Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 4 - Hera's Heroes - full transcript

While on her home world to save her father, Hera returns home to collect a priceless family heirloom and winds up in the hands of the occupying force -- Admiral Thrawn's.

We're being accompanied
by a fighter escort

to ensure safe passage.

Don't worry. You'll get your food supply.

We're grateful, very grateful.

I had no idea the rebels
were so well equipped.

Truthfully, they're not.

We're fortunate to get some
of the few pilots they actually have.

Sir! There's an Imperial warship
coming out of hyperspace, dead ahead.

They've brought fighters.

Green Three, Green Four,
stay with the transport.

All others, follow me.

Headed for the transport!

Deflector shields are down!

They're too fast. I can't get a shot!

This thing's all over my scope!

Transport to Imperial fighters.
Stand down!

We are unarmed!
You have no right to fire on us.

I beg to differ.

Hey. We heard the supply run
to Teralov failed.

It gets worse.
We lost the entire escort of A-wings.

Six pilots
and the transport's entire crew.

How many is that this month?

At this rate,
there's not gonna be anyone left

to fly for the Rebellion.

Fortunately, I have been working
on a solution with the help of Fulcrum.



Fulcrum's a code name
we give to our secret informants.

It was Ahsoka's idea.

There are other Fulcrum agents.
She was among them.

I have information that may
help you replace your stable of pilots.

There are Imperial cadets
at the Skystrike Academy

who wish to defect to the rebels.

I do not know their names,

but they will require
some assistance to escape.

I suggest you move quickly,

before the Empire
discovers their intentions.

Fulcrum out.

This is enough to act on.

The mission is yours, Sabine.

We've arranged to insert you into

a squad of new cadets
headed for Skystrike.

AP-5 will prepare fake credentials.

Wait, wait.
Shouldn't I be the one to go in?

I've done this before, remember?

Yeah, and I really was
an Imperial cadet once.

For years, remember?

The Empire knows you too well, Ezra.

You'll be identified.

Sabine is the least recognizable
of all of us.

I need you and Kanan to shadow her.

You'll stay in communication
while she's inside

and be ready to help her escape.

Zeb and I have to supervise the escort
for the new relief mission to Teralov.

We've got our plan. Let's go.

There seems to be a problem
with your credentials, cadet.


Wait! That happens from time to time.

Can I see it?

Yeah, these new ID cards
can be temperamental.

Now try it?


Thank you, sir.

She's in.

Well, I guess all we can
do now is sit and wait.

Don't worry. She'll be fine.

I'm just not a fan of these solo missions.

Unless it's you.

Listen carefully, cadets.

You are here because the Empire
sees the potential in you

to join the ranks
of its most elite pilots.

Most of you will fail.

Whatever you have achieved before
means nothing.

Here, only the best survive.

Prepare yourselves.

Your first combat training
will begin at 0600.

Squadron dismissed!

What'd you think of the new GG1?

I'm looking forward to the F-40s.

This is TIE SS-3-6 on patrol
at .149, awaiting wingman.

Copy that, 3-6. This is TIE SS-2-5.

You can call me Wedge.
What's your name, cadet?

I'm Ria Talla.

Don't break protocol.
Comm numbers only.

Copy that, Command.

Comscan is tracking rebel
ships entering Sector 2.

Move to intercept.

Acknowledge. Let's go, 3-6.

Right behind you, 2-5.

You have anything, 3-6?

Nothing yet.

Wait. There they are!
Four ships coming in at .847.

I see 'em. Y-wings.

Heavy shields and turret guns.

Command, how should we proceed?

Eliminate all targets.

- They're splitting up, 3-6.
- Circle around to .4.

I've got these two.

Good kill, 3-6.

One more and we're even, 2-5.

3-6 and 2-5,

proceed to the transmitted coordinates

and destroy
the rebel vessel located there.

Yes, sir.

No power readings. It's disabled.

Please, do not fire! We surrender!

We're heavily damaged
and have wounded aboard!

Repeat, we surrender!

Destroy the vessel as ordered.

But Imperial protocol is to board the...

Destroy the vessel as ordered, 3-6!

Is breaking protocol part of the test?

What was that, 3-6?

Comm malfunction, sir.

Hold on. New target coming in at. 17.

Look out!

Simulation complete.

Cadets, exit your pods.

Report for debriefing.

What kind of rebel ship was that?

That was no transport.

But you are wrong, cadet.

It was a transport called the Ghost,

which has been modified for combat.

The rebels are
a desperate group of extremists.

They'll fight with any ship,

using any means necessary
to undermine our authority.

That is why orders must be
followed without question.

Insubordination like yours
will get you and your wingman killed.

- Yes, sir.

Understood, cadet?

Yes, sir.

I see you don't just take risks
when you're flying.

Well, I trust my gut,
and I know right from wrong.

I respect that.
A lot of people here won't.

Governor Pryce, Agent Kallus.

May I ask the reason
for this unscheduled visit?

ISB has information
that some of your cadets

are planning to defect to the rebels.

You have traitors in your midst.


My cadets are unmatched,
both in their skill and loyalty.

Nevertheless, I will be conducting
a thorough investigation,

and you are to extend
your full cooperation.

Agent Kallus, you may begin.

My hope is that
I may teach you something today.

I told you it was too risky.

How are we gonna get out of this?

Will you just relax? They don't know.

If they did, we'd be in the brig.

