Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 1, Episode 1 - Children of the Gods - full transcript

Colonel Jack O'Neill is brought out of retirement to lead a new expedition back to Abydos, only to find an old friend, a new enemy and a far wider use of the Stargate.

Man, this hand's as
lousy as this detail.

All right, everybody, ante up.

That's you, too.

Seven to the deuce, nothing there.

Boss and the eight, nothing happening.

Queen to the King. Possible
straight going there.

Eight on the eight.

And the Jack gets a boss.

Eight's open.

Aren't you guys afraid of
an officer coming down here?

Trust me, nobody ever
comes down here but us.

Does that thing always do that?

Do what? Whatever it is
under the tarp. I just...

..saw it move or do something.

Probably the only thing
it ever did was cost money.

It looks like they ran out. They
keep shipping personnel outta here.

I'm telling you, the thing is moving!

If you don't have the
straight, just fold.

Can we take that as a fold?

Just finish the hand. She's out.

What the...?


I take it this has
never happened before.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Don't touch it!

Hold your fire!


Hold it!

Identify yourself!

Jaffa! Kree!

Teal'c! Kree!

Get your hands off me!

Let her go!





Tyger. A-lada spryng.

Go! Go!

Hold your fire!

Sir, there's a ladder over here.

Colonel Jack O'Neill?


I'm Major Samuels.

Air Force?

Yes, sir. I'm the
General's Executive Officer.

Want a little piece of advice, Major?

Get re-assed to NASA.

That's where all the action's gonna be.

Out there.

I'm, uh, under orders to bring
you to see General Hammond, sir.

- Never heard of him.
- He replaced General West.

He says it's important.
Has to do with the Stargate.


Tag team number nine
to sub-level two,...

..vent shaft twenty-four.

We have to take a second elevator the
rest of the way. It's a long way down.

Yeah, I know.

I've been here before.

Ah. Of course.

This way, sir.


General Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill.


I can see that.

Me, I'm on my last tour.

Time to get my thoughts
together, write a book.

You ever think of writing about
your exploits in the line of duty?

I've thought about it.

But then I'd have to shoot
anyone that actually read it.

That's a joke, sir.

Most of my work the past
ten years was classified.

Yes, of course.

Major Samuels mentioned the Stargate.

Down to business. I
can do that. This way.

Anyone you know, Colonel?

They're not human.

You think

Best we can tell, these slits are a pouch,
similar to that found on a marsupial.

Like a kangaroo.

We haven't done an autopsy yet.

These people, or aliens,
whatever you want to call them,...

..came through,...

..killed four of my people,
and kidnapped another,...

..using advanced weapons.

Weapons, sir?

We can't... figure out how they operate.

Seen one before, I take it?

Yes, sir.

But there are no creatures
like this on Abydos.

Those people were human.
They were from Earth.

Ra brought 'em there
thousands of years ago.

I know all about that.

But your report said Ra was some kind
of alien that lived inside a human body.

Yeah, his eyes glowed.
That was our first clue.

Are you sure he's dead, Colonel?

Unless he could survive a tactical
nuclear warhead blown up in his face,...



Colonel, these people, or...

..whatever they are,...

..were guarding another man who
retreated back through the Stargate.

I got a good look at his eyes, Colonel.

They glowed.

How do you feel about the
Stargate mission, Colonel?

- How do you mean?
- It's been over a year.

- Has your perspective changed?
- Well, sir, l...

- Was that...
- Kawalsky and Ferretti, yes.

They were under your
command on the first mission.

Tell me about Daniel Jackson, Colonel.

Why are they questioning my men?

They're not your men
any more. You retired.

Daniel Jackson.

- You read the report?
- Yes.

It's all there.

Is it?

What's this all about, General?

- You didn't like Daniel Jackson.
- Daniel was a scientist.

He sneezed a lot.

Basically he was a geek, sir.

- You didn't have a lot of time for him.
- I didn't say that.

He also saved my life and found
the way home for my men and me.

A little thing like that
makes a person grow on you.

According to the mission brief,...

..your orders were to go
through the Stargate,... detect any possible threat
to Earth, and, if found,... detonate a nuclear device and
destroy the gate on the other side.


