Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 6 - Wings of the Master - full transcript

Hera goes on a dangerous mission to acquire a new ship, the B-Wing.

Vaux, you're picking up our
fighter parts in the market.

The crates are labeled
"Ronto Meat."

And watch out
for Imperial troops.

They've increased patrols.

Good luck.

You said you had
another mission.

What do you
want me to do?

this one's for her.



There's a courier coming in
who has secret information.

I need you
to pick him up

and transport him
to Havok outpost.

Sounds easy enough.

If it was easy,
I'd send someone else.

This information
is important.

We have to
get it through.

Keep a low profile.

Don't worry.
You can trust me.

What's this courier
look like?

I don't know,
but they'll respond to this code phrase.

Got it.

Hey, I can be
low profile too.

You can be... Backup,
along with Chopper,

but she is in charge.


Leader, huh?

Always figured you
for a loner.

Not always.

You sure make it
seem that way.

You spend a lot of time
in your room, alone.

And, uh, you actually tend to eat alone.

And combat
practice alone.

And go off probably
to be alone.

And, uh, I don't know. I guess sometimes,
you know, I'll find you alone...

After I've, maybe,
followed you, and...

You're angry and I've heard
you say more than once,

"I want to be alone."

Actually, I've heard you say quite often,

just straight,
"Leave me alone."

Hmm. Okay.
Uh, what is that?


Garel Shuttle 3765
from Coruscant

has arrived in Bay 22.

So how do we find
this courier?

The code phrase is,
"It's a long way to Alderaan."

I think
it's this guy.

Hey. It's a long way
to Alderaan.


It's a long way
to Alderaan.

It's a long way
to Alderaan.

It's a long way
to Alderaan.

Hangar 22 is now closed.

It's gonna be a long way back to
the Ghost if we miss the courier.

We couldn't have.
Hera had confirmation he boarded the shuttle.

Are you sure you were saying
the code phrase right?

Yes, yes.
It's a long way to Alderaan.


What's the matter
with this thing?

Wait a minute.
That is the courier.

Talk about
a low profile.

He came in with
the cargo payload.

He's unit EG-86.

Nice to meet you, EG.

I don't get why they'd hide such important
information in this binary box brain.

Well, would you
suspect that thing

of being a spy
full of secrets?

Mmm, no.
I guess not.

That's too bad...

Because I would.

Ketsu Onyo.

I saw your mark,
old friend.


That's a generous term
considering what happened.

Uh, you two
know each other?

Still a bounty hunter,
I see.

Tell me
you don't miss it.

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait.

You were
a bounty hunter?

That explains a lot.

I don't think Ketsu's
here for a reunion.

You know me well.

I'm just here
for the droid.

Not you, Chop.

So, Sabine,
how do you know her?

She never told you how we broke
out of the Imperial Academy?

That was
a long time ago.

Before you got greedy
and left me for dead.

You'd have been
better off dead

than joining
this band of rebels.

I didn't believe it until I saw
the Empire put a bounty on you.

You gonna try
to collect on it?

Haven't decided yet.

Besides, I work
for the Black Sun now,

and I have another job
to finish first.

I can't let you do that.

How 'bout
we all relax before...

You there.

That happens.

what's going on here?

There's a curfew
on this hangar.

You need to leave

Don't interrupt us!

Nice shot.
Haven't lost your touch.

Good thing
you haven't either.

Stay here!

Okay, change of plans,

Get Boxy here
onto that shuttle.

Sabine! Go!

I'm sorry, but there are no more
flights scheduled for this evening.

If you contact...
Yeah, I don't have time to book a ticket.

Chopper, shut him down
and take over.

That is unacceptable.

This is my ship, and I will
not take "no" for an...

Bet you're glad
you brought backup.

it's working out great.

Exactly as planned.
Now, hang on!


Hera, the mission's
gotten complicated.

I thought you were
keeping a low profile.

Yeah, well, it just
went high profile.

There's no escape.
We have you surrounded.

Hello, boys.

I'm afraid this has all been
a terrible misunderstanding.

One that
you're gonna answer for.

Now drop your weapons.

Don't do it.
Do what?


What the...


Uh, no, no...
No, no, no!

Where did she go?
I don't know.

Bounty hunting scum.
Garel's crawling with them.

I'm sure Ezra's fine.

Now, program
the hyperdrive.

We need to get to those
rendezvous coordinates.

We got lucky
to get away so easily.

Scanning a ship?
Oh, no.

Yep, that's Ketsu,
all right.

She knocked out
our hyperdrive,

which means I bet
I know her next move.

Lock yourselves down.

Too late!


Hang on!
I gotta seal the hatch.

Next time I steal a ship,
it'll be one with guns.

No hard feelings,

It's not personal,
just business.

And speaking of business,
here's the deal...

Toss out the power droid,
and I'll let you live.

And if I refuse?

I'll blow up the shuttle and
scoop my bounty from the debris.

I don't believe it.

You better believe it.

I'll do whatever it takes
to complete my mission.

No, I, I don't believe
you can do it.

Maybe that's true,
but I've changed more than you realize.

I have new loyalties now.

Right. Finally
part of Black Sun.

Just like we
always dreamed.

I got the best weapons,
best ship,

and I'm feared
across the galaxy.

Ugh. I can't believe
I wanted that.

The Black Sun are slavers
and assassins

who don't care about anything
but body counts and quotas.

