Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 13 - Warhead - full transcript

Chopper and Zeb find a Droid out in the Atollon wasteland. Upon returning it to base, they learn that it is an Imperial Droid programmed to hunt and kill Rebels.

Tell me what I want to know, bug.

What Imperial secret

was worth the lives of my team,
my friends?

Easy, Saw.

We've all got questions for him.

Saw, he's unarmed.

You know better than anyone,

we can't underestimate these things.

I think he's afraid.

Well, how can you tell?

Let Ezra talk to him.

It's okay. We won't hurt you.

I'm Ezra. What's your name?

Yeah, I think I'm just gonna
call ya Klik-Klak.

Come on out.

It's okay, Chop.


can you tell us

what the Empire was doing

here on Geonosis?

Circle inside of a circle.

That could be the rings
around Geonosis.

I need more than
some scratches in the dirt.

Chopper picked up an energy reading
in the direction Klik-Klak was going.

Down below somewhere.

Probably a trap.
Another den of battle droids.

Or the answers we're looking for.

We came all this way.

What are you doing?

Tracker. I don't want it
running off again.

Hey. Saw!

I think this is yours.

Where'd you get that? Give it here!

You dropped it back there.

Is that your sister?


This is all I have left of her.

Back in the Clone War,
Saw's sister was killed

by a Separatist gunship.

The Geonosians
were Separatists, right?

Yeah, and they created those gunships.

I'm sure the proximity sensor
was triggered by a meteor again.

Scan the quarantine zone for intruders
and let's be on our way.

I don't want to waste any more time
on this desolate rock than I have to.

Captain, I'm detecting life
on the surface.

Most likely scavengers.

Deploy recon patrol.

Zeb, Sabine, I need you up here!

What now?

Imperial light cruiser.

They haven't detected us yet.

We need to get
the others back here now,

but I can't raise their comlinks.

They must have gone back
into the tunnels for some reason.

If I take a transmitter into the cave,
think I can contact them from there?

Try it, but don't stray too far.

Sabine, you finish locking down
the deflector core.

This is where you live?

Some kind of workshop.

He's been maintaining
that shield generator and those droids.

Droids he used to ambush us.

Well, all his people were killed,

and we came here with weapons.

Can you blame him
for protecting himself?

What else is it protecting?

Transmitter looks functional.

Maybe we can boost
your signal with it.

Chop, give me a hand with this.

Got a lot of stuff here.

No, no, no! That tells me nothing!

Saw, don't. This is his home.

That may be the only answer
you're going to get out of him.

It's hiding something.

What have you got in here? A weapon?



Sonic blaster.

Still think the bug's our friend?

What else you got in there?

That's... That's an egg.

He's just been defending it.
That's what this is all about.

That's what he was trying to draw.

Looks like a queen egg. It's very rare.

That could be
the last Geonosian egg left.

Spectre-4 to Spectre-1.

Can you read me?

Come in, Spectre-1.

Spectre-4, we read you.

Kanan? All right! I got ya!

Hold on.
Let me patch you through to Hera.

Spectre-1, do you read?

Loud and clear.
We've found something.

So did we. The Empire is here!

We need you back so we can go.

- You too, Spectre-4.
- On my way!

The tunnel we came in collapsed.

We'll have to find another way out.

What about that giant chasm
we crossed?

It goes to the surface.

Maybe we can find a way up.

This thing comes with us
for interrogation.

Well, then who will protect the egg?

If it is a queen,

then it's vital
to the survival of his whole race.

Whatever that thing knows
is vital to our survival.

Ezra's right.
They don't deserve extinction.

The mission takes priority.

Saw, we had this argument
back at command.

Your mission was to find out
what happened here.

And I'm gonna make this bug
tell me exactly that.

No. If that egg is the last chance
to save his people,

then we have to help him protect it.

I know some people
in this rebellion don't want to admit it,

but we are in a war, and war is loss.

Okay, but we're taking Klik-Klak
and the egg to our base.

After we question him,
we'll bring him home.


Kanan, what's your position?

We're heading back
to the central air shaft.

We're in trouble!

Shields just took a major hit.

That ship is a rebel vessel, Captain.

Imperial records identify it
as the Ghost from Phoenix Squadron.

The Ghost! If we destroy that ship,

it would mean a promotion for all of us.

Hurry, Zeb! Move it!

Sabine, I need you
in the nose gun, now!

Hey! I only got one barrel!

Thanks to that storm,
you're gonna have to make do!

Stupid sand. Gets everywhere.

Spectre-1, we took out
the Empire's first wave,

but they'll send more.

You better come and get us.
Do you still have my signal?

Yeah, I think I see
where you're headed.

Gonna be a tight fit.

Strap yourselves in!

This doesn't look good.

All these tunnels look the same.

You sure Chopper knows
where he's going?

He made a map as we went.

Wait. Klik-Klak wants to head
down there for some reason.

Maybe this is a shortcut.

We follow the droid.

Our recon units were destroyed,

and we've lost all trace of the rebel
vessel on our scopes, Captain.

Pinpoint their last known position
and take us down.

Down, Captain?

