Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Future of the Force - full transcript

Ezra and Kanan are sent to investigate the "retrievals" being made by the Inquisitors, learning of their plot to capture Force-sensitive infants.


(FAINT) Ezra.

- Mom? Mom, are you there?
- MALE VOICE: Ezra. We're here.

Dad? Where are you? I...
I can't see you.


Mom? Dad?

MIRA BRIDGER: We're right here, Ezra.








No, no. We've checked
these systems.

There's nothing close to a
viable location for a base.

- Maybe you're just being picky.
- Maybe I have to be.

Kanan! Kanan!

- What is it?
- My parents.

Kanan, I...
I saw my parents.

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I had a vision that they're out
there, and I've gotta find them.

Ezra, you know visions inspired by
the Force can be misinterpreted.

Just start at the beginning and
tell us exactly what you saw.

Okay. Some kind of
Imperial prison, I think.

My parents were there, and... And
then there was this Loth-cat.

You've never wanted to talk
about your parents.

That was before
this vision, Kanan.

It was so real. You
have to believe me.

I think it's time to show him.

Show me what?

Remember when Tseebo told you he
knew what happened to your parents?

(CONSOLE BEEPING) Yeah. But I didn't
want to hear what he had to say...

That I'd never
see them again.

Why? Do you know
where they are?

We know they were taken to an
Imperial prison, one of a thousand.

There are so many.
Where do we start?

Tseebo didn't know
exactly where they were,

but he had fragments
of information,

which we've been trying
to piece together.

We called in every favor with every
smuggler, trader and pirate we know.

Even asked Senator Organa
to inquire with his sources,

but we couldn't find them.
I'm sorry.

Why didn't you
tell me this sooner?

There was
nothing to tell.

Your parents
were just gone.


Thank you.

Garel is a major port
and under our control.

Surely our garrison there would
have spotted rebel activity.

You doubt my word, Admiral?

No, Inquisitor.

I merely look to the day
when you produce results.

And they have. I have independently
confirmed the Inquisitors' theory.

There is a rebel presence
on Garel.

They use multiple spaceports to
hide their ships. Quite clever.

You respect them, even though they
represent your constant failure?

Perhaps, Inquisitor, we can achieve
together, what we have not apart.

Admiral, deploy
the fleet to Garel.

- Mom, Dad, I will find you.
- KANAN: Ezra.

What is that?

It's a list
of Imperial prisoners.

The Empire's deleted their names
and images to keep them secret.

- Where'd it come from?
- Commander Sato.

He knows of my interest
in Imperial prisons.

His contact in the Core
intercepted a report,

there was a mass
escape last night.

That's why I had the vision.

My parents were
a part of this.

- Possibly.
- They were! I know it.

We've got to find them.

How do we find them?

I know an old Jedi trick
that might be able to help.

I can't guarantee
this will work.

You have to open your mind to the
truth as the Force presents it.

That can mean something
good or something bad.

Do you understand?

Yes. I understand.

Turn around
and focus on the list.


Don't try to see
what you want to see.

Let the Force
be your guide.

Stay in the moment,
be in this place at this time.





HERA: Prisoner X-10.

Whoever this is, they were
arrested on Lothal for treason.

- You might be onto something.
- Maybe.

We have to find out.

Hang on. They could
be anywhere by now.

No, Kanan. Not anywhere.

Lothal. That's why I keep
seeing the white Loth-cat.

Where's my helmet?
I... I need my helmet.

We want you to find
your parents, Ezra,

but even if you're right, you
can't go now. We need a plan.

The entire Imperial sector fleet
has the planet in a blockade.

Um, not anymore.

Been listening in
on Imperial chatter.

Wait. What's up on Lothal?

The Empire's fleet left
Lothal's orbit this morning.

Left Lothal? Where to?

Doesn't matter, okay?
This is a sign.

I'm supposed to go.


Where's my stupid helmet?

I know you have to go, but that
doesn't mean you have to go alone.

We support you.
We're family.

Speaking of family,
where are the delinquents?

Back to Lothal?

Well, that sounds like
a terrible idea.

Besides, we haven't finished
getting our supplies.

- You can finish later.
- Just get back here now.

Not too fast, Zeb. We don't want
to alert any Imperial patrols.

ZEB: (ON COMM) Don't worry.
Not a bucket head in sight.

In fact, we haven't
seen one all morning.

Kind of strange, actually.

It's not strange.
It's strategy.

What are you talking about?

The Empire always pulls back
patrols before a major strike.


Oh, no.

Well, Ezra, if you want
to go back to Lothal,

now would be the time.

Zeb, get back to the ship.

(BREAKING UP) I'll contact
Commander Sato. Hurry.

Hera? You copy? Hello?

I wonder what
she was trying to say.



I think I know
what she was gonna say.

Sabine, see if you can splice their
jamming signal. We'll need our comm.

- On it.
- You two better get going.

- Not until we get Zeb and Chop.
- Just have us ready to fly.

Zeb, we'll cover you!
Head this way!

Go! Go! Go!




ZEB: Got us in a cross fire!

We have them pinned.

We don't have all day.

- We have to get back to Lothal!
- Ezra, no!


Well, that's
pretty impressive.

Yeah. I taught him.

Well. Hello there.

You are not going
to get in my way.

Well, then, my brave, young
boy, come and prove it.




Ezra, I know how important
getting to Lothal is.

No, Kanan. Actually, you don't
know what this is like.

You're right.


I never knew my parents.


- Kanan, I... I'm sorry.
- No. It's okay.

