Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 14 - Trials of the Darksaber - full transcript

To help recruit her people to join the rebels, Sabine reluctantly agrees to learn to wield an ancient Mandalorian weapon but finds the challenge more difficult than expected.

Possible target acquired.

Proceeding to investigate.

Encountering hostiles.

Cannot give away position.

Hobbie, Wedge, let's go! Move it!

We're behind schedule,
Phoenix Squadron.

I want these fighters launched
and at the training coordinates by 062.

Don't understand why
I can't come along.

Zeb, you're my chief of security.

I need you to stay behind
and mind the base.

Hera, come on. Let me tag along.

You can always use
an extra pair of hands.

Just don't leave me on my own here.
I'll be bored to death.

You won't be on your own.

You have Chop and AP-5
to keep you company.

Like I said, bored to death.

We'll be back before you know it.

Carry on, Captain Orrelios.

Sorry, buddy.

Did they seriously leave you
in charge of this entire facility?

Something wrong with that?

Well, I just always assumed

you were more of a "lift heavy things
and punch anything in your way" type.

You know, a grunt.

Precisely. Now,
what exactly do you do?

What'd he say?

He said, "We've never really
figured that out."

Don't you have something to do?

Actually, while everyone
is off practicing,

I intend to take this opportunity

to conduct a thorough inventory
of the base's munitions supply depot.

Either one of you may assist me.

I'm with you, Chopper.

Counting crates?
Not exactly my idea of fun.

Is that because you never learned
to count? I can teach you.

What? No!

I don't have to stay here
and listen to this.

I'll be in the command center.

- Doing what?
- Commanding!

- Captain.
- Anything to report?

We've been tracking meteors
impacting on the surface nearby.

We think one of them knocked out
a perimeter sensor in sector six.

- Should I send a unit?
- No, I'll go take a look.

Chopper, you're with me.

You don't want to go?

Fine. Then you can stay here and help
AP-5 with his supply inventory.

Chopper, there you are.

We have a lot of inventory
to calculate immediately.

Wait. Where are you going?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Well, I don't see a meteor,

but it looks like spiders had a go at it.

Easy enough to fix.

Looks like something stumbled
onto a nest and got swarmed.

It's some kind of droid.

And not one of ours. How'd it get here?

Doesn't look Imperial.

We should take it back to base,

see if we can figure out
where it came from.

Course you disagree
and wanna trash it.

Well, I suppose,
since Hera left you in charge...

Wait, she didn't.

Agent Kallus, we've lost contact
with one of our infiltrators.

It hasn't reported in.

What was its last known location?

The droid never transmitted
its coordinates,

so we don't know.
Should we alert command?

If we chased down
every temporary comm failure,

we'd have little time
to do anything else.

If there's still no contact by next cycle,
we'll follow up.

For now, we wait.


This is all wrong.

Rations in the munitions section?

Torpedoes with detonators?

My maker!
This is a logistics nightmare.

Say what you like about the Empire,
they were organized.

Mostly because of me, of course.

Hey, Inventory!

Excuse me.

This is a supply area,
not a trash compactor.

We found this busted-up droid
in the wasteland.

Can you identify it?

It looks like an older model
of some type of protocol droid.

I should be able to give it
enough power for a systems restart.

Hey, it worked!

Of course it worked.

Hello. Who are you?

Where do you come from?

Designation, unknown.

Its memory systems are damaged.

Armory and munitions storage area.

Proton torpedoes, 47.

Blaster recharges, 820.

Thermal detonators, 62 crates.

Ion mines, 32.

Did he... Did hejust scan
and inventory this entire area?

He's better at your job than you are.

I seriously doubt that.

However, he appears
to be a logistics droid

and could prove useful as my assistant.

Seems harmless enough.
I guess we could take in another stray.

Species, Lasat. Designation, military.
Rank, unknown.

Captain Orrelios at your service.

Fast learner, this one.

Astromech C1 series.

Obsolete mechanism.
No longer in production.

He doesn't like you.
Now I really like him.

Captain Orrelios to the command
center for a priority message.

Keep an eye on my new friend, huh?

Very well.

Sir, we have a message from Fulcrum.

Let's hear it. Put him through.

The Empire has begun
to deploy recon droids.

These Infiltrators sweep
the Outer Rim worlds for rebel bases.

Look at that thing.
It's armed to the teeth.

They are extremely dangerous,

but can appear harmless
while in protocol mode.

Oh, no.

One recently failed to report in.

Be advised, if the droid
remains out of contact,

the Empire will come after it, and soon.

Fulcrum out.

Make sure you categorize
every crate in this section.

This is marvelous.

You and I are going
to get along famously.

We'll have this rebel base
in tip-top shape.


AP-5, step away from that droid!

Rebel base.

What exactly is happening?

That thing's some kind
of Imperial recon droid.

Rebel base identified.

Get away from it! What's it doing?

Designation, Imperial
infiltrator Droid EXD-9.

It's remembering.

Assignment, Atollon.

Target, rebels.



You okay, Chop?

I can only guess what he's saying.

In summary, "I told you so."

Well, I managed to damage it,
but it's on the run now.

We can't let that thing report
what it saw back to the Empire.

We must alert Captain Syndulla.

