Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Enemy Within - full transcript

The team, now designated SG-1 (initially there will be nine exploration teams in all, more will be added later) are planning their next foray through the gate as they try to map out the variety of sites available to them and locate their missing friends. O'Neill asks that Teal'c be allowed to join his team but Gen. Hammond thinks that will be unlikely given that he is the host for a Goa'uld. Unknown to anyone, however, is that O'Neill's close friend, Maj. Charles Kawalsky, leader of SG-2, has been infected by a Goa'uld, an immature version that has not yet taken complete control of the host. Kawalsky is having regular blackouts during which the Goa'uld is trying to return to the gate. An MRI reveals what is wrong but it's unlikely the creature that has fused itself to Kawalsky's spine can be surgically removed. Meanwhile, Col. Kennedy arrives to question Teal'c who has pledged his loyalty to his new world.

Gentlemen, these planets, designated P3-575 and P3A-577,
have been submitted by Captain Carter's team...
as possible destinations for your next mission.
SG units one and two will operate concurrently.
You know, I'm kind of partial to P3-575, if you don't mind taking P3A-577.
No, I'll take 577-- I'm not married to it.
I want to be fair about this. How about we flip a-- Go where I tell you.
As far as I'm concerned-- [ Man ] Alert ! Inbound traveler !
Repeat ! Inbound traveler.
Damn, those Goa'ulds are persistent.
I think we pissed them off.
Closing the Iris.
Alert ! All defense teams, stand by.
- Set the base autodestruct countdown at three minutes. - [ Beeping ]
[ Loud Banging ]
We're not going anywhere as long as the Goa'ulds keep up these attacks.
- They can't keep this up forever. - [ Banging Continues ]
- Can they ? - Wow.
Once they realize our gate's impenetrable, they should just give up.
Part of me just wants to let 'em through; give 'em the fight they're lookin' for.
[ Loud Crackling ]
[ Beeping ]
Radiation team, move in.
[ Geiger Counter Crackling ]
Well, there have got to be worse ways to go, I suppose.
You don't think the Goa'ulds are sending people through ?
Be like bugs on a windshield.
- [ Man ] Team reports all clear, sir. - Stand down from alert.
- And abort the countdown. - [ Tapping Keyboard ]
[ Gasping, Sighing ]
Kawalsky, what's the matter ?
Headache. I took a fistful of aspirin, but nothing helps.
Get down to the infirmary. Get it checked out. Go on.
Yes sir, I think I'll do that. Sir, with your permission ?
By all means, Major. I need you to lead your team to P3-575.
[ Man ] Inbound traveler. Inbound traveler.
Reset the counter. Here we go again.
All defense teams, remain in position.
[ Banging, Steam Hissing ]
So, this Iris is gonna hold, right ?
Pure titanium, less than three micrometers from the event horizon.
It won't even allow matter to fully reintegrate.
So, this Iris is gonna hold, right ?
If it doesn't, the fail-safe device will detonate.
This whole mountain will vaporize, and there'll be nothing to worry about.
Ah ! Good. I feel much better.
[ Loud Banging Continues ]
[ Man ] Come.
I can understand how Kawalsky feels. This job gives me a headache too.
Uh-huh. What's the bad news, General ?
Not much for small talk, are you, Colonel ?
How was your weekend ? Get any fishing in ?
I'm rejecting your request to have Teal'c join SG-1. Wasn't my choice.
Colonel Kennedy is en route from the Pentagon right now.
- He'll be asking your friend some questions. - What kind of questions ?
What we're up against, troop strength, technology, weaponry.
I'd like to know the answers to those questions too, sir.
But after they're done asking them-- There's gonna be more questions.
Possibly tests. After all, he's carrying the larval form...
of a hostile and very formidable enemy inside his body.
What kind of tests are we talking about ?
Maybe you haven't noticed, Colonel, [ Sighs ]
but he is the first alien species we've actually run into.
You don't think that qualifies your friend as a subject of scientific interest ?
- A subject ? - He is what he is, Colonel.
With all due respect, sir, I don't think he saved the lives of my team...
or came over to our side so he could become...
a damn guinea pig for U.S. military intelligence.
Back up, Colonel. He switched sides once.
Are you 100% positive he won't switch back ?
- Yes, sir. - Well, you're alone in that assertion.
Colonel Kennedy arrives within the hour.
I promise Teal'c will be treated with dignity and respect...
for as long as he remains a guest of this facility.
