Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The High Tower - full transcript

The First Order arrives at the platform for mysterious reasons and Kaz and BB-8 are determined to sneak into the tower to find out what they want.

Who turned out the lights?

Oh, sorry, Bucket.

It was dark.
I didn't see you.

What did you do to Bucket?

Oh, what did I do?

I'm the one
with the smashed face.

Come in, Kazuda.

Do you read me?
Kaz, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here, Neeku.

How do you like
the new comlinks?

Aren't they great?

Now I can talk to you
whenever I want.

Um, you don't need
to do that, Neeku.

I'm right here.

Well, it was dark,
and I did not see you.

Don't get any closer!

Did you hear that?


Yeah, everyone
in the galaxy heard it.


I suppose we cannot stand
too close with these.

You should probably stand
as far away as possible.

Residents and guests
of this station,

this is Captain Doza with
an important announcement.

Please refrain from using
any unnecessary power,

as we're rationing our fuel supply
for the next 100 hours.

All right,

let's shut down and grab
some drinks at Aunt Z's.


As long as you're buying,
I'm in.

Well, if it isn't
my favorite customers.

Let me guess,
three waters?

Or are you actually gonna
spend some credits this time?

Three Cirilian Sour Pastes,
Aunt Z.

On Tam.

Why, isn't this fun,
my friends?

Yeah, it's fun.

Really, really, really fun.

I feel like I'm blinking
with my eyes open.

Without any power,
I can't get anything done.

How long is this
gonna keep up?

This isn't accidental.

I know who's behind this.

Captain Doza.

I think he's one of them,

sitting up there
in his High Tower.

They have power up there.
We don't.

What are you talking about?

Isn't it obvious?

You see the ships coming
to visit him at night?

Doza is part
of the First order.

Finally, I thought the power
was down for good that time.

You really think Doza
is behind this?

What would he get out of it?

I cannot see Captain Doza

being a part
of the First Order.

Then again,
I have never met anyone

in the First Order before.

That I know of.

We need to get into that
tower and see what's up, BB-8.

- The tower is up.
- What?

- The tower.
- What about it?

Is up.
The tower is up.

- I know.
- Then why did you ask?

- Hype Fazon!
- Is up?

Is here.

Hey, everybody, look who it...
Oh, you know who it is.

- Great.
- Can you imagine what it's like to be an Ace pilot?

As a matter of fact, yes.
Yes, I can.

Hey, little man.
How you doing?

Being an Ace is not
all fun and games, Kaz.

They also have to help
bring in shipments,

patrol the skies.

It can be dangerous.

Ask Tam. She knows Hype
better than anybody.


Hype used to be
a good friend,

till he became an Ace.

Then he forgot all about me.

Trust me, that guy is only
interested in one person:


So can you introduce me
to him or what?

You're unbelievable.

You're right.

Better if I introduce myself.

Thanks, Tam.

Hey, you're Hype Fazon.

That's what they tell me.

Kazuda Xiono.
Friends call me Kaz.

You've won every race
this year.

And last year, too.

Wait, you're the kid
who raced Torra, right?

That girl's a prodigy.

Pretty gutsy choosing
to race against her.

Yeah, well, I didn't
know that at the time.

But I'm working my way up
under Jarek Yeager.

Yeager, eh?

Now that man can fly.

You have one of the best
modded-out G30s I've ever seen.

Custom boosters, cut wings.

Eh, you have an eye
for racers.

So, um...

I've heard you and the other
Aces help bring in shipments.

What's that like?

Just protocol.

They're bringing
a fuel shipment now.

So why aren't
you out there?

Doza and I have, uh...
an understanding.

What's that?

He understands
when it's them,

I'll be here.

Wait, "them"?
Who do you mean?

The First Order.

Did you hear that?

We've gotta get inside
that tower.

So what happened?

You were right,
that Hype is all ego.

Hey, um, I have to, uh...

charge BB-8.

Power's getting low,
heh, even for droids.

Talk to you later.

Pick up your
visual scanning.

With the power out
on the platform,

we'll have to
bring her in manually.

Follow my signal.

Transport TY-700,
this is Ace pilot Freya.

Pick up my signal
and follow us home.

Copy that, Ace leader.

Get away, get away.
That's my dinner!

Hey, did you hear?

Because of the power outages,
there's a curfew tonight.

Everyone needs
to stay inside.

Uh-huh, yeah.
Sounds good.

That doesn't look
like the First Order.

That looks like a standard
fuel tanker, BB.

We'll finally have power again.


What are you doing out here?

Oh, nothing.

Huh. The Aces.

Hype told you they were
flying a mission.


Ah, I see.

Trying to get an edge on me,
studying the Aces.

I mean, yes.

I'm studying.

Hard studying.


Maybe Aunt Z was right.

Maybe Doza really is in league
with the First Order.

Love to find out what
the First Order is doing here.

Oh, relax, Kaz.

There's nothing
we can do about it.

They're allowed to come here
like everyone else.

Um, where's Neeku?

Neeku, where are you?

Oh, I'm just going
to ask the First Order

why they are here.

Oh, no.

Neeku, stop!
Don't do it.

- Don't talk to them.
- Oh, do not worry, Kaz.

I know you are shy.

- Neeku.
- Hello, First Order.

My name is Neeku,
and my friend over there

is wondering
why you are here.

You're not authorized
to be here.

Move along.

Hey, Kaz, I tried
to answer your question,

but apparently I am not
authorized to be here.

What are you doing?

Give me that.

But... But how are
we going to communicate

at any given moment, Kaz?

I know, BB.

If only Hype had
invited us into the tower.

He'll never get you in.