They've gone underground,
and we're going to follow.

There it is!

Saw Gerrera,

this is Hera, Sabine and Zeb.

Phoenix Leader,
I'm honored to meet you.

Your actions have not gone unnoticed
among the ranks of other rebels.

Neither have yours.

- You found a local?
- It's okay.

That's Klik-Klak.

Is he the only one?

We think so.

Well, that complicates things.

He's our only clue
to what the imperials did here.

I wanna take him with us.

Okay, what does Klik-Klak want to do?

He wants to stay here.

I think he wants us
to take him deeper into the planet.

That's too bad, because
we already have an agreement.

Don't we, Jedi?

We agreed that
we would take Klik-Klak

back to our base for questioning.

Kanan, can I have a word with you?

- What's wrong?
- Gerrera.

How much do you know about him?

Nothing, really. Just what Rex told us.

You have a problem with him?

We need to be careful.
From what I hear,

Saw's got a reputation
for being a little extreme.

Considering his past,
can't say I blame him.

Leave him alone!

Hey, you can't take him!

I said g0!

You're hurting him!

Gerrera, what are you doing?

I'm taking your shuttle and the bug.

You're not taking
The Phantom anywhere.

Saw, we had a deal.

We'll question Klik-Klak
at Chopper Base.

Your methods are soft, Jedi.

We lost the last war because of you.

I won't lose this one.


Easy, soldier.
You're not in command here.

Now move it, bug!

The egg!

I don't want to do this,

but you leave me no choice.

Captain, you were right.

The rebel ship has entered
an underground passage.

Let us pass, or I destroy the egg.

Saw, you don't want to do this.

I know you believe
you're doing the right thing, but...

Our enemy shows no mercy.
Neither can we.

If you harm that egg,

you're helping the Empire
wipe out the last of his kind.

The last of his family.

I don't care.

Yes, you do.

I know you care,

because you know
what it's like to lose family.

Yeah, I know what it's like.

I lost my sister to the Separatists
and my planet to the Empire.

I'm fighting for you and everyone else
not to lose what they've got.

And I won't apologize for how I do it.

Then you're no better than the Empire.

They found us!

We have to leave. Now.

We can't take him with us.
Klik-Klak belongs here.

Hey, if we all get captured,

that'll end this debate real quick.
Let's go!

They're cutting us off!

We've got rocket troopers incoming!

Ezra, I need you guys up top now.

Saw, can I count on you?

In a fight against the Empire?

Any time.

Good. Get up there with the others
and buy me some time.

What's your plan?

Well, we can't go up,
so we gotta go down.

Looks like you get your way, Klik-Klak.

Pesky flyers!

They've got detonators!

I'm on it!

Those troopers are in trouble now.

Wait, what's she doing?

- I want one of those jet packs.
- I know.

Captain, our rocket trooper
squadron suffered heavy losses.

How heavy?

- We lost them all.
- Move the cruiser into firing position.

We can't stay down here forever.

I wonder how deep this goes.

According to Chopper,
not much further down.

And he's picking up
something on his scanner.

I say we check it out.

Every second we spend down here
seals our fate.

We've come this far.

If Klik-Klak thinks this is the way to go,
I want to see why.

Over here.

Those canisters.

Imperial weapons division.

They're for poison gas.


Just like his drawing,
the circle in the circle.

Now we know
what happened to his people.

Ezra's right.

The Geonosian belongs here.

Those canisters are all we need

to prove that the Empire
wiped out its people.

Everyone loses family in war,
even the enemy.

The Geonosians deserve
the same chance to rebuild that we do.

Go on, Klik-Klak. You're free.

Where is he going?

I don't think this is the bottom.

Maybe there are other survivors.

They sure are a resourceful species.

I hope he finds a safe place
to hatch the egg.

He's kept it safe this long.
They'll be okay.

Okay, let's load some of these
canisters as proof for the Senate.

We are in position over the opening,

but there's no sign of the enemy ship.

They must have descended
deeper into the planet.

Bury the rebels alive!

The tunnel's collapsing! Go!

They're trying to seal us in!

We're not getting buried down here.

The cruiser is directly over our exit.
It's blocking our escape!

Their captain is showing
their inexperience.

All hands, fire forward batteries!

Sabine, fire proton torpedoes.

Take evasive action!

We've lost the canisters!

Unfortunately, all we were able
to recover

were images of the poison canisters

used by the Empire
against the Geonosians.

The images are frightening

but will not be enough to convince
the Senate of the Empire's atrocities.

They may, however, help us
recruit more systems to our cause.

Your intel concerning these matters,

acquisition of a shield core
and the rescue of Saw Gerrera

makes the mission
a profound success.

Well done.

We also gave Klik-Klak and his race
a fighting chance for survival.

We still don't know what the Empire
was building on Geonosis.

Maybe not, but they can't
keep it hidden forever.

We'll deal with it.

I just hope it won't be too late.

You're welcome.

Ezra, you're gonna find not all
of our allies share the same values

or even fight the Empire
for the same reason we do.

I've also got my issues with Saw, Ezra.

But in the end,
he proved he's not the Empire.

And for now, that will have to do.