Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Always Two There Are - full transcript

Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper travel to an abandoned medical station.

Let's end today's lesson
by levitating Chopper.

If I do, can I drop him?


Chalk another one up for the clone.

Takes more than brawn
to win this game, big guy.

Maybe I let you win, old guy.

Lock it down.

Come on, Ezra. Focus.

Focus. Use the Force.
Look through the Force.

Lift Chopper up.
Picture it in your mind.

I can't! I can't do it.

Hey, kid, while you're
looking through the Force,

don't forget to look with your eyes too.

The droid's got his feet locked down.

It's not fair.

Real battles usually aren't.

The Jedi general I served combined
the Force with his wits,

and it made him a great warrior.

Ezra's got plenty of wits.
What he needs is more discipline.

Well, then you better
let a soldier handle that.

Excuse me?

Sabine, I have a mission for you and Chop.

Thanks to Captain Rex, I found an old base

where we might be able to salvage
some much-needed medical supplies. Zeb...

Hmm. Huh?
You should go too.

Better find the med supplies quick.
Captain Wits is about to need them.

So there's where the boy's lack
of discipline comes from, hmm?

You're saying I lack discipline?

Yeah, that's exactly what I said.

Here we go again.

Funny. But a soldier's discipline
can't compare to a Jedi's.

It takes far more discipline not to fight.

Oh, so you're just gonna ask the Empire
to lay down their weapons and give up.

No, that isn't what I meant.

What I meant is Ezra's got
to learn to stay in the moment,

be present.
You got it, Ezra?


Hey, you weren't assigned this mission.

I assigned myself.
I'd rather deal with the dangers out there,

than stay in the cross fire in here.

You say that now.

# Star Wars Rebels 2x04 #
Always Two There Are
Original Air Date on October 28, 2015

What is this place?

It's an old Republic medical station
abandoned after the Clone Wars.

What do you know?
Rex's codes worked.

Oh, come on, Chop.
It's not so creepy.

Just dark. Nothing we can't handle.

Wait. You actually understand
that glorified beeping garbage can?

Yeah. Sort of.
I'm learning.

Yep. I was afraid of this. No power.

I'm on it.

Sabine, hurry up.



I will be right there.

Well, this is the command center.
Or what's left of it.

This might make a good base for us.

No, thanks.

This place looks like it's
about to fall apart. Chopper!

Power it up.

I didn't mean the whole station.
I meant this control panel.

These mystics are unnecessary.

I don't know why Lord Vader
insists on sending them.

Agent Kallus, I may have something.

A power surge at a decommissioned
medical station in Sector 11.

Could be Rebels.

Could be anything.

A malfunction or even scavengers.

No. I sense those we seek.

One of your disturbances, I assume.

Very well. Admiral, set a course
for this medical station.

Your assistance is unnecessary, Agent Kallus.
I shall go alone.

Okay, Chopper, shut everything else
off except for this one terminal.

Hmm. Got the inventory files,
but most are corrupted, unreadable.

I can't tell where the med
supplies are or if they even exist.

So, change of plans then.
Chopper stays here, repairs the files,

while we search for the supplies.

Well, it's worth a try, I guess.

Why don't you put those Jedi powers
to use finding the medical supplies

so we can get out of here?

Oh, no. It doesn't work like that, Zeb.

But I don't need my Jedi powers
to find them before you do.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, generally it means I'm more perceptive,

I can think on my feet, and I'm faster.

Hmm. Really?

Look, I don't care which one of you
finds them first, as long as you find them.

I'll find them first.

Cocky kid.
Gonna run right past him.

So not fair.

Fights rarely are. Next time, keep
your head down and you won't get hit.

You were saying?

It's Chopper. Say again.
You... You need help?

What's going on?

I don't know. It sounded like
Chopper said he needed help.

Well, better get back up
to the command center.

How about a shortcut?

Can't we go back the way we came?

Uh, that'll take too long.
Chopper's in trouble.

Hey, wait! Wait!
Okay, that's uncomfortable.


Chopper, where are you?


What is that?

It looks like a probe droid.

My pet told me you were here.
I've been searching for you for some time.

A bounty hunter?

Guess again.

You're an Inquisitor.

Oh, good. I won't have to explain it to you.

So, you know what comes next.


Like Kanan said, it's never a fair fight.

We need to find Zeb and Chopper.

Yeah, that way.

Not who we're looking for.

How many of these guys are there?


Go, go! Go, go!


Sabine, run!


Such a noble act.
Just like a Jedi.

I'm learning.

But not quite enough.