When I first got here,
that's all I thought about,

getting into that tower.

Met Hype.
He wanted the same thing.

Of course, he became an Ace.

I didn't.

He forgot all about
our friendship.

Convenient, right?

Hype only cares about himself.

- He's arrogant...
- Shh.

Egotistical, rude,

terrible friend.

If you can even
call him that.

Hi, Tam.

Hey, Tam was just telling us

all kinds of great things
about you, like, eh,

your outfit is so, so green.

Mm-hmm. So I saw you
at Aunt Z's earlier.

It got me thinking,
we should talk.

Well, you know where
I've been all this time.

Look, why don't you come
to the Aces' Lounge?

If it makes you feel better,
Kaz can come too.

We would love that.
Wouldn't we, Tam?


I'll call up ahead,
get you clearance.


Hype isn't such
a bad guy, is he?

Yeah, keep believing that.

We're in, buddy.

Welcome back,
Pilot Ace Hype Fazon.

We have transmitted clearance
for you and your two guests.

Thank you, thank you.

This is it, the tower.

You'll love it up here.

I'll show you my trophy room
on the way.

Wow, we feel so privileged.

Lower dwellers, welcome
to the Aces Lounge.

Here you'll find
the best drinks,

the best food,
the best views.

If you want it, ha,
we got it.


Um, Hype, is the, uh...

is the First Order
up here a lot?

Too often lately,

but I told you,
I don't deal with them.

That's Doza's business,
not mine.

Why not?

So Tam, still racing?

I got a ship I'm working on.

Right, right.

The Fireball.

See, I thought
that was you racing Torra

till I saw those moves,
and I thought, that's not Tam.

Which move
did you like most?

When Kaz crashed?

So that's why you're still
working on that piece of junk

instead of flying?

I don't need some overpriced,
tricked-out ship to win.

Say what you will,
you'll never become an Ace

without a real racer.

When I'm finished
with the Fireball,

it will be a real racer,
even better than yours.

You know what?
I'm out of here.

Come on, Kaz.
We're leaving.

Uh, Kaz?

Where'd your friend go?

Tam, wait.
I was joking.

Tam! Ugh.
Where's your sense of humor?

Droid, old buddy!

You're looking great.
You lose weight?

How's life?

Oh, never mind.

I thought you were
a different droid.

You're still
looking great though.

Why don't you tell me
what you really want, Vonreg?

The First Order would like
to offer you our help,

protection from the pirates

who have been raiding
your shipments.

You need us, Doza.

These pirate attacks
are escalating.

Your Aces need help,

and you're vulnerable
without fuel.

You realize I could report
this coercion attempt

to the New Republic?

And we in turn could report
your numerous dealings

with the criminal underworld,

all of which violate
New Republic trade sanctions.

This deal does not
suit me, Vonreg.

You think you can buy me
with a single fuel shipment?

You'll have to
do better than that.

We will,
I assure you, Captain.

But I promise you this,

until we have a deal
your future will be dim.

This is big.

Hey, you.
What are you doing here?

Capture him!


Where are you, BB-8?


- You there!
- Oh, jeez!

What is all
the commotion out here?


Torra! Hey.

Um, it's nice to see you.

What are you doing here?

Well, um,
look, Torra, I...

Wait, don't answer.

I know what
you're doing here.

- You do?
- I do.

- Really?
- Really.



I think you've mistaken my
kindness for something else.

Open the door!

If my father catches you
here, he'll kill you.

This is outrageous.
You need to get out of here.


Uh, he went that way.

Out of the way.

Follow me.

This is fine.
I'm fine.

It's gonna be great.

Well, Kaz seems to be having
a great time in the tower.

I'm glad someone is.


How do you know
he's having a great time?

Oh, you've got
to be kidding me.

I bet 20 credits he falls.

- 50.
- Ha-ha, 60.

Do I hear 80?
80 right there.

- I'll match that!
- We have 80.

Now do I hear 90?


- That a-way, Kaz!
- Oh, that was close.


Oh, he's still alive!

I have to jump
or they're gonna catch me.

If they catch me,
I'm gonna die.

If I don't do this,
I'm gonna get caught,

then I'm gonna die.
I have to...

I have to jump!

That wasn't so bad.

I think I'm getting
the hang of this.

Please be open.

Please be open!

Of course.

I made it.



That's right, I've got
some big news to report to Poe.

Doza's gonna make
a deal with the First Order.

It's just a matter of time.

I'm worried too, BB.

If Doza is
the First Order mole,

we might be in
over our heads,

but Poe will know
what to do.

Major Vonreg,
what is the meaning of this?

We found a spy
just outside your office.

He tried to escape us.

- A spy?
- That's crazy.

That was just one of my friends
who was visiting me.

Why was he not with you?

He was trying
to leave the tower.

He probably got lost.

I do not appreciate
you coming to my platform

and falsely accusing
my citizens.

Don't you think I know
everything that happens here?

You heard my daughter,
it was a friend visiting.

Nothing more.

It is time for you
and your troopers to leave.

Very well, Captain Doza.

What was with
that crazy stunt, Kaz?

You could have gotten killed.

Why were those troopers
after you?

I, uh, sort of found myself

in an unauthorized area.

Long story.
I'm just glad to be back.

To this place?

Eh, the tower's
not all that wonderful.

Trust me on that.

Well, welcome back
to reality.

Where we have to work
for a living.

Hey, Neeku, almost forgot
I had this on me.


Now we can speak to each other
whenever we so desire.

Yeah, at least when we're
not in the same room.

Ah, finally.

Yes! Now we can get
back to work full-time.

Captain Doza did it.

Yeah, he did it all right.

Who are you?