Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 20 - Twilight of the Apprentice - full transcript

Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra head to Malachor to find a Sith temple. While there they battle inquisitors, Darth Vader and the old master.

Once we drop out of hyperspace,
we'll be going dark.

- Are you sure about this?
- Yes.

Ahsoka, you don't have
to go to Malachor alone.

- I could be there in two rotations.
- I'm not alone, Rex.

You know, I could have ordered
you to take me along.

You don't exactly outrank me anymore.

In my book, experience
outranks everything.

Hmm, then I definitely outrank you.

May the Force be with you.

Why is Rex so worried? Uh, what
does he know that I don't?

Malachor has always
been off-limits to Jedi.


Old legends.

Stories told to us as
younglings in the temple.

There's always a bit
of truth in legends.

If Malachor is off limits, why
would Master Yoda send us here?

I don't know, but I trust Master Yoda.

There's something here for us.

Yeah, something to help us
stop the Inquisitors.


A ship? What type?

He can't tell.

Track it, let's see who else
is interested in this place.

Whoa, look, up ahead.

What is that?

I don't know, but the ship
we're tracking went there.

I'm gonna set her down.

I don't see any ship.

It's gotta be around here somewhere.

Chopper, try to get
a fix on its location.

What are these things?

This writing...

- It's in the old tongue.
- Can you read it?

I can try.

It's a very old form, I can
only make out a few words.

No! Ezra, don't!

What is that?

A Sith temple.

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Oh, we might fall through the surface?

Thanks for the warning, Chop.

Any fix on that ship yet?

He's picked up the trail. This way.

I bet whatever we're looking
for is inside that Temple.

Seems likely.

Just remember, if there's a ship,
we're not alone down here.

Ahsoka, you said we're here to find
knowledge. What kind of knowledge?

The forbidden kind.

To defeat your enemy,
you have to understand them.

No better place to learn
about the Sith, I guess.

The ground looks scorched.

Whoa, Kanan! Look, a lightsaber.

And another.

This was a battlefield.

What happened here?

It looks like at one time,
thousands of years ago,

Jedi knights attacked the temple.

And the Jedi won, right?

From what I can tell, nobody won.

I hate to break up this history
lesson, but we should keep moving.

Well, if you ask me, this
whole planet is a riddle.

So if it's a riddle,
what's the question?

- Why is Kanan such a...
- Get down!

Three Jedi?

An Inquisitor!

Take cover!

- Kanan!
- Ezra!

- Ezra, can you hear me?
- I'm okay.

He's getting away, let's go!

Don't worry about me, I'll catch up!

Sure, I'll catch up.

Soon as I figure out where I am.

I know where you are.

You're with me.

Please put your weapon away.
I... I mean you no harm.

Stay back!

I'm warning you, old man.

Forgive me, it... It's just,
I've been alone so long.

It's been years since
I've spoken to anyone.

You live here alone?
Uh, in the dark?

Not by choice.
My ship crashed.

I'm trapped, marooned. I've had to
scrounge and scrape to survive.

Look, I'm sorry.

Okay? I wish I could help you, but
I have to get back to my friends.

Well, perhaps I could help you.

I doubt that.

Why are you here?

I'm not gonna tell you that.

You came for the same
reason I did, years ago.

You seek knowledge.

It's in the temple, isn't it?

And I know the secret way to get
inside, but, but I'm too old.

I... I... I need help
to open the door.

What's inside?

Help me and find out.

Show me this doorway.

Please, this way.

You first.

Do you not trust me?

I don't know you.

W-Well, then let's change that.

Call me "Old Master."

And you?

- Call me "Jabba."
- Hmm.

Come then, Jabba.

I've never
had an Inquisitor run from me before.

Maybe it's because he's outnumbered.

He did seem surprised. I don't
think he was looking for us.

Then who is he tracking?


You found the ship? Where?

No, no. Forget it, no time!

Get over there and find that ship.

Do not let him take off! We'll follow
your signal.

No, disobeying
me is gonna be dangerous. Now get going!

How much further?

You worry about your friends?

They need my help.

Yes, and with good reason.

The Inquisitor is powerful.

Wait, you know about the Inquisitor?

He is my enemy.

All Inquisitors and their
masters are my enemies.

Were you a Jedi?

Uh, no. No, no. But I was once
a Force-wielder, long ago.

Long, long ago.

Then you're a Sith?

The Sith...

The Sith took everything from me.

Ripped me from my mother's
arms, murdered my brother,

used me as a weapon,
and then cast me aside.

Abandoned me.