It's too late for me, but
maybe not for you. (THUDDING)

It's gonna be too late for all of us
if we don't get back to the Ghost.

All right. Come on. We'll
take the long way around.

Way to have
our backs, Chopper.


- Sabine, where's my comm?
- Almost got it.


MAN: Hangar 16 has fallen.
Phoenix Squadron, report!

Ghost to Liberator.
Give me some good news.

We read you, Hera.

If the fleet's gonna launch,
it's gotta be now.

We are employing escape plan
delta, Captain Syndulla.

Are you ready?


- They're back.
- Let's go.

This is Phoenix Leader.
All ships,

angle deflector shields
and follow my lead.

Copy that, Captain Syndulla.

Admiral, several rebel ships
have launched.

Prepare tractor beam.

- Zeb, get on the guns.
- ZEB: On my way.

Come on, kid. We gotta go.
You too, Chopper.


Target their command ship.


They've slinged us
in a tractor beam.

HERA: (ON COMM) Kanan, I'm
going back for Sato and Rex.

You've got your opening.
Take it.

We're not leaving
until the fleet is safe.


I appreciate the sentiment, but I
gave you an order. Now get moving.

And, Ezra, I hope you find
what you're looking for.


Don't worry. She was
looking after everyone

long before
you and I came along.


This is not escaping.
This is attacking.

- I'm open to suggestions.
- I've got an idea.

But it means getting close
to that Star Destroyer.

We can use the torpedoes
to take out the tractor beam.

- ZEB: Wait, can we do that?
- We're gonna find out.

Oh, boy.

Sir, a second rebel ship
is attacking our flank.

Let the fighters
deal with it.

Keep your focus on
capturing the command ship.

HERA: (ON COMM) Commander
Sato, we're going

to break you free
from the tractor beam.

Phoenix Leader, I gave you
a direct order to retreat.

Just be ready
to hit your thrusters.

Almost got it.
Almost got it.

Oh! Don't got it!
Don't got it!

I'll get it.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

- Did we get it?
- (EXHALES) We got it.

Commander, we're free.
Get us out of here, now.

So, are we rendezvousing with
the fleet or heading to Lothal?

We stay with the fleet.

Admiral, Agent Kallus would like
to know the enemy's position.

So would I.

You have to admit,

it's good to see no Star Destroyers
over Lothal, for a change.

Why so quiet?

Thank you for everything
you've done for me.

You're always there
when I need you most.

Hey. I know what it's like to lose
someone close and not have anyone.

When I lost my master,
I was alone.

Regardless of
how this turns out,

I didn't want you to be.

So? Where do we start?


They burned it to the ground.

I guess the Empire wanted
to send us a message.


But my vision led me
back here to Lothal.

If my parents aren't here,
where are they?

What happened to them?

Slow down. The Force is
trying to tell you something.

Listen to it.



The white Loth-cat.


Here. Nice Loth-cat.

Good Loth-cat.

I'm not here to hurt you,
but you know that, don't you?

Who do you belong to?


After it!

And we're chasing
Loth-cats now.


Fast little fuzzball.







Hey, stop! Stop!
Wait! Stop!

Will you be more careful?

You know there are still
stormtroopers around.

Don't worry, okay?
I can track it.

What? The... The cat?

You've grown powerful if you can
track that Loth-cat with the Force.

The Force? I planted a
tracker on it, Kanan.

Of course you did.


The locator stopped up
ahead in the mountains.

This is it.

Something familiar
about this.

Hey. Our friend
from the market.

Get down!



It's him. X-10?

Hold your fire!
We're friends!


Yeah, that'll do it.

MAN: That isn't my
name, bounty hunter.

I know that's not your name.

- Ezra, no!
- My name is Ezra.

Ezra Bridger.

I don't know you, but I think
you might know my parents.

Ephraim and Mira Bridger.

My name is Ryder Azadi.

You're right.
I know your parents.

I can't believe
you're here, Ezra.

I wanted to find you,

but I guess
you found me first.

I know you, don't I?

Uh, you remember?

You were pretty small
back then.

I was the governor of Lothal.

I supported your parents
and the messages

they beamed out
against the Empire.

It was part of the reason
I was accused of treason

and sent to prison with them.

I do remember. Then you
know what happened to them.

Yes, I do.

They're dead, aren't they?

I'm sorry, son. They are.


Please tell me what happened.

You know, even imprisoned,

your parents would stand up
for those who couldn't.

Especially after
they heard your message.


Yes. That message.

That message of rebellion
you beamed out

somehow made its way into the
deepest dark of Imperial prisons.

They were
inspired by it, Ezra.

They rallied others
to rise up and break out.

Dozens of us, rebels, sympathizers
are free, thanks to them.

But they didn't make it.

They got separated
in the escape.

It was just like them not to leave
until everyone else got out first.

But by then,
it was too late.

How? How did they know
it was me?

On the transmission?

Your voice, your words, son,
telling Lothal to stand up.

They knew right away.

You know,
they used to say it

all the time
when I was little.

"If we don't stand up,
who will?"


It's beautiful, isn't it, son?

Yeah. So peaceful.

That is all going to change
when the Empire arrives.

But I don't want things
to change.

They already have, Ezra.

You have made us
so proud.

You are going to need
to stay strong.

- Can you do that, son?
- Yes, I can.

Remember, Ezra. Without
hope, we have nothing.

KANAN: Moons are setting.

Be morning soon.

I saw them, Kanan.
My parents.

They were right here.

I... I can't explain how.

The Jedi teach that life
doesn't cease at death,

but merely changes form
in the Force.

Your parents are alive
inside you, Ezra.

They will be. Always.

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