Beyond that, I can't promise a damn thing.
Dismissed, Colonel.
Hey ! Am I interrupting anything ? Yes.
Why don't I come back ?
- The people from Chulak-- - We sent the last of them back through the gate...
just before the Goa'ulds started knocking at the door.
- Good. - Well, thanks to you.
So, how long do you think they'll keep it up ?
One, perhaps two more attempts.
They will believe their weapons have destroyed you.
They will not send warriors through for some time,
to make sure of your destruction.
Well, they'll be in for a surprise, huh ?
Your Iris will be closed. They will be crushed.
Surprise !
Am I a prisoner ?
Uh... yeah.
I understand.
We're not exactly living up to your expectations of us, are we ?
See, Teal'c, we've been living alone in our little corner of the galaxy...
for quite a while, and I think...
the people I work for just need to get to know you a little better.
I mean, your knowledge of the Goa'ulds alone makes them a little curious.
- I will give that knowledge freely. - Yeah, I know you will.
- And we'll put it to good use. - I will pledge my allegiance to this world.
I'm just not sure that's ever gonna be enough for them to trust you.
To be honest with you, I think they're scared of you.
I understand.
You must be used to that by now, huh ?
I am a Jaffa.
I have served as a warrior for your enemy.
I have carried your enemy within me.
Well, that's kind of a human thing.
We tend to be afraid of things we don't know.
Why is O'Neill not afraid ?
Teal'c, I saw you stand up to a god.
- You refused to kill. I saw you make that decision. - Yes.
In that moment, I learned everything I needed to know to trust you.
If I had killed you then, I would not be here now.
Neither would I.
I will prove my allegiance, O'Neill.
Teal'c, I sure wish you didn't have to.
When I do,
you will show me this world.
Oh, you bet.
Just not all at once, though.
It's big.
And these headaches, Major.
They started when you came back from your last mission ?
Yeah. They've been gettin' worse.
Hmm. Anybody else on the team experienced these symptoms ?
No. Why ?
It could be a reaction to gate travel.
[ Sighs ] Look, Doc, just give me a horse pill for the pain or something.
It's a damn headache.
What's this ?
You didn't notice this ? What ? Notice what ?
[ Squishing Sound ] [ Screaming ]
- [ Energy Swooshing ] - Major !
- [ Grunting ] - [ Groaning, Neck Cracking ]
[ Man ] So, the device should be on every planet we find.
I studied the one on Abydos for months.
It's sort of like a-a-- Telephone.
Telephone. I like that.
In order to get back home, all you have to do is...
dial Earth, which is, uh--
which is what we're here to talk about, so--
What is Major Kawalsky doing in the embarkation room ?
Page Colonel O'Neill and General Hammond to the embarkation room, now.
[ Man ] Yes, ma'am.
Charlie ? Major Kawalsky ?
Jack ?
What am I doing here ?
Hey, we got a sick man here. Where the hell is he ?
Was the doctor here before ? I don't remember.
Sorry, Dr. Nimziki was supposed to be on call.
Dr. Warner, chief surgeon. What's the problem ?
Headache. Little more than a headache, Doc.
He just had a blackout.
Hmm. We'll do an M.R.I. right away.
See what's going on in there.
Take care of him, Doc. We need him.
[ Hammond ] Welcome, Teal'c. This is Colonel Kennedy.
I'm extraordinarily pleased to meet you, sir.
Colonel Kennedy's job is to gather information,
uh, knowledge, about our potential enemies.
I offer my knowledge of the Goa'ulds.
I offer my skills as a warrior in defeating them.
I pledge my honor and my life to this world.
Well, thank you.
[ Hammond ] This is just an informal meeting, son.
Take a seat.
Have a lot of questions to ask, so if there are no objections ?
What can you tell us about the power source the Goa'ulds use...
to power their weapons, ships ?
- Nothing. - I see.
Do you yourself have an understanding of the physics behind the Stargate ?
- No. - I see.
Knowledge of Goa'uld magic is forbidden.
It's not magic, Teal'c. They just want you to think that.
Permission to barge in, sir ? Colonel O'Neill.
I was hoping to meet you.
Your mission report from Chulak...
made for the most engrossing analysis of my career.
Well, thanks. What was your favorite part ?
Perhaps now is not the time, Colonel.
General, you know what I went and did ?
I told Teal'c how we all respect a person's rights in this country.
I assure you, there's nothing untoward taking place here, Colonel.
Please. Join us.
