Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 8 - Stealth Strike - full transcript

A new Imperial ship captures Ezra, Commander Sato, and his crew, forcing Kanan and the clone to go undercover as stormtroopers to free the rebels.


We'll be arriving
in the Del Zennis system
any moment.

Well, we're coming up
on the last known position
of our missing patrol,

but I already checked
the star charts.

There's nothing out here.

But obviously, that's not true
since the ship went missing,

so, you know,
there must be
something out here.

When Captain Syndulla
said you volunteered
for this mission,

she insisted
you could be helpful.

Let us hope
that is true.

Something's about to happen.

Commander, we've lost
hyperdrive control.

Emergency positions.

What's happening?
Are we under attack?

PILOT: We're being pulled
out of hyperspace.


Secure all stations
and get me status report.

Instruments have frozen!
It's a Star Destroyer!

No. That is something else.

Send the distress signal. Now!

Phoenix Home to Ghost.

We've been pulled
out of hyperspace.
The Empire...


Phoenix Home to Ghost.

We've been pulled out
of hyperspace. The Empire...

The transmission
was jammed.

But still, that doesn't
make any sense.

You can't pull a ship
out of hyperspace

because you never know
exactly where it is.

A tractor beam
can't get a lock.

That's 'cause
this isn't a tractor beam.
It's a gravity well.

When I was at the academy,
they were developing

a new cruiser with
gravity well projectors

powerful enough
to pull a ship out
of hyperspace.

Well, it looks like
they finished it.

Chances are they're
still testing the system.

If they follow
Imperial procedure,

the testing zone
for this type of ship
wouldn't be that large.

You'll probably
find it not far

from where we lost contact
with Commander Sato.

All right, everybody.
Gear up.

We're goin' out there.

Not everybody.

You and Rex
will go to that system.

Find that ship,
and I bet you find Ezra
and the others.

Not Rex!
I'll take Zeb
or Sabine.

HERA: Rex's military
experience will be invaluable

and he can also
impersonate a stormtrooper.

Right. That's because
he is a stormtrooper.

No, he was
a clone trooper.
Same thing.

Kanan, I sent Ezra.

This is the only way.

All right.
We'll get 'em back.

All of them.

Don't worry, Commander.
I'll get us out of this.

I've been captured
many times.

You're not putting
my mind at ease.

Well, I've escaped
a lot too.



Out here searching
for your missing patrol,
I assume.

We are members of
the Corporate Alliance.

You have taken possession
of my ships illegally,

and I demand
you release us.

You are in a position
to demand nothing,

Commander Sato.

Ah, yes. I am familiar
with your activities
in this sector.

I suspected if we captured
even one rebel ship,

others would race
to the rescue.

But I dared not hope

we'd capture someone
as significant as you.

And what would
your name be, young man?

Jabba the Hutt.


You are a tad small
for a Hutt,

but I know someone else

that goes by the name
Jabba... Ezra Bridger.

I imagine Agent Kallus
will be quite pleased
to hear you have joined us.

Secure them.

Look, for the record,
this wasn't my idea.

Just try to act
like a professional.

What if you get in there
and forget
whose side you're on?

I would never be on their side
or wear their junk armor.

Here are your disguises.



This garbage
is nothing like
clone armor.

Looks a little tight
on you, old man.

Yeah? Well, at least
I know how to wear it.

Kanan, Rex.
Once you're in, signal me,

and I'll come in
with Phoenix Squadron
to blast you all out.

How are we
getting in anyway?


How is it the Empire
lets us keep stealing
these things?

Oh. I thought
it was the same one
we used before.

I don't know
why she does that.

I believe it's called
artistic expression.

Yeah? Well,
my expression is wrong.

I'm not happy about
being on this mission.

That wasn't clear.


Once we board this thing,
Chopper will plug in,

find out where
they have our people,

and we get them
out of there.

We've got to disable
this weapon,
whatever it is.

If the Empire
is able to intercept
our ships in hyperspace,

this rebel movement
won't last long.

I hear what you're saying,

but remember,
this is a rescue mission,
first and foremost.

We're coming up on Ezra's
last known position.

Let's just hope
we can find that ship fast.



Shuttle S257,
this is a restricted area.

