Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 4, Episode 4 - In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 2 - full transcript

After being separated from Hera and Kanan, Ezra and Sabine join the desperate quest of Saw Gerrera to hunt down the Empire's elusive secret superweapon.


The words you're looking
for are "thank you."

We appreciate the save, Saw.

We turned the worst-case
scenario into the best.

Yeah, I wish Hera
would see it that way.

Technically, we just disobeyed
orders by blowing up that relay.

Following orders
will only get you so far.

Then you have to take control
of your destiny.

Yeah, like when we hit the
Empire hard on Mandalore.

I heard about that.

It's exactly why
I need your help.

You need our help?

This is Faos Station.

I recently acquired intel
on a secret Imperial cargo

being loaded aboard
a civilian freighter there.

What cargo?

Remember Geonosis?

The Empire wiped out
a whole population

because they were
building something.

Something they've hidden away.

I never stopped
looking for it.

What have you found?

Just rumors. Whispers.

But they all led me
to that cargo ship.

So what do you want from us?

You two and your droid are good
at infiltrating Imperial bases.

And I just saved your lives.

So what you're saying
is that we owe you one.

Your choice. You can go back
to rebel command

and run Mon Mothma's errands,

or you can help me
do something

that might actually matter.

All right.

Sorry, Chopper.
You're outvoted.

We might make them
into real rebels yet.

Season 04 Episode 04
Title: "In the Name of the Rebellion (Part-2)"

Are you sure we're
at the right place?

This looks like
a civilian cargo facility.

I don't see any signs
of the Empire at all.

That's what they want
everyone to think.

Hiding it in plain sight.

Take us in. Merchant platform.

Lotta droids down there.

Hey, Chopper, come here.

You're gonna need
a new paint job.

Oh, stop complaining.

I kinda like it better
than the orange.

That's freighter 2-7-1-6.

And here's our way on board.

Sneaking on board
in a cargo container?

We're familiar
with this strategy.

The tracker is activated.
Keep this channel open.

I'll transmit coordinates
when we're ready for pickup.

Well, normal cargo hold.

Nothing looks
out of the ordinary.

You hear that?

Sounds like singing.

I don't hear anything.

These containers are filled with
high-quality construction compounds.

Materials used to build
the Imperial Navy.

These materials could
have come from Corellia

or any other planet
with shipyards.

Yeah, it's not exactly
a secret cargo.

There are more holds
to search.

Get back!

Imperial troops aboard
a civilian freighter?

You might be on to
something after all.

They're guarding something.

Your droid should check
the cargo manifest.

You heard him, Chop.

There's an Imperial
military shuttle in hold 12.

Okay, this ship is
more than it seems.

Find out where we're going.

Tonnis sector?

That's just empty
space out there.

No settlements or stations.

The perfect
hiding place.

Or just a rendezvous point.

Uh, guys, Chopper says cargo
bay 17 is a restricted area.

So that's where
we go next.

Here it is. Cargo bay 17.

Careful, or you'll
alert the whole ship.

You got a plan?

I got a droid.

What was that?

Move along, droid.

Whoa! Blast that piece of junk!

Scrap him!

Huh? Hey!

Keep watch, Chopper.

I think
it's this one.

Find out what they're hiding.

Oh, no.


Who are you?

It's okay.
We're here to help.

Your intel came through.

We can free these people.

My intel wasn't
about prisoners.

The Empire has prisoners
all over the galaxy.

We can still help 'em, Saw.

Why are you here?

What do you know about the
cargo aboard this vessel?

Nothing about any cargo,

but I did overhear some troopers
talking about the Jedha system.

If there's any special cargo,
it probably came from there.

The Jedha system, huh?

Who are you?

Name's Mich Matt.

Was a supervising tech

on Coruscant's
central power generator.

Empire tried to hire me away
for some secret project,

but I didn't want
to leave my family.

So they just took me.

Power technician? Hmm.

Everyone here is
a reactor mechanic

or power specialist
of some kind.

Mm, doesn't make sense.

The Empire wouldn't have all this
security just to guard a few techs.

I agree. There's
something else here.

There must be.

I believe you, Saw,

but we've got to get
these prisoners out of here.

Use that shuttle
your droid found.

No, it'll be guarded.

We can't put the civilians
in the line of fire.

Okay, how about
the escape pods?

We can sabotage
the hyperdrive,

and as soon as the freighter drops
from hyperspace, they can fly away.

It's a patrol.

Pretend you're
still prisoners.

We are still prisoners!

Freeze! Don't move.

Who let you out?

Where are the guards
who were stationed here?



It's the rebels!

- Stop!
- Got that right.

Saw, wait!

Chop, get them
to the escape pods.

We'll take out the hyperdrive.


Ezra. Engine room is this way.

Do you hear that?

It's like a song.

It's coming from in there.

Can you get us in?

That's why I'm here, right?


Look out!

Thank you. You're
a very kind little droid.

Where'd they go?

Fall back! Take cover!

What? Three-six,
I said take cover!

The blocks
have been compromised.

Cease fire! Fall back!

One of them got away!

Forget him.
We've found it.

Is that... No, it can't be.

Yeah. It's a kyber crystal.

That's what
I heard singing,

like the one in my lightsaber
did when I found it.

These crystals store
and amplify energy,

so one this big
is probably unstable.

Put your blasters away.

Captain, rebels
led by Saw Gerrera

have breached hold six

and taken possession
of the cargo.