Once, I had power,

now I have nothing.


I know how you feel.

The Empire, it took away my home,
and my mother, and my father.

And you want revenge.

I want justice!

Yes, yes! And you shall have it,

- for I have discovered the key.
- The key to what?

The key to destroying the Sith.

Well, that is the knowledge
inside the temple?

Yes, that temple holds
secrets of the Sith,

secrets that have been buried with
the dead for thousands of years.

And you'll share this knowledge with me?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Filthy droid.

Chopper, sometimes you do it right.


A place of worship for some.

To others, an engine of destruction.

But at its heart, our prize.

How do we get in?

Two must lift these stones.

No more, no less.

That is the way of the Sith.

You seem to know
an awful lot about them.

To defeat your enemy, you must know
your enemy. Even practice their beliefs.

Yeah, my master wouldn't
approve of that last part.

Then he is doomed to fail.

Now, young Jedi, help me.

I can't. It's too heavy.

Your anger is a wellspring.
You must use it.

But a Jedi is never supposed
to act out of emotion.

Your passions give you strength.

And through strength, you gain power.

You have seen it.
You feel it.

You must break your chains.

Yes. Use your power.

A dead end!


What do we do?

Release the one behind you.

How many of these things are there?

Unless you take risks,
do what must be done,

there will always be
limits to your abilities.

Seize the knowledge.
Seize the power.

Do not become like me, Jabba.

My name's Ezra.
My real name.

Real name?

Yes, I once had a real name.

So long ago, I don't remember.

Now, now I am called...


You're the fourth Inquisitor we've seen.

How many are there?

More than enough for the two of you.

Nothing can save you.

Why are you on Malachor?


But you were not expecting us.

Who are you after?

A shadow.

Behold the key.

It's a holocron.

You know of them?

Yeah. My master has one,
but it's different.

Because this is a Sith holocron,
one that holds all their secrets.

Well, how do we get to it?

It is a test.

Only someone with the courage to risk
oblivion is worthy to claim it.

Throw me.

Yeah, throw me. I'll jump, and then
you use The Force to throw me.

My master and I do it all the time.

Well, a few times anyway.

Look, we can do this.

We need to find Ezra.

Get back to the Phantom
and get ready to leave.

Come on, let's take a walk.


I won't make it!

- Ezra!
- I... I can't!

Why do I know Ezra's
involved in this somehow?

Trust me!

There was nothing to fear.

You were wise to trust me.

He's inside, I know it.

But there's no way he lifted that door.

Not without help.

What's so funny?

What is it, Chopper?

What do you mean we've got company?

Hey, what are you laughing at?

An excellent day's hunt.

How do you open this?

One must be a Sith.

Or think like one. But it
has, other uses.

Give it to me. I will show you.

Sith holocrons are keys

that can open many doors.

Ezra? Kanan, Ahsoka! I brought help.


The Shadow.

What fun.

What fun!

So, the rumors are true,

Darth Maul lives.

Formerly Darth,

now just Maul.

Ezra, step away from him!

Kanan, I swear he's on our side!

Perhaps my actions will
speak louder than words.

What are we waiting for?

Why would you come here?

He knows of the artifact!

The holocron, do you have it?

You will find out soon enough.

Fall back!

Maul, what game are you playing?

I am the enemy of your enemy now,

and I have my own reasons for
wanting the Empire to fall.

But we have little time.

The one they call Vader
will be here soon.

How do you know this?

His dogs will tell him where we are.

Two Jedi and a "part timer."

Oh, he will come.

He will not be able to resist us.

Okay, hold on,
there is no "us."

Dealing with Inquisitors is one thing,

Vader is another.

And I'm not convinced we're
all on the same side anyway.

Kanan, we should trust him.

Uh, look! He and I took this
from the temple together!

This is why we came here, right?

To find out about the Sith.

To find a way to beat them.

Ahsoka, you said
we came here for knowledge.

Ezra, there is no way a Jedi
can unlock that holocron.

But you may unlock the Temple itself.

How? Tell me how.

At the top of the temple is a chamber.

Connect the holocron
to the obelisk within

and you can unlock the ancient
knowledge of the Sith.

Why are you working so
hard to keep us here?

I cannot defeat Vader alone.

I say we stay with him.

Yeah? Well, I say we go,
so that settles it.

Are you such cowards

that you would run from this
chance to defeat your enemies?

Who slaughter your friends?


Chopper, we're staying for a while.

Yeah, I know it's a bad idea.

Just scan for incoming ships,
and keep the Phantom out of sight.