Copy that, sir.
Boy, are we glad to see you.

We have a 157.
Repeat, a 157.

IMPERIAL: You are not cleared.

This is a 675 test zone
and off-limits to you, S257.

Well, if we don't
get some help soon,

we're gonna have
a 3376 on our hands.

I don't think you're gonna
want to have a 3376

off your starboard side,
now, would you, sir?

Shuttle S257, requesting
your emergency access code.

Copy that, sir.
Priority protocol 7...

(GROANS) This is
the stuff I can't stand,
protocol nonsense.

Stand by for code check.

Cody and I
practically invented
these emergency protocols

back in the Clone War.

Trust me, the codes are good.


Copy, Shuttle S257.

You are clear to proceed
on heading 1599 to hangar 11.

Thank you, sir.

See? They don't
suspect a thing.


Agent Kallus.

Our new gravity weapon
reeled in a catch of rebels

who I believe
you're familiar with,

Commander Jun Sato
and a young one
who calls himself Jabba.

You have Ezra Bridger?
Excellent work, Admiral.

Lock him in a secure cell
under triple guard.

Triple guard?
He is but a child.
I warn you.

Do not underestimate that boy.

I'm certain
that the Imperial Navy

is more than a match
for one boy,

whatever he calls himself.

We shall see.
I'm on my way.

Well, all set?

I guess.

KANAN: This must be
just like old times.

Just follow my lead
and you'll be okay.

No, you follow my lead.


Command deck says
you need to make your repairs
and depart.

We need to get
to maintenance.

You need to get
to maintenance.

We can go on our way.

You can go on your way.

Not bad.
I've seen better.

Eh, maybe
I'll practice on you
some time.

Chopper, plug in
and find Ezra
and the crew.


Transferring him
to a secure cell?

That means
they know who he is.
Let's go!


Hurry up. Hurry up.
Hit the button.

Which, which button?
I don't know where it is.

Oh, no.

Your armor appears to be
a little tight, trooper.


I'll tighten your face
a little tighter.

What was that?
Possible hyper-sickness.

Uh, I'm taking 565 here
on, um, the 257.

The commissary?
That's the last place
I'd take him.

Yeah. I'm gonna take you...

Move along, rebel.

Hey, just so you know,
when I escape,
I won't hurt any of you.

Yeah, that's great, kid.
I feel real safe.

You shouldn't.






You see?
You're fine.




Oh! Oh, no.




Oh. Rex.

Rex, come on!

What just happened?

Oh. Uh...
Did you see them?

We were so outnumbered.
There was a firefight.

A big firefight, actually.

You guys fought great.

(GROANS) Thanks.
All I saw was you.


You shot us!
I can't believe
you shot us!

I mean, you, you were
dressed like stormtroopers.

You shot us.


I set it to stun.
Yeah, well,
you should've used kill.

Well, just in case
it wasn't us. I mean...

This armor doesn't
protect you from anything.

Well, I told you.

Now's not the time.
We gotta find Sato
and sabotage this ship.

They have this
gravity weapon thing that...

You know all this.
So what's your plan?

Well, we should
probably split up.

I'll take Chopper, and he can
get me to the reactor
that powers this thing.

You two bust out Sato.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We are not splitting up.

Let's get Sato
and get out of here.

The kid's right.
We have to destroy
this ship.

Do you know
how many stormtroopers
are heading this way?

It doesn't matter.
Can't afford to separate.

We have to protect
the fleet.

Will you two quit it already?

Part of the reason
I took this mission

was to get a break
from this!

Okay, Chopper and I
will meet you at Sato's ship.

He takes after Hera

Sir, we've had a breach
in the detention level.

The prisoner known
as Jabba has escaped.

Lock all levels down.

Sweep the vessel
and secure the hangar bays.

Yes, sir.

And, Commander,
when you find the boy,
eliminate him.

I would hate it if
we proved Agent Kallus right.

Yes, sir.
Right away.

Locking down.
Secure detention block.

One of the rebels has escaped.
Do not attempt capture.
Eliminate the target.

REX: I got this one.

We don't have time
for another one of
your long-winded bluffs.

Oh, you got a better plan?

Well, what is it?


REX: So much for stealth.

