Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Missing Agent - full transcript

Kaz, Yeager and Synara trace a distress call to a planet where a Resistance agent has gone missing; things only get worse as a mysterious bounty hunter starts hunting them.

I know, I know, I know!
Get inside!

Come on!

Oh, we don't have much time.

We need to send
an open distress call.

Anyone using
a Resistance frequency

should be able to pick it up.

I know it's dangerous,

but it's our only option,

so we just have to hope
someone out there is listening.

Oh, no!

What have we here?

You're... you're too late!
I sent a distress signal!

Are you distressed?


I‐I warn you!

This place will be swarming

with Resistance fighters
any minute!

Fine by me.
More prisoners, more money.

Season 02 Episode 12

Episode Title: "The Missing Agent"

Captain Doza!

Take a look at this.

What is it, Kazuda?

I picked up a distress call

on one of the Resistance

A distress call?

I think so.

It's coming
from the Varkana system.

It's not too far off.

Eh, convenient.

Feels like a trap to me.

But... but Resistance
frequencies are coded.

They're nearly impossible
to duplicate.

I want to check this out,

All right.
We want to check this out.

Count me in.


If it is someone
from the Resistance,

we need to go and help.

We'd want the same
if it were us.

You both realize that
putting yourselves at risk

means you're
putting us all at risk.

I don't want to put
the Colossus in danger.

Believe me, you already are.

Just give us one rotation,

If we're not back by then,
you should leave.

But try to be certain
we're coming back.

That's not
how it works, Kaz.

Well, maybe just
one extra minute, just in case.

Are we going or not?

We're going!

We're go... we're going!

Thanks again
for helping out, Synara.

You always
have me come along

when the mission
involves bodily harm.


Too bad for the bad guys.

All right,
coordinates are set.

The signal's coming
from Vargo spaceport.

Get ready to go in.

We'll park
just outside of the port.

No need to attract
any unwanted attention.

CB‐23, can you hone in
on that Resistance signal?

We're following,
we're following!

The signal's coming
from across the village.

Just act casual
and keep a low profile.

Yeager, I was a spy.

I'm a master
at keeping a low profile.


Oh, sorry!

Didn't mean to do that.

Yeah, maybe a little too low.

All right, all right!

We're moving.



I'm taking this!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
come here, come here!

Where you going?

You looking for something?
Hey, hey, you three.

You're not from around here,
are you, huh?

Lechee, that's me!

Got all kinds of good stuff.

What do you need?
What do you need, I got it!

We're not interested.

Yeah, all right.

Ooh, that's a fancy‐looking
ball droid you got there.

You wanna sell it?

We're good, thanks.

Okay, but Lechee
has the best parts you can buy!

Just come on in...

Look, we don't want
to buy anything.

Thanks anyway, we're just
meeting with a friend.

Well, all right.

Lechee, that's me!
It's ea‐sy!

If you change your mind,
you know where to find me.

You won't find a better deal
anywhere else!

Hey, uh, be on the lookout.
You got three incoming.

You'll know them
when you see the ball droid.

CB, you got a lock
on that signal?

Uh... hello?

Looks like
someone got here first.

The First Order?

I don't think so.

They would've left a garrison
of stormtroopers behind.

That's true.

The First Order would've
shut the signal down.

CB, can you pinpoint
its source?

You think it's over here,
on this side of the room?

I found it!

And look,
there's a data rod attached.

Can you decrypt it, CB?

What does it say?

The guy we're looking
for is named Norath Kev.

He came here to spy
on the First Order.

Norath is a Resistance spy,
just like me!

He was tracking the First Order

by tracing activity
in the black market.

CB, make sure
you download that intel.

There's a whole list
of names here.

People Norath identified as
possible First Order contacts.

Lechee is one of them.

We need to get out of here,

More Resistance fighters,
I take it?

I knew Norath
would have a few friends.


No, no, no, no, no.
We're not friends.

We've never even met him.

And now...

you never will.


I have a list of names here

that are very valuable
to the First Order.

Not what I'm paid for.
Not my problem.


take it anyway!

Move, get out of here!

But we gotta help Synara!
She'll hold him off.

We just need to find
a safe place to hide, come on!


You hurt?

I'll be fine...

But that sleemo got away.

All right.

This looks safe enough...

What are we dealing with?

That guy's a bounty hunter
rolling up Resistance spies.

You think
he took Norath alive?

I don't know.

He certainly didn't
give us that option.

If there's a chance
Norath is alive,

we can't leave.

We have to be sure.

Yeager, Yeager, come in!

What is the status
of your mission?

We're moving as fast
as we can, Captain.

We just need more time.