But that's not what you did, is it?

Not right away.

Ra's forces overpowered my team and...
took the weapon before I could arm it.

But, with Dr Jackson's help,
you regained control,...

..and did detonate the weapon, yes?


So, to the best of your
knowledge, Daniel Jackson,...

..and everyone else you knew
on Abydos, is dead, correct?

That's correct.


Then you won't mind if I
authorise a go-ahead on our plan.

This quartz material the
Stargates are made of...

..must be tough stuff if
it can withstand a Mark 3.

We sent a robot probe through
after we got back, sir.

It was flattened on the other end.

Obviously, the Abydos Stargate
had been buried in the rubble.

But somehow it got unburied.

Oh, my God.

You're sending another bomb?

Mark five this time.

If these creatures did reopen the
gate, we intend to reseal it for good.

General,... can't do that.

Countdown's already started.

Unless you have something to add.

General Hammond,...


I regret to inform you that my
report was not entirely accurate.

You didn't detonate the bomb.

Oh, I did, and it was
aboard Ra's spacecraft,... it did kill him and
eliminate the risk to Earth.

- However?
- However...

Ra's ship was in orbit
above the planet at the time.

Neither the gate nor anything
else on the planet was destroyed.

Daniel Jackson is alive and
living with the people on Abydos.

You violated orders. Why?

The people are no threat.
They should be left alone.

- That's not up to you.
- With all due respect,...

..if I'd come back and reported
the gate was still intact,...

..we would've sent another bomb,
just like you were about to.

It wasn't necessary for them to die.

The threat from Ra was gone.

What about the probe
we sent? It was crushed.

After we came home, Daniel
buried the gate in rocks,...

..making my return or
anybody else's impossible.

Those four bodies in the
infirmary say otherwise, Airman.

We'll send the bomb through on schedule.

General, you can't!

Oh, I can't?

- There are innocent people there.
- There are innocent people here!

I have my orders too, Colonel.

I obey mine.

Take Colonel O'Neill
to the holding room.

Let's give him time to think,
while I decide what to do with him.


Colonel O'Neill, sir.

I'm retired, Kawalsky. Lose the salute.

Me and Ferretti didn't
tell them anything.

I appreciate that.

Hey, those kids on
Abydos saved my life, too.


The kids.

They're the whole
reason we kept it secret.



That one kid idolised you. Remember him?

Weird name... What was it?



Remember how he was always saluting you?


My kid used to do that
when he was little.

Skaara kinda reminded me of him.

Oh, man, Colonel...! We went
through that whole mission together.

I never even knew you had a son.

Well, he died.

Just before the Abydos mission.

I'm sorry, sir, I had no idea.

How many people did
you say are on Abydos?

That we saw, maybe five thousand.

Does this mean you're
reconsidering sending the bomb, sir?

It means I'm open to suggestions.

General, let me take a
team through that gate.

We'll find out who those aliens are.

Kawalsky and I have been there.
We know the land, the people.

You think you do. Jackson could be
dead. You don't know what you'd find.

Sir, there is one way to find out.

Right. We'll have the prototype
probe shipped from MIT.

General, we don't need that probe.

- We don't?
- No.

This'll do.

Machine overload.


Chevron four, encoded!

Care to explain this concept?

Chevron five, encoded!

Jackson has allergies.

I get it.

He'll know this came from
me, and not from someone,...

..with all due respect,
sir, like yourself.

Up one level.


Chevron six encoded.

OK, all clear, sequence five...


Chevron seven,...


The, um, object, should reach
final destination in five seconds.

Four, three, two,... TRACKING

The object should now be
through the Abydos Stargate.

- Now what?
- Now we wait.

If Daniel's around, he'll
know what the message means.

What if the aliens get it?

Well, they could be blowing
their noses right now.

They could be planning an attack.

Aw, come on, Samuels.

Let me be the cynic around here, OK?

Sir, this could take some time.


Permission to take a team
through the Stargate, sir?

Assuming I get the
President's authorisation,...

..the mission briefing
will be at 0800 hours.

Consider yourself recalled
to active duty, Colonel.

Ten hut!