Oh, how exciting. We're
all on the same side.

Just show us how to get
to the top, and hurry.

This way.

He and I took this from the temple

And this is why we came here, right?

To find out about the Sith!

The boy has the holocron.

We cannot allow him to use it.

I will reclaim it!

Wait! Let him thin them out, then
we will retrieve Lord Vader's prize.

Now what?


Only two.

No more, no less.

Yeah? Well, these two come as a set.

You okay riding with Grandpa?

I'll be fine.

Ezra, listen to me, he's using you.

Are you ever gonna trust
me to think for myself?

- To follow my instincts?
- I do trust you.

Maul sees what
I could be. You don't.

He'll say anything
to get what he wants.

Look out!

Give me the holocron!


Looks like they've
figured out your plan.

Then we shall alter it.

I recommend that we split up

and scale the Pyramid from two sides.

They will also have
to divide their forces.

And let me guess, Ezra goes with you?

No, thanks.

It is the logical choice.

I say we split up.

Trust me.

Excellent, excellent.

You will find another lift
on the far side,

we will meet again on the next terrace.

He'll be fine.

- Yeah? How do you know that?
- Because you taught him.

The dark side fights without mercy,

without remorse.

If you want to be victorious, you need
to find the same strength inside you.

Kanan always said fighting
is a last resort, not a first.

Ezra, you were given
your gift for one reason,

to use it.

Can I count on you?

That doesn't sound good!

Look out!

That's it, young one.

Use your anger, use your pain,

let it fill you, fuel you.

No! No!

Strike her down!

You want to end this?

Finish her!

I can't!

The next time you hesitate like that,

it may cost you your life,

or the lives of your friends.

We must hurry.

I fear our companions are in danger.

What is it?

Nothing. We must not delay.

I will handle this.
You take the holocron.

Place it in the obelisk,
activate the temple,

gain the knowledge you seek.

I'll meet you at the top.

Where's Ezra?

You mean, my apprentice?


My apprentice is activating the temple,

or more precisely, this battle station,

which I shall use to exact
my revenge on all my enemies!

Who comes forth?

Ezra, uh, Ezra Bridger.

I was told this holocron
is the key to knowledge.

Indeed, Ezra Bridger.

And do you know what knowledge is?

- Tell me!
- Knowledge is power.

The power will be mine!

Ezra will be mine,

and there is nothing
you can do to stop me.

Running away again, Lady Tano?

If you want to finish our fight,

you'll have to deal with him first.

Go get Ezra!

I will make this quick.

You had your chance.

Chopper! Am I glad to hear you.
We need a pick up.

A TIE Fighter?
Are you sure?

I have been waiting.

What's happening?

The power to destroy
life is at your command.

What? No! No, no!
That's not what I wanted!

Then perhaps the "other" who
approaches will claim it instead.


Kanan, Ahsoka, Maul tricked us!
This temple's a weapon!

You have unlocked
the secret of the Temple.

How did you accomplish this?

You're smart, figure it out!

No matter.

The power within will
soon serve the Emperor.

I don't fear you!

Then you will die braver than most.

Perhaps I was wrong.

It wouldn't be the first time.

It was foretold that you would be here.

Our long-awaited meeting
has come at last.

I'm glad I gave you something
to look forward to.

We need not be adversaries.

The Emperor will show you mercy

if you tell me where the
remaining Jedi can be found.

There are no Jedi.

You and your Inquisitors
have seen to that.

Perhaps this child will
confess what you will not.

I was beginning to believe I knew
who you were behind that mask,

but it's impossible.

My master could never
be as vile as you.

Anakin Skywalker was weak.

I destroyed him.

Then I will avenge his death.

Revenge is not the Jedi way.

I am no Jedi.

I need a lot more training.

The holocron!

I can't let him get it.

It takes a Master and an apprentice!


Wait, what happened,
why are you wearing that?

I'll explain later! Chopper,
get the Phantom ready.

Ezra, help me to the holocron!

Kanan, your eyes...

Let's worry about that later.

We've got to get that
holocron out of here.

Where's Ahsoka?

With Vader.

A few more steps.

Now reach! Higher!

We almost have it!

Now pull!

The temple's starting to collapse!

We're coming as fast as we can!

Just be ready to go...
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

No! No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!

- Kanan! It's him!
- I know! I got you!

Ahsoka! Come on, hurry!




I won't leave you.

Not this time.

Then you will die.


No! No!

Ezra! Ezra, let's go!

There's nothing we can do now.

It's over.

It's over.

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