I can't leave
the Colossus exposed

in this dangerous system.

Like we said,

if there's any trouble,

you should jump away.

Trust us, Captain.
We'll be out of here soon.

We need leads, fast.

What about Lechee?
His name was on the list.

He obviously has some ties
to the First Order.

It doesn't make sense.

Why would
the First Order bother

with a small‐time player
like Lechee?

Maybe we're thinking too big.

Look around.

There's nothing of much value
in this place.

But what's that got to do
with anything?

I get it.

In times like these,
a member of the Resistance

carries a high value
to the right people.

Lechee must have found out

who Norath really was
and sold him out.

That is heavy!

I finally have enough credits

to get off
this stinkin' planet.


Where'd you get all that money,

My business is my own,
so why don't you back off?

I don't think so.

You figured out Norath
was a Resistance spy

and you sold him out!

Didn't you?

Even if that was true,
what are you gonna do about it?


We're gonna do plenty about it!

You are?
Ooh, I'm so scared!

You don't have it in you, kid.

Oh, yeah?

We'll just see about that.

CB, make him talk!

What, I...

Am I supposed to be intimidated
by your little friend here?

Get outta here!

What did the bounty hunter
do with Norath?

I'm not gonna
tell you nothin'!

Are you serious?
We're gonna keep doing this?

Uh, CB, you can stop now.


Why did you do that?

Because it's annoying.

Well, yeah!
That was the point!

Wait, what are you doing?
That's mine!

You can't just rob me
like that!

Oh, sure we can.

Unless you tell us
what we need to know.


I don't know
what he did with him.

If he's still alive,
maybe he took him to his ship.

Aw, man.

This is what I got.

He rented out a docking bay
in the main hangar

on the south side, all right?

Leave me alone.

It was a pleasure

doing business
with you.

Oh, one more thing.

Can't have you snitching on
us to your friend now, can we?

Lechee was right.

But where's the bounty hunter?

Synara, keep a look out

in case this guy
has more accomplices.

Kaz and I will sneak onto
the ship and look for Norath.

Okay, go.


Don't worry!

We're here to rescue you!

It's okay!

We're with the Resistance!

Come on.


No, you gotta
get out of here,

this is all a...


Welcome aboard, Resistance.

Oh, no.

Sorry you got mixed up in this.

What was your mission?

I was tracking
shipments and materials

the First Order moves
through black market channels.

Until Lechee
double‐crossed you.

Greed got the best of him.

I had a whole list of names.

First Order sympathizers
and dealers.

But that's lost, making my
mission a complete failure.

Don't be so sure about that.

CB‐23 has the list.

What? Whoa,
then there's still a chance!

What's your report, Ax?

Snagged three more members
of the Resistance, Pyre.

My usual rate applies.

Of course.

The First Order thanks you
for your service to our cause.

Save it, tin can...
or my price goes up.

I play the winning side.
Right now that's you.

How complimentary.

I'm sending you coordinates.

If you want the prisoners,
you come to me.

You sure
they're worth my time?

You tell me.
I think it's some kind of cell.

Norath is one.

Some kid named Kaz,
and an old man.

We will meet you at
the rendezvous point shortly.

Uh, uh, he's taking off!

We gotta get out of here

before he meets up
with the First Order.

Is there any way
we can cut through this door?

We have to figure out
how to bring this ship down!

Just gotta get this panel...


He can't rendezvous
with the First Order

if he can't get there!

It's a dangerous idea,
but I think it could work.

Believe me,
if there's one thing Kaz can do,

it's bring down this ship.

Or any ship,
for that matter.


I think.

CB‐23, can you
override the system?

Well, ain't they clever.

- Ah!
- Ah!

CB, stop!
Let go!

System's overheating!

What are they doing to my ship?

Your droid's
about to blow a fuse!

Brace yourselves!


That could've been much worse.

Tell that to CB.

Norath, are you hurt?

Just my leg.

And my head.

Let me help.

It's okay, it's okay,
I can walk.


No, I can't.
I can't walk.

Don't worry, CB.
We'll fix you up.

Take cover!


You are only making this
harder for yourself.

Surrender now
so I can get paid!

Nothing personal.

You again!

Contact Doza!

We need an evac!

Come on!

Go, go, go, go, go, go!


I'm done messing around!

What was that?

Yeager, what's your status?

Yeager, come in!

Oh, no!
This is not good.

So what do we do?

Captain Doza, come in!

I think the First Order
is on its way here.

We need an evac,
do you read me?

Captain Doza?

I read you, Kaz.

But I'm afraid it's too late.

The First Order
has already arrived.

This day just keeps getting
worse and worse.


I was about to say
the same thing.

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