Gentlemen, take your seats.

- Where's Captain Carter?
- Just arriving, sir.


I'm assigning Sam
Carter to this mission.

I'd prefer to put together my own team.

Not on this mission. Sorry.
Carter's our expert on the Stargate.

Where's he transferring from?

She is transferring from the Pentagon.

I take it you're Colonel O'Neill.
Captain Samantha Carter reporting, sir.

But, of course, you go by Sam?

You don't have to worry, Major. I
played with dolls when I was a kid.

GI Joe?

No, Major Matt Mason.

Oh... Who?

Astronaut doll. Did you have
that backpack that made him fly?

Let's get started.


Thank you.

Those of you on your first
trip through the gate...

..should be prepared for what to expect.

I memorised your report
from the first mission.

I've been preparing
for this all my life.

What the Colonel is saying is,...

..have you ever pulled out of a
simulated bombing run at 8-plus g's?


Well, it's way worse than that.

By the time you get to the
other side you're frozen stiff.

Like you've just been
through a blizzard. Naked.

That's due to the compression
your molecules undergo.

Oh, here we go.

Another scientist. General, please.

Theoretical astrophysicist.

Which means?

Which means she's smarter
than you are, Colonel.

Especially in matters
related to the Stargate.

I was studying gate technology
before Daniel Jackson made it work,...

..and before you both went through.
I should have gone through then.

But you and your men should accept
that I am going through this time.

Well, with all due respect, Doctor, l...

It is proper to refer
to a person by rank,...

..not their salutation.

You should call me Captain, not Doctor.

Captain Carter's assignment to this
unit is not an option, it's an order.

I'm an Air Force officer, just like you.

And just because my reproductive organs
are on the inside, not the outside,...

..doesn't mean I can't handle
whatever you can handle.

Oh, this has nothing to
do with you being a woman.

I like women.

I've just got a little
problem with scientists.

Colonel, I logged over 100 hours in
enemy airspace during the Gulf War.

Is that tough enough for you?

Or do we have to arm-wrestle?

I hate to throw a damper
on your enthusiasm,...

..but I still say the safest, most
logical way to deal with this... to bury the Stargate, just
like the ancient Egyptians did.

Then the aliens couldn't return.

- Eliminate the threat.
- It won't work.

It worked before.

They know what we are now.

They know how far we've come.

We're a threat to them.

They've got ships, General.

Ra had one as big as the great pyramids.
They don't need the Stargate to get here.

They can do it the old-fashioned way.

Now, with all due respect to Mr...

over here,...

..can't we use the Stargate... do reconnaissance before
they decide to come back?


I'll give you exactly 24 hours to
either return or send a message through.

No Kleenex boxes, please.

Otherwise, we'll assume the
worst and send a bomb through.


Try to follow orders this time, Colonel.


This time you bring Daniel
Jackson back. Is that clear?

Yes, sir.

Move out!


Don't worry, Colonel,
I won't let you down.


I was gonna say ''ladies first''.

You really will like me
when you get to know me.

Oh, I adore you already, Captain.

My God! Look at this!

The energy the gate must release
to create a stable wormhole! lt's...

It's... astronomical, to
use exactly the right word.

You can actually see the
fluctuations in the event horizon.


I think I'm gonna be sick.


Maybe you shouldn't have
had that big lunch, huh?



Lower your guns.

Hello, Jack.

Uh, welcome back.



I did not think to be seeing you again.

Daniel, how you doing?

Uh, good. You?

Much better, now that
I see everybody's OK.

Greetings from Earth, Dr Jackson.

Hello, Ferretti.

Brought you a little something, Daniel.


Sha're... don't be shy.


Good to see you again.

So, I figured it was only a matter of
time before you had to tell the truth...

- ..about us still being here.
- Yep.

Why the militia? Has
something else come through?

No, just taking precautions. Why?

Amazing. This is...

..what was missing from the dig at Giza.

This is how they controlled it.

It took us 1 5 years...

..and three supercomputers to MacGyver
a system for the gate on Earth.

- Captain?
- Look how small it is.


Oh, right. Excuse me.

Dr Jackson, I presume.