- Thank you. Hey, Teal'c. - O'Neill.
That's "Teal'c," with an apostrophe.
Colonel-- Yes, sir. Very well,
Teal'c, what can you tell me about the Goa'ulds ?
They rule by force.
Their numbers were very few, but they are growing.
How many worlds do they control ?
Many hundreds. Perhaps more.
And should we expect to encounter these Goa'ulds everywhere we go ?
[ Teal'c ] It is possible. [ Whispering ] "We" ?
But there are many more worlds that the Goa'ulds have no use for.
On those worlds, the people are abandoned, and left to fend for themselves.
Is there a leadership or government with which we could negotiate a peace ?
Some, like Apophis, are great kings,
and rule over many worlds as their gods.
But they have no need for peace.
If they could kill you, they would.
Could they ? They have spacecraft, right ?
Yes. Without the Stargate, such a journey would take many months.
Perhaps even years. It would take many vessels, many slave armies.
We're not that much of a nuisance just yet.
These slaves-- Where do they come from ?
There is a tale of a primitive world the Goa'uld discovered millennia ago,
the Tauri, first world where forms of this type evolved.
It is said the Goa'uld harvested among the primitives.
Some became Goa'uld hosts. Others became Jaffa.
The rest were taken as slaves, and seeded among the stars to serve them.
But that world has been lost for centuries.
Teal'c, beings of this form...
evolved here on Earth.
This world-- [ O'Neill ] the world you're talking about, Teal'c.
Ra came here.
If our ancestors hadn't rebelled and buried the Stargate--
You would not have become strong enough to challenge them.
Then the galaxy is populated by the ancient peoples of Earth.
-There could be millions by now. -And you are their greatest hope.
And mine.
[ Beeping, Whirring ]
[ Tapping Computer Keyboard ]
I'm gonna drop by the control room. By the silence around here,
it seems like the Goa'ulds have finally given up.
When was the last time you slept ? [ Chuckles ] I don't know.
Doesn't help when the whole base goes on alert every two hours.
No, it's not that. It's just that...
my mind races, and I can't stop thinking about Sha're--
where she is, what she's become-- I know.
But you can't stay awake forever.
I can try. [ Chuckles ]
You're right. I'll meet you at the next briefing.
All right.
[ Clicking, Beeping, Whirring ]
Major Kawalsky ? We're all done here,
but I'm taking you off active duty as of now.
- Major ? - [ Electrical Sizzling ]
- [ Alarm Blaring ] - Security to the Infirmary. Security to the Infirmary.
Set for Condition Red. Set for Condition Red.
[ Alarm Continues ]
[ Grunting, Screaming ]
[ Electronic Chirping ]
Kawalsky, what the hell are you doing ? [ Grunts ]
Close the blast doors !
Emergency in the control room ! Emergency in the control room !
[ Grunting ]
[ Speaking In An Alien Voice ] Help me.
- Kawalsky ! - [ Carter Grunting ]
[ Guns Clicking ] [ O'Neill ] Don't shoot !
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
[ Alarm Continues ]
[ Grunts ] You know they won't let you out of this mountain alive.
When those doors open, they'll shoot on sight. You know that.
[ Hammond ] What the-- Someone inside the elevator hit the emergency stop.
Get those doors open !
Get 'em open. It's about time. Give me a hand here.
Charlie, what the hell's going on ?
I don't have a clue, Colonel. But she's hurt bad.
We have to get her to the Infirmary.
The parasite's wrapped around his spine.
[ Medical Personnel Chattering ]
It's a--
It's a Goa'uld. Probably an infant.
They think that the reason it hasn't been able to take you over completely is...
it's not mature yet.
- It's what's causing your blackouts. - What are you saying ?
I got one of those parasites in me ?
Well, how in hell does that happen ?
We were kind of hoping you could tell us. You didn't feel it happening ?
[ Scoffs ] No.
- When was the first time you blacked out ? - I was here.
We'd just come back through, from Chulak.
I thought it was just from coming back through the Stargate.
We were helping that kid. Casey was his name.
It was a-- a sharp--
Oh, God, Jack. I thought I wrenched my neck.
Well, anyway, Casey, he was all right.
They took him out of there.
Oh, God, Jack, you gotta help me.
You gotta get this thing out of me.
That's the plan.
I've taken Major Kawalsky off all pain medication to increase his alertness.
This should increase his ability to resist-- When can you remove it ?
It would be an extremely complex operation. The parasite has literally woven itself...
around his nervous system. Can it be done, or not ?