KANAN: It's not like
they don't know we're here.


That must be the reactor core
for the gravity weapon.

What? You have a plan?

I'm the bait.

Okay. Okay.
I'll draw them away.

Most of the time
they ignore droids anyway.


Hold it!


We've got an intruder.

Come and get me!


They've shut off gravity!

This wasn't part of the plan!




Don't you dare!
Don't you do it!
Not yet!






You better have
sabotaged it.

What do you mean,
you think you did?


KANAN: Never expected
to make it this far
with you for a partner.

You know, you're not
the first Jedi
I've fought beside.

But probably the last.

Wow. You really do shoot
like a stormtrooper.

Guess I don't have
too much to worry about.

It's this helmet.

I can't see!


They're keeping Ezra
in a separate cell.

We have to find him.
Ezra's doing fine.

You mean he escaped?
On his own?

Yeah. He tends to do that.

We don't have time
for this.
I'll pull, you fire.

Just like old times.

Settle down, Captain.

Whoa. Whoa.
What's going on?
I can't stop!

Kanan. We're on our way back.
Where are you?

KANAN: We're headed
for Sato's ship.
Roger that.

There's too many of them!
(GROANS) I'm too old
for all this running.

What are you doing?
Get those men out of here.
They need you.

I can slow them down.
Now go!

Stop trying to impress me.

I'm not trying to impress you!

I'll see you back at the ship.


Cell block AA-24
is compromised.

Escaped prisoners
last seen on level four.

They're impersonating
our security personnel!

A clone.
You're a bright one.

I had your number scanned.

7567, Captain Rex.

You were a hero once.

You and your kind
brought peace to the galaxy.

Why would you lower yourself
to fight with traitors?

Where is your loyalty?

My loyalty was
to the Republic,
not your Empire.

I serve the order
you put into place, Captain.

I believe you want to do
the right thing.

Surrender all your compatriots
and I will offer you
not only immunity,

but reinstatement at an
Imperial training academy.

You could wear that armor
and be proud of
your service again.

Oh, I'm proud
of my service.

But I really
hate this armor.

That's unfortunate,
because you are going
to die in it.


We sabotaged the reactor.
Let's get out of here.

Get Sato and his crew
to the blockade runner.
Where are you going?

I've gotta get my friend.

Wait. Friend?
We can't get through.
Where is Kanan going?

Don't worry.
I've got this.

You've got this?


Come on!
He's got this.

I am going to
terminate you

not like a soldier
or honored veteran.

Oh, no. You will be
discarded and forgotten,

like an obsolete
piece of field equipment.

And no one will know or care.

KANAN: I will.

Stop them!

Wow. Nice to know you care.

Don't ruin this.

The whole ship's
between us and that hangar.

Ezra, tell Sato
to take off.

EZRA: No way.
We're not leaving.

Just do it.
We've got another way out.

We've got to get
back to the ship.
No time.

Then how are we
getting out of here?

Escape pods.


We're free of the docking clamps, but Imperial
reinforcements are trying to cut their way on to the ship.

Where are the others?
Kanan ordered us to go.

He said they have
another way out.

Pilot, disengage.

Sir, the rebel ship
is escaping.

Shall I order our cruisers
to intercept?

Prepare to fire
the gravity wells.



Hey, you sabotaged
that thing, right?

Of course we did.
Right, Chop?



Gravity projectors engaged.


Make the jump.

We are caught! Again!

Chopper! You said
you sabotaged it.


What do you mean,
"Wait for it"?
Wait for what?

Sir. The weapon
is malfunctioning.

It's drawing in
our cruisers too.

Chopper's rigged
their own weapon
against them.

It's pulling everything in.
Including us!

Commander! We're free!



Oh, now you're
the big hero?

It was a team effort.


we found something.

Agent Kallus.


Had some problems
with the boy, I see.

Gentlemen, my crew and I
owe you our gratitude.

All three of you.

Thanks, Commander.
You know, when you two
aren't fighting each other,

you fight really well
together, Jedi and clones.

Now I get it.

Kids. You know, crazy ideas.

Yeah. You know...

Yeah. Yeah. I know.

Well, I guess there's
nothing more to say about it.

Hey, Rex.