I'm Dr Samantha Carter.

Don't you want to be called Captain?

What's going on, Jack?

Six hostile aliens came
through the Stargate on Earth.

Four people are dead, one's missing.

One of them looked like Ra, Daniel.

Well, they didn't come from here.

The boys take shifts guarding
it 36 hours a day, every day.

We'd know if they came through here.

Well, they came from somewhere,
Daniel. I'm gonna have to look around.

I-l can help you find
out who it was,...

..but, uh, it's gonna have to
wait till this sandstorm is over.

Uh, we were about to
have our evening meal.

Why don't you join us?

Everybody try this.

This, too.

What's this?



Moon... shine?

Yeah, moonshine. As in booze. Uh...

Daniel, what do you teach these kids?

Try it.

All right.

Skaara's moonshine. I'll
give it a little shot.

Oh... God!

Smooth, very smooth.


Your little soldiers are
all grown up, Colonel.

Yeah. I'm so proud.



Your lighter.

No. It's yours.

I gave that to you to keep.


Thank you.

He's never been without
that while you were gone.


So, this... This man
who looked like Ra...

..must've come through another gate.

What gate? The Stargate only goes here.

- No. No. I think you're wrong.
- I was there.

We ran hundreds of permutations.

You didn't have what you need.

What are you talking about?

Daniel, the storm has passed.

I'll show you.

Sha're, ben quar ri,
Jack and his friends...

- see the vili tao an.
- Bonni wai?

I won't be long.

Goodbye, my Daniel.


- Hold the fort.
- Yes, sir.

Boy, I can't say I missed this place.

Come on.

This is just incredible.

So, l-l figured that there had to be more
to this place, so I started exploring.

Just around town and
the pyramid at first.

After a month, I found this place.

Uh, Captain Doctor,
you're gonna love this.

Oh, my God, this is amazing!

This is the archaeological
find of the century.

Daniel, you had a chance
to translate this yet?

I think so.

What's it say?

Well, uh, it doesn't say anything.

Actually it's... sort of
a chart, more of a... map.


I haven't analysed all of it.

I mean, look at it,... would take my whole life.

Well, Daniel, we don't have
that long. What's it a map of?

Well, the cartouches are
separated into groupings,...

..each attached to the
others with a series of lines.

Each grouping of glyphs has 7 symbols.
So, you can see where this is going.

Tell us anyway.

All of the symbols are on the
Stargate in the Abydos chamber.

I've also charted some of them
in the Abydos night sky,...

..or at least pretty close.

Jack, I think that this is a map of a...

..a vast network of Stargates,
Stargates all over the galaxy.

I don't think that can be, Doctor.

Why not?

After Colonel O'Neill came back, my team
tried hundreds of symbol permutations.

It never worked.

I tried here and it didn't work.

But I figured the destinations
I tried were destroyed or buried.

But, um, some of them
somewhere must still exist.

I don't think so.

Then where did your
Ra lookalike come from?

I know nothing about astrophysics,
but couldn't the planets change?

I mean, uh, drift apart
or something like that,... throw this map off.

I knew I'd like you.

You mean I'm right?

The expanding-universe model shows
that bodies are constantly moving apart.

- Since the Stargate was built...
- The coordinates have changed.

Why does it work
between Abydos and Earth?

Abydos may be the closest
planet in the network to Earth.

The closer they are the
less the difference... relative position due to expansion.

In a few thousand years it won't
work between Earth and Abydos either.

- Unless you adjust for the displacement.
- With this map as a base, that's easy.

All we do is correct for Doppler shift.

Then I can make a computer
model that will predict...

..the adjustments needed
to make the gate work.

OK, so what did we just figure out?

Any civilisation that could
build this gate network...

..would be able to compensate
for 50,000 years of stellar drift.

So... the Stargate can go other places?

The aliens could've come from anywhere.

Man, you gotta give Daniel
credit. She is one beautiful woman.

We got company, boys!

Move! Move! Take cover!

Sha're! Shim Rota!


No! Skaara!

This is not your weapon.
Where did you get it?

Good choice, Teal'c.

Perfect specimen.

No! Stop it! Stop it! Skaara! Skaara!

