.

You will only hurt your friend.

He's a tough kid.

Your friend is too afraid to come forward.

He enjoys my protection.

He really does not wish to speak with you.

Is that right?

Let him go, Teal'c.

Let him go!

Sha're! Dan'yer!


Are you there?

O'Neill... hurts.

I know, kid. I'm sorry.

O'Neill, are you still my friend?

Yes, I am.

Can you forgive me...

...for what we are about to do?

What are you about to do?

Skaara, what are you about to do?

Please forgive us.

Hang in there, kid. Hang on.

- What are you about to do?
- Jaffa, nok kree tol!

Drop the weapon.


Come on, Skaara. Help us.

Release him.

Or we will kill the human.

If you kill the human, I will kill Klorel.

And the host in which he resides?

Jaffa, nok!

The traitor and his recruiter.

My father will be pleased.

The naqahdah in the gate
will magnify the explosion.

I just hope they can't see us
through this thing.

Shin tel, Klorel?

Father, I wish to present you
with a great gift.

The traitor, Teal'c.

And I present...
the human that recruited him.

Hey, pops!


Klorel, where did they come from?

We do not know.
We found them after departure.

- How many more came with you?
- Thousands!

We brought our whole army.

I assure you, Father,
there could be no more.

You have made me proud, my son.

Do you wish that I keep them
until our rejoining?

No. Teal'c must suffer
the most painful death a Jaffa can know.

Removal ofhis Prim'ta.

Let his new master
watch him suffer and die.

- What about the human?
- You may choose his method ofdeath.

But do it soon. It is almost time for remoc.

Yes, Father.

I look forward to seeing you
at our destination.

Lek tol.


...don't let this happen.

Don't let'em do this.

Na- nay!

Take them to the Peltak.

OK, we're gonna go after them.

- Wait. When do we blow the ship?
- We'll do it only as a last resort.

Listen, I want to save them,
but if we get caught...

...there'll be nobody left to blow the ship
before it gets to Earth.

I'm setting a timer. If we don't deactivate it
in 24 hours, it'll go automatically.



You wish to go home to your planet?

Of course.

Jaffa, rel toc remoc.

O'Neill, prepare yourself for...


...extreme deceleration.

Thanks, Teal'c.

Oh, my God!

You will get to see your home
one last time.

Before you and everyone on your planet...

...are destroyed.

And your kind
will disturb the Goa'uld no more.

Sir, I think we have another situation.

Cairn deep- space radar picked up
two large blips passing Saturn.

They're heading to Earth.

- Any identification?
- Not yet, sir.

NASA's repositioning Hubble.
Then we can get a closer look.

I guess Dr Jackson is lucky.

How so, sir?

He won't have to watch his nightmare
come true for a second time.

This is Major General Hammond.
Let me speak to the President.

The President is mobilising every branch,
including the Guard and Reserve.

The Air Force efforts
will be coordinated through us.

I need this room converted
to a command- and- control centre ASAP.

Make sure we have a link to AF SATCOM
for encrypted communications... all Air Force bases and to NASA.

- Any more details on what we're facing?
- Not yet, sir.


Skaara, don't!

O'Neill! You must take action!



You OK?


Ah, Skaara...

...I'm sorry.

Colonel O'Neill...

Yeah, give me a second here.

I cannot.


You said we couldn't be there
for at least a year.

I guess this ship can go way faster
than ten times the speed of light.

Colonel, we saw the death gliders.

They're prepping for launch, sir.

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