Alert Director Krennic
at Imperial Command.

Saw Gerrera?

Do you think he means
to hijack the cargo?

I will not
let that happen.

Send all security personnel
to meet me at hold six.

In the meantime,
purge the escape pods.

No one leaves this vessel.

He wants us to get out!

Back to the hold?
I don't understand.

Uh, just an observation,

but this is not
a very good rescue.

I'm going.

They're trying to harness
the power of this thing.

That's why they have
the techs, to weaponize it!

We gotta stop this ship and get
the prisoners out of here.


We need this cargo
to reach its destination.

We need to find out
what the Empire's building.

We can't take the chance the
Empire will get this crystal back.

You're right about that too.

You stay here
and guard this thing.

We'll head to the engine
room and stop the ship.

We'd better hurry,
or the Empire's

gonna figure out
what we're up to.

Okay, there's
the hyperdrive override.

Prepping to drop the ship
out of hyperspace.

Three. Two.

Saw, no!

I've come too far
to give up the quest.

I must learn the secrets
of my enemy.

And today, I will.

I've retaken hold six, Captain.
The cargo is gone.

Gone? Commander, if anything
happens to that crystal...

It's both our heads.

Where are the rebels?

I don't know.

But we've lost contact
with the engine room.

We're going
to the Tonnis sector.

Dock at the hatch near the
starboard engines. I'll meet you.

Wake up.

Your friend turned on us.

Saw, you shot me!

Let's be more precise.
I stunned you.

You betrayed us!

Geonosis was only
the beginning.

The materials, the power
technician, the crystal,

it all adds up to what
the Empire's building.

We have to ride
this ship to the end,

to those empty coordinates
in the Tonnis sector.

I know that's where we'll find
this... This super weapon!

There's no guarantee
anything will be there...

If it even exists.
But I guarantee you

the Empire will have
reinforcements waiting.

I thought we were
on the same side.

The difference between us,
Ezra, is this.

I will do whatever
is required to be the victor.

Why did you bring
the crystal in here, Saw?

It's like you said.

We can't allow it to remain
in the Empire's hands.

Coming out of hyperspace.

This is it. We're here.

I hope this was worth it.

It's only a Star Destroyer.

The Empire's big secret
isn't here.

It has to be here.
It has to be.

The freighter captain confirms

they have rebels
trapped on board.

Prepare a boarding party.

Sir! Rebel vessel approaching.

Cease fire!

We can't risk hitting the freighter
with the crystal on board.

My ride's here.
Are you coming?

And leave the prisoners?

This is war, Ezra.

What about doing
what's right?

Isn't that what
this war is about?

What is right?

Let me ask you this.

What would you do

to save your world?

It's too late for me.

My world is gone.

I lost everything.

And once you do,
you can see things clearly,

and you understand
what's at stake.

But we do still
have something, Saw.

The people on this ship.

I just want to help them.

They need us!

That's your choice, Ezra.

But I suggest you hurry.

Because this is what
I am willing to do.

What are you doing?

You said these crystals
can become unstable.

You're turning it
into a bomb?

I won't let the Empire use it,
so you better get off this ship.

Hands up.

Saw! Let us outta here!

Last chance, Ezra.

You fight your war.
We'll fight ours.

Farewell, friend.

I hope we meet again.

Abandon ship immediately!

Can you stop this?

It'll just keep absorbing
power until it discharges.

And trust me, we don't want to be
anywhere close when that happens,

which won't be long.

Then we better hurry!

Sir, the rebel craft
is leaving,

but scans indicate the
crystal is not on board.

Then it's still
on the transport.

Move us in closer.

We need to secure it.

Chopper, are you there?

Chopper! Do you read?

Never mind that.

Call Hera and tell her
we're in the Tonnis sector.

Then jam all communications

and get the prisoners
to that shuttle.

Don't worry about the guards!
Just meet us there!

Now where are we going?

Yes, Commander. The shuttle is
prepped and awaiting your arrival.

Think I'll go back
to the container now.

He wants us to follow him.

This droid is cross-wired.

Hey, where do you
think you're going?

Stop right there.

Apologies, sir,

but, uh, this droid was
ordered to evacuate us.

We have our orders.

This ship is being held
for the commander.

It's the prisoners!

They're trying to
commandeer the shuttle!

Scans are picking up
a massive energy reading.

Hang on!

What are you doing?
No time for hyperspace.

I'm putting that Star Destroyer
between us and that crystal.

Wasn't that the Commander?

Where is she going?

Sir, we're getting
a large energy reading.

Something is
going critical mass!

Oh, no.

Full power to the shields!
Hang on!

Great. The engines are fried.

We're not going anywhere
anytime soon.

Or maybe we are.

What did they do now?

Those two can't go anywhere
without blowing something up.

As soon as we
can plot a course,

we'll take you back
to your home planets.

Actually, we've all decided
to enlist in your cause.

We've figured if the
Empire valued our skills,

they'd be better put to work
serving you and the Rebellion.

I'm sure Command
will be grateful

for your commitment.
Thank you.

I don't like the sound
of this kyber crystal.

It's the second one
we prevented the Empire

from getting
their hands on.

Saw seemed convinced
that they're trying

to weaponize it somehow.

Is that even possible?

Hmm... At that scale?
I don't know.

What if Saw's right?

And the Empire is already
on the verge of winning a war

most of the Rebel Alliance doesn't
believe has already begun?

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