Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 21 - Zero Hour: Part 2 - full transcript

Hera and Kanan fight to keep the squadron alive while trapped on Atollon. Ezra seeks to break the blockade with help from an unlikely source.

Governor Pryce, I bring urgent news.

Of course. Right this way.

Is all this secrecy truly necessary,
Grand Admiral?

We still have a traitor in our midst.

We need to be highly cautious
about what we discuss

and where we speak.

And what I'm about to say
cannot fall into the rebels' hands.

Admiral Thrawn,

I trust the information you have for me
was worth the wait.

The rebels of the so-called
Phoenix Squadron

are about to launch
a major military strike

against the Empire.

They wouldn't dare.

Believe me, they would.

Everything leading up to this moment
has been rehearsal.

The real performance is about to begin.

I'm counting on it.

You have my attention.
What target will the rebels attack?

I believe they're about to strike

our most important facility in the region.

The TIE defender factory
right here on Lothal.

My spies report General
Dodonna's fleet is en route

to reinforce Commander Sato
and Captain Syndulla.

Where is this fleet massing?

I have yet to uncover
its precise location.

A coordinated attack
by multiple rebel cells

is unprecedented.

And it's exactly this moment
I've been waiting for

to wipe them out.

I want you to capture their leadership.

In such a battle,

it may not be possible to take prisoners.

But a man of your talents will manage.

If we are to crush this rebellion,

we must make examples of its leaders.

As you wish, Governor Tarkin.

She did it. Hera really did it.

Look at everyone. I can't believe
they're all gonna help Lothal.

- It wasn't just Hera.
- I know.

You, too, Kanan. And Zeb and Sabine.

Chopper less so.

No. That's not what I meant.

I meant you.

Kanan, I... I didn't do any of this.

If not for you guys,
I'd be back on Lothal,

just waiting to be rescued
like everyone else.

Ezra, you have never been
like everyone else.

Hera always saw
something special in you,

and so did I.

At times, I was afraid.

Afraid that I couldn't teach you
everything you needed to know.

But you did. I've learned so much.

And so have I. We all have.

In fact, sometimes I wonder
if I have anything left to teach you.

No. That can't be true.

My own Jedi training was limited.

I don't mean about the Force.

I mean about life,
about being a good person.

That's what you've taught me.

Hey, you two. The time to talk is over.
Let's help out.

General Dodonna and the Massassi
group will be here any minute.

General Dodonna?
That name sounds familiar.

It should.
He got those Y-wing bombers we stole.

He commands one of the largest
rebel cells I know of.

With him and his fleet,
we have a real shot

at taking out
the Imperial factories on Lothal.

Commander Sato,

there are several ships
emerging from hyperspace.

At last,
General Dodonna's fleet has arrived.

Phoenix Nest to Vanguard.

Welcome to Atollon, General Dodonna.

Thank you, Commander Sato.

This day has been a long time coming.

Hopefully, we can finally
deal a blow to the Empire

and show the rest of the galaxy
what we're capable of.

This is Fulcrum
with an urgent message.

Thrawn knows about...

"By the light of Lothal's moons."

That is your code phrase,
isn't it, Agent Kallus?

Or would you prefer
I address you as "Fulcrum"?

I'm afraid your rebel friends
won't receive your warning.

Your technique is good,

but limited by your training
in the Imperial Academy.


You talk too much!

You have the heart of a rebel.

I'll take that as a compliment.

You may have transmitted
your warning, Agent,

but in doing so,

you've given me
the last piece of the puzzle.

Now, this is the trajectory
of General Dodonna's fleet,

and this is the trajectory
of your Fulcrum transmission.

Taken separately, they mean nothing.
But together...

Nothing. There's no planet there.

The rebels are smarter
than you give them credit for.

A pity you do not study art,
Agent Kallus.

There is much it can show you,
if you know where to look.

Such as, a system which does not
appear on Imperial charts

but is represented in the art
of the ancient people of this sector.

I believe they call this "Atollon,"

now the home of your rebel base.

Admiral Konstantine,
deploy the fleet to these coordinates.

We will join you shortly.

We've just received
a new transmission from Fulcrum.

This is Fulcrum
with an urgent message.

Thrawn knows about...

Thrawn knows? Knows about what?

About the attack on Lothal?

Something's happened.

Most of the Imperial fleet
left the system.

What does it mean?

Thrawn knows we're here.

All ships, battle stations!

How can you be certain?

The last time this happened,
the Empire ambushed us on Garel.

Commander Sato.

We have Imperial
Star Destroyers incoming.

Phoenix fleet,
set defense formation Aurek-one!

Alert rebel command!

What happened? Where's Ryder?

They're jamming
long-range transmissions.

We have to scrub the mission.

We were so close!

Evacuate all ground staff.
We're getting out of here!

All personnel, code K-one-zero.
Evacuate immediately.

All craft, jump to hyperspace.

Regroup at rally point Nova.

I still have people on the surface.

If we wait,
they'll cut us to pieces, Commander.

Go. We will cover you.

Signal the other frigates to jump.

Something's pulled them
out of hyperspace.

If that is true,
there will be no escape for us.

Gravity wells engaged, sir.

All batteries, open fire.

What of Governor Tarkin's prisoners?

General Dodonna
is known for his courage.

He wouldn't be aboard
the first vessel to flee.

Its crew is therefore irrelevant.

General Dodonna, Commander Sato,
Captain Syndulla.

At last, we meet in this theater of war,

however briefly.

There is no escape,

and your forces
are badly outnumbered.