You may be the one.



There's so... There's so... many.

- What?
- So many of them.

It's all right. Just
tell me what happened.

- It was Ra...
- What's going on?

Ra is dead. Tao qua, Ra.

No... Ra... I saw...

He took Sha're.

He took Skaara...

..into the Chaapa-ai.

Where? Did you see?

Did you see?

What's going on, Daniel?

Could there be another Ra?

How the hell should I know?

I should've left the
barricade up. This is my fault.

Come on, come on.

Ferretti needs medical attention now!

Go! Help him! I can send you back.

You're coming with us
this time. I've got orders.

I don't care about your orders.

My wife is out there. So is Skaara.

We can only get 'em
back if you come with us.

Ferretti might've
seen those coordinates.

Captain, do you have the video?

I've got everything I need.

So many...



After we go through the Chaapa-ai,... have to bury it like we did
before, and then leave this place.

You come back?

No, I can't. Nobody can.
That's what I'm telling you.

Not for a... Iong time.

As soon as we're gone, I
want you to close it, bury it.

Put a big heavy cover stone over it.

Nothing good can ever come through
this gate. Do you understand me?

You came through it, Daniel.

Do you remember the story I told you?

How the ancient Egyptians
cut themselves off from Ra?

That is what you have to do.

Then, in one year from this day,... take the cover stone away.

I will try to bring Sha're
home with me on that day.

But if I don't make
it back, if I don't...

If I don't return, then you must
bury the gate again forever. Joa qua?

You tell Sha're's
father ''in one year''.

Stand by for arrival.

Stand by for arrival.

Incoming traffic.

Get the medic!

Get the medic!

Close the iris! Close the iris!

Wormhole disengaged.

What the hell's that, sir?

That's our insurance
against any more surprises.

It's pure titanium,
hopefully impenetrable.

Get the gauze on him. We've
got to stop the bleeding.

What happened, Colonel?

Base camp was hit while
we were on recon, sir.

- The same hostiles who attacked us?
- That's a fair guess.

Jackson's wife and one
of our kids was kidnapped.

Your kids?

From the previous mission, sir.

General, hi. Daniel Jackson.

Um, I'd like to be on the
team that goes after them.

You're not in any position
to make demands, Jackson.

C-Chel nok, her.

No! No! Skaara!


Your death cannot help her.

I'm not afraid of you!

Doc says he's gonna make it.

Yes, sir.

You gonna stay here all night?

Yes, sir.


They don't know what to do with me.

And I don't know what to do with myself.

C'mon. Let's get outta here.

- Nice catch.
- Thank you. Sorry.

Gate travel always makes my allergies...


So, you were saying.

Anyway, um... As soon as you
left they realised they were free.

I mean, Abydos was their
world for the taking.

Had a little party, did you?

Oh, yeah. Big, big party.

They treated me like their
saviour. It was, um...


It's amazing you turned out so normal.

Well, if it wasn't for
Sha're, I probably...

She was the complete
opposite of everyone else.

She laughed every time I tried to do
some chore they all took for granted.

Like, um, grinding yaphetta flour.

I mean, have you ever tried
to grind your own flour?

I'm trying to kick the flour thing.

This is going straight to my head.

What time is it? I must have gate lag.

Daniel, for crying out
loud, you've had one beer.

You're a cheaper date than my wife was.

Yes, when am I going to meet your wife?

Oh, probably,...

..uh, never.

After I came back from
Abydos the first time,...

..she'd already left.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. So was l.

I think in her heart she forgave me for
what happened to our kid. She just...

..couldn't forget.

And what about you?

I'm the opposite.

I'll never forgive myself.

But sometimes I can forget.



Where are you taking me?

I'm a sergeant in the US Air Force.

I demand to know where you're taking me!

Let go!

Let go of me!

Where the hell are you taking me?



Full of life.

You could be the vessel
for my future queen.



Very nice indeed.

But I am not the one
you must finally please.

Yametha, re!

Does she please you, my love?

A shame.

Send another!

Ladies and gentlemen, General Hammond.

People, what is spoken of in this
room is classified as SCI top secret.

Colonel, what do we know
about these hostiles now?

