Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 12 - Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 2 - full transcript

With finding Saw and making another discovery on Geonosis, the rebel team goes deeper into the tunnels just to see what is so important.

So, do we finally get to find out
what this mission is about?

Hera already told you. It's secret.

Isn't that everything we do?

Some things more than others.

Okay, Chop, put Command through.

Senator Organa?

I wanted to explain the mission
personally, Captain Syndulla.

There is much at stake.

- How can we help?
- Rebel Command received your report

on the apparent disappearance
of the Geonosian people.

After some debate, we decided
to take a risk and investigate.

So we're looking for Geonosians?

No. You are looking
for the team we already sent.

We lost contact with them
two cycles ago.

- Do you think it was the Empire?
- Unknown.

Contact was lost after
the team reported an energy source

on the planet's surface.

Energy source?

When we went to Geonosis,
there was nothing.

No signs of life or power.

Your primary mission is to recover
our people and any intel they gathered.

Who is it we're looking for?

Saw Gerrera.

Rex, you knew about this?

Yeah, I did.

I've known Saw a long time,

and I've learned
when he's concerned about something,

it's usually worth taking a closer look.

So, Saw is worried
about what we found?

He's worried about what we didn't find.

The construction modules
and debris we saw last time,

it's all gone.

Well, I'm picking up
a power source on the surface

right where Command said it would be,

but I can't raise Saw on any channel.
There's only static.

Geonosians live underground.

It's possible Saw and his people
can't hear our transmission.

Let's get down there and find out.

Hang on.

This storm is wreaking havoc
on my scopes.

Chopper, stabilizers!

How's it feel to be back, Rex?


I was hoping I'd never have to
come back to this dust ball.

I had to set her down,
but we're in the neighborhood.

According to Command, Gerrera's
recon team entered a structure

two klicks north of our current position.

Maybe they took shelter there.

It's possible.

Sabine, what about
the power source you detected?

Different location, and close.

But thanks to the storm,

I can't get a precise reading
about where or what it is.

Keep working on it.

Until we know more
about that power source,

we'll split up into two groups.

Rex, Kanan, Ezra and Chopper,

go check out the coordinates
of Saw's last transmission.

What about me?

You're staying here with us,
in case the Empire comes along.

So I can bust some buckets.

Well, I can't see anything either.

There's a temple up ahead

and probably an entrance
to the underground passages.

- Saw? Saw Gerrera?
- Hello?

Anyone here? Saw?

Spread out and see if you can find
the entrance to the underground.

I can't believe it.

Did the bugs build this?

Yes. They're more clever
than you would think, and creative.

That doesn't mean
they aren't dangerous as well.

So, Rex, how do you know
Saw Gerrera?

We go way back.

I trained him and his sister, Steela,
during the Clone War.

They were part of a plan
to help localized militias

fight for themselves
against the Separatists.

She didn't make it.

But he carried on

and even started his own rebel cell
after the Empire took over.

Hey, I think I found something.

Looks like
some kind of passage down there.

This is the entrance to the tunnels.

Looks like it was deliberately sealed.

Well, not sealed enough.

This must be where Saw's team went in.

Chopper's still not picking up
signals of any kind.

Let's go take a look.

So what do they look like?
The Geonosians?

Well, they kind of look like
battle droids, to tell you the truth.

Ugly battle droids that smell.

Looks like all these side passages
have been blocked off.

Yeah. Deliberately. Just like above.

Why would they do that?

The air is still down here.

The sealed passages
must be blocking the airflow.

Certainly limits our options
for going forward.


I found a helmet.

I know this marking.
It's from Saw's team.

There's another. And more down there.

All from Saw's unit.

But where are the people?

- They must've been attacked.
- By who?

There's something up ahead.

It's moving away.

What is it?

It's gone. We should go too.

- Go?
- Kanan, why?

We have to find Saw's rebels.

Ezra, all we found are sealed up
tunnels and some rebel gear.

There's something working against us.
I'm not sure what,

but we're out of our element
and away from our team.

We'll just call for backup.
Chop, get Hera.

We must be too deep.
The signal can't reach her.

Someone's down here,
and I bet they know what happened.

I say we go on.

Rex, it's up to you to break the tie.

Nope, you don't get a vote.

Well, if you want my opinion,
I say we press on.

I know Saw would do the same for me.

Okay, we'll keep going.

But there's times I hate being right,

and I hope this isn't one of 'em.

I don't understand.
Where did the rebels go?

It's just a dead end.

Do you have to call it that?

Look! Are those Geonosians?

Not Geonosians. Clankers.

Halt. You will be eliminated.

Battle droids.

We can do this.

Blast 'em!

Okay, we can probably do this.


Jedi! Open fire!

- What was that?
- It wasn't the droids.

We've been outflanked!


Captain Rex.

So, you decided to come
to Geonosis after all.

Yeah. To rescue you.

Is that what's happening?

It's good to see you alive, my old friend.

I want you to meet Kanan and Ezra.

Right, and Chopper.

So, you're Jedi.

We do our best.

Never thought I'd meet another Jedi,
much less two.

The galaxy is full of surprises.

Including what's happening
here on Geonosis.

You've found something?

How's it going out there?

This storm is gonna
seriously damage my paint job.

I meant with the mission.

We're closing in on the power source.
It's just up ahead.

