Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 11 - Ghosts of Geonosis - full transcript

After finding a missing rebel team member, the Ghost crew discovers another surprise on Geonosis, and work to conceal it from Imperial forces.

Even though we still have
some preparation to do

before we strike
the Empire's factory on Lothal,

- Ezra.
- I want to do a thorough recon trip

to update our intel.

There's no need for the full squadron.
A small unit should

-be able to handle this.
- Ezra.

- I'm assigning you the mission, Ezra.
- Ezra.


- Care to join the briefing?
- Sorry.

Yeah. No, it's just
I thought I saw something.

This is your mission, Ezra.
I need your full attention.

Yeah, you've got it. Sorry.

All right. So first,
you'll slip into the system

and study the Empire's
orbital defenses.

- Ezra.
- We'll keep our distance,

but gather all the data we can.

I want Destroyer positions,
TIE patrol routes, transport schedules...


Something wrong?

No, I just...

I thought I saw something, or someone.

The recon team leaves
as soon as we're loaded up. Questions?

Is Admiral Thrawn there?

We have reports
of an increase in capital ships,

but no confirmation

-as to whether he's there or not.
- Ezra.

Ezra, what is it?

Hey, kid. You feeling all right?

There! Look!

What am I looking at?

You don't look very good.

Ezra, what do you see?



- Kanan, what's going on?
- I don't know. I don't know!

Ezra, can you hear me? Ezra!

Wake up.

Whoa, Ezra. It's okay. You're safe.

You want to tell us what's going on?

It was Maul.

You mean, at the briefing?

I saw him.

He said my name.

He was right behind me.
I mean, he was right there.

Kid, I was standing next to you.

There was nobody else there.

Maybe it was some kind of Force vision.


If you ask me,
the kid's just been working too hard.

Chopper, stop it.

No, Chop's right. Nap time's over.
I should get back to work.

You sure you're all right?

Hera, I feel fine.
I just had a bad something.

No reason to stop the rebellion, right?

Come on, Sabine.
We gotta get ready for our mission.

Tell me what you're thinking, Kanan.

I'm thinking whatever Ezra
went through with Maul,

it's not over yet.

Stop. We have all the proton
torpedoes we need for this mission.

Well, not according to
the weapons expert, which is me.

I want two more cases of 'em loaded up.

Why am I the last one
to know about supply changes?

I cannot work under these conditions.

It's like AP-5 and Chopper
were made on the same assembly line.

I'm the one who needs
an attitude adjustment?

It's him. It's Maul.


Hey, Ezra!

Ezra? Chop, go get Kanan.

Out of the way! There he is!

I see him.

Ezra. Stop!

I knew it!


- Ezra, wait!
- Let me go!

Kanan! What are you doing?

Ezra! It's not Maul! Look at him!

You're out of your mind, kid!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

What's happening to me?

Maybe I should postpone the mission,
stay here with him.

Ezra will be fine. I've got a plan.

Be careful, Kanan.

We Will.

I'm surprised she got on the ship.

- I told her I had a plan.
- Really?

- And she left anyway?
- Very funny. Come on.

Ezra's wrist com?

I need you to put a tracker on it
without him knowing.

Bendu. You knew we were coming.


You're not exactly quiet creatures.

Tell him what's happening.

The dark side wielder I told you about,

the one who wanted to join
the holocrons together.

I've seen him here on Atollon.

I warned you,
joining the holocrons together

could bring both great wisdom
and great danger.

I know. I felt their power.

And I did see things,
but my vision, it was incomplete.


Yeah, I let go before either of us
got the answers we wanted,

and then the holocrons were destroyed.

I see.

Well, that's not good.

What do you mean, "That's not good"?
What can we do?

What do you want to do?

I want to stop seeing Maul.

Then don't turn around.

Bendu, what should we do?

This is a strange place.

So remote.

Yes, the Empire will have
a difficult time finding you here.

You think I came here to fight?

I came here to speak
with my apprentice.

- He's not your apprentice.
- Yet.

How did you find me?

When you abruptly severed
our connection with the holocron,

you mixed up the information.

You learned a bit
of what I want to know,

and I learned a bit
of what you wanted to know.

But there were fragments
and memories left in my mind.

Like the location of our base.

Yes. Very good.

You do learn fast, apprentice.

Look, I can't make sense of what I saw.

I couldn't even describe it
if I wanted to.

And that is why
you need to come with me,

so I can retrieve the answers
which are just out of reach.

So you get your answers,
but what do we get out of it?

I will keep your rebel base secret.

No deal. You're not walking
off this rock in one piece.

I have planted a beacon nearby.

Strike me down, and it will activate,

revealing your presence to the Empire.

You have knowledge
that is rightfully mine.

I have knowledge that you want.

The key to defeating the Sith.

What I propose will satisfy us both.

All right.

Ezra, you're not doing this.

