Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Breakout - full transcript

Kaz and Norath try to help their friends while being pursued by a deadly bounty hunter.

Tagrin, bring the prisoners
to the main hangar.

On our way, Pyre.

Move it, "Resistance."

I have no more time for your

Oh, oh, oh...

Looks like our friends
have finally arrived.

But there's still no sign
of Synara and Yeager.

I've got a bad feeling
about this.

What do you see?

They've got Yeager and Synara...
even CB.

Looks like they're being
taken to the main hangar.

Now instead of rescuing
my friends

from a bounty hunter,
we've got to rescue them

from the First Order.

Oof, I'm sorry I put out
that distress call.

I had no idea things
would escalate this quickly.

Hey, it's not your fault,

You did
what you had to do.

I think that bounty hunter
wanted you to put out

that distress call
to lure out more Resistance.

Come on, quick, before we get

Secure the perimeter.

Yes, sir.

Pyre, I want that bounty to
be transmitted

to my account immediately.

Really? I see a collaborator
and a pirate.

I do not see
the three Resistance agents

you promised me,

They didn't get far.

Believe me.
I'll find them.

Just make sure you hold up your
end of the bargain.

Oh, I will.

But if my men catch them first,
you get nothing.

Jarek Yeager.

This is a pleasant surprise.

We never got a chance
to talk last time.

In any case,
I look forward

to getting
to know you.


Season 02 Episode 13
Episode Title: "Breakout"

The First Order won't waste
any time.

Your friends are gonna be
interrogated right now.

Kaz, what is going on?

Captain Doza, I... I can barely
hear you.

What is your status?

A bounty hunter caught
Yeager, Synara,

and CB and turned them
over to the First Order.

Where are you?

I have powered down
the Colossus,

and we are hidden within some
electrical interference,

but it's only a matter of time
before their patrols spot us.

Hold out as long as
you can, Captain.

We have a plan.

We're gonna get everyone back

Hurry, Kaz.

If we run into trouble up here,

we may have to jump away
without you.

Understood. We'll be back
before you know it.

if we jump away,

Kaz and Yeager won't be
able to find us.

I will keep us here
as long as I can, Torra.

But if we have to jump
to safeguard the people here...

we jump.

Ayy... ooh‐ooh, augh.

Norath, don't do that.

Sorry. My fault. My fault.
So, uh... so what is your plan

to rescue everyone and get us
out in one piece?

Yes, right, the plan.


uh, the plan.

The plan.
The plan.

You just told Doza you had one,

Please tell me you actually
have one?

Of course I do.

What, you think I'd get us into
this mess without a plan?


Okay, okay, I'm still
formulating a plan.

I just...
I just need to think.

Have you seen these
two Resistance agents?

Commander Pyre.

So far we've found
no sign of the Colossus.

Continue your search,

I trust it will be most

Yes, sir.

Is the droid's memory
core intact?

Yes, but it's heavily

But you can decrypt it,

Yes, sir, but the
droid seems to be

blocking our scanners.

Well, disable it.

I want names of agents,
locations of bases,

military codes,
anything we can use

to root out and destroy the

It doesn't have to be this

Just tell me
the location of the Colossus.

Stop it. I said stop.

I'm surprised you care about
this... pirate, Yeager.

How compassionate.

Unlike you, I'm a
compassionate person.

Is that so?

that's not how Tamara described you.

But we'll get to that soon

shall we continue?

We can't keep sneaking
around like this forever.

We need a plan.

Of course.

- Stormtroopers.
- Where?

No, that's the plan.

What is?

You messing with
my head or what?

No, listen. We ambush
a couple of stormtroopers

and use their armor to sneak
into the hangar

and rescue everybody.

Guess it's up to me
to come up with a plan then.

No, no, no, it's
a good plan.

I've done it before,
sort of.

Just trust me.


Stop them.

Ahh! Move it, Norath.

Ahh! Excuse me. Excuse me,

Hi. Uh... do you mind
if we hide

in your place for a moment?

Ah! Sorry, sir.
We have no time.

Augh... augh.


Just give us one minute and
we are out of here.

What were you thinking

At this rate we are definitely
gonna get...


Open up in there.
That's an order.

I said open up.

We're looking for two
Resistance spies.

We saw them come through

- What?
- Ohh!

See? Trooper disguise,
nice and...

Out, out...

Okay, okay. We're going.
We're going.

Ah, it's like I said...
trooper disguise...

Nice and easy...

I can't believe...
we're actually doing this...

Are you sure
this looks okay on me?

This thing is... this thing is
two sizes too small.

You look fine.

They won't know the difference.

We'll blend in,
find and rescue my friends,

get to our shuttle just outside
of town,

and fly back to the Colossus
before the First Order

even knows what's happening.

You better hurry.

Ugh, I can barely see through
this thing.

This helmet is too tight.

No, no, no, your...
your head is just too big.


Hey, look sharp.
We got friends.


The hangar is this way.

I want answers.

How do you contact
General Organa?

Where is the Resistance hiding?


I can't tell you
something I don't know.

Tamara told me many

interesting things
about your past

with the Rebellion,

She told me willingly
without coercion.

You manipulated her.

You fed her nothing
but lies.