They'd kill you too,
for a profit.

Speaking of which,
your time is up.

Now hand over the droid.

You can't do it.

I really wish it hadn't come to this,
old friend.



That's my weapons array!
What have you done?

So long, old friend.

I'll hold her steady.
Just get him inside.

Oh, no, you don't.

Where's Chopper?

Calm down.
What are you saying?

All right, Ketsu.
Let's make a trade.

I'll extend
the docking ramp

and get your
little friend ready.


I had a feeling
she wouldn't leave you.

She was always soft.

Try anything,
and I'll disintegrate you.

Stay here.

Well, well.
While I've changed,

it seems you
haven't changed at all.

You're not giving up
the courier, are you?

Nope. You're gonna
have to take him.

And this astromech...

Not very smart,
sticking your neck out for it.

Chopper's more than a droid.

He's a rebel
and a friend.

Oh, Sabine.

We were once friends.

Tell you what.
Give me the power droid,

and I'll share my cut with you.
Like the old days.

I don't do things
just for money anymore.

That's right.
Now there's "the cause."

You really think your little rebel
group can overthrow the Empire?

Grow up, little sister.
You can't be that foolish.

Once we were
like sisters.

But... We only cared
about ourselves.

It's called survival.

You, of all people,
should know you can't trust anyone.

I forgive you.

For what?

For leaving me
for dead.

And I still trust you.

And you're wrong.

I met people who gave me
a second chance in life,

and that's what
I'm giving you.

Imperial cruiser
to Garel shuttle 63725.

Your craft has been
identified as stolen.

Prepare to be boarded.

Looks like
we're friends again.

Don't have
much of a choice.

Hold position for docking.

Attempt to flee,
and you will be fired upon.

Thanks to your little rust bucket,
I've got no firepower.

And as long as we're
docked to this shuttle,

we can't use the Shadow
Caster's hyperdrive to escape.

overload the hyperdrive on the shuttle.

What are you doing?

Buying us time.

Attention, Imperial vessel.

Please be aware,
our ships have suffered extensive damage...

And are in danger
of self-destruction.

I am scanning.

System failures
in both ships

and a hyperdrive
coolant leak in the shuttle.

Shuttle craft, you have
two minutes to stabilize.

Then we will
be coming aboard.

What can you do
in two minutes?


purge the reactor,

then get over
to the Shadow Caster

and prepare to disengage
the docking tube on my signal.

You're going to
blow up the shuttle?

Which will get us the time
we need to make our escape.

I should have known.
You always liked to make things go boom.

I learned from you.

Still got the armory of
explosives you used to carry?

On my ship.

Only friends
I've ever needed.

Until today.

I'll plant them on the shuttle to
give the reactor an extra kick.

That's the Sabine
I remember.

Now you get sentimental.

Just get the Shadow Caster
ready to fly.

I'm registering a power surge on the shuttle.

Imperial cruiser
to shuttle.

We are reading a power surge
on your vessel.

Your reactor core
is unstable.

Contain the problem

It is looking
pretty bad over here.

I'd keep my distance
if I were you.

Whichever one of you thieves is in charge,
identify yourself.

You should probably talk
to the captain.

Hey, Captain.
Wake up!

Not take no
for an answer!

Your ship
is under attack.

You need to exercise
emergency protocol.

Under attack?
See that Imperial cruiser out there?

It's getting ready to destroy
your shuttle for being stolen.

Destroy my ship?

Time to go.

Sir, the shuttle's thrusters
are powering up.

Target the control hub.
Disable it.

I think they're onto us.

Droid, release the docking tube,
or we're all gonna die.

We have sustained
severe damage.

emergency protocols.

Full power
to the thrusters!

Warning! I have engaged
emergency protocols.

Good for you!

a reactor malfunction.

How did that happen?
Where am I?

This shuttle captain
is bold, but foolish.

Activate tractor beam.
Take hold of that ship.

Happy now, droid?
Get us outta here!

Sir, the other ship
is powering up rapidly.

Their hyperdrive
is online.

Lock onto both ships.

It's too late.
They've got us.

Not for long.

Are those explosives?

Reactor breach!

Status report!

Sir, the shuttle exploded
and broke our lock.

We've suffered
significant damage,

and the second ship
is... Gone.

You can report
to Senator Organa

that his intel has
arrived safe and sound.

Let's get you home.

So this is
really happening?

Eh, last I saw these two,
they were gonna shoot each other.

If I'm not mistaken, when we first met you,
you were stealing from us.

on a successful mission.

Thank you
for helping our cause.

Well, it was mostly
an accident.

I'm not sure I'm ready for a full-on
fight with the Empire just yet.

No one ever is.

I'm Ezra.
We almost blasted each other earlier.

I know who you are.

Sabine told me
all about you.

She did? Well, uh,
what, what'd she say?

I mean,
it was all good, right?

Ezra, can I get
a moment here?


Oh! Uh, you mean,
you two, uh...

A moment, right.
Um, I'll just be over there.

You could've left me
on that shuttle,

taken the droids
and made a good profit.

It's only money.

Thank you.

It must be nice to have
people backing you up.

I had that once,
when we were friends.

Haven't had that since.

Look, if you think you'd want to help us out,
make a difference,

just let us know.

I'll think about it.

That's a start.

Think that's the last
we've seen of her?

No, and I'm glad.