Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 5 - Brothers of the Broken Horn - full transcript

Ezra and Chopper take "The Phantom" to investigate a distress call from a smuggler's ship, where Ezra is tempted to join the crew of Hondo Ohnaka.

Aim, then fire.

Rex, I bet sometimes even you miss.

Speaking of, you're missing Jedi training.

Which is now.

You know, I can't be in two places at once.

As a soldier, you're gonna
have to learn to prioritize.

Well, he's not a soldier.
He's a Jedi.


What if I don't want to be either?

What's that supposed to mean?

Hey, practice squad,

Hera called a meeting.

Attendance is mandatory.

- So, what's bothering him?
- No idea. This is new.

As we speak,

the frozen planet of Rinn
is facing an energy crisis.

When their supply of fuel cells is gone,

the settlements will not be able to
power the heaters they need to survive.

They'll freeze down there.

Since we're on Garel,

we should check out the black market.

Bound to be generators or something
we can get our hands on.

See what you can find, without delay.

Gear up, everyone.

Time to go make friends with the locals.

Except you, Spectre-Six.

I asked you to clean the ion scoring off
The Phantom's exhaust ports... Twice.

But I had Jedi practice.
And blaster practice.

Well, now you have scrubbing practice.

What are you laughing at? Uh-uh.

You're gonna help him.

We'll discuss this later?

Can't wait for that.

It's "clean the Ghost,"

lightsaber training, blaster training.

I kind of miss the old days
when everything was simple.

A distress signal?
From who?

This is the Broken Horn.

- Broken Horn?
- We require assistance.

That's Vizago's ship!

Okay. Look, someone's in distress,

and if there's one thing
I've learned from Kanan,

it's that we help people in distress.

Well, let's go see what
Vizago got himself into.

I owe him a favor, and this could square us.

What? I know how to fly.

# Star Wars Rebels 2x05 #
Brothers of the Broken Horn
Original Air Date on November 4, 2015

No, I'm not running away from my problems.

I am simply helping someone
with their problems.

There's a difference.

That's Vizago's ship, all right.
I wonder what happened.


Cikatro Vizago, do you read me?

Well, of course, we're
going to board the ship.

Vizago must be in trouble.

Why else wouldn't he answer his comm?

They're shut off.

Something is definitely not right.

Vizago? Vizago, is...
Is that is that you?

Uh, not exactly.

Well, hello there.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Hondo Ohnaka,

proud owner of this fine but
currently inoperative vessel.

- Where's Vizago? This is his ship.
- Ah, you know Vizago?

Well, then we have a mutual friend.

Yes, it was his ship.

But we were enjoying a friendly
game of sabacc, and...

Well, now it is my ship.

Vizago bet his ship?

Right after his droids,
which are now also mine.

Watch. I turn them on.

I turn them off.

I love that.

Yeah, okay, I...
I guess that could happen.

You know about me, but who are you?

I'm Lando Calrissian.


So at last I meet the
semi-famous Lando Calrissian!

A tad younger than I pictured,

but to be so young

and flying to my rescue

proves that you must be
the scoundrel I have heard of.

Yeah. I mean, I am pretty good.

He's pretty good.

Are you looking for a crew?

Good news.
Hondo is hiring.

Uh, I already have a crew.

Speaking of, where'd my droid go?

Oh, you lost your droid?

I lost my whole crew, thanks to the Empire.

I once was a captain, you know.

Oh, the stories I could tell.

So many of them true.

Uh, yeah, you want to tell a story?

Tell one to the Empire while I
try to get the power back on.

Hello? How can we help you?

Attention, transport.

You have breached an Imperial checkpoint.

Hyperspace would be good!

Think I got it!

Well, Lando, it looks like
we are off on an adventure!

It is as if we were in each other's heads.

We only just met, and we already
make a remarkable team.

- Yeah, but we're not.
- Not yet, perhaps.

You know, I could use you for a job.

A little trade, that is all.

You know, I am an old man.

I just need help pushing a few crates.

Crates of what?

Whoa! Whoa.
Power generators?

That's what you're smuggling?

These are pretty hard to
get these days, old man.

- Expensive, too.
- You're right.

Which is why we will sell
them at a fair markup.

Five hundred percent.

Oh, okay. I help you, you give
me my cut in power generators.

Three crates.

All right. Two crates, and you have a deal.

Two. And we split the profit of the third.


The way you strike a bargain, you
remind me of a great pirate I know.

Me! Ha!

Now, let's go split up the merchandise.

Look, this could come in handy
if he gives us trouble.

Hang on to it, Chop.

Hey, stay here in case
there's any kind of trouble.

I know we're already in trouble.

Just keep your comm channel open.

Hurry it up, Lando!
We are on a schedule!

So, who is the buyer anyway?

All right.
Where's Vizago?


Ah, Vizago is indisposed, uh, so to speak,

granting me the privilege of
conducting business with you,

O legendary one.

Hondo Ohnaka at your service.

Is this a joke?

I don't deal with washed-up old relics.

Come now, let's leave your wife out of this.

There is no need for such
impropriety among thieves.

I am certain we can reach an accord.


I'm certain we can. Hmm?

That was easy.

Nice going, partner.

