Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - No Place Safe - full transcript

When Kaz decides to join up with Poe and the Resistance, things go awry when he discovers the First Order has located the Colossus.

And this, Your Majesty,
is the marketplace,

which will hopefully
be bustling again

now that we have
found a new home,

largely thanks to you,
great queen.

Uh, welcome.

Welcome, oh, great queen,

to my humble establishment.

I invite you to taste
a delicacy of our home planet.

I present... a gorg!

That is very kind of you.

Wow, I‐I‐I have never
met a queen before.

These gorgs grow to be
quite large.


Please, this way.

So why aren't you
up there racing?

You're an Ace now.

This is what you've
always wanted, right?

I've been thinking
about it, Yeager,

and I just can't stay here
and sit out the fight.

I think it's time for me
to leave the Colossus.

Season 02 Episode 16

Episode Title: "No Place is Safe"

I'll be leaving
the Colossus shortly

- to join you, Norath.
- ‐ Great.

Get here as soon
as you can, Kaz,

within two rotations
if possible.

We'll then rendezvous
with the others.

I'll leave right away.

Sending coordinates
through an encrypted channel.

Ah, I'm excited to have you
on board, buddy.

The Resistance needs all
the good pilots we can get.

See you soon.


sounds like
you'll be leaving us.

Yes, sir.

I understand
why you don't want to fight.

My father would prefer
that I don't get involved,

but that's just not who I am.

I respect that.

You are a good person,

I wish you the best of luck.

It's been an honor,
Captain Doza.

I truly hope this place
will be the safe haven

you've been looking for.

Orbital probes
are away, sir.

I want an hourly report
on whatever they find.

We cannot overlook
the smallest detail

if we're going
to find Colossus.

why is your helmet off.

Ah, Rucklin.

What are you doing down here?

I'm going stir crazy
with all this waiting around.

When will they let us
fly again?

I hear there are probes
in the hunt,

and they're sure
to turn up something soon.

You'll get your chance, Cadet.

Look what the First Order
is accomplishing.

We've secured most
of the major systems.

Soon, we'll have control
over the entire galaxy,

and you and I
will make our mark.

As long as it gets me
back out there.

What‐what do you mean
you are leaving us, Kaz?

Neeku, I have to do this.

Please, try to understand.

Oh, Kaz, you are
my bestest friend.

I will forever miss you.



Here, I want you to have this.

It's my first racing trophy.

My most prized possession.

Oh, I...

I will cherish this
damaged‐yet‐symbolic trinket

forever, Kazuda.

My greatest thanks to you.

You've become my best...

my bestest friend, too, Neeku.

Best I ever had.

Can't‐can't breathe.


So it's true.

You are leaving.

Synara. Torra.

How can you just take off?

You're an Ace!
Aces stick together!

I know, I'm...
I know, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna miss flying
with you out there, Torra.

Out, everyone out.

I need to speak to Kaz alone.


I'll miss you too,

Do you even know
where you're going?

A rendezvous point
near Batuu.

I have the coordinates.

Okay, well, well,
I want you to, uh... ‐

I want you to...

take the Fireball.


You're giving me
the Fireball?

Yeager, I don't know
what to say.

Don't blow a servomotor,

I know she's old,
but if you're good to her,

she'll be good to you.

I know she means
a lot to you.

Thank you so much, Yeager.

Just keep her safe

and watch yourself out there.

I will, Bucket.
She'll be in good hands.

I know, Bucket.

You've changed a lot since
you first got here, Kazuda.

You're not the awkward kid
that came here with Poe.

I'm proud of you.

Don't worry, CB.

We're making
the right decision.

All right, CB,
start calculations

for the jump to hyperspace.

Wait, what's scanning us?

It's the First Order.

I see them, CB!

Ah, they're coming in too fast.
Hang on.


Homing missiles?
Oh, no!

Oh, homing missiles.

Come on!

I think these belong to you!


Oh, my head.

CB, you okay?


Ah, wonderful.

We're picking up
a transmission, sir.

One of our orbital probes near
Aeos Prime sent this image.

It looks like our friend,
Kazuda Xiono.

The Colossus
can't be far behind.

Aeos Prime,
home to a race of people

who once collaborated
with the Rebel Alliance.

We should have
wiped them out before.

But now we'll correct
our mistake.

We're going in full force.

Plot a course
for the Aeos system

and order the pilots
to their fighters.

Okay, uh, think, Kaz, think.

Think, think, think.
What would Yeager do?

He'd say a pilot's
best mechanic is himself.

Hmm, then he'd say...

the emergency power cell, Kaz,

to jumpstart
your astromech droid.