Without killing him ? Possibly.
Without making him a quadriplegic ? That's a whole different story.
You just tell me who you need to assist, anyone in the world.
I'll have them here within 24 hours.
Yes, sir.
When I was out, did I hurt anybody ?
There's one man dead.
A few more hurt. [ Gasps ]
Captain Carter's going to be all right.
I was just going to go check on her, actually.
Oh, I didn't mean to-- No.
She doesn't blame you. You're not responsible, Charlie. It's not your fault.
It's that damn thing that's inside of you.
Look, as soon as they know how to do it, they'll cut it out of you.
- Right now, you gotta fight it. - [ Sighs Deeply ]
I don't mind tellin' ya, this is scaring me big-time.
[ Kennedy ] Teal'c, stand and face this way, please ?
What is the emergency ? They would not tell me.
That's none of your concern now.
Kawalsky's become infected with a Goa'uld.
- And you wish to see if I still carry the Goa'uld within me. - Yes, now. Please.
[ Soft Growling ] God, I hate those things.
[ Hissing ]
You've seen enough ?
- You understand, we had to look and see this-- - What are its demands ?
So far, it's only managed to rear its butt-ugly head whenever Kawalsky blacks out.
But it's already killed a man.
Then there will be a struggle for the host body.
It must have sought a host in desperation before it was mature.
We intend to remove it before that happens.
It will kill the host if you try.
Once it is one with the host, it is capable of killing him.
So... what do we do ?
[ Screaming, Groaning ]
[ O'Neill ] Charlie, we got General Hammond here.
[ Moaning ] General, please.
You gotta tell 'em to do something. The pain is too much.
We are, Major. You just have to hold on.
No, don't you give me that good soldier crap.
You order them to cut this damn thing out of me.
Teal'c says if they do that, you might die.
I don't care !
Look, Charlie, they want to talk to it.
What ? What the hell is there to talk about ?
- We must offer it life to save yours. - No !
- No, I want you to kill it ! - [ Beeping Faster, Louder ]
- [ Teal'c ] We must talk to the Goa'uld within you. - Jack, please help me, Jack--
Charlie, just let 'em do their job !
No, don't let them do this, Jack ! I want you to kill it !
- Kill it, Jack, kill it ! Kill it ! - His heart rate just doubled.
Kill it, kill it, kill it ! Kill it, kill it-- [ Beeping Intensifies ]
- [ Gagging ] - [ Beeping Continues, Louder And Faster ]
- [ Beeping Stops ] - [ Growls ]
[ Speaking In Alien Voice ] Name is Kree.
- I won't speak to the traitor. You are their leader ? - I am.
- Speak. - I'm General George Hammond, United States Air Force.
Commander in Chief of the S.G.C. And you are--
Interested only in returning through the Stargate. Now !
You are in no position to make demands. I have a proposition.
Release me now, or I will destroy you.
If you will leave this man's body, we will allow you to live, and send you back...
through the Stargate in your natural fo-- This body is mine !
If you're unwilling to leave, we will be forced to surgically--
Teal'c ! Hold him !
Release me now, or I will destroy you !
- Do not attempt to escape ! - I command you !
We will open fire ! Colonel, stand aside ! Release me now !
- Take aim ! - [ Rifles Clicking ]
- [ Speaking In Human Voice ] Don't shoot ! - Don't shoot !
Hold your fire. [ Kawalsky Gasping ] Oh ! Oh, God.
[ Groaning ] It's all right, son. I won't put you through that again.
Oh, Jack, what did I do ? Nothin'.
Just got a little mouthy. Nothing serious.
Doctor Warner ? I want to know the minute...
that godforsaken thing can be taken out of my officer, is that clear ?
Yes, sir. This conversation is over.
[ Beeping Continues ]
As you were, people.
In light of the day's events, Colonel Kennedy has chosen...
to make certain recommendations to my superiors that I want to share with all of you.
Colonel Kennedy ? I know that many of you have served with Major Kawalsky,
so please forgive me if what I'm about to suggest appears in any way callous,
but I believe surgical removal of the parasite may be a mistake.
General, this is a waste of time Kawalsky does not have.
Doctor Warner, what are Major Kawalsky's chances of surviving the procedure ?
Ten, twelve percent at most. And the parasite ?
It is an intelligent being after all, isn't it, Colonel ? I read that in your report.
The parasite itself would not survive the procedure.
So, we're faced with destroying one life in the hopeless attempt to save another.