Not a hell of a lot.

The Abydon boys who survived
the attack thought it was Ra.

I thought he was dead. Which is it?

He's definitely dead.

I mean, uh, the, bomb...
He's gotta be dead, right?

Then who's coming through?

The gods.


Not as in...

..''God'' God.

Ra played a god, the sun god.

He borrowed the ancient
Egyptians' religion,...

..then used it to enslave them.

He wanted the people of Abydos
to believe he was the only one.

You're saying Ra's not
the last of his race?

He's got a brother
- Ray!

- That's what we need.
- Wait.

The legend goes Ra's race was dying.

He took over the body of his
human host, an Egyptian boy.

But who's to say more of his
kind couldn't do the same thing?

This could happen
anywhere there's a gate.

I mean, this could be
happening right now.

Colonel, you've fought this hostile.

Assuming you have to defend yourself
in the field, are you up to it?

We beat 'em once.

I'll take that as a maybe.
You're confident the Stargate...

..will take us where we want
to go with this new data?

They're feeding the revised
coordinates into the computer.

It'll take time, but it should
spit out two destinations a month.

People, let's not fool ourselves here.
This thing is both vast and dangerous.

We are so far over our heads,
we can barely see daylight.

We'd be much better off if the
Stargate had been left in the ground.

With respect,...

..we can't bury our heads in the sand.

Think of what we could learn.
What we could bring back.

What you could bring back
is what I'm afraid of.

However, the President of the
United States agrees with you.

If your theories pan out, he
has ordered the formation of...

..nine teams, who will perform
reconnaissance, determine threats,...

..and make peaceful contact
with the peoples of these worlds.

Now, these teams...

..will operate on a
covert, top-secret basis.

No-one will know they exist except
the President and the joint chiefs.

Colonel O'Neill...


Your team will be designated SG-1 .

It will consist of
yourself, Captain Carter...

And me?

We need you to work as a consultant
with the other SG teams from here.

Your expertise in ancient cultures
and languages are far too valuable...


Um, look, uh, I know
this is your decision...

..but I just... I...

I really have to be on their team.

My wife is out there,
General. I need to go.

I'll take that under
consideration. Major Kawalsky,... will head SG-2.

I will?

Colonel O'Neill keeps telling me
it's about time you had a command.

I had a moment of weakness.

Ferretti's conscious, sir.


I'll take over. Thanks.


..l know you're probably
not feeling so hot,...

..but we need something from you.

Looks like he's way
ahead of you, Colonel.

You saw all seven symbols?
This is where they went?

- You're sure?
- Mm...

Colonel, I'd like to remind you...

..that rescuing Dr Jackson's
wife is a secondary objective.

In the event you fail to notify
base camp within 24 hours,...

..SG-2 will scrub the mission
and return without you.


Not gonna happen, Colonel.
SG-2 won't leave without you.

Let's confirm transmitter codes.

Only the right code will open the iris.

If you lose your transmitter,
you cannot get home.

Understood, sir.

SG-1 and

..if you do not return in 24 hours,...

..your remote transmitter
codes will be locked out,...

..and the iris will
be sealed permanently.

At that point, there will be no return.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

Let's move out!

Kinda wish I was going with you.

Yeah? I'm kinda glad
you're staying behind.

All right. Let's go, boys.



Dammit, it's cold.

OK, people, let's get
the gear out! Let's move!

Does anybody have a Kleenex?




It must be a ceremonial place.

The gate has to be an integral
part of their spiritual culture.

This place was built for worshippers.

Let's try to be out of here before
the worshippees show up, huh?

You figure out yet how to align
this gate to get back home?

Yeah. It's the same as on
Abydos. This symbol represents...

- You brief Kawalsky?
- Yes. This symbol...

Good job.

We'll have to set camp
where there's better cover.

Sirs, I found a trail on the mountain.

- It's seen traffic in the last few days.
- Thank you. Carter?

I set up a line of claymores along
that ridge at ten-metre intervals.

- Sound about right, Kawalsky?
- Yeah. That'll work.





No! No!

This one has spirit.

Does she please you, my love?

This looks like a good
spot right up here.