Whoa, it worked!
Thanks, Yeager.

You're welcome, Kaz.

I'm glad you're okay, CB.

Listen, the comlink is fried.

We need to restore power
to the thrusters.

Let's move, 533!
We're scrambling.

The Colossus has been located,

and we have orders
to take it down.

The Colossus.


Oh, we're back
in business, CB.

I know, we have
to leave immediately

to make the rendezvous
with Norath.

But we're not going.

If there's
any chance that probe

got word
to the First Order,

we have to warn the others.

What in Castilon?


Ah, Kaz!


Oh, I am so very pleased
you have returned,

bestest friend
in the galaxy.

Did you forget
your plasma wrench?

Sorry, pal, no time.
We're all in danger.

Gotta warn Doza.

Kaz, what happened out there?

I think we're in trouble,



I ran into...

First Order probe...

Shot it down, but could
show up any moment.

Neeku. Neeku!


None of our long‐range scans
have shown any sign off...

The First Order.

No, it can't be.

It took months to find
the perfect planet

for our new home.

I'm so sorry, sir.

I know this isn't
what you hoped for,

but they're here now,
and we need to leave.

Yes, you're right.

Aces, scramble your fighters.

Repeat, scramble your fighters.

The First Order is here.

4D, cannons at the ready.

Start preparations
for lift‐off.

Uh, Yeager...

Just take my ship.

Your personal ship?

Go before I change my mind.

And take Bucket with you.

Your Majesty,
the First Order has found us.

I'm afraid we must leave.

Tell your people to find cover.

No, you gave us healers
and medicine for our wounded,

and you reminded us that there
is still light to be found

in these dark times.

We will help you escape.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

The Colossus is not to be
allowed to escape.

Disable it
by any means necessary.

Yes, sir.
DT‐533, are you ready?


Tam, are you with me?


Okay, Aces, gotta hold
those TIEs back

till the Colossus can jump.

Relax, Bucket,
I've got this.

Heads up, here they come.

Bombers incoming.

- Yeager?
- Whoo!

Now this baby can fly!

Bombers are closing in.

Torra, Griff, go wide
and flank those bucket brains!

Target locked.
Ready to deploy.

Deflector shields
are weakening, Captain.

Coming around
for another pass.

What the...

Ha ha!
I love these guys!

The Aeosians are
holding off the TIEs.

It's now or never.

All hands,
prepare for takeoff.

The station is in range, sir,
but we're taking heavy losses.

Fire all cannons
on their engines

and take out
their hyperdrive.

The Colossus is taking off.

It's gonna try and break out.

They're not gonna get far

with that Star Destroyer
closing in.

Don't worry,
I've got a plan.

We're gonna attack
the Star Destroyer head on.

What, are you crazy?
I'm with Kaz.

It's our best option to keep
the First Order distracted

while the Colossus
prepares to jump.

Tam, those fools are taking
the Star Destroyer head on.

Yeager would never
do something that reckless.

That could only be Kaz.

They're attempting to
attack us head on.

Ha, pathetic.

Intensify forward deflectors
and open fire.

Okay, we got their attention.

Now what do we do?

Just hang on
as long as you can.

We've got to give
the Colossus more time.

You've got it!

They've ascended beyond
our reach, my queen.

Then we have done
all we can for them.

We must retreat
beneath the ocean

before the First Order returns.

Shields are at 15%, Captain.

Come on.


I know, I know!
They're locked onto us.

We've just gotta get
to that bridge.


Yeah, we almost had 'em.

That's some kinda
TIE fighter pilot.

Impressive pilot.
Who is that?


Shields are at 5%, Captain.

Aces, we're in the clear.

Get back so we can make
the jump to hyperspace.

Whoo, finally!
Let's get outta here!

We're all in, Doza!

Punch it!

General Hux
will not be pleased

when you report your failure.

It's not General Hux
I'm concerned about.

Well, hope you enjoyed
flying my ship.

It won't happen again.

I am sorry
you missed your chance

to meet up
with the Resistance, Kaz.

It's okay, Neeku.

Looks like this is where
I'm needed most after all.


I have this feeling
that Tam was out there.

That she was the one
who locked onto me

just before I attacked
the bridge.


If I hadn't
shot that missile,

I think she would have
taken me out.

I know you cared about her,
we all did,

but she made a choice,

and she turned her back on us.

I know you don't want
to hear this,

but we're gonna have
to do the same to her.

I guess you're right.

Cadet pilot, DT‐533.

Am I in trouble, sir?

We are greatly impressed

with your skill
and bravery, Cadet.

You are hereby promoted
to Second Squadron Commander.

Miss Ryvora.


Thank you, sir.

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