This rebellion ends today.

We'll never surrender to you, Thrawn.

You misunderstand, Captain.

I'm not accepting
surrenders at this time.

I want you to know failure, utter defeat,

and that it is I who delivers
it crashing down upon you.

Now, let us proceed.

We don't have the strength
to meet Thrawn head-on,

but I will get us to safety.

How do you propose
we break his blockade?

Thrawn believes
this is the entire rebel fleet,

so we just need a big enough opening
to get one ship through.

Once clear of the jamming,
they can call for reinforcements

to attack the Empire's flank.

That should divide their forces
and enable us all to escape.

The Ghost stands the best chance.

We'll make an opening for you.

Not for me.
Ezra and Kanan will take the Gauntlet.

No way. I'm not leaving you!

This is our fight, too.

There's no time to argue.

As Jedi,
you have the best chance to escape,

and there's no one I trust more
to get the help we need.

You're going. Chopper, too.
That's an order!

Hera, I can't leave yet.

There's someone
I have to warn about this,

out in the wilderness.

What? Kanan, no!

I need you and Ezra to go get help.

That's what I'm doing.

You mean from him?

Hey, I'm a persuasive guy.

Who are you talking about?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

But I need you to trust me.

Don't keep me waiting long.

Ezra, the mission is yours alone.

Good luck, kid.

May the Force be with me.

Still glad you got mixed up
in this rebellion, Rex?

It beats slingin' for joopas.

Does it? They sure do taste good.

They do, don't they?

Launch fighters!

All command, spearhead formation.

Frigates and corvettes,
protect the transports.

We'll take point, Commander.

Sato is employing a Danaan tactic.

Bold. But I'd expect no less

from the best commander
to ever come out of the Mykapo system.

Reinforce our center
and send in the fighters.

Yes, Grand Admiral?


Keep your lnterdictor cruiser back
until I order otherwise.

Why not just attack now
with overwhelming force? I could---

Because I know these rebels.
I've studied them.

They will, no doubt, defy convention
and attempt something unexpected.

We will be prepared for it.

As long as you do exactly as I say.

As you wish.

Fighting over glory?

I do not require glory,
only results for my Emperor.

Phoenix Squadron,
keep those fighters busy.

Green Squadron,
attack the lead destroyer.

Copy that. We'll clear a path.

All wings,
arm proton bombs and follow me.

Green group, clear out for another pass.

I'm hit!

I hope Kanan's having better luck.


Bendu, we need your help.

You have brought war
to my quiet world, Kanan Jarrus,

Jedi Knight.

And I will have no part of it!

Wait. Bendu, hear me out.


I am the one in the middle.
I take no side.

So you're just gonna let us die?

You think the Empire won't kill you, too?

I am beyond your worrying and wars.

I am unseen, unknowable,
like a rock in the river.

Do you think it chance

this world was so difficult
for you to find?

No. But maybe we were meant to find it

and meant to find you.

For what purpose?

I was here long before you
and will be long after.

I am the Bendu, the one...

"In the middle." So you keep saying.


I tried to live that way once.

Told myself the galaxy would go on
with or without me.

But when I saw innocents harmed

and knew I had the power
to do something about it,

I couldn't just watch it
all burn down around me!

Some things are worth fighting for.

Phoenix Squadron, we've gotta
keep those TIEs off our cruisers!

This is Massassi group.
We're taking heavy fire. We need help.

On our way.

Too many ships to protect!

All ships, charge the blockade!

Commander, they destroyed the Orion!

Capital ships, hold your position.

Their cruisers will have to come to us.

I see it! They're cutting us off!

No, no!

Hera, I can't get through

as long as those Interdictor cruisers
are cutting us off.

Stay sharp, Ezra.
We'll find you that opening.

I know, just.--


Commander Bridger,
go to heading 221 and prepare to jump.

All hands, abandon ship
and make for Atollon!

We're staying, Commander.

Very well. Man your stations.

Hera, I think Sato's
evacuating the carrier.

That's a command ship.
Move to intercept!

But, sir, Admiral Thrawn ordered us
to maintain our position.

Move to intercept!

I will not be denied
the glory of this kill!


return to your assigned
coordinates immediately.

I've had enough of your games,
Grand Admiral.

Hera, what's Sato doing?

He's drawing that ship out of position.

Get ready to jump!

Prepare to engage gravity wells!



Sir, he's changing course!

No! Take evasive action!

Ezra, now!

Sir, one rebel ship
escaped the blockade.

Konstantine was careless.

Let's hope he did not
undermine my efforts.

Press the attack. Force them to ground.

All ships, return to base.

You can feel it, can't you?

My friends are dying.

Such is the fate of all living beings.

Not like this,
crushed by overwhelming evil.

Help us survive, Bendu.

Help us fight.

I will not fight your petty battles.

You'd rather hide. Like a coward.

I will not be called a coward
by the likes of you, Kanan Jarrus!

Perhaps it is the will of the Force

that the Jedi and all your kind perish

and I serve the will of the Force!



Senator, there must be
someone you can send

or something you can do.

I wish I could help you,
Commander Bridger,

but I can't.

Doing so would play
into Thrawn's hands,

and he would wipe out
all we've worked to build.

I know. He planned this.

Senator Organa was right.

It was too soon for open warfare
against the Empire.

I promise you, we will do our best

to negotiate fair treatment
for the prisoners.

What if there are no prisoners?

I'm not ready to give up yet.

You have courage, Ezra.

May the Force be with you.

No. We can't go back. Not without help.

And I think I know where to find it.