He's going to expose Chopper Base.

We'll move, build a new base.

Maul won't hurt me, Kanan.
He needs me.

Besides, this might be our last chance
to learn the secret

of how we can destroy the Sith.

I do not like this.

But we don't really
have a choice, do we?

I'm gonna trust you on this.

All right.

We have a deal.

After you, my apprentice.

I'm tracking Ezra's signal. They just
made the jump to hyperspace.

Let's get going. I don't wanna lose 'em.

Where are we?

That is Dathomir, my home.

If this is your home,
where are your people?

Where is everybody?

I am the last survivor.

My family, the Nightsisters, were killed.

Masterful witches they were.
A threat to the Empire.

I know that you can relate.

These witches, they use the Force?

Some aspect, yes.

But it was their connection
to this planet that made them strong.

That is why we are here,

to perform some old magic.

Yes. Yes, everything that we need
lies within the cave.

I'm not going any further
until you tell me how this works.

The only way to access
the knowledge we seek

is to merge our minds again.

The effect will only last a moment.

Just enough time for each of us
to find the answers to our questions.

Trust me, Ezra.

I only want the answers
I deserve, nothing more.

What do we have to do?


I have gathered many things,

secrets to help us
restore our memories.

Look at all this junk.

Do not touch anything.

These are artifacts from my past,

from a time when my power
was almost absolute.

Get away from there!

Is that a lightsaber?

Indeed, yes,

but not like any that you would know.

If your Mandalorian friend was here,

she could explain it to you.

Why is Ezra so willing
to trust Maul again and again?

I don't think he is,

but I do know he's taking
a big risk for all of us.

I have studied the ways
of the Nightsisters

and found a spell that suits our needs.

This... This altar

is the focus of their ancient power.

Now, to initiate the merge, we...

We must each drink this potion.

You first.

To complete the spell,
you must drink it all.

Just like me, all of it.

It's working.

They should be this way. Come on.

Where is he?

I want to know how to destroy the Sith.

I see. I understand.

Who is that?

I know him.

Of course.

It ends where it began.

A desert planet with twin suns.

He's alive. I can't believe he's alive.

It is time to pay our debt.

Wait, wait, wait! What's happening?

What is that?

Pay our due.

The spirits of the Nightsisters

must be compensated

for the use of their magic.

So pay 'em, and let's get out of here!

The price is our flesh and blood!

- Don't let them touch you!
- Now you tell me?


- Pay our due.
- Kanan, Sabine! Stay back!

Ezra! Stay back.



Sabine! It's Ezra!

You better not hurt him!

We cannot defeat
the spirits of the Nightsisters!

Follow me.
I will show you how to save your friends.

Faster! We must reach
the cave entrance.

Wait. Why aren't they coming after us?

The altar is the source of their power.

They cannot venture beyond the cave.

It is unfortunate
about your friends, Ezra.

But this... This is your opportunity

to embrace your destiny,
as my apprentice.

I told you,
that is never going to happen!

Forget the past!

Forget your memories!

Forget your attachments.

Our futures converge
on a planet with two suns.

We can walk that path together

as friends, as brothers.

My friends are trapped
in there because of us.

I can't just leave them.

You disappoint me,

Ezra Bridger.

Okay. The altar is where
their power comes from.

So, they can't leave the cave,

which means I just have to get
Kanan and Sabine outside.

How hard can that be?

You're unwise to reenter our sanctum.

That doesn't belong to you.

Then take it from me, Jedi!


You cannot destroy us!

You'll never save your friends!


Whatever you got out of Maul,
I hope it was worth it.

Do not go back in there.
They'll possess you again.

What about you?

Won't they possess you, too?

I'm counting on it!


Maul promised us flesh and blood.

With it, we can begin again and rebuild
the great clan of the Nightsisters.

If Maul made you that promise,
then it's my debt as well.

I will pay it. Just let my friend go.

Perhaps, if you prove to be stronger.

I know you're in there!

I'm not losing you to these monsters!

Our due must be paid!

Spirit, I am the one you want!
Let him go!


You belong to us, boy!

Kanan, get out of here!

You belong to us, boy.

The debt must be paid.

Now you will pay the price!

I'm gonna have to owe you one.


Kanan? I'm here.

This is the last time
we're working with Maul.

I sure hope so.

Sabine, I told you to stay outside.

Hey, I've never listened to you before.
Why start now?

Well, was it worth it?

Did you find out
what you wanted to know?


The answer to my question
of how to destroy the Sith

is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

You think he's still alive?

He must be.
But, Kanan, Maul's also looking for him.

So he knows where he is now?

The holocron didn't tell us that.

It just told us a planet with two suns.

Well, that hardly narrows it down.

Well, we're gonna have to figure it out,

because if we don't find
Master Kenobi before Maul...

There won't be any way
to stop the Sith.