She'll realize how evil the
First Order is,

and take you down without you
even knowing it.

It's so sad.

By the time you accept that
Tamara's truly betrayed you

and joined us,
the rest of your pathetic crew

will have paid for your
ignorance with their lives.

Agent Tierny,
your assistance is needed

at console A2.

We'll continue this
conversation shortly.

Hurry back.
I don't like waiting.

Are you okay?

I... I've been through worse.

That was barely a...

She's not going to quit until
she gets answers.

How do we get out of here?

So... we just walk
into the hangar like this?

How many times have you
done this before?

I can't even count
the amount of times...

Okay, only once,
but it worked.

I'm still here, right?


How do you know they won't
catch us?

Just be calm and
don't do anything

that isn't First... Orderly.

Trust me; we'll be in and
out in no time.

Hey, you two.

Fall in.

Uhh, sir, yes, sir.

We got this.

I really hope so.

The Colossus can't hide
from the First Order

much longer, Father,

but our fighters
will be way harder to spot.

We can stay behind and call for

a pick‐up when Kaz is ready.

No, Torra,
it's too risky.

Captain Doza,
incoming transmission from Varkana.

It looks like it's coming
from their shuttle.

Kaz. what's your status?

We're running out of time up

Kaz, are you there?

Father, why did you turn off
the transmission?

Signal trace.
It's a trick.

What is it, bounty hunter?

Get ready to pay up.

I found
what we're looking for.

The Colossus is hiding at
these coordinates.

Find it and destroy it.

Yes, Commander.

You heard him.
Set a course for those coordinates.

The Colossus
can't hide from us for long.

Captain Doza,
the First Order destroyer

is converging
on our position.

So they found us.

Looks like
we have no choice but to jump.

But we can't just
leave them.

I don't see any other option,

We have to jump

They might be in trouble
down there.

And we are in trouble up

Father, please.

There they are.

Engage tractor beams and ready
all cannons,

on my mark.

The Colossus just made
the jump into hyperspace.

The information in
this droid may be

our only chance
of finding them again.

Find out everything
it knows.

Rip it apart
if you have to.

Yes, Commander.

I can't believe
this is working.

Did you have
any doubt?

Ha. Now we just need to find
Yeager and Synara.

Ahh, Pyre... uh, sir.

You. What's your call number,

Oh, um... right. It's... uh...

four... t‐two... f‐five...


Are you crazy? I‐I can't
believe you just did that.

It's set for stun.

Uh, no...
nothing to see here.

Door is malfunctioning.

Must go...

Thank you.

Quick, before he wakes up.

Agent Tierny, I've got access
to the main databanks.

Drain every last bit
of information from this droid.

Then destroy it.



Oh, come back for more,

Yeager, it's me.

What? Kaz?

Synara, this is him,
the Resistance spy, Norath Kev.

It's, uh, nice to meet you.

CB, we're here to rescue

Okay, okay, well, it doesn't
matter who's rescuing who.

before anyone comes back.

Kaz to Captain Doza:
we're ready to come home.

Do you copy?

Doza, are you there?

You think they left?

If we stay here any longer,

those troopers will eventually
find us.

Back to the shuttle.

Everyone, get in. Get in.

Welcome home.

Oh, no, you don't.

Everyone, get out.
Get out.

CB, lock the door.


Okay, options.
We need options.

That shuttle's not going to
hold him for much longer.

CB, can you pilot the
ship remotely?

CB? CB, where are you?

Cover your eyes.

No, no, nooo! Ahhh!


Lieutenant Galek, target your
TIEs onto that shuttle.

Gawh! Great job, CB.
That was amazing.

Good job yourself, Kaz.

This whole trooper disguise
plan actually worked.

Thanks, Norath.
Now strap in.

We're not in the clear yet.

We've got incoming,
point three.

Hold on.

We have to make an
emergency jump.

CB, find us somewhere
safe to go.

I don't know,
anywhere that's not here.

Faster, CB.

We're not gonna last much

Hang on, Kaz, we got your



Aces, let's show these TIEs a
thing or two.


Who are those pilots?

Oh, I'm just glad
you stayed.

Yeah, like we'd just leave you

Ehh, hang on.
We're not finished yet.

We got three squadrons
inbound from point oh‐seven.

we're ready to go.

Get ready, Kaz.

Everybody, brace yourselves.

This is gonna be rough.

Whoa, that's your ship?

Everyone get on board. Now!

4D, punch it.

Thank you for the rescue,
Captain Doza.

The Resistance owes you a

I didn't do it for
the Resistance.

I came back for my people.


you are wearing
stormtrooper armor again.

But last time you said it was
not comfortable.

Are you crazy?

If it wasn't for this armor,

we wouldn't have gotten out of
there alive.

I have never seen

stormtrooper armor
protect anyone from anything.

Well, it's more of a
disguise, Neeku.

Oh. As what?

A stormtrooper.

But you are a stormtrooper.

I am not a stormtrooper.

Hey, hey, hey,
you can debate that later.

Hey, how about we ditch this

and you can come back with me
to help with the Resistance?

After all, we make a pretty
good team.

You're right, but
I don't think I'm ready

to leave just yet.

Come on, let's go
grab a drink at Aunt Z's.

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