Something wrong, Wedge?

No. Why?

You just look nervous.

Actually, I've been thinking about
what you said in the simulator today.

About how this wasn't
what you signed up for.

Look, I want to do
my part for the Empire,

but firing on unarmed ships
wasn't what I had in mind.

What about you?

I was flying cargo ships
when the Empire recruited me.

At the time, I figured, why not?

Seemed a whole lot more exciting than
hauling spare parts around the galaxy.

But if this is what the
Empire's becoming, I don't know.

You ever think about getting out?

That's not really possible, is it?

Maybe more possible than you realize.

What are you talking about?

My real name is Sabine Wren.

I was sent in to get you out.

So the Rebellion did get my message.

Yes. But I heard there were
other pilots who want out, too.

There are.

Okay, we need to leave now,
before the Empire closes in.

Can you get them ready?

I'll talk to them. What's your plan?

Well, I'll tell you
when I figure that out.

Are you serious?

Welcome to the Rebellion.

Ezra, you need to calm down.

How can I be calm, huh?

Sabine's stuck over there,
and there's nothing I can do.

That's right.
There's nothing you can do.

So nothing you are doing right now
is going to help.

Sit down.

Ezra, part of a Jedi's wisdom
comes from learning to accept

when a situation is out of our control.

- Do you trust her?
- Of course I trust her.

Good. Then trust she'll succeed.

My investigation
is nearly complete, Governor.

I have found nothing as of yet.

Then perhaps it's time for me

to take a more direct hand
in this enquiry.

With all due respect, Governor,

I am trying to train pilots here.

How are they to progress
under these circumstances?

Certainly not while
they are all grounded.

You're quite right.

Perhaps getting your cadets
back into space

would be to our mutual advantage.

Squadron 22, report to hangar 6.

Sabine, this is Rake and Hobbie.

Are you sure
you're all committed to this?

We've made our choice.

There's no turning back now.

Kind of surprised they're letting us go
up in the middle of all this.

Well, we have to make
the most of this chance.

We might not get another.

Okay, listen.

There's a rebel ship nearby,
waiting for my signal.

Watch me. When I go, you go.

But you have to trust me. Agreed?

These rebels you say
are waiting for us...

You trust them?

With my life.

Yeah, and all of ours.

Well, here goes nothing.

Spectre-6, this is Spectre-5.

If you're receiving this,
lock onto my signal.

Squadrons, prepare to break formation

and engage in a simulated dogfight.

Your lasers have been nullified,

but your hits will still register
and be scored.

Beginning on my mark.

Three, two, one.


Nice shot, Hobbie.

Come on, Ezra. Where are you?

Sir, a rebel vessel
has entered the system.

Sabine? Hope we're not too late.

Right on time. Come on, boys.

Here we go. Hobbie, Rake, on me.

Four cadets have broken off from
the main group toward the rebel ship.

We have our defectors.

Cadets, return to base immediately.

This is your only warning.

Negative, Command.
You're gonna have to come and get us.

We've lost power!

Our fighters were rigged!

Captain, destroy one of the pods.


Now, target the rebel transport.

Ezra! Abort! Get out of here!

No, Sabine! We're coming for you.

We can't take another hit like that.

We're not leaving her behind!

We don't have a choice, Ezra!

We can't help her if we're dead.

Chopper, get us into hyperspace now!

I have so many questions.

But first, I would like to know
which of you is the rebel agent.

Do you know what this is?

It's most effective at extracting
information from the noncompliant.


No, wait! It's me.

I'm the rebel.

Sabine, don't!

And now we have a name.


Blast it. Sorry.

Agent Kallus,
escort these two back to their cell.

Sabine and I have a lot to talk about.

Looks like they found someone
who can do your job.

I won't talk.

Well, let's see how far we can
get without you needing to.

Sabine Wren, is it?

You are far too versed in Imperial
protocol not to have been a cadet.

And now you've come home,
little Mandalorian.

So proud. And tough, I think.

We shall see.

We have to do something.

And end up like Rake?

What the Empire has planned for us
has gotta be worse.

Sabine came here to get us out.
We owe her. We have to try.

So what's your plan?

I'll tell you when I figure it out.

Not bad.

The Empire taught me well.

My clan taught me better.

Maybe we can surprise the guards.

What, with our lack of planning?

Well, why don't you think of something!

I hope you're better pilots
than you are soldiers.

Sabine. We were coming to rescue you.

That's cute. Come on. Let's go.

Don't shoot.

Give me a good reason not to.

Avoid levels three through five.

Hangar 24 is your best possibility.

Wait. Why should we trust you?

Tell Garazeb Orrelios we're even.


That tub? Are you kidding?

Hey, it can take a hit.
Now, can you fly it or not?

I can fly anything.

Freeze! Don't move!

Young fools.

Fighter closing fast! .6!

That's gotta be Skerris.

Wedge, can't you go any faster?

I told you this thing was slow!

Where are those friends of yours?

I can't signal. Comms are jammed.

Sabine? We knew you'd come through.

Never been so happy
to hear your voice.

Get to the docking port, quick.

Thought I told you to leave.

We stuck around, just in case.

Commander Sato, allow me to present

Lieutenants Wedge Antilles
and Hobbie.

Formerly of the Galactic Empire.

Commander, we heard
you're looking for some good pilots.

Indeed, we are.

Welcome to the Rebellion.