Looks like you got us captured.

It would be nice if we had some backup!

Uh, just a thought,

but why don't we just
call it even and go through

with the original deal?
Sounds good, yes?

I appreciate your offer, humbly,

but I don't think you're
gonna be around to collect.


take the fruits of our labor, if you must.

That I understand. But this?
Is it necessary?

Oh, yes.

You see, the Rang Clan has a
nice bounty on your head.

I'll collect on these generators

and make an additional
profit from your death.

Your business plan is impressive.

Of course, it is.
It's mine.

Uh... Who is this?

Hey. Hey.

I know you...
From somewhere.

Calrissian's farm on Lothal!

Well, of course, you know him.

This is my longtime friend, Lando Calrissian.


No, he's not Calrissian!

You lied to me?

I knew I liked you!



You robbed me.

Oh, I will enjoy this.

I get to collect on Ohnaka,

I get to kill you and I get
to keep the five generators!

All of them, five crates!


There are only four crates here?

You were supposed to bring me five!

Well, the droid had the fifth crate.


Blast him!

Thank you for stopping by.

Die, you pirate scum!


Well, this is fun.

- What's the plan?
- I don't know.

Ask the droid.

Lando, watch out!

Get my blaster!

Over here.

Got it.

Now you die, Hondo Ohnaka!


I'm rich!

I'm dead!


Well, that was easy.

Very good.


My friend, my friend.

You might not be Calrissian,

but I know one thing you are...

You are a Jedi.

Why didn't you tell me you were a Jedi?

You know, I am an old Jedi sympathizer.

I know. I wouldn't believe me either,

but one of my best friends was a Jedi.

I'm pretty sure we were friends.

Well, I'm not really a Jedi yet.

Well, then be a pirate Jedi!

We will make an excellent team.

But first, tell me, what is your name?

Your real name.

- Ezra Bridger.
- Thank you, Ezra Bridger.

Well, you must have
many responsibilities, yes?

Yeah, too many at the moment.

Well, then join my crew,

and I will split it right
down the middle, fifty-forty.

You won't get a better deal
than that, especially from me.

Wait, that's only 90%.

What about the other 10?

Oh, you want me to spend
that on expenses, trust me.

Okay, well, how about 0% for me?

I want the generators.
All of them.

You have a deal, partner!

Ah! This makes me happy!

You get the generators,

and I get you for my crew.

It is good.
Let us celebrate!

Droid, droid!
Go to the galley

and bring me the most expensive drink you can

and something for my friend.

- Uh, yeah, I think I'll go with him.
- Of course, partner.

Don't forget yours!

I don't know what just happened. Di...

Did I just join his crew?

No, no, I don't want to leave the Ghost.

I... I mean, not really.

Maybe I would make a pretty good pirate.

Inquisitors don't hunt them, do they?

What is that?

- Vizago!
- You?

What are you doing here?


Wait, Hondo told me you
lost your ship in a bet.

Oh! And you believed that swindler?

By the moons of Gozgo,
you are hopelessly gullible!

Hey, I'm not the one who got
locked in his own brig.

He shot me in the back with a stunner,

eh, disabled my droids somehow.

Probably with this.

You must help me reclaim the Horn.

Sorry, but I've got
other things to worry about.

You owe me, remember?

I gave you information, and
it saved your Jedi friend.

I am calling in that favor... Now.

I know what I said earlier, Chop.

Okay, I'll get you your
ship, and then we're even.

Fine with me.

Chopper, get the generators
onboard the Phantom.

- My generators?
- No, my generators.

Now, come along and behave.

I think you two know each other.


how could you let this dangerous
criminal out of the brig?

Save it, partner.

Let's all relax.

I take the generators.

You two split Azmorigan's credits.

- Everyone wins.
- That is a fair deal. Hmm?

- And it disgusts me.
- For once, I agree.

Care to hear my counter-offer?

Excellent work!

I will invest your share wisely.

Thanks a lot, partner!

Keep the Jedi occupied.

Wha... What could have
possibly gone wrong now?

I'm sorry, very sorry, but
I do not work with droids.

Well, looks like you get
your ship back, as promised.

Yes, but I lost all my
credits and my generators!

Eh, technically, they were my generators.

I hate children.

Not sure how we're gonna explain all this.

What do you mean you know
where Hondo will be?

Well, wait. I'm not done.

Then he let Vizago out!

The villain was upon us, I'm telling you!

But young Ezra,

he stood tall in front of me

and withstood a massive atta...

My friend!

I was just talking about you.

How you and I rescued the generators

from the evil Vizago.

Yeah, that's not true.

You stole the generators and my ship.

What an accusation!

You wound me!

Chopper had the Phantom on autopilot.

Well, that's another version
of the story, I suppose.

I'll tell you what.

You can keep my generators.

They are my gift to you.


Just so you know, at one time,

I might have joined your crew.

You might...

Oh, Ezra.

You truly are a Jedi.

Contact Commander Sato.

Tell him Ezra Bridger found his generators.

So, you went for a little spin?

- I was just trying to figure things out.
- And did you?

I used to be like Hondo...

Out for myself and alone.

But that's not who I am anymore.

You're on a different path now.

And I have you guys.