If we're not back in 20 hours...

- We'll come rescue your sorry asses.
- Negative.

You'll go back through the gate...

..before the iris is
locked so you can't go back.

Yes, sir.

Hold down the fort.

Pick me up a T-shirt.

So, Doctor Jackson, tell
me more about Sha're.

How did you meet?

- Sha're? Well, she's, uh...
- She was a gift.

She was actually from the elders of
Abydos the first time we were there.

- And you accepted?
- Hold up.


All right, Captain, take
a position 50 yards...

Oh, for crying out loud!


The man has not changed.

Uh, w-w-we just came
through the Stargate.

Uh, the, uh...



No, please don't do that.

Friends of yours?

Unless we want a bad reputation,...

..we should avoid shooting the
first people we meet on a new planet.

Oh, please, you don't have to do this.

Chula a lazla?



They wanna know if we're here to choose.

Uh, sure. Uh, we can choose.

Choosing... choosing is good.

It's a derivation of
Arabic combined with...

Yeah, yeah. All right. Whatever.

Ask 'em to take us to
the nearest village.

Uh, would you take us to, um...

Uh, uh...

Um... Arush.


Yah, alla.



Chulak, eh?


Chulak. S-sounds good.

I hear it's nice this time of year.

Atuhara a lazla.

Why are they treating us like this?

They think we're gods.

OK. We're gods.

Now what?

I have no idea.

When in Rome.


Your Queen.


Kneel before your queen.

Sha're, it's me.


You wanted to see me, sir?

Once we seal the iris we can
still hear from our teams?

Yes, sir.

But it could be the aliens.

Or one of our own people being tortured.

- Sealing the Stargate is...
- How much longer do they have?

Just under two hours, sir.

Daniel... Daniel...

Oh... Sha're.

Whoa. Easy. You've been unconscious.

- No, I saw her.
- I know. We all did.

I saw Sha're. She was...

Uh, if there's a way out of
here, I haven't found it yet.

But look what I didfind.


- You're OK?
- I think so.

Easy, big guy. Welcome back
to the land of the conscious.

O'Neill told me about Sha're.

Jack, help me. We can find her.



If we can't get out of
here, the mission's a bust.

They seal the gate in
just over 90 minutes.

C'mon, Skaara, let's
find a way out of here.


What is this?

It's a watch.

This is not Goa'uld technology.

Where are you from?


Chicago, if you wanna be specific...

Your words mean nothing.
Where are you from?

Uh, excuse me...

This is where we're from.

Warren, rise and shine.

The sun is...

The suns are coming up.

We're gonna be all right.

We can't go through another
night like that, Captain.

Yeah. Gets a little chilly
on this planet at night.

The Colonel should've sent
us a radio message by now.

When do you have to make your decision?

Whether or not to go
back to the Stargate?

That'll be about when hell freezes over.

That describes our current situation.

We are not leaving without
the Colonel. Understood?

Another fine day on planet Kawalsky.

So, Ra isn't dead after all.

No, it wasn't Ra.

It was Apophis.


Um, it's from Egyptian mythology.

Ra, the sun god, ruled the day.

Apophis, the serpent god, and
Ra's rival, ruled the night.

It's right out of ''The
Book of the Dead''.

They're living it.

We will save Sha're?

- I can't promise that.
- But you are a great warrior!

We defeated Ra together!

But look what we're up against.

We'll try.

Shaka ha!

Kree hol mel, Goa'uld!

What did he say?

They're going to choose.

Choose what?

Who will be the children of the gods.



Jack, help me, please.

Daniel! Don't!


Ya wan, ya daru!

Kneel before your masters!



Ya wan, ya daru!



This one.

We choose this one.


He is passionate.

How much would I
remember if you chose me?

Daniel, what're you doing?

Something of the host must survive.

We choose...






O'Neill! O'Neill!





Kill the rest.

I can save these people!

Help me!

Help me.

Many have said that.


But you are the first
I believe could do it.

Get out of the way!

- Come on, let's move!
- Come on, come on!

- Come on!
- Move! Come on!

Come on! Go! There you go! Go!

Go, go!

Come on!

You gonna be OK?