I'm surprised to see you here.

The kill is mine.

You are short-sighted. We will use
the boy as bait to draw in the others.

Now find the girl.


You and I are gonna have a talk.

And if you're good, maybe some
of your friends will survive.



I don't wanna die this way.
I'm the last of my kind.

What's going on?
I heard blasts.

They've got Ezra.

Who's got Ezra?
Inquisitors. Two of them.

One was bad enough.
We need to get Kanan.

No. If we send a signal,
we could compromise the fleet.

We have to try and save Ezra ourselves.

How are we supposed to do that?

I'm working on it.

You handle a lightsaber well, apprentice.

Well, I've got some time,
if you wanted a lesson.

You have great potential, but
perhaps it is I that might teach you,

as your master never achieved
the rank of Jedi Knight. Did he?

Maybe not, but he took
out the last Inquisitor.

So I think I'll just stick with him.

Yes, the death of the Grand
Inquisitor was a surprise to all.

Yet, it does present the rest
of us with new opportunities.

There are many hunting you now, all
intent on killing you and your master.

Does that frighten you?

If you were gonna kill me,
you'd have already done it.

Kill you? I have no plans to kill you.


Your fear betrays you.

Come on.

It's not working!


The other is yours.
Do as you will.


Oh. Now I find the supplies.

Why can you just not cooperate?

Why do you compel me to inflict pain?

You know we'll find the others, so
why not just tell me where they are?

Because unlike you, I can shut up.
You're like a broken protocol droid.


Hmm. You hide your fear well.

Poor child. If only you had the
power to protect your friends.

Shows what you know.
I'm growing more powerful every day.

Unfortunate there's no one left to train you.
The Jedi of old are dead.

Not all of 'em.

We know about Ahsoka Tano.

Who's Ahsoka Tano?

As pretty as you are...


I only need you alive.
That doesn't mean in one piece.

Now, where's Ahsoka Tano?

Chopper! What'd they do to you?

You know I don't understand
what you're saying.

Ah! Just come with me.
I need your help.

Will you just be quiet?

I need your help.

What has the boy revealed?

Nothing I wish to share.

Contact your rebel friends and
bring them here. That's all I ask.

Let me think about that. Uh, no.

Contact your friends.

I'm not talking to you right now.
Sabine, where's Zeb?

We tried to fight, but
Zeb never had a chance.

What are you saying?
Your friend is dead.

You are mocking me, right?

I can never tell. Everyone seems
to know everything these days.

Truth is, I don't really stand a chance
going in alone, much less with you.

If we leave this space station,
we will never see those kids again.

I came here with them,
and I'm not leaving without them.

Hello, Spectre-6, come in.

Uh, do you read? This is Commander Meiloorun.

Answer him.

Uh, Commander Meiloorun.
Yes. Yes, I can hear you.

You missed your check-in.

Am I correct in assuming mechanical
difficulties have your craft stranded again,

and you're in need of help with repairs?

Answer him.

Commander, we, uh, we can handle everything.
No need for you or the others.

No, Commander.
We changed our mind.

We could use some help. Bring Kanan,
and you better bring Ahsoka too.

Very well. Meet you in Bay Six.

And don't worry. We'll fix everything. Just
keep your chin up and it'll all be fine.

Once we have the others,
we'll dispose of them both.

Very slowly.

Chin up. Chin up?
What does that mean?




The doors are closing!

I can't hold them alone!


Go, go! Go, go, go!

We made it.
Good plan, Zeb.

Let's not get all emotional.
It wasn't a big deal.

But I did save both of you and
got some medical supplies by myself.

Yeah, you helped a little, Chopper.

I win.

Looks like you can be disciplined
when you set your mind to it.

What? Wait. Are you trying to
say you're teaching me a lesson?

There are many ways to find victory.

I'm not sure if I like you more or less now.

Speaking of lack of discipline.

Ezra, we need to talk.

Yeah, we do, about the two
Inquisitors we just ran into.


Yes. Two.
We got lucky. Zeb saved us.

Without him, uh, things could have been bad.

Well done, soldier.

It was a group effort.
Those Inquisitors are nasty business.

Kanan, why didn't you tell
us there were more of 'em?

Commander Sato is going to
need a full report on this.

Well, we did get the medical supplies.
Some of them.

Well, that's good news.
I'll meet you three on the command deck.

Kanan, they knew about Ahsoka.

I'll tell her.

Did you know there was more than one?

No, I didn't. Do you think Ahsoka knows?

I honestly don't know.

We really have no idea what we're up against.