- You see the ethical dilemma. - No, I don't.
My team and I are completely prepared to perform the procedure, sir.
[ Warner ] We'll do our best. [ Kennedy ] Of course you will, doctor.
Please don't misunderstand. We all wish the invading parasite...
in Major Kawalsky's body could be safely removed.
But the facts are the facts.
- What was your point ? - If we proceed with this operation,
Major Kawalsky will have died in vain.
- And if we don't ? - Well, let's consider that for a moment.
These infant Goa'ulds--
If they're so young, so fragile in their larval state,
that they require a, uh-- I'm sorry, what is it you called yourself ?
- Jaffa. - For want of a better translation, what ?
Incubator ? How is it that they're so intelligent ?
A Goa'uld is born with the knowledge of all Goa'ulds that came before it.
Genetic memory. That's amazing.
Yes, it is: all the knowledge of the goa'ulds.
I just want you all to think on that before we just throw it away.
I've thought about it. You thought about it ? I think we've all thought--
- Any more thinking to be done ? - Colonel--
Imagine if we could convince this goa'uld to share that knowledge.
A Goa'uld would not willingly share. No, Teal'c is right.
To them, we're nothing. Less than nothing.
I mean, think about it: they've taken on the roles of our ancient gods.
- What does that tell you ? - [ Kennedy ] All right. What if we just studied it ?
How much could we learn from that ? What if we faced up to the fact...
of Major Kawalsky's slim chances of survival,
and realized that the greatest enemy mankind may ever face...
has just been delivered right to our doorstep.
Even if we let it return through the Stargate as a gesture of good faith,
- how much could we-- - Just what kind of an officer are you, Colonel ?
- Sir ? - As long as there is a snowball's chance in hell...
that my officer will come out of this procedure alive, we'll go ahead with it.
With respect, General, I feel I should take this to my superiors.
[ Scoffs ] Well, me, I'll probably just call the president,
and get approval right from the horse's mouth.
But sure, you go right ahead, Colonel. Talk to your superiors.
In the meantime, people, let's get the job done.
[ Screeching ]
Do you have any sense that the new anesthetic...
is working better than the last one we tried ?
Yes. But you're not sure ?
There's no communication at all between you and the symbiote ?
A Jaffa does not communicate with the Goa'uld it carries.
Well, keep your fingers crossed.
Uh, nurse, you can stop this I.V. and release the patient.
We'll go with this one.
They're gettin' ready.
It's about time.
How's the pain ?
Maybe I'm just getting used to it.
Listen, Jack, if this doesn't work-- Hey, come on.
It's a cakewalk.
It hurts to talk. Will you shut up for a second ?
I want to be cremated.
I don't want there to be anything left of that thing inside me.
You make sure, all right ?
Can we not talk about this ? When am I gonna talk about it, Jack ?
This could be my last conversation. Aw, for cryin' out loud.
It's not your last conversation.
Hey, I spoke to the doc. He told me the odds.
Don't give me any crap.
Okay. It's our last conversation.
You'll be off on some other planet, anyway.
Yeah. P3A-575--
Whatever. Whatever.
This was gonna be my first real command.
I was looking forward to it. You still can, Charlie.
[ Scoffs ] They got me all tied up here.
Give me your hand.
I want you to know, no matter what happens,
it was an honor to serve with you, sir.
Listen, um--
I gotta ask you something. It's not easy for me.
We're friends.
If you don't make it,
can I have your stereo ?
[ Laughs, Coughs ]
- What ? - [ Coughing Continues ]
It hurts to laugh.
[ Sighs ] You all right ?
Oh, never better.
[ Warner ] I've held back on the use of anesthetic...
until it can be administered to both patient and creature simultaneously.
Major Kawalsky, we're going to begin the operation.
Are you ready ?
I want to say something. General Hammond, sir ?
[ Hammond Over P.A. ] I'm here, son.
[ Kawalsky ] If this doesn't work,
I want you to give the order.
I want to wake up as me or not at all.
[ Microphone Feedback Squealing ] You have my word, son.
[ Nurse ] Scalpel.
Injecting anesthetic.
[ Warner ] All right. Start the clock.
I'm making the first incision.
I'm separating the primary ganglia...
attaching the parasite to the spinal cord... now.
It's coming away more easily than I'd hoped.
Must be the anesthetic.
At least it's going well. That's fantastic.
If we can reverse what's happened to the Major,
then there's still a chance for Sha're.
Let's hope.