Hey! C'mon!

I have nowhere to go.

For this, you can stay
at my place. Let's go.

What's your name?


Teal'c, where will they
take Skaara, the boy?

To the Stargate.

After they've selected
hosts for their children,...

..they will return home.

Sir, they have just under
an hour until the deadline.

We should've heard from them by now.

A lot can happen in an hour, Major.

We've got less than
an hour. How we doing?

We lost a few in the forest.

They will be hunted down and killed.

Anyone who does not exist to
serve the gods is their enemy.

And that makes you...?

I am a Jaffa. Bred to
serve, that they may live.

I-l don't understand.

What the hell's that?

It is an infant Goa'uld.
The larval form of the gods.

I have carried one since I was a child.

As all Jaffa carry one.

Get it out of there.

In exchange for carrying the
infant Goa'uld until maturity,...

..a Jaffa receives perfect
health and long life.

If I were to remove it,
I would eventually die.

Well, if I were you,
I'd take my chances.

All right, come on, people! Let's go!

Let's move!

The boy you seek is
no longer who he was.

I don't wanna hear that.

Take cover!

Colonel, we're sitting ducks here!



Come on, folks!

Up the hill!

Great shot!

- How many are there?
- A dozen.

More. They're headed for the gate.

What about Skaara?

He's with them.

We don't have much time
before they lock us out.

Warren! Casey! On my right!



Colonel! Sir!



Did you see the symbols?

Sir, the deadline has been reached.

Standing by to seal off Stargate, sir.

- Awaiting your order, sir.
- In a minute, Major.

Sir, we've got movement in the trees.

Hostiles closing in!

OK, we're going on a field trip.

Daniel, get busy on that
Stargate. We got company.

Arm your claymores. Me, Casey
and Warren'll be the last men out.


That's myjob.

Captain, help Daniel.

Send the signal, then go through.
Say we're bringing company.

Come on! Move it!

Warren, give me an update.

Looks like a whole battalion,
sir. 200 yards and closing.

- Doctor Jackson?
- I've got it. I have it here.

Come on!

Sir, we've got hostiles
coming out of the trees.


All right.

Seal it off. Lock out
their transmitters.

Yes, sir!



Go, go!

We can't hold 'em, sir.

Send the signal as soon
as it opens, Captain.

Pull 'em out!

Fall back! Fall back!

Sir, a wormhole has been
established on the other side.

Delay my last order. Do not seal the
gate or lock out their transmitter codes.

Yes, sir.

Do we have a remote transmitter signal?

No signal yet, General.

- Is it working?
- Let's hope so.

If not, I'll be the first to know.

Wait, there it is!

Come on. Come on, come on!

Hold your fire! They're refugees.

I hope you know what
you're doing, Captain.

Come on, two of you, two of you!

Hit the claymores!

Come on. Come on. Come on, come on.

We need cover here.


That's it!


- They behind you?
- I hope so.

Go! Go!

Colonel, more hostiles, eight o'clock.


Whoa! Hold your fire!

They're with us!

- Now! Lock it up!
- Closing iris!

Wormhole disengaged.

Medic! Medic!

- You got him?
- Yeah, I got him, thanks.

Hold on there. Get these people back.

We've gotta help these people, please.

Let's go. Man down.
Stand back! Stand back!

- Let's get him into the infirmary.
- Get him inside.

Colonel O'Neill.

Care to explain?

Um, we can use the Stargate
to send these people home, sir.

What's he doing here?

General Hammond, this is Teal'c.

He can help us.

Do you know what he is?

Yes, sir, I do.

He's the man who saved our lives.

And, if you accept my
recommendation, sir,...

..he'll join SG-1 .

That decision may not be up to you.

Stand back.

Let's get him off the ramp!

Kawalsky, you all right?

Yeah, I'm good.

Colonel O'Neill, Major Kawalsky,...

..this sure-to-be
interesting debriefing...

..for SG units one and
two will be at 0730.

Yes, sir.

All right, let's get
these people situated.

- She's out there somewhere, Jack.
- I know.

So's Skaara.

So, what do we do?

We find 'em.

Visiontext subtitles: Jane Eden