No time.

Hera put me in charge
because she trusts me.

I'm not letting her down.

Come on. It's leaking fluid.
We can track it.


This poor astromech's power core
has been completely drained.

And several key components
have been removed.

That thing's repairing itself.

Trail ends here,
where it patched itself up.

Chopper, think you can track it?

Chopper said its power supply
is not registering on his scanners.

The power it consumed from this droid
was likely not enough for its needs.

It may still be looking for more.

Well, that gives me an idea.

Really? You can have those?

Chopper, you get its attention.

Lure it to me, and I'll blast it.

May I remind you that we are in an area
housing high-explosive munitions?

Perhaps not the best place
to be firing blasters.

We were lucky enough the first time.

You could have told me that before.

I just told you now.

Okay, so I'll just grab it.

Get it on the ground and shut it down.

Grab it? That's your plan?

Yes. And if I do, can you shut it down?

Of course I can.

All right. Chopper, get to it.

I got it. I got it!

Shut it down!

Hold it steady.

I'm trying!

Shut it down now!

Almost got it. Stand by.

- Stand by?
- Got it.

What do you know?
Your plan actually worked.

Of course it did!

Okay, let's have some good news.

You know, just to see how it feels.

Chopper can detect no long-range
communications equipment,

which means the droid has not
transmitted our position to the Empire.

Well, that's something.

It must have a ship somewhere nearby.

What's the bad news?

The droid appears to be
counting down?

Counting down to what?

Most likely it has activated
its Imperial anti-capture failsafe.

There's probably
a proton warhead inside too.

If you're right, then this droid
could vaporize the entire base

and us along with it.

The countdown timer
has already begun.

How much time have we got left?

Twenty seconds.

Any ideas?

What did he do?

He's temporarily frozen
the countdown circuit.

That should buy us time
to move the droid

to a safe distance from the base
before it detonates.

This part will require
some manual labor.

Your specialty, I believe.


Fulcrum said if this droid
doesn't report back to the Empire,

they'll come here looking for it.


Are you suggesting
we allow it to return to the Empire,

with a memory bank
filled with rebel secrets?

Well, we can't let it detonate.
We can't let it go back.

Think, Zeb, think!

This might take a while.

Can you get inside
the droid's programming?

I believe I can.

I want you to wipe its memory.

No, its memory core is protected.

Any attempt to tamper with it
would likely trigger detonation.

Nor can I disarm the warhead.

One way or another,
it is going to explode.

It's just a matter of when.

Or a matter of where.

What if we send it back
to the Empire still ticking?

Can you make an adjustment
to the warhead,

set it to restart the countdown

when the droid reconnects
to the Imperial network?

Possibly. What are you suggesting?

We let it go back to its base,

but it blows before
it can upload its data.

Maybe even takes some more
of these droids with it.

The Empire will never know
which one it was.

Well, can you do it or not?

Yes, I can. Or at least I can try.

Sorry for my delayed response.

I was just rather stunned
by the fact that you had a good idea.

Just get to work fixing it.

Good point, Chopper.

It may try to kill us, so I will restore
the droid's behavioral system

to the disarmed state
in which we found it.

I will also initiate
its return-to-base protocol

so it should promptly leave peacefully.

Main system restart now.

It's leaving the base. Good job.

Let's make sure it gets home.

I'm picking up a second signal.
Must be its ship.

There it is.

That's a long-range transmitter.

It's going to contact the Empire.

Not if I can help it.


We did it. We did it!

Now that it can't contact the Empire,
it will return home, right?

If it follows its programming.

But what if... I mean, if it goes back,

and I didn't correctly reprogram
that detonator?

Look, we may not like each other,
but you've always done your job.

Well, whatever the outcome,

you performed admirably, Captain.

A lot's happened today.

Not sure if I can deal
with you and me starting to get along

on top of everything else.


I think that missing unit is back.

So plug it in. Let's see what we got.

Alert command.

This droid was damaged,
but found something.

- Is that a countdown?
- Oh, my.

What just happened? Report!

I believe it was
a proton warhead detonation, sir.

Okay, what happened that you called
me back on day one of the exercise?

Well, it may be nothing.

We... We think we've got it
all under control.

But just in case...

Incoming message, priority.

Hold that thought.

You had nothing to do with what?

I can only assume
you found and reprogrammed

the lost Infiltrator I warned you of.

Well, as you no doubt planned,

the droid did self-destruct
on its return to base.

I don't know how you pulled it off,
but you have my congratulations.

Fulcrum out.

What was that about?

It's kind of a long story.

Which I can recall every detail of.

It all began when Captain Orrelios
brought the droid back...

How did this happen, Agent Kallus?

I suspect the rebels
captured a unit in the field

and reprogrammed it
to self-destruct upon its return to base.

Quite ingenious, really.

I'm inclined to agree.

You seem in surprisingly good spirits,
considering this loss.

Loss, you say?

The rebels may have protected
the location of their base for now,

but in doing so,
they have narrowed my search.

Before today, they could have been
hiding in any of a thousand systems.

But now...

Now I know they are almost certainly

on one of the 94 planets
surveyed by my infiltrators.

The rebels have won this battle,

but the war will be ours.