The ganglia are still constricting...
Obviously, there still seems to be some...
sign of life in this symbiote.
I don't know how. Scissors.
[ Nurse ] Scissors.
There are thin filaments extending up...
and into the brain.
I'm going to sever them.
[ Faint Tearing Sound ]
- [ Beeping, Faster ] - [ Warner ] Hold him still !
What's happening ?
I don't know, sir. I don't think it was anything I did.
I'd like to proceed.
- How much longer ? - Almost there.
Almost. Large clamp.
Large clamp.
[ Tearing, Sucking Sound ]
I'm... taking it out--
[ Squishing ]
I think we did it.
- [ Warner ] Close for me. - Well done, everyone.
[ O'Neill ] That's right, Dorothy. It was all a dream.
Can you move your fingers ?
Toes ?
Hey ! [ Chuckles ] Congratulations, Major.
You've already exceeded my wildest expectations.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Coughs ] Easy, big fella.
You're not drinking for two anymore.
[ Sighs ] I made it.
See ? Told ya. Piece of cake.
I heard the operation was a complete success, sir.
Congratulations. And I have my orders to return to Langley.
- Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. - With Teal'c, sir.
I have his travel orders as well.
You do realize that without his cooperation in finding an anesthetic,
the operation might have been a failure.
- I think we owe him something for that. - Unfortunately, Teal'c...
is now carrying the only living Goa'uld available for study.
And we do need to study it, sir, make no mistake on that.
These aliens are possibly the greatest threat this country has ever kno--
I'm well aware of the threat, Colonel. This facility is the front line.
It's the reason this command exists.
We just go about things differently around here.
I see. Well--
I'll make the transport arrangements in the morning.
You do that.
Anyway, Colonel Kennedy's probably going to want to take it with him.
So, if you want to see it once before he--
Are you talking about that thing in my head ?
Daniel thinks it's fascinating. No, I just thought you might want to see it.
No. Thanks.
Hey, I just heard. They're shipping Teal'c out to Langley.
Kennedy's taking him with him. What ? What for ?
"Study." That's Kennedy's word.
Right. Like a damn lab rat ?
Apparently, Kennedy's ethics are selective.
Listen, in case the Colonel can't talk him out of it,
I'd like a minute alone with Teal'c before they ship him out.
He helped get me through this.
I gotta thank him. Okay. I think that can be arranged.
Hey. Come on over here.
I want to shake hands with the man who helped save my life.
I'd like a minute alone with my friend.
I'll make it an order. Does that make you feel better ?
- [ Electrical Sizzling ] - [ Grunting ]
[ Speaking In Alien Voice ] Jaffa ! What they removed was merely a dead husk.
I had already become one with the host.
I give you this chance. Serve me, and you may live.
[ Choking ] I... will... not.
- Then die ! - [ Choking ]
Colonel, I'm doing everything I can. So, because he wasn't born...
on this particular planet, he doesn't have any rights anymore, is that it ?
Get out !
Major-- [ Screams ]
What happened ?
The Goa'uld has won. It's taken control of him.
But how ? It deceived us.
[ Rumbling, Banging ] [ Typing ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Countdown Beeping ]
Jaffa ! Kal sha.
You can not pass.
What ? He set the coordinates for Chulak.
[ Roaring ]
[ Grunting, Roaring ]
[ Hammond ] He set the autodestruct sequence on the fail-safe device.
How did he have the code ? I don't know,
but I need two ranking officers to override, and you're it !
All right, that did it. Open the blast doors.
Teal'c !
Hold him there !
[ Grunting, Groaning ]
Shut it down !
Now !
He was your friend.
My friend died on the table.
If anything, the fact that he knew how to set the autodestruct code...
proves that there's hope for Sha're and Skaara.
How ? Because only Kawalsky could have known that code.
So, something of the host must survive.
Oh, absolutely. That's good to hear.
Oh, anytime, sir. You just come on down. We'd be glad to have you.
[ Chuckles ] Well, hell, sir. He's right here.
Why don't you tell him yourself ?
I'm sure he'd like to hear from you.
[ Sighs ] Yes, Mr. President ?
Yes, sir.
Colonel O'Neill, is SG-1 ready to ship out ? We are, sir.
Then you have a go for a standard recon mission on P3-575.
Yes, sir.
Reporting as ordered.
"Sir." [ Whispers ] "Sir."
Sir. Welcome aboard, son.
[ Carter ] The map reports conditions on the planet are favorable.