Whatever it is, it's big.

- How do you know that?
- Look.

I don't believe it.

Spectre-5, what do you see?

Hera, it's a shield generator.

I didn't copy, Spectre-5.

Did you say "shield generator"?

Yeah. Military grade.

Looks like it's fully operational.

This is what's responsible
for those power readings.

Can you extract the deflector core?

Well, it won't be easy in this storm,
but we can do it.

Luck's on our side for a change.

Chopper Base could really use a shield.

Get to work. I'll contact Kanan.

Ghost to Spectre-1. Do you read me?

Spectre-1, come in.

So this shield,
what do you think it was protecting?

What do you mean?

You don't just find
a fully operational shield generator

on a deserted planet for no reason.

Good point.
You know what that means?

No. What does that mean?

Work fast!

A shield generator?

Separatist model.
About as old as you, Rex.

But someone's kept it operational,
been maintaining it.

Battle droids?

These old clankers? Not a chance.

Technology's too sophisticated.

Besides, by the look of 'em,

someone's been repairing them too.

Well, we were following something.

That's how we wound up in this trap.

It was a bug. Had to be.

He got my unit using the same tactics.

I was the only survivor.

Yeah, the more I hear,
the more I don't like this.

We should go back and report to Hera.

Back? No. Wait.

You can't.

That bug is the key to finding out
what's going on here.

Don't you understand what's at stake?

We know the Empire wiped out
the entire population of this planet.

We need to find out why.

The Empire is hiding something,
something important,

and that bug knows what it is.

He's right. I say we help Saw.

I second that.

Okay. We can stay
and search for the bug,

but we have to warn Hera
about the droids first.

I can help you with that. This way.

I've been able to map
a fair amount of these tunnels.

There's a breeze.

Whoa. Watch your step, Master Jedi.

It's a long way down.


I tracked the bug to this shaft.

But it severed the bridge,
so I've never been able to get across.

How far down does it go?

Down, I don't know.

But it goes all the way up to the surface.

That's why you feel the air, so...

- We can contact our ship.
- Exactly.

Spectre-1 to Ghost. Do you copy?

Spectre-2, come in.

Spectre-1, I read you.

Where have you been, Kanan?
What's going on?

We found Saw Gerrera,
but his team is gone.

- Gone?
- Hera, listen to me.

There are operational
battle droids here.

Some patrol the surface.
Better keep an eye out.

Sabine and Zeb
found a shield generator.

They're out there
extracting the deflector core.

You have to warn them.

Gerrera says once
the storm dies down,

the droids will be coming.

Looks like the storm's letting up.

Spectre-4, Spectre-5.
Get back to the Ghost immediately.

Affirmative, Spectre-2.

We've got the deflector core,
and we're...

Leave it if you have to.
There are battle droids in the area.

I don't know how many.

Battle droids?

I don't see any battle droids.
I just see a bunch of rocks.

I'm not sure those are rocks.


Oh, no.

We'll make short work of these tin cans.

No. There's too many, Zeb.

If you blast one, you'll wake them all up.

Okay, what about the Ghost cannons?

No good. The sandstorm's
clogged up the barrels.

They're spread out enough.

I guess we can just
sneak past them on foot.

No. We can't just leave
the deflector core.

Are you crazy? Like Hera said,

if we bump into one of those things,
they'll all wake up.

Okay, okay. So we'll take our time
and we'll go carefully.

Are you sure it's not too big
to make it through?

Hey, you made it through.

Good point.

All right, boys. I'm calling it.
Get back to the surface

before these battle droids
or anything else wakes up.

Copy that, Hera.

Now wait a minute.
We're not going anywhere.

We need to go help our friends.

Want to help your friends?

Then find out
who's controlling those droids.

Ezra, far side of the chasm,

directly across from us.
Do you see anything?

Chopper, light it up.

There! Look!

- I knew it!
- Still ugly.

What's it holding?

Hera, the droids are waking up!

Kanan, we've got a problem.
The droids have been activated.

The bug did it.

Sabine and Zeb are in trouble. Let's go!

We're not leaving without that bug.

He's not as important as our friends.

You'll never reach them in time.

We capture the bug,
we turn off the droids,

we save your friends.

What do you think, Hera?

It's a good plan. Get the bug.

Ezra, I'm sending you
over there on three.

One. Two. Three!

Chopper, go with him.

Even with your help,
I can't jump that far.

I've got a better idea.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

For once, yes.

- What about the deflector core?
- Leave it.

Zeb, Sabine, wait. Don't leave it. Use it!

How, exactly?
It's disconnected from the array.

Wait, wait. She's right.

I can tie it to the core's power supply
and minimize the field.

Minimize any faster?

Not bad.

Thanks. But it won't hold forever.

I need you to blast
one of those bridges loose.

I think I know what you have in mind.

Get across!

What about Kanan?

Come on. We gotta get moving.

I always forget they can do that.

Yeah, but he's no Skywalker.

I heard that.

Down here. I think.

Chopper, any sign of him?

Go. Go!

This way.

Let's split up.
You go that way and cut him off.

What? Chopper!

How did he get past you?
Where did he go?

Not good. Not good!


Chopper, grab the remote!

The shield's failing!

Mind if we don't do that again?

It's over.

That's right. We got you.

And now you're gonna tell us
what's been going on here.

What were you building for the Empire?